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AGAINST THE GODS – Chapter 1810. Little Whim Read Novel

Chapter 1810. Little Whim – AGAINST THE GODS – Light Novel

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Chapter 1810. Little Whim

“Do you think I’m flirting with your sister?” Yun Che instantly stopped smiling as his hands stroked her face. “What a silly word, she’s your older sister!” A big battle is approaching, how can I have such strange thoughts?

– Hmm, – said Shui Meiin with a smile all over her face, – even if your intentions are not the same, your eyes, statements and the actions were very honest.

Yun Che: (Huh?)

“For the past two months, I have mentioned you every day in front of my older sister,” Shui Meiin said quietly with sly eyes, whispering and pretending to be mysterious, “and“ secretly ”I told my sister, that you had very inappropriate thoughts about her, often casting furtive glances behind her and asking me to ask if she would like to become his concubine.

“~! @ #%% … “

Yun Che’s eyes widened and the skin on his head went numb,” Me … when did I say that ?!

– Of course you never said that. Shui Meiin winked.

Yun Che took a deep breath with the sound of “si”.

No wonder Shui Yingyue showed such a strange reaction to Few words!

– I don’t care, – Shui Meiin’s star eyes flickered, and pink lips curved in a cute obsessive arc, – the older sister is the most beautiful and perfect fairy in this world, and, besides the older brother Yun Che … I won’t let anyone else touch her body!

Yun Che, – ….

– At worst, I use mine a flawless divine soul, to one day leave his sister unconscious, and then undress her and send her older brother Yun Che to bed.A big pervert like Yun Che’s older brother would definitely not let her go, huh.

It sounded like a joke that only existed in this girl’s imagination, but Yun Che immediately saw that her eyes really looked determined … And full of impatience …

Besides, “Big Pervert” … I haven’t heard it for a very, very long time.

– Let’s come back to this question later, we’ll talk about it later. Yun Che groaned helplessly.

However, the heavy mood that pressed like ten thousand mountains these days softened considerably imperceptibly.

Shui Meiin’s body turned around, and her hands gripped Yun Che’s arms, her soft, bulging breasts pressed against his body, “This is my first time arriving in the Southern Divine Region, but I’ve heard many rumors about the South for a long time.In particular, my 99th brother told me more than once that if I ever arrive in the Southern Divine Region, by all means, I must go to a place called the [Realm of the Seven Stars].

– The Kingdom of Seven Stars? “Yun Che was looking for information about the Southern Divine Region, but knew nothing about this Realm.

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— This is a very small Lower Star Realm, Yun Che’s older brother should not have heard of it.- Shui Meiin with a voice that imperceptibly touched the soul, – according to what the 99th brother told me, this is not very close from here, but not very far, and if you hurry a little, you can get there in five to six hours.

– Let’s go together and see, okay?

– Now? Yun Che’s eyebrows flickered.

– Of course!Brother 99 actually said this many times, and the first thing that came to my mind when I entered the Southern Divine Region was the Seven Stars Realm. Shui Meiin looked at him, the stars seemed to twinkle in her eyes, clearly longing to see this little Star Kingdom.

– … – Yun Che’s first reaction was that Shui Meiin joked, and the second reaction was to refuse.

Their speed would have taken five or six hours, which was undoubtedly quite a long distance.

Back and forth, and stop , would take more than one day. There were still seven days before the attack on the Dragon God Realm, and being the core of the Northern Divine Region’s power, he could not waste time in this way.

– Come on, let’s go! Let’s go now, okay? Okay?

She shook Yun Che’s hand, her voice soft and gentle, her eyes full of hope, not accepting the rejection words that Yun Che was about to say softly.

– What’s so special about this Kingdom of Seven Stars? Why do you want to go so much? Yun Che asked.

“Well …” She seemed to think seriously about it for a moment, then her jade face retained a gentle expression and her pink lips pressed softly against his ear.“Actually, although the 99th brother mentioned this many times, it’s all just an excuse.

“ I… I want to be with Yun Che’s older brother for one day… Just the two of us , can you?

With a warm breath, her soft voice penetrated into the soul, feeling as the fragrant tongue of a young woman secretly touched his ear, causing a tingling sensation that weakened his entire body.

– Okay, then let’s go to the Kingdom of Seven Stars and see.“Yun Che was very generous and agreed without any reluctance.” After entering the Southern Divine Realm, I didn’t have time to enjoy the local customs, so it’s good to relax a little before fighting the Dragon God Realm.

He could not refuse Shui Meiyin and threw these thoughts out of his head.

She gave too much for him, but he did nothing for her, so what was the reason not to indulge her little whims?

Quickly transmitting the voice transmission to Chi Wu, Yan Tianxiao and the others, Yun Che wrapped his arm around Shui Meiin’s slender, soft waist. – Let’s go to! Whether it is the Realm of Seven Stars or the Realm of Nine Stars, today I will accompany you wherever you go.

– Yes!- The heavenly stars in Shui Meiin’s beautiful eyes flashed at the same time, she wrapped her arms around him and put her beautiful head on him, suddenly giggling, – Should we take the older sister?

– Better not. Yun Che quickly shook his head.

– I can help you use her.

– … no!

– Heeh!

They were about to stand up when Kaizhi’s figure appeared in their midst.

The name Shui Meiin has long been known to Kaizhi. Then, at the Divine Meeting of the Eastern Divine Region, when Shui Meiin was only fifteen years old, Kaizhi saw her through the projection of the Eternal Heaven.

Today they met officially for the first time.

