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Chapter 2423: The whole world knows – CULTIVATION CHAT GROUP – Light Novel

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Chapter 2423: The whole world knows

Song Shuhang held this “50% off coupon” and looked up at Senior Three Eyes.

The three-eyed boy smiled slightly. Obviously this “50% discount coupon” is a very precious thing, not as simple as an ordinary coupon!

“Precious 50% discount coupon, is this a coupon from the “Sell Anything Big Brother” family?” Song Shuhang’s eyes lit up and asked aloud.

Even the three-eyed predecessors considered precious coupons. After thinking about it, there are only coupons from the “Sell Anything Big Brother” family in the heavens and the world, so it can meet this condition.

If it is really a 50% discount coupon from the “Anything Big Brother” family, then the value of this small note will be incalculable-after all, everything can sell the good things in the hands of a big brother. Too much.

If you pick one of the most expensive treasures from him and make a 50% discount, it is definitely an astronomical value of spiritual stones!

The three-eyed boy:”

“Isn’t it?” Song Shuhang saw the three-eyed boy’s expression and knew that his guess was wrong.

“Since it was the coupon I took out, of course it is related to myself.” The three-eyed boy sighed.

Song Shuhang embarrassed: “But you don’t sell things, senior.”

“Fellow Daoist Tyrant Song, although you don’t sell things, don’t forget the ultimate secret technique, “God Strike”.” The eyeball butler on one side reminded.

“Divine Strike” is also a powerful secret method called “Krypton Gold Strike” by Song Shuhang. As long as the amount of heaven, material and earth treasure is consumed enough, the power of this trick can be increased indefinitely in theory.

This move is also one of the strongest attack secrets Song Shuhang has mastered, possessing the power that determines the outcome of a battle. It was Song Shuhang that, apart from “Causal Knife”, the most terrifying means of terror was on the premise that he had money.

The principle of Krypton One Strike is to consume the “Treasures of Heaven and Earth” to be converted into an attack method. During this period, the power of the “Three Eyes” will be borrowed to construct the Krypton Process.

“In other words, this “50% discount coupon” allows me to save half of my wealth when I use the”Krypton One Strike”?” Song Shuhang asked aloud.

“Probably that’s it.” The eyeball butler nodded.

Song Shuhang held this “50% off coupon”, feeling a chill in his heart.

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He thought of the treasures he had finally exchanged from the seniors of the”Jiuzhou No. 1 Group”-in addition to the treasures consumed by the”Throne of Wealth Dispersal Ceremony”, he also left a number of days. Materials and treasures, in case of unprepared need. For example, creating exclusive magical instruments for the disciples.

Now that he gets this coupon, he always feels that his treasure will soon be sold out by krypton gold.

Thinking of this, Song Shuhang asked brazenly: “Senior, can this coupon be discounted?”

The three-eyed boy looked happy: “Are you handsome?”

Song Shuhang: “If my answer is handsome enough, will senior be willing to discount it?”

In fact, he was considered handsome before practicing, with good features. After practicing, as he tempered his body and promoted again and again, his current appearance was still a bit handsome.

“Well, don’t think too much about the impossible. The wealth-spreading ceremony outside is coming to an end, and it’s time for you to leave this space.” Senior Three Eyes hugged the box and fell on the rocking chair: “See you next month.”

“See you next year.” Song Shuhang waved the “50% discount coupon.”

After leaving the throne of scattered wealth, the current Chinese time is about to enter the new year.

He, Song Shuhang’s life, will enter a brand new year!

Song Shuhang opened the small wooden door and stepped into the throne of scattered wealth.

He looked down.

At this time, the members of the Tianhe Su Clan and the seniors of the Jiuzhou No. 1 Group are all on the various steps of the Throne of Spreading Money, choosing the treasures they need-these treasures are originally the”Jiuzhou No. 1 Group “Provided by members. For the seniors in the group, this “spreading wealth” is a bit like an activity of “exchanging treasures with each other.”

Song Shuhang’s heart moved to lock Yu Rouzi’s position-Senior Lingdie asked him to operate in a dark box, and handed the”Cosmic Bracelet” to Yu Rouzi.

Now is the time!

At this time, Yu Rouzi, Su Clan’s Sixteen and some members of the “Jiuzhou No. 1 Group” who have sacred names, are all on the ladder of the Eighth Stage Profound Sage.

Coincidentally, Yu Rouzi was reaching for a box—Song Shuhang glanced at it and saw the treasure in that box. It was the rudimentary form of a hairpin ritual. The materials used were a mixture of seventh and eighth products, and only the basic appearance of the hairpin was polished. Judging from the box, this is a treasure provided by the Qixiu Shengjun.

With a smile on her face, Soft Feather took the box.

Song Shuhang moved his mind and used the management power of the”Throne of Spreading Wealth” to secretly transfer the”Universal Bracelet” to the box that Yu Rouzi had taken, fulfilling the request of Senior Lingdie.

After Yu Rouzi took the box, she raised her head and waved to Song Shuhang.

will not be discovered, right? Song Shuhang secretly said in his heart.

Yurouzi opened the box and took out the hairpin. Afterwards, she stretched out her hand to roll up her long hair, and skillfully inserted the hairpin into the bun.

Next, she took out the universe bracelet and put it on her wrist. The size is very suitable, after all, it is a treasure tailored for Yu Rouzi by the sage of Lingdie.

Sure enough, she noticed it. Seeing Rouzi Yu’s movements, Song Shuhang knew that Rouzi Yu had sensed his black box operation methods at this time.

After Yu Rouzi put on the Qiankun bracelet, she turned around and looked at Su Clan’s Sixteen not far away—observing in secret.

A Sixteen’s little hand gently grasped the white dragon sister’s scarf on her neck, and casually looked at the treasures on the Throne of Dispersing Wealth-she didn’t particularly want anything, so she was ready to pick it up with others Later, she chose another one at random, so as not to accidentally pick out the treasure that others wanted.

A few minutes later,

When everyone on this ladder has selected the treasure, Su Clan’s Sixteen came to a box at random and reached out to remove it.

Song Shuhang glanced at it and saw that there was a “Lenopi Silk” in this box, which was a decorative streamer used to match the fairy clothes. Like Yurouzi’s hairpin, this “pibo” is also a prototype of a magic weapon.

Why do you do it in the dark to give the Sixteenth a surprise? After all, Sixteen had just given himself a precious mask.Song Shuhang secretly said in his heart.

Then he rummaged in his core world treasure house and sighed.

There are still precious treasures on his body, but they are all real estate.

Fellow Dao Song, did you operate in the dark just now? While thinking about it, a voice suddenly rang in Song Shuhang’s mind.

Song Shuhang:”

I managed to do it in the dark box, but everyone knew how to do it, as if the whole world knew about my dark box?

If Daoyou Tyrant Song can still operate in the dark, I have something here. I hope you can secretly transfer it to Su Clan Xiao 16 for me? The voice continued.

Song Shuhang: What is it?

Three packed small sixteen. The voice replied.

Song Shuhang: “???”

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