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AGAINST THE GODS – Chapter 1809 – Meiying, Ying Yue Read Novel

Chapter 1809 – Meiying, Ying Yue – AGAINST THE GODS – Light Novel

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Chapter 1809 – Meiying, Ying Yue

After Yun Che agreed, He Ling’s emotions instantly subsided.

A green aura glowed faintly, penetrating into his heart, and He Ling’s slender body appeared in front of Yun Che, holding her hands together, and an unusually dense and mysterious white aura slowly revolved in her palm.

– The Pearl of the Eternal Heaven? Yun Che’s eyes twitched, “Is there a change?”

Unlike the Heavenly Poison Pearl, although Yun Che was the owner of the Eternal Heaven Pearl, he was actually a kind of indirect owner.

The true owner and control of He Ling’s Eternal Heaven Pearl, but since He Ling was under Yun Che’s rule and coexisted with him, this made Yun Che also the owner of the Eternal Heaven Pearl, and he could simply use and control it, but not feel the changes in the Pearl of the Eternal Heaven in the present tense.

He Ling said quietly, “During this period of time, I tried to collect and combine the residual power from the Pearl of the Eternal Heaven.Although it has been many years since the Eternal Heaven Pearl last opened the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm, due to a severe overrun then, or perhaps due to the hazy current environment, its recovery is so slow that I was only able to collect a very small ball of power of the Eternal Heaven Pearl.

– However, it is enough to open the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm for a short time.

Yun Che’s face was amazed, and then a touch of warmth and softness flashed in his heart.

A tree spirit girl who was tied to his life, always silently accompanied him, silently paying for him.

Gathering the residual power of the Pearl of the Eternal Heaven seemed easy, but in fact it required an unknown amount of energy and soul power.After all, it had only been a few months since they took possession of the Eternal Heaven Pearl by force, and He Ling had not yet been able to perfectly control it. And how difficult it was to control the power of the Pearl of Eternal Heaven level.

– How long can it be open? – Unable to resist, Yun Che immediately asked.

– Three years. – He Ling answered.- Only because this power is too weak, the interference with the law of time that the open Divine Realm of the Eternal Heaven can reach cannot be compared with the last time, probably hundreds of times.

– So way … Three years in the Eternal Heaven Divine Kingdom, this is eleven days in the present time.

– The maximum number of people who can enter the Eternal Heaven Divine Kingdom is only two.For each subsequent person, the amount of time will rapidly decrease.

Then, after the Divine Meeting of the Eastern Divine Region, the Divine Realm of the Eternal Heaven, which opened at the cost of depleting all its power, could be considered incredibly powerful , which accommodated a thousand people and was open for three thousand years, which corresponds to three years in the present time.

Not only was the opening time extremely long, but the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm reached a thousand times more intervention during.

Today He Ling used all her power, but could only open it for three years, and only with a hundredfold increase in time … And when the power of the Eternal Heaven Divine Kingdom runs out, the real time will be approximately equal to 11 days.

– Three years is a very short period of time, and for other practitioners it probably won’t make any difference, but the master is different. This amount of time is enough for the master to make a huge breakthrough, possibly reaching a breakthrough into the Kingdom of the Divine Master. In this case, the master will complete another wonderful transformation. At this time, the threat to the Dragon God Realm in front of the Master would have been much … much, much less.

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– In addition, eleven days should not affect the master’s orders in any way.

He Ling insisted, she raised a pale divine aura with both hands and looked at Yun Che eyes full of hope.

Nearby, the green eyes of the tree spirit girl flickered slightly, flashing with light, and she was afraid that he would refuse … It was too pure concern and devotion to be true.

In the end, however, he shook his head slightly.

– He Ling, you know I can’t wait … one more day, not even one day. Yun Che said as softly as possible, but in an overly determined voice.

The sparkle in the young woman’s eyes quickly faded, she said softly, “but it’s only eleven days…

– For my perception, it will be three years.

He took a step forward and slightly folded his arms around He Ling’s fragile waist – if I had enough common sense and patience, I could be idle in the Northern Divine Region. With the legacy of the Evil God and the legacy of the Devil Emperor, one day I am confident that I could crush the Dragon Emperor alone, or even crush the Dragon God Realm alone.

