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CULTIVATION CHAT GROUP – Chapter 2435: This time it’s my turn to protect her Read Novel

Chapter 2435: This time it’s my turn to protect her – CULTIVATION CHAT GROUP – Light Novel

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Chapter 2435: This time it’s my turn to protect her

“Hahaha, someone from Song is back in C position again!” After stepping out of the whirlpool, the golden man shouted in the void.

“Your Majesty, please don’t yell loudly. If you move too much, the golden paint will fall off.” In the whirlpool behind him, there is a man wearing a crown and cuffs like a man with two rounds of blazing sun, smiling as a reminder ——This layer of golden paint has just been applied, and it hasn’t dried yet.

This man reminded out loud that he was the “Western Emperor” among the ancient heavenly tetragonal emperors.

Golden man:”

The momentum of his original appearance was immediately cut off.

Then, in the golden vortex, another immortal with flying silver hair and wearing an ice armor appeared and said, “Is it really okay to decide to use this half-length temporarily? The strength of this half-length is just You can’t resist your tossing around the eighth rank. Be careful and don’t damage it. Especially the important organs in this half of the body have an extraordinary origin. You must protect them.”

It is another Northern Emperor—the Northern Emperor in reality has been resurrected by Song Shuhang’s resurrected bamboo shoots and leaves, freed from the Tao of the”Emperor of Heaven” and gained freedom.

But for some reason, there is still a “Northern Emperor” in this golden vortex, who also possesses the power of an immortal.

Furthermore, the Northern Emperor, who was resurrected in this world, seems to know the existence of this other “Northern Emperor.”

Although he is another northern emperor, he also likes Song Shuhang very much, and his words remind the golden man not to damage Song Shuhang’s half body.

“Don’t worry, although this half-body is only about eighth rank, I can use it to show all my strength. In the past, I used your spare body to come out, and the strength of my body would be limited. Especially sword repair His body is in a natural conflict with me, and I can only show one level of strength in one body, and sometimes I can’t show even one level.” The golden man explained.

He did not intend to capture Song Shuhang’s “Half No. 2”, but a temporary deliberate action. Originally, he was prepared to use the body of the immortal immortal who matched him the most. Go out. Unexpectedly, at the moment when he was about to borrow a physical body to be born, Song Shuhang’s Bust No. 2 suddenly crossed the space and landed at the exit of the golden vortex.

This is simply a divine arrangement in the dark–or, it may be Senior White’s luck that plays a role in the dark. After all, the one that sent Song Shuhang’s Bust No. 2 Feiyun to deliver it was the one-time Feijian·Broken Black House version of Senior White!

For the golden man, there is no more suitable body for his appearance than Song Shuhang’s bust.So he didn’t hesitate to change his plan, capture the bust No. 2 in, and evenly painted the bust No. 2 with a layer of gold paint!

“The Profound Sage Tyrant Song should be in the 7th Jin 8th realm at this time. He sent his half body out of the”Heavenly Tribulation World” at this time to not leave any regrets? After all, after the Eighth Stage Profound Sage, the monks Will be sterilized.” At this time, another immortal stepped out from behind the golden man.

This is a man with a chain of ecstasy on his hands. He is the longevity of the ancient heavenly court, the “Emperor of the ecstasy”.

Like the western emperor, he was an immortal who fought against the emperor of Heaven last time, Song Muwu, and seized”freedom” for them from the hand of the emperor.

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“If this is the case, Song Mu-mutou, you have interrupted Profound Sage Tyrant Song’s plan. If he has no future, you will have to take responsibility.” The fourth”immortal” emerges, this is an immortal. Fairy, flat peach fruit fairy.

When Song Mu-mutou first appeared on the scene to save the pavilion master of Chu, there were a total of seven immortals lined up in the golden space behind him. At that time, except for the Great Northern Emperor, the “Tao” of the remaining six immortals was incomplete and restricted by the Heaven’s “Tao”.

Later, when Song Mu-mutou and the Emperor of Heaven fought head-on, he freed the three immortals from the “Tao” of the Emperor, and the remaining three immortals fell into a petrified state-he failed, and the price of failure was that The three petrochemical immortals were taken away by the Emperor of Heaven, and only the Taoist species remain, whose whereabouts are still unknown.

That time, it was Song Mu Mu’s last cry so far.

“Hey, what can you think of, I thought I would not?” Song Mu-mutou proudly said: “I used the life system longevity way to preserve the seeds of life when I took over this”half body” a long time ago. When the time comes to return the flesh, I will label this part of the “seeds of life” preserved by the way of life and return it to Tyrant Song. As long as he knows how to use these seeds of life, there is no need to worry about the future. Question. And, don’t forget that I now master the “Life System” longevity. As long as I am there, there is no need to worry about the sterilization of the eighth-rank Xuansheng!”

“Why do you think of drawing life later? Seed? Did you cut the little brother of Xuansheng Tyrant Song when you painted the gold paint?” The Northern Emperor asked blankly-he is a cold-faced and kind-hearted type. When he is not smiling, he has a face. From any angle, it is full of cold taste. But when he smiled, it was like the ice melted and spring came.

“How is it possible, I am also principled, okay?” Song Mu-mutou waved his hand, and he didn’t have a hobby of cutting the little brother. Last time, he just had a thought in his mind, and he was not really right His own little brother shot.

Furthermore, compared to the low-level methods of Che Xiao Brother, he has more methods and spells to make his golden paint more evenly-he can do more sorrows.

“Let’s go!” Song Mu-mutou gently waved his hand, and the golden vortex behind him slowly closed.

The northern emperor two, the western emperor, the eternal soul, and the peach fruit fairy, the four immortals followed him closely.

“Would you like to meet the Lord Chu or the ancestor of the Golden Dragon?” The Western Emperor asked with a smile with his hands in his wide sleeves.

Song Mumutou:”

“The state of Pavilion Master Chu has not been restored, she used her own”dao” to nurture Pavilion Master Chu two.” Fairy Pan Taoguo added: “As for the ancestor of the Golden Dragon, her method of resurrection is still on the mysterious island. Waiting for someone to pass by and kiss her to wake up?”

“Why do you know so much?” Song Mutou couldn’t laugh or cry.

“Then revive the Golden Dragon ancestor first, her combat power is one of the best in our ancient heavenly court. If she helps this trip, we can be more sure.” Ecstatic the Great analyzed calmly.

The ancestor of the Golden Dragon is a veteran immortal in the ancient heaven. In a complete state, she is extremely powerful. It is Song Mumutou’s backer in the ancient heaven.

Song Mu-mutou gently shook his head: “Don’t wake her. She has guarded me for too long, this time, I will guard her.”

After saying that, he stretched out his hand and opened it. A door to space.

This door of space leads to a strange world of heavens and worlds.

This is a chaotic world.

In the center of this world, there are countless flowing liquid metals.

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Author: 圣骑士的传说, Legend Of The PaladinTranslation: Artificial_Intelligence

Chapter 2435: This time it’s my turn to protect her – CULTIVATION CHAT GROUP – Read Novel Free

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