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A RECORD OF A MORTAL’S JOURNEY TO IMMORTALITY – Chapter 1658 Flower Tree and Sacred Ancestor Read Novel

Chapter 1658 Flower Tree and Sacred Ancestor – A RECORD OF A MORTAL’S JOURNEY TO IMMORTALITY – Light Novel

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Chapter 1658 Flower Tree and Sacred Ancestor

The man in the silver robe, of course, was none other than the Thousand-Eyed Devil of the rank of a saint.

After Tszyu Ye went in search of his son’s killer, she was killed by a cave spirit who Heavenly Devil Lord took over.

After that, Wu Qi took her place and led a huge horde of devil beasts, which managed to intercept Han Li and the others, but they were separated due to the fact that they should were to chase 3 creatures at once.Han Li was then able to use a shadow puppet summoned by his Talisman of Primordial Armor to lure Wu Qi and his two subordinates into a trap, thereby allowing him to kill the three with ease.

As for everyone other devil beasts, that little five-color monster led them to the entrance to the Golden Devil Ridges, where they prepared an ambush for Han Li and the others.

Thus, despite the fact that Duo Yan sent many of his subordinates to the mountain ranges, he was still completely oblivious to the existence of Immortal Zoisia, which is why he was so amazed at the words of the man in a crimson robe.

The other two, of course, were none other than Tie Mo and Xue Bi, who were also devil beasts of the rank of saint.

Duo Yan was clearly not pretending to be ignorant, so now it was Xue Bi’s turn to be surprised. A crimson light flashed in his eyes, and he asked in a solemn voice, “Was your son killed? Why didn’t we hear about this, brother Duo Yan? ‘

‘ Hmm, this is some glamorous news that I have to tell the whole world?Plus, both of you have been very busy the past few days, so it’s no surprise you haven’t heard of this, ”Duo Yan replied in a mocking voice, and his face darkened significantly.

“ Hmm … My apologies, Mr. Taossist. ”Xue Bi cleared his throat a little awkwardly.

“ Putting the rest aside, I’m very interested in this Immortal Zoisia you mentioned. Aren’t you two going to tell me about this? ‘ – continued Duet Yan.

“Hehe, this is actually not a very important image. The spirit of heaven and earth burst into these mountain ranges a few days ago, even if we didn’t tell you about it here, you probably already heard about it. ”Tie Moe chuckled casually.

“Oh? What spiritual being could interest both of you so much that you even use your avatars and direct descendants to search for it?You can keep trying to keep me in the dark, but do you really think that I cannot find out everything myself? ‘ Duo Yan’s expression darkened even more, and he clapped his hands twice sharply.

A black light flashed outside the palace, and a thin man in green armor entered the room. He walked over to an elderly man in a silver robe before folding his fist in a respectful greeting. “Do you have any instructions for me, Master?’

‘ Go and immediately investigate the spirit known as the Immortal Zoisia. Find out what it is and where he is now, ‘ordered Duo Yan in a cold voice.

‘ Yes, Master, ‘the man in green armor answered without hesitation, and he flew out of gate in a flash of black light.

Meanwhile, Tie Mo and Xue Bi just stayed, looking at them from the side, and Xue Bi even had a smile on his face.They didn’t seem at all embarrassed by what the man in the silver robe was doing.

Duo Yan turned to his comrades, and his expression darkened even more at the sight of their slightly malevolent reaction. With a cold snort, he continued: “Okay, enough about this Immortal Zoisia, let’s get to the main topic. A few days ago, I received word that there was some anomalous activity in the interdimensional corridor that we have already sealed.It looks like the beings from the Holy Realm are still unwilling to give up and are trying to gain access to the passage. ”

“ Interdimensional corridor? Didn’t our Sacred Ancestor destroy it using the Heavenly High Treasure? How dare these beings try to gain access to it? ‘ – Xue Bi was very surprised to hear this.

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‘You don’t believe my words, brother Xue Bi?’ Duo Yan asked, casting a cold look at the man in the crimson robe.

‘The interdimensional corridor is an extremely important issue, so I dare not doubt your words, brother Duo Yan,’ Xue Bi replied embarrassedly.

‘If there are other holy patriarchs in the Holy Kingdom, and they also have the Highest Heavenly Treasures, then it will not be impossible for them to open the passage again,’ Tie Mo mused, stroking his chin.

“This is impossible.If it were not for the fact that we were in a dire situation and had no other choice, our Sacred Ancestor would not have opened the passage at the expense of the Heavenly High Treasure, having spent most of its cultivation on it. Even if other holy patriarchs have the Highest Heavenly Treasures, why should they make such a sacrifice for no reason? ‘ – Xue Bi objected.

“Don’t jump to conclusions.If there are two or more holy patriarchs on the other side, and they take turns using the High Heavenly Treasure to attack the passage, perhaps they can actually open it up along with the treasures and their cultivation levels, all safe and sound, ‘Duo said thoughtfully. Yan.

Hearing this, Xue Bi and Tie Mo stumbled, and then their faces darkened significantly.

