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CULTIVATION CHAT GROUP – Chapter 2425: In the face of swelling power, all are paper tigers Read Novel

Chapter 2425: In the face of swelling power, all are paper tigers – CULTIVATION CHAT GROUP – Light Novel

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Chapter 2425: In the face of swelling power, all are paper tigers

If the owner of this mysterious voice is really A Sixteen’s mother

Well, should I ask A Sixteen about her mother? Song Shuhang secretly said in his heart.

However, when this idea just came to him, he suddenly thought of another thing-this time the Su Clan’s annual meeting, he did not see Su Clan’s Sixteen’s parents!

Senior Aqi did not introduce him, nor did A Sixteen mention anything about her parents.

Furthermore, when Su Clan’s Sixteenth’s “Fourth Rank Heaven Tribulation” had an accident, her parents never showed up. Su Clan’s Seventh was worrying from beginning to end.

Combine these clues, and then consider the danger and cruelty of the monk’s profession

A sixteen’s parents, will something happen? Song Shuhang felt a bad guess.

If this is the case, it is not easy to ask A Sixteen directly about the “Su’s Sixteen’s Mother”.

After going out for a while, let’s first secretly confirm the affairs of A Sixteen’s parents to Senior Su Clan A Seven. Song Shuhang secretly said in his heart.

After thinking for a while, he tried to call the mysterious voice fairy in his mind again-if the other party is still there, just talk again, maybe he can figure out the other party’s identity?

But this time, the owner of the mysterious voice has already left and did not reply.

He is another good senior who does good deeds but does not want to be named.

In fact, Song Shuhang still likes this type of senior, because sometimes he also likes to do good things without leaving a name.

When Song Shuhang withdrew from his contemplative state, he found that at some point, the seniors in the group had all left the Maelstrom of the Throne of Spreading Money, leaving only Under him, A Sixteen, Yu Rouzi.

Su Clan’s Sixteen opened her eyes and breathed slowly. It seemed that she had successfully merged the three new split bodies.

Song Shuhang leaped slightly, fell by her side, and asked aloud: “Sixteen, is your trial completed?”

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“Basically, it is over. It’s just the last step.” Su Clan’s Sixteen lightly held his small fist, and put on a”come on” posture: “The last step takes a long time to grind, and it only takes time. So from a certain point of view Said, the trial has been completed!”

“Congratulations to Sixteen.” Yu Rouzi congratulated.

Su’s Sixteen: “Thank you.”

Sister Bailong swept across Sixteen’s body, nodded and said: “The breath has been stabilized, so just make up for it.”

Song Shuhang agreed: “You have to make up, Ah Sixteen, you are too light.”

“Shuhang, for girls, the lighter the weight, the better the attributes, you still don’t understand the girl’s heart. “Senior Heart Demon Scarlet Cloud Sword said.

Song Shuhang: “Senior, do you understand?””

“Nonsense, you didn’t hear my girly voice. “The Heart Demon Scarlet Sword replied.”

Song Shuhang: “I can’t refute!

At this moment, the pavilion master Chu above his head said dumbly: “By the way, Fellow Daoist Scarf .”

Sister Bailong turned her head and asked, “What’s the matter, Fairy Dumb.”

The two fairies are not to be outdone in any respect.

The Chu Pavilion Master Dmao smiled gently: “I saw Fairy Bone Fairy a few days ago and communicated with her.”

“The Bone Fairy?” She finally appeared too. “Bailong’s sister couldn’t help shrinking, and said: “Private chat.”

“Come on, I will open the voice transmission and set up a password to prevent eavesdropping. “Pavilion Master Chu dazed Mao.

“Private my password first. “Sister Bailong said.

Then, Sister Bailong and Pavilion Master Dumao entered the”password transmission mode” and whispered.

“Private chat will be pregnant~ “Snake beauty of meritorious virtue took the opportunity to come out and shouted with the voice of Three Waves of Crazy Swords-this was the voice made by the predecessor of Three Waves in the group, and I don’t know when it was recorded by the beauty of meritorious snakes.