– But I can’t wait …Not to mention a thousand years and ten thousand years, I can’t even wait ten years since I fled the Eastern Divine Realm and until I left the Northern Divine Realm … It’s a total of four years.

– Hate is the most terrible thing in this world, and once I was about to get lost in it, and I could not bear to be consumed by another, more violent hatred.

– During these four years, every moment my soul felt that it was melting and being burned in purgatory … Every time I closed my eyes, I was afraid to suddenly fall asleep, because without revenge and without killing everyone who deserves to die, I had no face to see my parents, Wuxin, Tsai Yi, Xue’er even in my dreams …

– Self-loathing made me devil knows how many times to lose control in madness … And every time I have to do my best,to suppress it.

At the moment, he is very fortunate to have Qianye Ying’er, a goddess to whom he constantly pours out his anger.

– When I was determined to leave the Northern Divine Realm and paint the skies with blood, this moment was almost the limit of what I could bear.

– I know, I know all this. A little nervous, she hastily removed the white aura from her arms.

He Ling tilted her body, hugging Yun Che tightly. She was also consumed with hatred that consumed her soul and consumed her sanity, and she knew perfectly well what this agonizing torment was …

Already having her great revenge, she now blamed herself for that caused Yun Che to pursue her revenge all this time.

Yun Che said.“Don’t worry, I don’t dare say how sane I am, but first I have to accumulate enough confidence, even if hatred becomes more consumed by me. In the end, for me, what is even more unacceptable than not being able to take revenge is to die in vain.

– The opportunity that ultimately made me decide to officially extend my vengeful claws is unknown to the Devil Empress, Qianyin, and only you, He Ling, know about it.


He Ling nodded slightly at Yun Che’s chest.

Yun Che raised his head and his eyes emitted a black light, – of the six Kingdoms of the Western Divine Region, the four Kingdoms belong to the dragon race, and “that power” that I, finally, successfully prepared, my holiday gift for them, this is my real trump card.

– Before the Empress-Devils, I cannot say too much. Today, I’m not only completely confident that I can kill Long Bai.If we’re talking about destroying the Dragon God Realm … I’m also at least 70% sure about that.

– Take a thousand steps back, even if I lose, or even if there is some uncertainty that will make my defeat complete, the important thing is that I again retreat to the Northern Divine Region and again be in seclusion. At this moment, although hatred will torment me again, but with your company, I will definitely be able to hold out until the next revenge.

“So …” Yun Che tilted his head, his warm breath touched the young woman’s ear, “You don’t need to worry about me, let alone sacrifice your life for me, you you just need to quietly accompany me and watch me.

Leaning on Yun Che’s chest, He Ling closed her eyes and her long eyelashes trembled softly.

– Okay, I will obey the words of the master.


In the Southern Divine Region and in the Eastern Divine Region, hidden currents flowed silently, finally gathering in the Kingdom of the Blue Wall The Ten Sides.

The Western Divine Region has been silent since the defeat of the Dragon God of the Scarlet Extinction, and no further news has been reported. The outside world assumed they were awaiting the return of the Dragon Emperor.

Having suffered a great loss, the Dragon God Realm will refrain from taking further big steps against the diabolical race until the Dragon Emperor returns to the Realm.

Time passed day by day, and the aura of the Kingdom of the Blue Wall of the Ten Sides grew darker and more oppressive, a dark aura that gradually agitated and with difficulty suppressed, relentlessly shaking the space of this Royal Kingdom of the Southern Region.

The day Yun Che set out to attack the Dragon God Realm was still seven days away. At this time, Chi Wu was calculating the general combat position, Qianye Ying’er had not yet returned from the Eastern Divine Region, and the entire race of devils was preparing for battle with all their hearts, they brought their state to its apogee, and every devil’s weapon was also filled with strength to the brim.

On this day, a small spiritual boat landed next, the Kingdom of the Blue Wall of Ten Sides welcomed two distinguished guests.

– Yun Che’s elder brother!

As soon as the door opened, before the figure appeared, an unearthly voice came, like jade, unusually cheerful, unusually loud and clear, no matter in what place and those present around, just wishing release your joy and memories.

The black skirt swirled in the air, Shui Meiin flew out of the boat like a black butterfly, the only thing that remained in her perception was Yun Che’s aura and figure, flying towards him with all her might, then hugging his waist tightly, and wiping her face from side to side on his chest, her cheeks were as beautiful as the first Lotus opened.

