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Chapter 2434: Go away~ – CULTIVATION CHAT GROUP – Light Novel

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Chapter 2434: Go away~

“What’s the matter?” Pavilion Master Chu asked dumbly.

She could sense Song Shuhang’s sudden muscle tension, and she was in a state of”shocked”-since he had a mask on his face, it covered his talking face, but as long as he got used to it for a while, the big guys would I can find that Song Shuhang can actually speak as a whole. Could this be the legendary body language?

“My bust No. 2, lost contact!” Song Shuhang couldn’t believe it.

“Is the eighth-rank Xuansheng space isolating you from the half-body?” Pavilion Master Chu dumbly guessed–what Bai Sheng can do does not mean that others can also do it.

The ability of Bai Shengjun to control two half-length actions across space at the same time does not mean that Song Shuhang can do it. As long as the practitioners who have been in contact with Bai Shengjun for a period of time, he can feel his specialness.

“No, when my bust No. 2 returned to the world, I still had control over him. But after a while, it seemed that a black hole swallowed my bust No. 2!” Song Shuhang explained.

“The position of the one-time flying sword of Bai Shengjun•Broken Black House version returning to the world is random. Could you accidentally fly to the edge of the black hole and be swallowed by the black hole?” Chu Ge Lord Mao guessed.

Although the probability of such an accident is not high, it is not impossible.

“No, if it is swallowed by a black hole, then my body will definitely have severe pain or a similar sensation. And even though it is lost, I can vaguely sense that my bust No. 2 is still Yes, it hasn’t been crushed. This feeling is so familiar.” Song Shuhang pinched his chin.

It seems that he has had this experience before. He has lost a part closely related to his body and lost contact. However, he could feel that his missing parts were not dead, but still alive.

This is a very strong sense of sight.

Heart stuffy.

“Then, there is only one possibility left.” Pavilion Master Chu said in a daze, “Didn’t Lord Jiuyoubai mentioned to you before. Tiandao may have crashed once and restarted again. So, it will Wouldn’t it be that your bust No. 2 was caught by the restarted Heavenly Dao as soon as it returned to this world, and then sent to another 8-Rank Heavenly Tribulation World? Or, your lost bust No. 2 was directly captured by one Enclosed space, do not allow your half of your body to interfere with the world?”

While crossing the catastrophe, while going to the world wandering, this obviously does not meet the rules of crossing the catastrophe.

“It seems that this is the only possibility.” Song Shuhang nodded and said: “However, it should not be another”Heavenly Tribulation World”. I can sense my bust No. 2, which is now very safe and not damaged.So, it should be confined.It should be when I get out of the “world of tribulations”, or when I want to manifest my sacredness after the tribulations, then I can return.”

“Then you can now use the effects of the “Sacred Ape Dragon Power Magic Art” general chapter to grow the bust size 2 back? “Pavilion Master Chu dumbly asked.

“No, although on the surface, half-length 2 and half-length 1 are cut. But in fact, there is no cut between the bust No. 2 and No. 1, and the effect of broken lotus roots is still maintained. It does not meet the requirements for the rebirth of the general outline of “Holy Ape Dragon Power Magic Skill”. “Song Shuhangdao.

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“Then, you should just cut it up a little bit more? For example, cut to the chest position, and then use the secret method to rebirth? “Pavilion Chu Duan Mao suggested.

Anyway, according to the ability of “Sacred Ape Dragon Power Magical Art”, even if Song Shuhang only has his head left, he can grow back. So many cuts to rebirth, it is very Normal thinking.

“Senior Chu, are you the devil? Song Shuhang touched the position of his chest: “Or, Senior Chu, you are jealous of me and want me to cut into the same pattern as you are now?””

Pavilion Master Chu has almost grown to the level line where she wanted Song Shuhang to”cut” just now.

“Furthermore, even if it was me, after being cut to the chest, a section Time will die. It is necessary to rely on the ’living fountain” to continue life, and to combine with the ’living fountain” to rebirth.The problem is that this place is in the world of Heavenly Tribulation, and the core world is instigating me. “Song Shuhang added.

Last time he was shot in the sky, although he only had his head left, but that time with the secret technique of Senior White two protecting his head, plus the core world was not counseled, he could My neck is placed in the spring, and with the vitality of the spring and the blood of the Confucian sage, the body grows back.

If you are directly in the world of Heavenly Tribulation this time, cut your body to your chest. He may still rush to the street.

“It makes sense, then after you get out of the robbery, you can go to Huoquan to experiment. At that time, I will show you my “Tao” for you to watch. After you have been promoted to the eighth rank, it will be very beneficial for you to observe the “Tao” of the immortal. “Pavilion Master Chu said slowly.

The spirit ghost fairy covered his eyes and couldn’t bear to look at Song Shuhang directly.

The way of the pavilion master Chu is related to the two dry trees. The way of’life and death” breeds new life from death.

“Let’s put aside the things about bust number 2 first. Anyway, lost contact, you can’t get him back now. “Pavilion Master Chu, Daomao, took over the topic of”teaching the Dao” in one stroke, and then changed the subject again, not giving Song Shuhang time to think deeply.

“Well, half-length number 2 can’t be lost.” Then let’s implement plan 1 first, and test these “robbing clouds” in the sky. Song Shuhang licked the corner of his mouth.

So many Jieyuns look like marshmallows, but they also look like a lot of soft ingredients, which is appetizing.

“Do you have any clues about cooking Jieyun?” Pavilion Master Chu Dumao asked again.

“No, but it doesn’t matter. There are two top fairy chefs in my friend list, who can provide me with experience.” Song Shuhang said.

Fairy Fairy Bie Xue, the immortal cook with the highest level of cultivation in the world today, her immortal cook abilities have long surpassed her realm. In today’s cultivation world, there is only Immortal Fairy Bie Xue who is confident of handling ingredients of Grade 8 or above.

In addition, there is also the predecessor of He Zhi Demon Emperor, the founder of the “Tian Tribulation Package”. Regarding how to deal with the “Heaven Tribulation”, He Zhi Devil Emperor has the most say.

Song Shuhang skillfully turned on the “Cultivation Chat” function and sent a message to He Zhimo: “Hi, Senior Hezhi~Is it safe to sleep these days?”

“Go away~~” He Zhi Demon Emperor angrily said, he had already quietly changed positions, and finally got a little more rested and stable, the bastard Tyrant Song unexpectedly came back.

“More than seniors, do you have a clue about how Jieyun should handle it? Have you studied it before?” Song Shuhang said cheerfully.

He Zhi Demon Emperor:”

He is the authority in this regard. Moreover, as soon as he talked about this topic, he wanted to answer and give directions to the other party.

But the opponent is Xuansheng Tyrant Song.

“Go away!” He Zhi Demon Emperor replied.

In any case, he will not impart any experience to Xuansheng Tyrant Song.


At the same time.

This world•In the universe.

A golden vortex unfolds.

After that, a golden man stepped out of the whirlpool.

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Chapter 2434: Go away~ – CULTIVATION CHAT GROUP – Read Novel Free

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