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Chapter 2025 – The Elders Make Their Move – Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World

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Chapter 2025 – The Elders Make Their Move

The two experts were well aware that there was no time for politeness now. So they immediately nodded and jumped onto the Nightmares. By this time, Zhao Hai had defeated several other ghosts.

It is worth noting that Zhao Hai was quite surprised at this result. The head of the Buda clan could not understand why they are so weak? How were the Ghosts with such powers going to prevail?

Although Zhao Hai was surprised by all this, he still did not hesitate and therefore, as soon as the two experts saddled their nightmares, they immediately went on their way.

The speed of Nightmares is very high and the strike is powerful. On the other hand, ghosts are not that strong. In other words, Zhao Hai and his companions rushed forward, not even paying attention to their opponents.

Nevertheless, Zhao Hai could not help but notice that there were a lot of ghosts in the vicinity.They rushed along the road and drove only ten minutes, but at the same time faced many enemies.

Of course, all these ghosts were gathered here for a reason. It looks like the Wu clan is indeed in a really difficult position.

After more than ten minutes, Zhao Hai and the others saw the village besieged by a huge number of opponents. However, the latter were held back by the main defensive massif.

But all this meant certain problems: “How can I enter?”

Hearing this, the guy nodded and said: “You can enter if you have a token of our clan. Please take mine.”

Zhao Hai nodded in turn, then took the token and walked through the protective array. However, after that, he immediately returned the token.

As soon as the three of them managed to reach the settlement, an old man with white hair and a beard immediately came out to them.However, at the same time, his figure looked very majestic. He looked at the two experts and said, “Xun Er, what’s going on? Didn’t you go to the Tyrannical Blade? Something happened? And who is this man?”

When the old man said this, Zhao Hai and his companions were taken aback. Xun Er then asked, puzzled, “Grandpa, didn’t you send Xiao Cheng to call me and Ying Mei? What’s going on?”

The old man, in turn, was also taken aback, and then his face changed:” Xiao Cheng?I ordered him to ask your uncle for help! How could he let you return?”

Hearing this, Xun Er immediately replied,” Xiao Cheng is dead. But he died rather strangely. He found us, but at the very house he suddenly fell and died.”

Zhao Hai answered in a deep voice at that moment:” Don’t think about it. It looks like the Ghosts took possession of his body and thus prevented you from contacting the Tyrannical Blade.”

As soon as these words were spoken, the old man looked at Zhao Hai and said: “Master …?”

To which Zhao Hai replied: ” The inner disciple of the Tyrannical Blade sect is Zhao Hai.”

When everyone heard these words, they were taken aback. Nevertheless, since Zhao Hai took out his identity card, no one doubted what was said. Moreover, the old man immediately bowed and said, “Wu De, head of the Wu clan, is happy to welcome the master.”

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Zhao Hai just waved his hand and said: “Now is not the time for politeness and mutual greetings. The ghosts don’t know who I am, so we need to act quickly. I will use the portable transport array and warn the sect. You should hold out. But do not worry, I will instantly return with reinforcements.”

The old man bowed in turn and said:” Master, do not worry, we will hold out. ” Hearing this, Zhao Hai nodded and disappeared in the blink of an eye.The head of the Buda clan could not help but notice that now the Wu clan was besieged by a really large number of ghosts.

In the next moment, the figure of Zhao Hai appeared in the courtyard of Yin Yan Peak. Noticing him, Qiu Zhen smiled and bowed and asked: “Young master, did you manage to cope with your task so quickly?”

Zhao Hai nodded and replied, “I haven’t even started yet. But on the way I ran into something strange. Mentors at home.”

Seeing the old man nod, Zhao Hai immediately went to the living room door: “Mentors, your student is asking permission to meet with you.”

After that, he immediately heard Elder Yin’s voice: “Come in.” Of course, Zhao Hai immediately opened the doors.

Elder Yin immediately waved his hand and asked, “Junior, you only recently left. Something is wrong?”

