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Chapter 2426: Mature Song Senior – CULTIVATION CHAT GROUP – Light Novel

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Chapter 2426: Mature Song Senior

First delay the time for Senior Song to cross the tribulation, wait for the time to come, and then work hard to break through the bottleneck of the eighth stage realm, and formally cross the tribulation to be promoted to Profound Sage.

Thinking of this, Yu Rouzi stepped to Song Shuhang’s side and grabbed his arm: “Anyway, let me help Senior Song brake first.”

While speaking, there was one in her hand. The soft power is attached to Song Shuhang Yuanshen.

This soft power contains the attribute of time, which can directly influence Song Shuhang’s body through the primordial spirit, to guide and calm the swelling power in the body, and temporarily suppress it.

However, this method of suppression is only a temporary solution and not a permanent cure. Once Soft Feather’s power is not guided and suppressed, the power in Song Shuhang’s body will violently expand again.

Song Shuhang was taken aback for a moment, and looked at Yu Rouzi in doubt.

“Senior Song, this is not the time to advance.” Yu Rouzi said.

“Why?” Song Shuhang thought for a while, then suddenly asked: “Is it dangerous to advance now?”

Although there is no corresponding memory

but that time , After the Black Dragon World involved the seniors of the”Nine Provinces No. 1 Group” into the Eighth Stage Tribulation and collectively crossed the Tribulation and revealed the Holy Tribulation, Song Shuhang always felt an extremely uneasy feeling in his heart, lingering-as if at some point In the midst, he lost an important predecessor and cried into tears in sorrow.

Obviously nothing like this has happened, and all the important people around him are still alive.

But this kind of feeling emerged from deep in his heart and couldn’t be calmed down.

So, since the”Black Dragon World”, every time Song Shuhang crossed the Tribulation, he tried his best to avoid the possibility of”Grouping the Tribulation” to avoid involving other people in his tribulation. Secondly, together with Su Clan’s Sixteen, they were sent to the”past” by the means left by Tian Daobai to cross the robbery for two people.

Now, seeing Soft Feather suppress him in the future, Song Shuhang immediately wondered if it was that he would cause a huge crisis if he was now crossing the catastrophe? That’s why Miraeko came to stop him?

“It’s not dangerous, but the timing is wrong.” Yu Rouzi gently shook her head.

“Will other people be in danger?” Song Shuhang asked thoughtfully—if he was not in danger, would it be this crossing of the catastrophe? He involved other people in his own mysterious In the Holy Tribulation?

“Don’t worry, Senior Song, there shouldn’t be anyone else going through the catastrophe with you.” Yu Rouzi comforted, but she didn’t say everything. After all, because of her interference last time, many things have changed.

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In addition, even without the accident of Senior Tong Gua, Senior Gu Huguan and Fairy Tian Tian, ​​Senior Song still has become a lot more mature. This point couldn’t be better.

Hearing this, Song Shuhang secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

“Let’s go to the core world of Shuhang first.” At this time, Su Clan’s Sixteen reminded.

Regardless of when Shuhang wants to cross the catastrophe, let’s leave the”Tianhe Su Clan Annual Meeting” first. There are so many seniors from the Jiuzhou No. 1 Group and Su Clan’s monks below, staying here is always a hidden danger.

“Okay, turn around and leave a message to Senior Su Clan A Seven and Senior Huang Shan.” Song Shuhang thought, and transferred Su Clan A Sixteen and Yu Rouzi to the “Core World” together.

The core world, beside the main pool of the Chu Pavilion.

Song Shuhang, Yu Rouzi, and Su Clan’s Sixteen appeared.

“I will send a message to Aqi.” Su Clan’s Sixteenth Road.

“Then I will be responsible for reporting the situation to Senior Huangshan.” Song Shuhang took out his mobile phone-he left a small channel at the Tianhe Su’s location to transmit signals.

Yu Rouzi’s hands still hold Song Shuhang’s arm, and are responsible for suppressing the swelling power in his body.


Tianhe Su Clan Annual Meeting

Venerable Huangshan raised his head questioningly and looked at the place where Song Shuhang and the three had disappeared.

“What is the little friend Shuhang doing, suddenly disappeared with Xiao Sixteen and Yu Rouzi?” Beihe Sanren asked in confusion.

Su’s Aqi squeezed his chin: “If I just leave with A Sixteen, I would be mentally prepared. But why do you still bring Soft Yu?”

“Yo ~Aqi, is Tianhe Su’s mentally prepared?” Fairy Lychee asked with a smile.

“Huh?” Su Clan’s Aqi was taken aback, and then waved his hand: “No, no, Fairy Lychee misunderstood, I didn’t mean that. Before the annual meeting, A Sixteen mentioned it to me, While taking advantage of the annual meeting, she wanted to discuss some things with little friend Song Shuhang alone. So if she left with little friend Shuhang, I can understand. But in terms of feelings, Tianhe Su should be somewhat psychologically prepared Right.”

Last time, after all, Little Friend Song Shuhang and Little Sixteen showed the saints and taught the Fa together.

All the cultivators in the heavens and all realms have seen this matter.

The face of the first sage in the millennium is so big that the Tianhe Su clan naturally has to consider the possible emotional problems between Su Clan’s Sixteen and Song Shuhang.

While they were talking, the phones of Su Clan Aqi and Venerable Huangshan rang at the same time.

The two took out their phones in sync.

Then, the facial expressions of Su Clan Aqi and Venerable Huangshan began to enter the “synchronization mode”. The two frowned first, followed by surprise on their faces, and then calmed down again.

“News from little friend Shuhang.” Venerable Huangshan said.

“The news of Little Sixteen.” Su Clan’s Seven said at the same time.

Beihe Sanren asked: “Did something happen?”

“It’s a problem with the little friend Shuhang.” Venerable Huangshan stretched out his hand and pressed his left chest, Xin”er , Stuffy.

“Shuhang, he may be promoted again.” Su Clan Aqi said in a heavy tone.

Beihe scattered people:”

“If you count the time, it’s almost the same.” The pharmacist nodded.

“This month should be considered late. In the past, I was promoted in the middle of the month. This month has been dragged to the last day of the month, or even the last hour.” Jiang Zi Yanfu sang his wife.

Master Miefeng rubbed his temples: “The sixteen and Yurouzi ran over to join in the excitement? Is it possible to play the group battle again?”

“The group battles? “A handsome layman’s eyes lit up.

“No, Sixteen said, Yu Rouzi is helping Song Shuhang adjust his energy because it happened so suddenly, so little friend Shuhang needs some time to prepare to face the catastrophe.It should not be organized to cross the robbery. “Su Clan’s Aqi replied.

When facing the catastrophe, the monk must prepare a lot of things. This is common sense.

The little friend Shuhang needs to prepare things, which can also be understood.

“I’ll talk to the Su clan about the situation. Maybe at the beginning of next year, we will be able to see Shuhang Xiaoyou on stage to teach the Fa for the fifth time. “Su’s Aqi puts away his mobile phone and heads to the people’s position.

The core world. Yu Rouzi sat opposite Pavilion Master Chu, with six eyes staring at Pavilion Master Chu.

Pavilion Master Chu:”

“When is a good time for me to cross the catastrophe? Song Shuhang asked aloud.

“I remember, it should be when the world has undergone major changes. “Yoko Yu replied.

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