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CULTIVATION CHAT GROUP – Chapter 2433: Hello, your half body is off Read Novel

Chapter 2433: Hello, your half body is off – CULTIVATION CHAT GROUP – Light Novel

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Chapter 2433: Hello, your half body is off

Senior White has already proved the feasibility of cutting himself in half when in the “World of Tribulation”, and then leaving half to cross the Tribulation, and the other half to play the plan in this world.

As long as half of the body is still in the world of Tribulation, there is no problem with the process of crossing the Tribulation. The other half of the body that goes to this world to play will no longer be forced into the”world of heaven’s tribulation” by the law-unless the half of the body staying in the”world of tribulation” is turned into fly ashes and stays in the half of the world. Will it be possible to be pulled into the”Heavenly Tribulation World” again.

Song Shuhang has six special “Disposable Flying Swords·Broken Black House Edition” specially made by Senior White in his hands. He can shuttle back and forth between this world and the “World of Tribulation” three times.

Song Shuhang stretched out his hand and scratched his waist. If you want to divide, you should use this position as the dividing line.

“You want to send half of your body to the world, what do you want to do?” Pavilion Master Chu asked Daomao.

“There are so many things I want to do. After all, from the time I came into contact with cultivation, I have had a very fulfilling life every day. There are still many things I have to do. If I arrange them, I can fill a small book.” Song Shuhang is serious.

Pavilion Master Chu dumbly smiled: “For example, to be on the safe side, go talk about having a love and have a child?”

“Hey~” Song Shuhang is not afraid of Pavilion Master Chu’s dull hair. The heart attacked, but took the topic: “Yes, then I can’t send the upper body back. I have to consider sending the lower body back to the world. Fortunately, I will leave a insurance before being promoted to the Profound Sage sterilization.”

Sure enough, it is a creature that uses its lower body to think.” Pavilion Master Chu Dumao gently turned.

Song Shuhang said: “Then Pavilion Master Chu, don’t you think with dumb hair now?”

Song Shuhang, who has become a good doctor for a long time, has become a heart-stuck. The little expert who is anti-heart-struck.

Pavilion Master Chu didn’t care too much, and asked, “Do you envy this function of me?”

“A little bit.” Song Shuhang nodded.

“Envy is useless, and you can’t learn it. This trick is not the same as hair control, it’s not a knife.” Pavilion Master Chu said with a blank smile.

Song Shuhang was taken aback: “What?”

Hair control is a sword technique?

“Yes, the “control spell” that I taught you last time to condense your hair into more than 20 palms is actually my adaptation of “Nine Cuts of Braided Swords”. It is a genuine knife. The method is the sword method.” Pavilion Master Chu said softly.

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Song Shuhang:”

“Get back to business.”Pavilion Master Chu was in a great mood, and said: “Apart from wanting to make Jieyun a fairy delicacy into the “Heaven Tribulation Package” and cutting yourself in half, what is your third plan?”

“The third plan is the final plan-lift the table. “Song Shuhang looked at this “Heavenly Tribulation World” and said, “The entire celestial tribulation world was directly lifted!”

“How to turn it off? “Pavilion Master Chu dumbly asked.

“I haven’t thought about it yet” Song Shuhang sincerely replied that the secret technique he mastered was not rich enough, unless it was the one that led to the attack of the Emperor Hezhi Devil in “Cause and Effect” “Knife”, or prepare a treasure that is large enough to perform “Krypton Strike.”

Besides, he wants to overturn the”world of heaven” and he has to think about overturning methods.

Pavilion Master Chu was dumbfounded:”

After talking about it for a long time, the third plan is not yet known how to implement it.

“But the third plan was originally the final plan. In the case of choice, you have to go to the table. Now, I will implement scheme 1 and scheme 2 first. “Song Shuhang said.

Pavilion Master Chu: “Use the two plans at the same time?””

“Hmm. “Song Shuhang thought, transforming himself into a pseudo-immortal•smoke form.

The meritorious snake beauty behind him reached out and grabbed a sharp sword in a thirty-three beast magical weapon, and faced Song Shuhang’s sword in smoke mode. Cut out.

Song Shuhang in the smoke mode was cut in half.

In one half, the cold light of the saint’s pupils flickered, and in the other half, there was a colorful light emerging.

“Very good, it seems that this scheme will work.” Song Shuhang said with satisfaction.

He only wanted to separate his head from his body. Since the last time of the”Heaven’s Punishment•Defiance Incident”, his head has become very iron, and he has also awakened the”body separation” Talent ability.

Just now, Song Shuhang used the effect of the”pseudo-immortal smoke incarnation” and simultaneously used the talent of”head separation”, and then cooperated with the meritorious snake beauty on the side, successfully removing himself from the waist like the”body separation talent” The same successful cut-this is different from the thigh cut mode when avoiding the fat ball boss. This time it is the real Song•Half-length mode•Shuhang.

The cut halves of the body are reunited into a human shape. The incision at the waist is flat, with no blood or visceral tissue, only a faint layer of pseudo-immortal pattern of “smoke”.

Under Song Shuhang’s mind control, the two halves of the body can move freely.

“Wonderful.” Song Shuhang laughed.

Pavilion Master Chu looked at this scene, and he didn’t know what to say. Song Shuhang was a sorcerer and stranger, and he had almost no serious skills or talents.

It is conceivable that when Song Shuhang has mastered this newly developed ability, it will become even more difficult to kill Song Shuhang. Even if Song Shuhang was cut into several pieces, it became irrelevant to him.

“Next, send Bust 2 into the world.” Song Shuhang said.

The second half of the body is his lower body-mainly from the words of Pavilion Master Chu, which makes sense. If the catastrophe really does not fall, and it will last for a year or a half, maybe he can still do two things with one heart and two, controlling his bust No. 2 to the world to fall in love, and then he will be in love with Su Clan’s Sixteen Your feelings are heating up?

The beauty of the meritorious snake stretched out her hand to press on the two halves of Song Shuhang, and a large amount of meritorious light gathered to fill the two halves of Song Shuhang. This operation is not the first time, it is very familiar.

Song Shuhang took out a one-time flying sword carved from the”wooden body”, rolled up the”Half No. 2″, and pinched the magic trick: “Go to the world!”

Bust No. 2 was shrouded in the brilliance of the one-time Flying Sword•Broken Black House version, and disappeared in the 8-Rank Heaven Tribulation space.

Song Shuhang’s thoughts split into two.

One part is used to control the bust No. 1 in the world of Tribulation, and the other part is used to control the bust No. 2 going to this world.

After all, the half body is different from the clone. The half body is the complete Song Shuhang, and it is impossible to move freely.

Even if it is shaking legs, Song Shuhang needs to control it.

After two breaths.

The one-time flying sword•Broken Black House version successfully took Song Shuhang’s bust No.2, escaped into the world and reached the depths of the unmanned universe.

However, the law of heaven did not drag the bust number 2 back.

“Success!” Song Shuhang’s mouth raised.

Next, he is going to control the bust number 2 to return to the core world, first transfer Su Clan’s Sixteen and Yu Rouzi from the core world.

Just as his thoughts were moving, a golden vortex suddenly appeared in the void, swallowing his bust No. 2.

The next moment, Song Shuhang’s bust No. 2 lost contact.

Song Shuhang: “!!!”

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Chapter 2433: Hello, your half body is off – CULTIVATION CHAT GROUP – Read Novel Free

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