Only in comparison with that year, the appearance and aura of Shui Meiin underwent a radical transformation.As for her, due to the influence of the Divine Power of the Heavenly Wolf, her appearance almost did not change … And as she plunged into darkness, she lost the refined charm that made the hearts of people regret, and she had rather a frightening gloomy coldness.

Casting a distant glance at two close people, Kaizhi did not speak, did not linger and left indifferently.

Just as Yun Che was about to speak, Shui Meiin’s voice came first – Kaizhi’s older sister.

-… – After a moment’s hesitation, Kaizhi stopped and turned around, and the eyes of the two girls touched each other. Both had clearly black pupils, but one was as dark as an abyss, and the other as bright as stars.

– Big sister?Kaizhi spoke faintly, not knowing if she was embarrassed by the appeal or expressed her dissatisfaction.

In accordance with the normal course of years, Shui Meiin was several years younger than Kaizhi, but if, more precisely , count three thousand years in the Eternal Heaven Divine Realm … That Shui Meiin was three thousand years older than Kaizhi.

Who called whom older sister, in fact, it was very confusing and complicated subject.

But Shui Meiin was not awkward.

– I am Shui Meiin from the Kingdom of Glass Light, the wife of Yun Che’s older brother, – quite solemnly Shui Meiin Kaizhi introduced herself.

– I know. Kaizhi replied shortly and indifferently.

Faced with Kaizhi’s indifference, Shui Meiin continued to smile flirtatiously. “Then… Big Sister Kaizhi, I’ll first lend Big Brother Yun Che for a day, and tomorrow I’ll give him back to you.”

Looking at Yun Che, Kaizhi turned away sharply and said in a cold voice, “He’s not only my man, you don’t need to return him to me.

When she finished speaking, she unleashed her inner strength, and in an instant, shaking the space was already far away.

Yun Che opened his mouth and then let out a sigh of relief.

Kaizhi has changed too much over the years.

He clearly remembered that when he first saw her, she was dressed in a colored dress, like a sweet, very cute elf, and he was incomparably smart, guessing her position from several clues , and teased her with the name “little Jasmine.”

And now … it seemed that she had sealed her old world, forcing herself to enter another dark, gloomy world.

Lowering his head, he found that Shui Meiin was looking in the direction Kaizhi had gone, for a long time without looking away.

– To what you look at? Yun Che asked.

Shui Meiin’s lips parted and closed as she softly said, “I’m looking at a man who… tries to envelop himself in indifference, darkness and resentment, but in fact she floats and wanders, helpless and lonely, suffering from fear of herself and even more from fear that those who care about her will hate her … Ah, poor girl.

– … – Yun Che’s heart strings are slightly wavered.

– Yun Che’s elder brother, – Shui Meiin raised her head and her voice was soft, – next time don’t let her run away, catch up with her, and hug her very tightly, and if she will fight, hold on stronger … She will not have the strength to free herself again.

– It looks like she doesn’t need anyone, but in reality … She, in comparison with me, needs more than anyone in this world.

Yun Che’s gaze returned to the direction Kaizhi had gone, lost in thought for a moment, and then smiled. – You always say such strange things … We go.

They held hands and flew side by side over the Kingdom of the Blue Wall of the Ten Sides, contemplating the vast and colossal Royal Kingdom of the Blue Wall.

– How has your father been recovering lately? Yun Che asked.

– My father is in very good condition, especially after he learned that his inner strength can fully recover, his mood is much better, – Shui Meiin replied with a smile.

Yun Che regretfully said, “The unforeseen events in the Southern Divine Region were really sudden, and as a result I was unable to go to heal the elder Shui’s wounds.After I kill Long Bai and conquer the Dragon God Realm, I will return with you to the Realm of Glass Light.

– Be true to your word this time. Shui Meiin placed her palms on Yun Che’s chest, allowing him to distinctly feel the beating of her heart.

Northern Divine Realm practitioners constantly rushed down below, releasing their dark aura.Whenever they sensed the aura of Devil Lord Yun Che, or inadvertently looked up and saw the figure of Yun Che, they immediately knelt down and worshiped with their heads bowed deeply, reverently expressing their admiration and loyalty to the Devil Lord.

This was the case with all the practices of the Northern Divine Region that approached, from the King of the Kingdom to the soldiers of the devils, without exception.

– No Kingdom King or God Emperor has ever been worshiped this way. “ Shui Meiin sighed, ” Yun Che’s elder brother, I am more and more convinced that their will is not only a battle for the Northern Divine Region, they will probably fight for you with the same will, without regrets and even without fear of life or death .

Several seemingly random exclamations from Shui Meiin touched a place in Yun Che’s heart and mind that he did not want to touch.

– I am just a turning point and the leader that the Northern Divine Region has been waiting for a long time, sooner or later another person would appear, perhaps more suitable. Changing the perception of darkness and the fate of the Northern Divine Region is what they wanted for several generations, it simply cannot be compared with the simple position of “Lord of the devils”.

Shui Meiin opened her lips and wanted to say something else, but when she saw that Yun Che was looking forward and deliberately no longer looked down, she no longer spoke, but smiled – we already almost left the Kingdom of the Blue Wall. Wow! Rather, look, there is a purple-red Star Realm that seems to be twisted by thunder veins, let’s go there first.

– Good!

Of course, Yun Che did not refuse, and they slightly changed their flight path and flew into the Realm, which was releasing purple light.

So, Yun Che emptied his mind and accompanied Shui Meiying all the way to enjoy the vast world, gradually approaching that Realm of Seven Stars.

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Chapter 1810. Little Whim – AGAINST THE GODS – Read Online Free
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