“Don’t be afraid of pregnancy and childbirth, XX Women’s Hospital, a hundred years of obstetrics and gynecology, a lifetime of worry-free, to be a quality woman.” Fairy Fortune sang.

After the two fairies sang, they looked down at Song Shuhang’s shadow.

After a long while.

Black-skinned Yurouko made her debut, saying: “A good pregnancy, a happy life?”

The two fairies of merit and good fortune showed satisfied smiles.

The ambiguity and embarrassment of the changing atmosphere

In addition, Song Shuhang has recently been somewhat sensitive to the topic of”pregnancy, sterilization”.

“The universe is in the sleeve!” So he waved his hand and put the three fairies into his sleeve again.

“Let’s go, Senior Song, Sixteen, the seniors in the group are waiting for us outside.” On the side, Yurouzi thoughtfully changed the subject, taking away the embarrassing atmosphere.

The three went in parallel and jumped down the stairs of the “Throne of Dispersal” and came to the exit of the Maelstrom.

To 2020, there is only less than one hour left.

“New year, new beginning!” Song Shuhang strode out of the whirlpool.

Yu Rouzi and Su Shi’s Sixteen followed closely behind.

After stepping out of the “Throne of Dispersing Wealth”, Song Shuhang’s “Thirty-Three Beasts Congenital Yi Qigong” in Song Shuhang’s body was like boiling, running like crazy!

Far away in the closed body of the “Man-made Small World”, opened his eyes.

He thoroughly received and integrated the information and data transmitted by the unknown white 1-33-this mass of big data is a whole world.

And, the core world began to evolve-with the cooperation of unknown white 1-33, the artificial small world and the core world completed the first phase of synchronization.

At this time, the “man-made small world” has become a sub-base of the core world, attached to the core world. Between the core world and the small man-made world, there is an additional channel the same as the world of the two evil lotus predecessors.

Only after Song Shuhang’s realm is improved, the core world can directly integrate the small artificial world into itself and become a part of itself.

A whole world of data has infinitely strengthened Song Shuhang’s mental power.

The power of unknown white 1-33 strengthened the realm and energy of “Thirty-Three Beasts Xiantian Yi Qigong”.

The evolution of the core world is also feeding back Song Shuhang.

With one step, Song Shuhang’s state swelled.

It is all imaginary to suppress the realm, study the real illusion, and learn ancient languages ​​in the near future! In the face of swelling strength, they are all paper tigers!

“Senior Song, your strength is racing, and if you continue like this, you will overturn the car.” At this time, Yu Rouzi’s voice sounded in Song Shuhang’s ears.

Song Shuhang raised his head and looked at the sky: “Yes, Yurouzi, I know.”

It is clear that there is only more than one hour before 2020, and his wish to enter next year in peace, But to die before the finish line, this is the cruelty of life

“I will take you to a position.” Su Clan’s Sixteen said calmly.

The seniors of the”Jiuzhou No. 1 Group” and the members of the Tianhe Su Clan gathered below if they were killed by the tribulation boss, God would know how terrifying the Thunder Tribulation would be!

“You two don’t need to be nervous, it’s just a trivial catastrophe.” Song Shuhang comforted: “Don’t worry, the body and I will be directly transferred to the unmanned space through the”core world” for a while. My strength, the Eighth Stage Celestial Tribulation cannot hurt me.”

Even if facing the Celestial Tribulation alone, he has no fear!

Sure enough, because of that “interference”, some things have changed slightly. Yu Rouzi’s eyes sank slightly.

Because of her interference, the predecessor Song in front of him has no “heartbroken” past, and his body and mind are very healthy development. After experiencing more adventures with a good mentality and a healthy body, Senior Song’s cultivation speed It improved a bit.

In the end, Senior Song’s time to cross the Tribulation was of course earlier.

——Lingdie Island Feather Feather Effect.

It’s just that Senior Song’s journey through the Tribulation is very important and special. It is necessary to take a good time and wait for an important “day” to come.

So Senior Song cannot be allowed to overcome the robbery in advance.

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Chapter 2425: In the face of swelling power, all are paper tigers – CULTIVATION CHAT GROUP – Read Novel Free

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