– Why are you here?Yun Che touched Shui Meiin’s cheeks with both hands, feeling the deep tenderness of her jade hands, and his heart was warm and tender.

He didn’t even need to guess that this should be, Qianye Ying’er’s voice broadcast reported.

“Of course, to see you.” moved away – and not only me.

A graceful, like a fairy, female figure slowly emerged from the spiritual boat, she was dressed in a long water-blue dress, her ribbons floated, and her long skirt reflected the moonlight like water flowing in the moonlight.

Her temperament remained the same graceful and detached, her jade neck was beautiful and proud, her long black hair was up to the waist like Shui Meiin’s.Beautiful eyes filled with bright light, coldness slightly restrained, revealing even more unsurpassed grace and talent.

– King of the Kingdom of Glass Light? “Looking at the blue fairy shadow floating down, Yun Che was slightly stunned.

He was not too surprised by Shui Meiin’s arrival. However, Shui Yingyue … , the current situation was beyond his expectations.

Shui Yingyue slightly greeted and said.“I saw the Devil Lord. The Eastern Divine Region is still steeped in fear, but the Southern Divine Region is trampled under the Devil Lord’s feet in the blink of an eye. The Devil Lord really deserves to be an amazing person, unprecedented in all ages and beyond any imagination.

– King of the Realm of Glass Light, – Yun Che looked directly, saying a warning – since you received the news you should know who my next opponent is.Coming here, are you not afraid that if I lose and the Realm of Glass Light does not have a chance to retreat half a step?

However, Shui Ying Yue smiled slightly, imprinting Yun Che’s rare and precious smile, you and Meiying have been engaged for a long time, and she has already been identified as a member of the devil race.As for me, I traveled alone, and I did not bring a single person or thing from the Realm of Glass Light, except for the sword of the Jade Stream, which accompanies me all my life.

– So I now not the king of the Kingdom of Glass Light. I’m just an older sister who worries about her sister’s safety. If Devil Lord doesn’t like it, just call me Ying Yue.

-… – Yun Che nodded and didn’t speak again.

– Besides, this is also my father’s wish. – Shui Ying Yue once again slightly smiled, and then looked deeply at Shui Meiin when she clung to Yun Che and refused to get up.

A fierce battle against the Dragon God Kingdom was impending is unknown, and it is not known where the Realm of Glass Light will end … But whenever she was with Yun Che, she was always cheerful, like a spirit without pain and dirt.

Previously, she secretly sighed with her sister’s stupidity, but today a feeling of inexplicable envy grew.

To love and hate at the same time, without regrets, was probably , something that would make a person’s life not in vain.

“I remember the friendship of the Kingdom of Glass Light,” Yun Che looked at Shui Yingyue and smiled slightly, “and your friendship.”

-…?- The waves in her eyes froze, and Shui Yingyue was momentarily stunned

During this time, Shui Meiin told her many strange things, and adding Yun Che’s sudden slight smile, she was instantly trance, unable to distinguish between what Yun Che said about “friendship” and “love,” so she had to look away, leaving Yun Che with a beautiful, jade-white profile of her face.Then she whispered, “The Devil Lord’s words are important, and no matter what the outcome of the battle against the Dragon God Realm is, please Devils Lord at least protect your own life.

– Sure. Yun Che held Shui Meiin’s small hand and said with a laugh, “Although fate is cruel, there are still many beautiful things in this world that I cannot miss, such as the smiling faces of Meiin and Yingyue.So, whatever the result, I am not able to die.

-… – Perhaps because she was too sensitive at the time, Shui Ying Yue always felt that Yun Che’s words carry a mysterious ambiguity.

With a slight ripple in the lake of her heart, Shui Ying Yue unconsciously crossed her jade fingers on both hands and nodded, – then well, with your word, Meiin will also feel much calmer … I go visit the Empress-Devils, excuse me.

The aura swayed like a blue wave, only the waves of water floating in space were dimly visible.

– Hi! Shui Meiying suddenly smiled in his arms.

– What are you laughing at? Yun Che rubbed his hand against her cheek again, not wanting to let go of her.

“Hmm, you really flirted with my older sister right in front of me and ask why I’m laughing?” The tip of her nose curved, but there was no anger in her angry voice, instead it carried a little joke and hidden pride.

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