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Chapter 2430: Besides, I am not a lion – CULTIVATION CHAT GROUP – Light Novel

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Chapter 2430: Besides, I am not a lion

The familiar 8-Rank Profound Sage Space appeared in front of Song Shuhang.

There are endless seas of thunder in all directions, and the sky thunder is roaring and roaring, as if to tear every monk who enters the “world of heaven” to pieces! The terrifying power of Heavenly Tribulation shocks every seventh-rank Venerable who steps into the world of the eighth-rank Profound Sage Tribulation!

But after Song Shuhang heard the familiar thunder of the catastrophe, he felt a kind of intimacy.

Recently, Song Shuhang’s time in the “Eight-Rank Heavenly Tribulation World” was longer than his time in the school dormitory, and even more diligent than going home!

As a boarding student, Song Shuhang sometimes goes home once a month, and this year he goes home even fewer times.

On the contrary, it is the eighth-rank Xuansheng space, which has recently maintained a frequency of once a month. Although this month came a little late, it came in at the last day and the last second of the month, and the record was not broken.

More importantly, this is the first time Song Shuhang has entered the 8-Rank Heavenly Tribulation world alone.

“I’m the only one, this time there is no group to cross the robbery!” Song Shuhang showed a smile on his face-in this way, there is no need to worry about innocent people.

Moreover, if he is alone, the power of Heavenly Tribulation will not be strengthened.

What he wants to cross this time is the normal Eighth Stage Heaven Tribulation.

“Come on!” Song Shuhang said boldly, and the “Pavilion Master Chu Shrinking Red Crystal Hand-made Resurrection Magical Artifact” gleaming on his neck.

His fists collided, making a huge sound of gold and iron intersecting. This huge sound even suppressed the thunder of the Heavenly Tribulation Thunder Sea!

“Mutated Steel Hand” covers the whole body, “Sacred Ape Dragon Power” + “Confucian King Kong Body” is activated!

The phantom of the sacred apes appeared on Song Shuhang’s head like a legion, thinking that the great sacred apes were the leader, forming a neat square army formation.

The real dragons on the sacred apes” necks also flew up from their scarves and hovered above the sacred apes!

The Confucian scriptures appeared in the hands of the holy apes, opened automatically, and the chants of Confucian students chanted!

Two sets of Thirty-Three Beast combination artifacts flashed from Song Shuhang’s natal dantian, scattered around Song Shuhang’s body, in a state of readiness-each artifact was engraved with the three-eyed predecessor’s Absolute defense force field formation.

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On the Orca glove on his right hand, the little fairy Qi Ling appeared, knelt down on the glove, pointed a finger forward, and made a scream of “ohhhhh~”.

The meritorious snake beauty emerged from behind Song Shuhang. She skillfully put on the”Ping Tianguan”, and the gorgeous female emperor dragon robe appeared on her body, recreating @#%×fairy”s”most beautiful fairy in ancient heaven”. Stance.

At the same time, the “spirit ghost fairy” in Song Shuhang took the initiative to step out and stood behind Song Shuhang. Then, the fairy spirit ghost hugged Song Shuhang from behind. Launched from the special divine body that successfully cultivated in the “Household One’s family” and kept pace with Song Shuhang-under the influence of this special divine body, the power of Heavenly Tribulation would be affected and greatly weakened.

This configuration, this lineup, is so luxurious!

Only the eighth-rank Heavenly Tribulation, facing such a lineup, only shivering!

“It always feels like you are bullying the catastrophe.” Pavilion Master Chu Dimao said-The power in Dimao has been emptied by Pavilion Master Chu, so that it will not affect Song Shuhang’s tribulation.

Pavilion Master Chu was also a person who came over, practicing step by step to the realm of longevity.

Those who can become immortals are all monks who have the resources of the heavens. She had never bullied the heavens in this way when she crossed the calamity before.

