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A RECORD OF A MORTAL’S JOURNEY TO IMMORTALITY – Chapter 1657 Three Devils Read Novel

Chapter 1657 Three Devils – A RECORD OF A MORTAL’S JOURNEY TO IMMORTALITY – Light Novel

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Chapter 1657 Three Devils

The five-color sword slowly descended from above, and Jiu Chu immediately felt a foreboding at the sight of him. winds and fires rose upward, the air swirled violently and twisted with a loud buzz, as if the whole space was about to explode.

A pillar of wind and fire enveloped the five-color sword of light in the blink of an eye, and purple light flashed randomly, and a deafening explosion erupted inside the pillar.

All The light barrier formed by the sword formation trembled violently, as if it could split at any moment.

Jiu Chu’s expression softened and a smile appeared on his face.

He activated all latent potential in this body and then used the power of the spirit bead on the giant toad glabella to unleash this devastating attack, so there was no way this sword formation could withstand

Even if his true body was here, it definitely wouldn’t want to face this attack.

However, a smile just appeared on the face of a giant toad as her expression suddenly froze.Suddenly, a clear, ringing sound was heard from the pillar of wind and fire, after which it somehow split in half.

A five-color spiritual light flashed, and a massive sword of light erupted from within.

All the forces of wind and fire nearby seemed to be struck with incredible power, and they all scattered to reveal the entire giant sword.

The five-color sword turned towards the giant toad, then delivered a gentle blow that was completely silent and seemingly harmless.

However, the gray bead on the glabela, Tszyu Chu suddenly shattered.

‘Impossible!’ Jiu Chu let out a blood-curdling cry, and his eyes opened for the first time.

His pupils were completely scarlet and blood was flowing from his eyes.

In the next instant, the huge body of the giant toad split into two halves without any warning as a wave of crimson flame burst out of its body in fury, and then flooded it with a sea of ​​red flame.

The remains of the giant toad instantly turned into nothing, and the colossal creature disappeared in the blink of an eye.

The huge toad was completely powerless before the Sword of the Primeval Qi, and even its soul failed to escape.

Azure light flashed from above, and Han Li appeared in the sword formation. He looked down at the blazing flames below and sighed heavily.

“As expected, harnessing the power of heaven and earth can create attacks far more powerful than any conventional secret technique.If it weren’t for the fact that there was simply not enough Primordial Worldly Qi in this Devil’s Qi Pass, this Primordial Qi Sword would most likely have been enough to kill the Devil Monkey as well. In that case, I wouldn’t have to greatly weaken my True Devil projection by using this Heavenly Supreme Treasure, ”Han Li muttered with a miserable expression on his face.

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Then he glanced at the sea of ​​fire under his feet and, suddenly raising his eyelid, made a grasping movement.

The object flew out of the sea of ​​fire and into in the blink of an eye, it was in his hands.

It was a pale blue pouch with several types of different flickering runes inscribed on it, indicating that it was an unusual object.

‘Is this a storage bag?’ A hint of surprise appeared on Han Li’s face.

After a brief reflection, the hand holding this pouch suddenly turned coal black, and flashes of gray light began to burst from his palm. The pouch was tightly enveloped in gray light, after which he raised his other hand, stamping a spell on it.

The blue pouch trembled randomly, and then spiritual light burst from its opening and slowly opened from the inside.

Immediately after that, a ball of blue light burst out from inside and tried to hide.

However, Han Li was ready for this, so he was definitely not going to allow

With a cold chuckle, gray light burst from his hand, rushing towards the ball of light, and completely captured it.

The gray and blue light intertwined for a moment, and the ball of light returned to its true form, which was a shimmering and translucent blue bead.

Bead was the size of a human thumb, and blue light swirled around her.

‘Is this … the inner core?’ Han Li turned his spirit sense towards the object, being rather dazed.

‘No, but this is not a treasure either.’

Han Li pulled the bead back to him and, catching it between his fingers, raised it to his eyes for a closer examination. However, he never understood what the object was.

“I’ll study it later, when I have time. Getting out of here as soon as possible is my top priority, ”Han Li muttered to himself, turning his hand over to reach the jade box where he placed the bead.

Then he looked at the crimson flame still burning below, and his expression changed slightly.

Suddenly from an azure light barrier Above, a silver light flashed, and the Fire Raven lunged forward, diving headlong into a sea of ​​flames.

The vast expanse of scorching flame was completely consumed by the silver Fire Raven in the blink of an eye, after which he raised his head and issued enthusiastic cry.

Then he spread his wings and flew towards Han Li, disappearing into his body.

After that, Han Li made a spell seal, and an azure light the barrier disappeared, and in its place appeared several dozen azure lotus flowers.

These flowers rotated in place, and then again turned into 72 small azure swords. Han Li’s body swayed and he flew through the air in a strip of azure light, collecting all the flying swords as he did so.