Zhao Hai nodded and said,” Soon after I left you, I met people from the Wu clan. We crossed paths in a small inn, but then a servant came to them and said that their house was under siege. Then he asked to come back. I got curious and followed them. As it turned out, the house of the Wu clan was besieged by ghosts. Moreover, their number is enormous, at least several hundred. I think all of this has something to do with the Ghost clan.”

When the elders heard this, their faces immediately changed. Old man Yin stood up and said, “Lead. We’ll go and see.”

When Zhao Hai heard these words, he was quite stunned. He didn’t expect Elder Yin to go with him. After all, don’t say, but in fact the status of the old people was equal to the top leadership of the Tyrannical Blade sect.

But when he saw that the old people did not look very good, Zhao Hai did not ask unnecessary questions.He immediately got up and followed them into the courtyard. There they were immediately transferred to the Wu clan.

The current situation in the Wu clan is indeed not very good. Their family’s protective complex was not a high-level item. This is why it has already begun to show signs of instability. But the Wu clan was willing to stand to the very end.

At that moment, Zhao Hai and the elders appeared.Of course, no one recognized the old people, but everyone understood perfectly well that in front of them someone was really very important. Therefore, the patriarch asked: “Master, who are these two?”

Zhao Hai said in a deep voice: “You shouldn’t ask, what you better not know about. These are my elders.”

Hearing this, Wu De was surprised that Zhao Hai is an inner disciple, so who are his elders? And why the elders? As soon as he thought about it, then immediately cautiously, bowed: “Yes, we all understand.”

The old men Yin and Yang did not care. They looked at ghosts. Old Man Yan chuckled coldly, “Those ghostly bastards crawled out again.” After that, he waved his hand and cut all the ghosts in half.

The latter were not particularly powerful anyway, so their bodies were torn like paper.

At this time, Elder Yin waved his hand, and a huge hand fell somewhere behind the mountain. But after a moment she brought several bodies.It seems that all the Ghosts were killed.

As for the experts themselves, they all seemed quite young and did not differ in anything special.

However, Zhao Hai noticed that the lips of these guys were covered with bruises. In other words, the poison killed them. Elder Yin chuckled coldly, “These ghosts still kill themselves as soon as they are caught. Zhao Hai, can you turn them into undead?”

Hearing this, Zhao Hai nodded and said,” I understood everything. “When he finished speaking, he waved his hand and at the same moment a black fog enveloped the dead. When he dispersed, all the experts stood again.

After that, Zhao Hai turned his head and said: “Mentors, you can ask.” Hearing this, the old man nodded.

Then he immediately asked: “Are you from the Ghost clan?”

Hearing these words, one of the men in black immediately replied, “Yes, we belong to the Ghost clan.”

Elder Yin nodded and then turned to Zhao Hai. “The Ghosts have a lot of small cells. It looks like we neutralized one of them. Zhao Hai, we will return to the sect, and you go and complete your mission.”

Zhao Hai nodded and then replied,” Master, would it be better if I took them to the sect myself?”

Elder Yin nodded and said,” Don’t worry, the undead don’t bother us. So go and mind your own business. ” Then they disappeared in a flash of white light.

After the two left, Wu De approached Zhao Hai and bowed to him: “Master, thank you for your help. The entire Wu clan is grateful to you.”

Hearing this, Zhao Hai smiled and waved his hand. “You don’t have to be so polite. The Wu Clan has always supported the Tyrannical Blade, so we couldn’t just stand by. ” please stay and rest.”

As soon as these words were spoken, Zhao Hai thought and replied, “Then I beg your pardon for disturbing me.”

Wu Te saw that Zhao Hai agreed, was very happy. His smile on his face grew even brighter: “Master, please.” Although one of the members of the Wu clan was an internal disciple, it was quite rare for them to accept even external disciples, let alone internal ones. So Zhao Hai’s visit was a very significant event for them.

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Chapter 2025 – The Elders Make Their Move – Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World – Read online free

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