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CULTIVATION CHAT GROUP – Chapter 2424: Star Road Map, Su Shi’s A 6 Condensed Shape Read Novel

Chapter 2424: Star Road Map, Su Shi’s A 6 Condensed Shape – CULTIVATION CHAT GROUP – Light Novel

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Chapter 2424: Star Road Map, Su Shi’s A 6 Condensed Shape

Three packed little sixteens, great~

Wait, this is not the problem! Why does the owner of this mysterious voice have three packed small sixteen in his hands?

Don’t she always rely on her to find and meet different “16’s, then defeat and recycle them in the trial of A Sixteen?

When thinking of this, Song Shuhang’s heart moved: Su’s knot ancestor?

Only the knot of Su’s mysterious ancestor can interfere with Su’s Sixteen’s “trial” and bring different Xiao Sixteen together?

I don’t have time to explain, Xiao Sixteen is about to open the gift box. Do you help Daoist Tyrant Song? The mysterious voice urged.

Properly. Song Shuhang nodded.

As soon as the voice fell, he felt a faint “spatial fluctuation” from the palm of his hand-the frequency of this spatial fluctuation was not like the space power of the Ninth Stage Tribulation Immortal, but more like white Senior”s”space talent ability”.

After that, Song Shuhang had three thumb-sized spars in his palm.

Each spar is sealed with a “Little Sixteen” and other skills.

Song Shuhang glanced at these three spars-not good, these three spars exude a special energy field. Anyone who sees them will suddenly have a heart to store them. Desire!

At the same time, Su Clan’s Sixteen has gently opened the “box”.

Black box operation! Song Shuhang hurriedly activated his “Throne of Spreading Wealth” administrator authority, and unconsciously transferred three “small sixteen spars” to Su Clan’s Sixteen Box.

At this moment, Su Clan’s Sixteen’s movement of opening the box paused slightly.

When she chose this box, she had actually judged the treasures in the box–but when she opened the box, there were suddenly three more objects connected to her life.

Sister Bailong also feels.

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Su Clan’s Sixteen gently opened the lid, and saw that on the side of the silk ribbon, there were three thumb-sized spars arranged in sequence, and each spar was sealed with one A reduced version of”Su Shi’s Sixteen”.

“This is the split body of the trial?” Bai Long sister asked in surprise.

But why does the split body of the Sixteenth Trial of Su Clan appear here?

“Is it Shuhang?” Su Clan’s Sixteen raised his head and waved his small hand at Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang on the throne showed a handsome smile—unfortunately, it was blocked by the mask.

Su Clan’s Sixteen carefully put away the three spars. Due to the small size of the spar, sister Bailong only needs to open a small space entrance to combine these three spars with All the”Sixteen Splits” collected before are put together.

As Su Clan’s Sixteen unpacked the box, the activity of the Throne of Spreading Money came to an end.

In addition to the treasures selected by the members of the Su clan and the Jiuzhou No. 1 group, there are still some “treasures of heaven, material and earth” in the Throne of Spreading Money.

However, Song Shuhang could not call this part of the treasure, so he had to save it to join the next”distribution ceremony”-and then, when the bet between him and the three-eyed senior was completed, the dissolution was cancelled. When the Throne of Wealth was bound, he was able to transform the remaining treasures in the Throne of Wealth into a single blow of Krypton!

Just like the last administrator of the “Throne of Spreading Money”, he just scattered people.

The whirlpool of the Throne of Spreading Wealth began to spin again.

The Su clan members who had obtained satisfactory treasures from the wealth-spreading ceremony were transferred out one by one and fell back to the ground.

After a while, only the members of the “Jiuzhou No. 1 Group” were left in the throne of dispersing wealth.

“Seniors, let’s go down too.Song Shuhang laughed.

“I have to go down first. The annual meeting of the Tianhe Su Clan has to be hosted by A Si and I. “Su Clan’s Seventh gave Song Shuhang a thumbs up: “Little friend Shuhang is so beautiful!””

Thanks to this wave of”distribution ceremony”, all members of the Su family of Tianhe will continue to increase the favorability of Song Shuhang. The higher the favorability, the future little friends of Shuhang will be like a fish in the Su family of Tianhe. Do whatever you want.

“Thanks to the great support of the predecessors. “Song Shuhang laughed.

The members of the Jiuzhou No.1 Group began to withdraw from the”Throne of Wealth” space.

Song Shuhang looked at the seniors who had left, and remembered in his mind. Own”Natural Medicine Pill Composition.”

On his birthplace of Whale Pill, there is a most special”Golden Pill Composition”——Star Road.

The dragon on the birthplace of Whale Pill. The pattern spilled a lot of starlight, building a tortuous star road on the whale, and the characters Song Shuhang knew turned into illusory figures and appeared on this star road.

The first contact from Song Shuhang” Yu Rouzi’s start, and finally ends with another Yu Rouzi pushing the door.

All the seniors of the Jiuzhou No.1 Group, and Song Shuhang’s Jindan QR Code Most of his big brothers and friends can be found on Star Road.

However, on this “star road”, there is no Senior White two, no Senior White, and no Su Clan’s Sixteen.

Song Shuhang sighed slightly: “Ah XVI’s figure is still there?”

Because just as he sighed, at the beginning of this”Star Road Map”, Between Rouzi Yu and Senior Huangshan, a weak figure began to emerge and was born.

Shoulder-length hair, pointed dragon horns, delicate face like a porcelain doll, petite body

is the figure of Su Clan’s Sixteen!

For a long time, Su Clan’s Sixteen, who could not be projected on Song Shuhang’s “Zodiac Star Road Map”, was condensed and formed at the end of 2019!

Song Shuhang suddenly turned his head and looked at Su Clan’s Sixteen-The sixteen on the star road map was successful. Does it mean that Su Clan’s Sixteen’s “trial” was successful?

Sure enough, there was a change in Su Clan’s Sixteen below.

Her dragon horns seem to be slightly higher-in some ways, dragon horns are part of the body. As a result, Su Clan’s Sixteen’s height has risen a little bit invisibly.

At the same time, Su Clan’s Sixteen’s breath has become perfect, although it still gives people a light and fluttering feeling, but at this time, the Sixteenth seems to finally have root. No longer like before, the lightness seemed to dissipate at any time.

The three “Little Sixteen’s that the mysterious voice master told Song Shuhang to operate in a dark box are the key to Su’s Sixteen’s change.


Song Shuhang looked at Su Clan’s Sixteen who was slowly perfecting in the “Zhengxing Road Map”, and he was secretly relieved in the bottom of his heart-thanks to the owner of the mysterious voice just now.

Friends, are you still there? Song Shuhang tried to call out in his mind.

is still there. The mysterious voice replied.

About the sixteenth, thank you fellow daoists. How do you call a fellow Taoist? Song Shuhang asked.

You can call me cute. The mysterious voice replied.

Song Shuhang:”

Goodbye. Said the mysterious voice.

This time, she did not disguise her voice.

This voice is somewhat similar to that of Su Clan’s Sixteen, but it gives people a very mature feeling.

A Sixteen’s mother?

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