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CULTIVATION CHAT GROUP – Chapter 2429: Chapter 1 second in 2020 Read Novel

Chapter 2429: Chapter 1 second in 2020 – CULTIVATION CHAT GROUP – Light Novel

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Chapter 2429: Chapter 1 second in 2020

Song Shuhang put away the phone and whispered: “There is one minute left.”

The more we reach the last moment, the more we must be vigilant-there are countless ancestors in history , Just before the finish line of success.

The one-time flying sword•Broken Black House version has been made. Open the core world channel and I will give them to you. At this time, Senior White sent a message using the “Cultivation Chat” function.

Thank you, Senior White! ! ! Song Shuhang quickly opened the channel between the core world and the world.

At the next moment, Senior White’s cross-space package quietly appeared next to him. Senior White’s mastery of “spatial talent” improved to a higher level.

In the cross-space package, there are a total of six “disposable flying swords·broken black house version” of different materials.

The tree demon Qingwu branches, the wooden body of Song Shuhang, and the senior white branches with the light of merit, each with two handles.

The flying swords of different materials are suitable for different environments.

In addition, Song Shuhang originally only wanted two flying swords, but Senior White sent him six in one go–this was Senior White’s choice after careful consideration.

Song Shuhang put away the six “disposable flying swords”, and his confidence in going through the Eighth Stage Profound Sage’s Tribulation increased again.

In the live spring, Pavilion Master Chu asked aloud: “Is there anything forgotten?”

“Equipment, pill, status, pendant, all are okay. Now, only Wait for the time that Yu Rouzi said.” Song Shuhang replied.

“Then do you have any regrets? Before the catastrophe falls, what regrets can you tell us?” The Taoist fellow said.

Song Shuhang:”

“I’ll translate for fellow Taoist steles: Do you want to write a will before crossing the catastrophe.” Heart Demon Chi Xiao Jiandao: “In fact, practice. Before crossing the Tribulation, many of the cultivators in the world would make a will first, just in case.”

Song Shuhang’s ears actively filtered the words of the heart demon Chixiaojian senior, and reached out to the Chixiaojian. Senior came to “Knife Raising Technique”×20.

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This time, it wasn’t that the heart demon Chixiaojian senior was pierced into the heart, it was purely because the heart demon Chixiaojian senior hadn’t used sorcery for a long time, so he slipped smoothly.

In fact, when it comes to “regret”, there are naturally some-the biggest regret Song Shuhang is about to face right now is the sterilization of the Eighth Stage Profound Sage.

But the realm brake can’t stop, what else can he do?

If you are a normal monk, you can find a fairy for a long time before you are promoted to the eighth rank, slowly fall in love, become a companion, and leave your blood.

But his promotion speed is too fast. He has no time to fall in love like his peers.

Song Shuhang looked at Su Clan’s Sixteen and Yu Rouzi in front of his eyes.

Yurouzi can be said to be in line with the image of the ideal partner of most male monks.

However, Soft Feather and Song Shuhang did not spark each other from beginning to end.

Yu Rouzi has never considered such things as “dao couple”. For her now, “fun things” are definitely not important for Tao couple.

Perhaps the future of Yurouzi will change. For example, Miraiko’s every move is even full of ladylike taste.

But now Song Shuhang and Yurouzi, they don’t have a relationship with each other. Tao Lu’s idea.

Su Clan’s Sixteen also meets the ideal image of the other half of most men. She and Yu Rouzi have two different styles.

Furthermore, Su Clan’s Sixteen’s personality is more mature than Yu Rouzi. If you give her and Song Shuhang some more time, the relationship between the two will warm up a little bit, and further, you will be able to form a natural relationship. Tao Lu.

Even now, there is a taste of the rudimentary form of the Taoist couple between the two people-but it will take some time for the distance to become a dual monastic relationship.

And Song Shuhang, don’t have time!

Now, the only good news is that Father Song and Mother Song are rejuvenated.

With their husband and wife, after giving birth to the second child, maybe they can have a third child?

“Senior Song is thinking about the sterilization of Profound Saint, right?” Soft Feather suddenly said, expressing Song Shuhang’s heart at this time.

“Hahahaha.” Song Shuhang smiled awkwardly, concealing his heart being pricked-obviously wearing a mask, why did Yu Rouzi still read his inner thoughts?

The Su Clan’s Sixteen beside him suddenly stretched out his hand and caught Song Shuhang’s palm. The soft little hand tightly grasped Song Shuhang’s big hand-this was what she wanted to express.

Song Shuhang felt warm in his heart, and gently squeezed Su Clan’s Sixteen’s small hand.

“Senior Song, in fact, the sterilization of the Eighth Stage Profound Sage is not absolute. Even if you reach the Ninth Stage Tribulation Realm, you don’t have to be completely desperate.” Yu Rouzi said slowly.

The Lord Chu in the living spring yawned and said: “The way of eternal life.”

If you can step out of the “Eternal Life” related to attributes such as ’life” Dao”, let alone an eighth-rank Xuansheng, even if you are promoted to the realm of longevity, you don’t have to worry about sterilization. For example, Cheng Lin.

“The way to get pregnant?” Song Shuhang’s eyes lit up, and the “eye of a Confucian sage” in his left eye began to brighten.

Stone stele fellow: “Puff~”

Heart Demon Chixiao Sword: “Puff”

“Don’t stare at me!” Pavilion Master Chu avoided Song Shuhang’s sight ——Although her realm will not be affected by the”Eye of the Confucian Sage”, it does not mean that she likes to be stared at by the”Eye of Pregnancy”.

The senior turtle beside him also got up and dodged.

Yurouzi chuckled and added: “So, Senior Song, you can safely cross the catastrophe.”

Song Shuhang coughed lightly, and quickly changed the subject along the line: “When will I cross over?” Jie, when is the”opportunity” we are waiting for?”

“Opportunity? Wait!” Yu Rouzi suddenly grabbed Song Shuhang’s arm hard.

Song Shuhang: “What’s wrong?”

“Senior Song, come on yourself.” Yu Rouzi said intermittently.

The next moment, the ladylike aura from her disappeared.

Yurouzi’s pupils became confused, and there was no focus.

Losing the suppression of the future Soft Feather, the energy in Song Shuhang’s body was like a volcanic eruption.

“Sixteen, you and Rouzi Yu are waiting for me in the core world. I, go and go!” Song Shuhang stood up and said.

In the future, Soft Feather has disappeared, but the “time” she said is not coming.

However, it doesn’t matter.

Even if it’s not the best “timing”, Song Shuhang is confident to survive the eighth-stage catastrophe.

“Yeah.” Su Clan’s Sixteenth lightly opened Song Shuhang’s big hand.

Song Shuhang gently clenched his fists.

The core world is opened, and the coordinates are locked in a no-man’s land of the universe.

At the next moment, his soul and body simultaneously appeared at the coordinates of the branded wooden knife in the depths of the universe.

The soul and the body are combined into one.

His realm will reach the pinnacle of the seventh-rank realm, reaching the standard of crossing the eighth stage of the Profound Sage.

The familiar 8-Rank Heaven Tribulation space opened, swallowing Song Shuhang.

China Time, just skipped the last second, and entered 2020.

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