“So the anomalous activity found in the hallway is still very weak, so even if it reopens, it will be many years in the future. When that time comes, our Sacred Ancestor will decide whether we fight or flee. Her awakening is inevitable, so we definitely have enough time, ‘Tii Mo sighed with a wry smile on his face.

‘ Right. On our own, we will not be able to change the state of the passage between the worlds at all.Perhaps our matriarch will have a way to stop this, ‘Xue Bi said optimistically.

Duo Yan stroked his beard, nodding at his words, and opened his mouth to say something- then something else.

At that moment, however, a flickering light suddenly burst from the massive stone gate in front of them, after which countless bright pink runes flashed on its surface.

‘Our Holy Ancestor has awakened!’ Xue Bi exclaimed at the sight of this.

Expressions of surprise and delight appeared on the faces of all three holy devil beasts, and they all straightened to gaze at the stone gate.

Light, circling above the stone gate finally disappeared after about 10 minutes, and at the same time, the bright pink runes on their surface also instantly faded and disappeared completely.

All three holy level demons gazed unblinkingly at the stone gate, but there was no impatience in their eyes.

However, the stone gate remained perfectly quiet, and nothing unusual happened.

After about two hours, the stone gate creaked open by itself.

All three devils at once move when they see it.

“Huh? All three are already here. Your diligence is commendable. Sign in. ‘From the other side of the gate, a heavenly female voice rang out with an indescribably gentle and soft tone.

Behind the half-open stone gates, endless pink light flashed randomly.

‘ Congratulations on your awakening, Sacred Ancestor, we will immediately stop by to see you, ”Duo Yan replied respectfully, bowing on behalf of all three demons.

The three then moved side by side to the stone gate, and they could hardly contain the excitement.

As soon as they walked to the other side, a pink light flashed in front of their eyes, and they found themselves in a completely unusual landscape.

The sky was bright -blue in color without a single cloud, and lush greenery stretched as far as the eyes could see, crossing the horizon. It seemed to be an infinitely vast realm.

A massive Flower Tree, about 1000 feet high, grew at a great distance in the meadows.

The tree was completely purple in color, with unrecognizable pink spiritual flowers growing on its branches. They looked like huge lotus flowers, and each one was comparable in size to a large bowl.

At the foot of the tree stood a white humanoid figure that was so beautiful that it didn’t even seem to belong this world.

The massive Flower Tree appeared to be very far away and the woman had her back turned to the trio, but the sight of her magnificent profile alone was enough to completely intoxicate most men.

All three devils bowed in unison to the woman from afar.

“You’ve already entered, so why don’t you come closer?’- the woman grinned, gracefully raising her hand, plucking a large pink flower that was right above her head, and carelessly threw it behind her.

The giant pink flower turned in place and exploded with a deaf with a thud, creating a flash of pink light.

Pink light flashed before the eyes of the three devils, and their surroundings suddenly blurred. In the next instant, they were less than 100 feet from the giant Flower Tree.

All three were quite amazed at this development and hastily bowed again with surprise and delight engraved on their faces.

“No need in formalities. You’ve all been guarding me for so many years, so I’m sure you know I’m not a fan of these gestures. ‘ The woman did not turn around, but her voice was very gentle and soothing.

Despite what the woman said, the three devils did not dare to miss any formalities and once again bowed respectfully in unison: “Thank you, Sacred Ancestor. Congratulations on your return to the top of your abilities! ‘

‘ I would not say that I have returned to the peak of my abilities. Even now, I have regained only a small part of my magical power. The rest of my cultivation level cannot be restored with sleep and cultivation alone.I have to resort to the help of some external elements, ‘the woman sighed resignedly.

‘ External objects? ‘ – Upon hearing this, the three devils looked at each other.

“Indeed, these are not ordinary objects either. However, this Spirit World is not inferior to our Holy Realm, so we should have a good chance that we can find these items, ”the woman muttered to herself, but her worried expression contradicted the confidence in her words.

‘Tell us what these objects are, and as long as they exist in the World of Spirits, we will definitely find them, Sacred Ancestor,’ Tie Mo vowed, folding his fist in a respectful greeting. p0>

Two other devils have also joined in to show their devotion.

“Hehe, I appreciate this thought, but this is not our Holy Kingdom …Even if you are all saintly ranked beings and low-ranked beings of the Spirit World fail to determine your true identity, you will be revealed if you encounter creatures of your cultivation rank. In this case, you will all be in grave danger, so how do you find the items I’m looking for? I will have to go on a trip personally, ‘the woman decided after a short pause.

‘ Are you going to go out in person? ‘

‘ You can’t , Sacred Ancestor!Your powers are not fully restored yet, what if you meet a creature of your cultivation rank? ‘

‘ Please think again, Sacred Ancestor! ‘


All three devils were very alarmed upon hearing this and immediately tried to dissuade her.

“Don’t worry, there is a negligible chance that I will encounter a being of my rank in the Spirit World.Most beings of my rank are in seclusion in their cave residences, cultivating vigorously to prepare for their Celestial Tribulations. In addition, although I have only regained a small portion of my magical power, I am still more than capable of escaping, even if I have to face creatures of my rank. There are not many creatures who could catch up with me, ”the woman consoled in a soft voice.

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