“The lion fights the rabbit with all its strength. Moreover, I am not a lion at all compared to the catastrophe. The catastrophe is not a weak rabbit. I have to meet it with all my strength, and I must not despise it at all. “Song Shuhang said calmly.

Pavilion Master Chu:”

In the sea of ​​tribulation, thunder was violent, and the robbery cloud condensed on Song Shuhang’s head, but the thunder did not fall for a long time.

“Pavilion Master Chu, after talking about the Eighth Stage Profound Sage, can you really get rid of the”sterilization” by the way of longevity?” Song Shuhang took advantage of his free time and consulted Pavilion Master Chu.

“For this question, you can consult Cheng Lin.” Pavilion Master Chu dumbly replied.

Song Shuhang: “I am Cheng Lin.”

Pavilion Master Chu: “Believe it or not, I killed you?

“Ah, Fairy Cheng Lin doesn’t know what she’s doing recently. I haven’t been able to contact her for a while.” Song Shuhang said.

“In the future, you will always be able to contact. Cheng Lin is the longevity of the life system, so you don’t need to worry about the sterilization of Xuansheng.” Pavilion Master Chu replied.

“Then, besides the way of longevity in the life system, is there any other plan?” Song Shuhang became curious.

“Yes.” Pavilion Master Chu said slowly.

Song Shuhang’s eyes lit up: “I would like to ask Chu Pavilion for advice.”

“You are now in the seventh-rank realm. You can consider learning about manual test tube teaching before you advance to the eighth-rank realm. Knowledge of education.” Pavilion Master Chu said lazily.

Song Shuhang looked up at the sky.

In fact, he had thought about this plan before.

Moreover, the feasibility is very high.

So, is he going to be the first man to do manual test tube experiments under the thunderstorm in the world of 8-Rank Heavenly Tribulation?


The thunder in the sky is still roaring, and the roaring clouds cover the world.

However, the sky thunder is still lingering.

Song Shuhang frowned.

The robbery will not mutate again, will it? But this time he was alone through the Tribulation, and the Tribulation was unreasonably strengthened.

After waiting, Song Shuhang suddenly thought of something.

His clone is still crossing the “Ninth Stage Tribulation”.

The last time he crossed the robbery, he and Su Clan’s Sixteen were sent to the past to cross the robbery by the “Tian Daobai’s legacy method”, and they were distinguished from the present world.

But this time, his body was pulled into the”Eight-Rank Heavenly Tribulation”, and his clone stayed in the”Nine-Rank Heavenly Tribulation” world.

I always feel that this operation is very dangerous.

Song Shuhang quickly pulled out the “Cultivation Chat” list, and sent a message to Senior White and Senior White two: Senior White, Happy New Year~ My body is on the eighth stage of Heavenly Tribulation, and the clone is on the ninth stage. Is the tribulation space not so good?

Your clone in the Ninth-Rank Heavenly Tribulation space is fine, and half of my body does not feel the crisis.Senior White quickly replied — Half of Senior White’s true body also remained in the Ninth Stage Celestial Tribulation World.

Senior White said that there is no problem, it means that there is no danger in the Nine-Rank Heaven Tribulation space.

Are you starting to cross the robbery? Senior White two asked rhetorically.

Just came in. Song Shuhangdao.

What’s so special about the Heavenly Tribulation Space? Senior White two said.

The tribulation has been condensing, and the tribulation cloud covers the world, but it has not fallen. Song Shuhang replied.

Don’t panic, maybe it’s not your reason. Senior White two said.

In just a moment, the fat ball avatar who was fighting his projection avatar in the world suddenly stopped, and was directly exploded by his projection avatar, exploding into a light metal liquid raindrop in the sky.

Not only is the fat ball’s clone, but the body of the fat ball in Nine Nether World suddenly stopped, as if it had crashed.

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Chapter 2430: Besides, I am not a lion – CULTIVATION CHAT GROUP – Read Novel Free

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