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CULTIVATION CHAT GROUP – Chapter 2431: The troubles of Senior White two Read Novel

Chapter 2431: The troubles of Senior White two – CULTIVATION CHAT GROUP – Light Novel

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Chapter 2431: The troubles of Senior White two

To be honest, the avatar of the fat ball was blown up all at once, the white predecessor two is really a bit unaccustomed.

In the present world, his projection clone began to finish, collecting the clones whose fat ball was blown into raindrops, printing them one by one and bringing them back to the world of evil lotus. By the way, during the finishing process, Senior White’s projection clone of two also received a “Dragon-shaped Soldier Talisman” from the Third Heavenly Dao.

At the same time, Jiuyou World.

Senior White two’s true body has left the warm world of evil lotus and came to Fat Ball’s true side.

At this time, the fat ball boss’s real body was also motionless, and the liquid metal body exuded a faint light.

If it is the past, as long as the white senior two appears within 10,000 kilometers of the fat ball boss, the fat ball boss will immediately enter the grumpy brother mode.

As it is now, the two Nine Nether Lords face each other, but they can maintain a calm situation-seems to be the first time?

Senior White two stepped forward and poked Fat Ball’s body, and Fat Ball’s body did not resist.

Combined with the problems that Song Shuhang just said about the “world of heavens”, and the avatar of the fat ball in the present world also suddenly crashes, the “world” corresponding to the fat ball, is it going to dissipate? Senior White said secretly in his heart.

In this world of heaven and earth, the fat ball can be affected, and it is only the way of heaven that can cause it to crash suddenly!

Fat Ball’s Heavenly Way has always been flawed and hidden dangers, and the top powerhouses in the world have already felt this.

Especially recently, the defects of Tiandao Ball have been accumulating and exploding. Today, it should have reached a limit, causing the fat ball to crash.

“Those who want to die will die after all, and they cannot be avoided. Those who want to live will survive after all!” Senior White two said esoteric words, but he didn’t even think about the fat ball several times. The way to escape, but it was secretly destroyed by him” fact.

As the master of Jiuyou, how can you remember the “good things” you did?

“I thought that between you and me, I would be the one who disappeared first. In the end, I sent you away first. Things are impermanent, which is embarrassing.” Senior White said in his mouth. If he remembered, he started to play the ball in his hands.

He stretched out his hand to pat the fat ball boss’s body-the fat ball boss in the crashed state is like a real ball, and it has excellent flexibility.

As the white predecessor two kept tapping, its body began to jump, like a bouncy water polo. Every time you bounce, your body will fluctuate.

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Senior White two was on a whim and showed off his outstanding skills.In fact, he really likes ball games. At first, after he could send the “projection clone” into the world through Song Shuhang, he learned about all kinds of ball activities in the world.

Playing basketball, volleyball, table tennis, football, etc., whether it is slap or kick the ball, as long as it is ball sports, he is very interested.

“Look, in this huge Nine Nether World, the only person who will come to see you in the end is me. In other words, in such a huge Nine Nether World, the only person who really cares about you is actually me. “Senior White two held up the huge body of the fat ball boss, lifted it forcefully, assumed a shooting posture, and threw its body forcefully.


After flying out of a beautiful arc, the fat ball boss’s huge body crashed onto the ground of Jiuyou World, smashing a huge hole in the deep pit.

“In fact, I hoped you could support it for a while. Song Shuhang has just hit the 8-Rank realm, and he hasn’t had the qualifications to compete for the Heavenly Dao.” Senior White two came to Fat Ball’s body and placed it Dragged out of the pothole.

Then, while talking, he began to try to portray the “seal formation” on the body of the fat ball to see if he could seal the body of the fat ball-just like the fat ball used the “seal pillar” “It’s the same as he is overcast. In principle, if there are powerful materials + Senior White two’s full seal, it should be no problem to seal the fat ball for hundreds of years.

“After all, if you dissipate now, then it won’t be long before a new Heavenly Dao and Nine Nether Lords will appear, and I can’t predict the next monastic society that inherits the Heaven’s Dao and is born with the Nine Nether Lords. What kind of appearance and character, can we live in harmony like you and me. Moreover, if a new Nine Nether Lord is born, it will certainly not be’lack in the body” like you, which is very troublesome for me.” Senior two drew the seal formation while whispering to the fat ball two.

“The worst situation is that after the new Jiuyou Lord appears, I will probably disappear like you. After all, I don’t know what Tian Daobai used to keep me in Jiuyou. The world continues to depend on the position of the”Nine Nether Lords”. I don’t know how long its methods can maintain the effect.” Senior White said softly.

These are all things that bothered Senior White two.

But for reasons of self-esteem, he couldn’t share these worries with anyone—neither his pet nor Song Shuhang could share his worries.

He is the ruler of Jiuyou, how can he tell others about his troubles?

“Maybe soon after you dissipate, I will leave with you? If that’s the case, you and I are truly destined, and we will never give up.” Senior White stopped his movements, lightly. Taped and clapped his hands.

At this time, the original silver-white liquid metal ball was painted with black runes, and it became more like a work of art.

“In fact, from the bottom of my heart, I hope Song Shuhang can fight for the place of heaven. From my birth to the present, I have rarely met an interesting little guy, who is very fond of him, has many tricks to die, and his posture for help is also special. Rich. Apart from not being able to tell jokes, there are basically no shortcomings. If he was promoted to Heaven, if it were him, I might not disappear. Moreover, there will be no conflicts between his Nine Nether Lords and me.” Senior White two stretched out his hand and pressed it on Fat Ball’s body and began to activate the seal.

“Unfortunately, time is still too hasty. It is clear that his promotion speed is already so fast. After all, he is still a few steps late.” The power of Senior White two has been continuously poured into the seal rune.

“But it’s okay, the position of Heavenly Dao is not so fun. Moreover, Shuhang doesn’t seem to want to fight for Heavenly Dao that much.” Senior White stretched out his hand and pressed hard.

The seal is completed, and the body of the fat ball is compressed into the size of a basketball by the seal.

As soon as the seal was completed, Fat Ball’s body suddenly regained its ability to move-the crashed Fat Ball seemed to restart?

“Angry Bai Youyou!!” The fat ball boss let out a loud roar.

“Hello, fat ball~” Senior White two laughed and sent a message to Song Shuhang at the same time: Manual system reminder: The world of tribulation is about to be restored, take the tribulation, Shuhang.

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Chapter 2431: The troubles of Senior White two – CULTIVATION CHAT GROUP – Read Novel Free

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