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A RECORD OF A MORTAL’S JOURNEY TO IMMORTALITY – Chapter 1659 Blade of Greater Heavenly Fortune Read Novel

Chapter 1659 Blade of Greater Heavenly Fortune – A RECORD OF A MORTAL’S JOURNEY TO IMMORTALITY – Light Novel

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Chapter 1659 Blade of Greater Heavenly Fortune

The three devils already knew that she had already made a decision, but still begged her to reconsider her decision.

“There is nothing to talk about here. If I do not make this journey, my wounds will never be completely healed, and if my enemies from the Holy Realm pursue me to this very world, I will be completely powerless to resist. On top of that, I will also leave us errands for you, so you won’t have time to relax, ”the woman said, shaking her head decisively.

‘Please give us any orders, Sacred Ancestor,’ Duo Yan hastily replied.

Hearing this, the other two devils too

‘During my sleep, the passage between the worlds did not open?’ The woman asked suddenly.

“For many years nothing happened to the passage, but not so long ago we began to detect weak vibrations on the other side.The fluctuations are very slight, but it seems that the beings of the Holy Realm are trying something again, ‘Duo Yan answered honestly.

Hearing this, both Tie Mo and Xue Bi also took solemn expressions .

“Got it. Come to think of it, they should have had enough time to recover by now, so it only makes sense that they are making a move now.I’m going to leave the three of you with a massive spell formation technique that can temporarily double the border between worlds. Thus, it will become quite difficult for the creatures on the other side to reopen the passage. However, it will take a huge amount of manpower and resources to create this formation, so the three of you will have to control the process in order to build the formation as quickly as possible.During my absence, you can focus on this task, ‘the woman said in a calm voice.

‘ Yes, Sacred Ancestor! ‘ – the three devils answered in unison.

Suddenly this thought occurred to the woman, and she asked: “By the way, did something urgent happen during my sleep?’

After exchanging glances with his two comrades, Tie Mo replied,’ Several notable events have taken place in these mountain ranges in recent years, but most of them do not deserve to be paid attention to , Sacred Ancestor. However, there are two things I need to tell you. ‘

‘ Huh? Then go on, ”the woman said.

After a moment’s hesitation, Tie Mo finally got up the courage and said, “Before falling asleep, you gave us a part of the damaged Blade of Heavenly High Fortune to take care of, but it was stolen by the devilish a saintly rank monkey who then escaped the ridges, so we don’t know where the blade segment is now. ‘

‘ Was a piece of Heavenly Luck Blade stolen? Who is this devil monkey and how did it appear in these mountain ranges?’There was a slight coldness in the woman’s gentle voice.

‘ This devil monkey is most likely one of our pursuers, who was unwittingly sent into this world when you opened the passage between the worlds. Her cultivation level is Saint rank, but she hid very well and we haven’t been able to find her for years. While I was away, the monkey suddenly attacked and stole the blade segment that was in my secret room.My negligence has led to the loss of the treasure, and I am ready to accept the punishment. ‘ heh, when the Blade of Supreme Heavenly Fortune is destroyed, it has already lost most of its powers, and since then it has been divided into three parts so that even I will not be able to recover the treasure.Since it is impossible to restore it in any case, there is nothing wrong with one of its segments being lost. What else would you like to tell me? ‘

Tie Mo sighed with relief, and it was quite clear that a huge burden had been lifted from his shoulders, and he said:’ Thank you for delivered me from punishment, Sacred Ancestor. Another thing is that Ming Luo’s Sacred Ancestor’s horse, the Black Abyss Crocodile, has recently been successfully promoted to the rank of saint.Therefore, it would be unwise to continue to let him do what he pleases in the mountain ranges. What do you think about this, Sacred Ancestor? ‘

‘ Oh? It means that even this devilish crocodile became a creature of the rank of a saint, it is a pleasant surprise. In that case, I need someone to do some errands for me on my upcoming journey, so I will take him with me, ”the woman chuckled when she heard this.

Her laugh was like heavenly music, intoxicating ears, and all three devils naturally nodded in agreement with this proposal.

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“Then what segments of the Heavenly Luck Blade we own … ‘Xue Bi asked cautiously.

‘ These things are not very useful to me, so you can save them as weapons for your own protection, ”the woman replied with a casual wave of her hand.

Xue Bi and Duo Yang were delighted with her words, and both immediately expressed their gratitude. “Thank you, Sacred Ancestor.”

With these blade segments, their power will increase significantly.

Tie Mo was naturally very envious of them, but suddenly a thought occurred to him, and he bowed, continuing: “By the way, Sacred Ancestor, we found in the mountain ranges the Immortal Zoisia, a creature equivalent to a humanoid devilish spirit.Perhaps you might be interested in this, Sacred Ancestor? ‘

‘ A creature that is equivalent to a humanoid devilish spirit? Does such a creature exist in our mountain ranges? It would be ideal for the cultivation of avatars, and it would take a tremendous amount of time and effort to cultivate it.However, I cannot devote too much time to myself, so you can seal it yourself and do whatever you want with it, ”the woman was rather surprised to hear this, but then shook her head disinterestedly.