After that, he continued to move and flew away into the distance.

Meanwhile, inside a grand palace deep in some massive mountain in the Golden Devil’s Mountain Ranges, two people stood side by side in front of a huge black gate. The moment Jiu Chu was killed, the expression on the face of the azure-robed man among the two suddenly darkened significantly.

“Is something wrong, Brother Tie?’- asked a man in a crimson robe next to him.

‘ Not really, just one of my avatars was destroyed, ‘the man in azure robes answered honestly.

At that moment, an elderly man, enveloped in silvery light, suddenly intervened nearby: “Avatar? Is that the one you enhanced with the Devil Bone Bead?’

The man in the azure robe seemed to dislike the older man and, with a fake smile, said,’ Hehe, you really know a lot about me, brother Duo Yan. ‘

“If the Devil Bone Bead is to be used on a suitable host, the avatar must be able to unleash at least 20-30% of your abilities.There should not be many such creatures in the Golden Mountain Devil Ridges, except for the three of us, capable of destroying such a powerful avatar, ‘the old man in a silver robe continued innocently.

‘ This is not necessarily the case. Did you forget when we first entered the Spirit World with the Sacred Ancestor, there was another creature with the same cultivation level that was also teleported here? This devilish monkey is no less strong than the three of us, ”reminded the man in the crimson robe.

‘Hmmm, this devil monkey stole the Segment of the High Heavenly Blade that the Sacred Ancestor ordered us to watch over, she would not dare to appear in this place again,’ the man in the silver robe chuckled coldly .

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that.I think that the devil monkey must have ventured out into the outside world to try to find a way to repair the Segment of the High Heavenly Blade, then use the treasure to return to our world, ‘objected the man in the crimson robe.

“Do you think the monkey wants to restore the Heavenly Highest Treasure? Does she still think we are in the High Devils World?The truly powerful beings of this world are no less powerful than the holy patriarchs of our sacred kingdom. If this were not so, we simply did not have a choice, and our matriarch would not risk damaging the Highest Heavenly Treasure in order to open a passage to this world and teleport us here, ‘the man in a silver robe answered coldly.

“There is no point in arguing! I will be able to find out who destroyed my avatar when I return and use the secret technique.In addition, the last message that my avatar passed on to me said that Xue Bi’s daughter was nearby, ‘the man in the azure robe said indifferently.

‘ Xue Yin was there too ? Don’t tell me that my daughter is capable of destroying your avatar, huh, brother Ti? ‘ The man in the crimson robe asked with a slight smile on his face.

‘Naturally, she could not have accomplished such a feat alone, but if she joined forces with that devilish crocodile who had just reached the rank of a saint, then the chance of this is high.’ – replied the man in azure robes, turning to the man in red robes next to him.

“What? Has this devilish crocodile reached the rank of saint? ‘ – Simultaneously exclaimed a man in crimson and silver robes.

“There is no need to be so surprised, gentlemen. I am sure that your subordinates will soon convey this news to you, too, ‘said the man in the azure robe with a crooked smile. expression.

“If that’s the case, then things can get a little more troublesome.This devil crocodile was the favorite horse of the Sacred Ancestor Ming Luo, and the Sacred Ancestor Ming Luo had a rather close relationship with our Sacred Ancestor. So there really isn’t much we can do to this devilish crocodile. He was always extremely rude and disobedient, and now that he has reached the rank of saint, it will only be more difficult to control him. It will not benefit our management of these mountain ranges, ”a man in a crimson robe interjected grimly.

“We have nothing to worry about. Since this devilish crocodile has already reached the rank of saint, our matriarch will naturally not be able to continue to ignore him. All we have to do is tell her about it and we don’t have to worry about it anymore, ‘the man in the azure robes said confidently.

‘ You’re right.The awakening of our Sacred Ancestor is inevitable, so this is indeed a feasible course of action, ‘said the man in the silver robes, waving his beard.

‘ Okay, we’ll do as you say. ‘ The man in the crimson robe didn’t mind either.

At that moment, the man in the silver robe suddenly narrowed his eyes and asked: “Come to think of it, I’m really curious, our Sacred Ancestor will soon wake up, but one of you unfurled an avatar, and the other sent his daughter. Is something going on in the mountain ranges? What are your intentions, gentlemen? ‘

And the man in azure and crimson robes, having heard this question, wavered slightly, and they reflexively looked at each other.

Then the man in the crimson robe chuckled in response, “You don’t need to ask the question you already know the answer to, Duo Yan. Didn’t you send your subordinates to the mountain ranges? Don’t tell me you didn’t do it because of the Immortal Zoisia. ‘

Meanwhile, a man in an azure robe remained silent with a grim expression.

Much to their surprise, the man in the silver robe was stunned: “Immortal Zoisia? What is it?I sent my subordinates to kill the outsider who killed my son so that I could avenge him. ‘

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