Duo Yan was somewhat taken aback by this response, and a hint of delight flashed in his eyes.

Meanwhile, Tie Mo and Xue Bi exchanged glances as if they were about to say something, but at the end finally refrained from it.

“Okay, I just woke up, so I’m going to meditate for about a month before leaving these mountain ranges. After that, the three of you can take care of all the affairs in these mountain ranges without having to tell me anything. ”Seeing that everything important was discussed, the woman waved her sleeve and a pink light rushed over her.

In the next instant, the three devils felt their surroundings blur, before they suddenly found themselves behind a stone gate, as if they hadn’t even passed through it.

It was quite a shocking experience for them.

“Even though our Sacred Ancestor did not regain all his powers, her abilities only became deeper.It looks like we won’t have to worry about her when she comes out to the Spirit World, ‘Tie Mo sighed with relief.

‘ Indeed. In addition, our Sacred Ancestor has already made a decision, so we still cannot dissuade her. All we have to do now is follow her orders and do as we are told, ”Xue Bi replied.

However, Duo Yan squinted slightly and he said with a fake smile on his face, “So this Immortal Zoisia is a being equivalent to a humanoid devilish spirit, no wonder you two are so interested in this … A sacred ancestor told us to seize the treasure and do with it as we please, so there will be a competition between us who will be the first to receive this item. In that case, I have to go. ‘

After saying this, Duo Yan immediately sealed the spell without waiting for a response from his two comrades. A gust of coal-black devil winds swept through, and he suddenly disappeared on the spot.

‘That old bastard is so impatient!’ Tie Mo chuckled.

“Hehe, brother of Duo Yan must feel like he’s already lost this race, so he naturally needs to hurry up.However, the fact that we have not heard any news of the Immortal Zoisia indicates that most likely she was not captured by any of our subordinates. In addition, your avatar was also destroyed not long ago, so the treasure most likely fell into the hands of an outsider. It looks like the outsiders who ventured into these mountain ranges are not ordinary creatures, ”Xue Bi said in a slow voice, and a crimson light flashed in his eyes.

“It’s hard to say, perhaps Immortal Zoisia is still at large and has not yet fallen into anyone’s hands. Either way, it is likely too late for Duo Yan to take action and try to capture her now. After all, these outsiders can only stay in our mountain ranges for a month, and most of them are no longer that far from the exit. Even if you and I participate, we will never be able to get there.If I knew that this would happen, I would send more of my subordinates in search of the treasure, ‘Tie Mo mused with regret.

‘ Haha, it’s not that you didn’t want to use more creatures, you were just afraid it would attract the attention of me and brother Duo Yan, right? ‘ Xue Bi chuckled.

“You can think whatever you want, brother of Xue Bi.I have to come back and wait for further news on the situation, so I must go too, ‘Tie Mo replied with a careless smile and also quickly left the palace.

Xue Bi looked at the gate of the palace before letting out a cold chuckle. Suddenly, his body burst into crimson light, and he melted like a candle, turning into a pool of crimson liquid that seeped into the ground.

Thus, the palace was completely empty in the blink of an eye.

Elsewhere, Han Li has turned into a barely visible shadow, hiding inside a nondescript black cloud.

The exit from the Golden Mountain Devil Ranges was several tens of kilometers away, and he assessed it with his spiritual eyes.

The so-called exit was actually nothing more than a site empty space only a few kilometers long.

If anyone wanted to leave the Golden Devil Ridges, he could only do it through this place.

The whole space seemed completely empty, but With his Spiritual Insight Eyes, Han Li could see hundreds of gray shadows and balls of black Qi lurking nearby, hidden from view.

Han Li stroked his chin, and a thoughtful expression appeared on his face and he suddenly turned his hand over to reach for the purple talisman.

He put a talisman on his body, and a cloud of purple fog swept through the air, with runes swirling inside.

After that, his body suddenly dissolved in the air.

Thus, Han Li emerged from the clouds and slowly flew through the air.

He had already confirmed that there were no saint rank creatures nearby, so he was not worried about some fiendish beast being able to reveal him, and he swam right into the open air.

The devil beasts lurking nearby did not find anything strange, and they all remained in ambush.

Han Li was very glad to see this, and in a few seconds he was only 1000 feet from the exit.

However, right at that moment, a burst of colored light suddenly burst out of the body of a small five-colored beast without any warning, and the light swept across an area with a radius of more than 10,000 feet.

Han Li felt a surge of warmth all over his body, after which his Talisman of Invisibility suddenly ceased.

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