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CULTIVATION CHAT GROUP – Chapter 2436: Encircle and Suppress the Son of Heaven Read Novel

Chapter 2436: Encircle and Suppress the Son of Heaven – CULTIVATION CHAT GROUP – Light Novel

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Chapter 2436: Encircle and Suppress the Son of Heaven

This chaotic world is a “man-made small world”.

It is the same thing as the “artificial small world” that is now connected to Song Shuhang’s core world.

Before today, this chaotic little world has been shielded and blessed by the power of the “Way of Heaven”. No one can find it in the heavens and worlds.

Until today, Song Mutsu and the others have been waiting for the time to come.

Today’s Tiandao suddenly went down. Although the process was very short, this man-made small world that had been hidden by the “Power of Heaven” was finally captured by them!

Heaven’s creation. As soon as Song Mu-mutou opened the entrance to this chaotic world, the Northern Emperor and others were able to sense the special aura attached to this small world.

In the center of the chaotic world, there is a scorched land. When the earth cracks, silver liquid metal will gush out from time to time, flowing slowly.

And under this scorched black earth, there is a core hidden.

This core is their goal this time!

“This man-made world is one of the back-hand planning links that”Tian” has prepared for him. If there were no problems with his plan at the beginning, the ancient heavenly court would eventually move its capital to this place and fall into this man-made world. In the space. In the end, the entire heavenly avenues gathered together to repair the defects of today”s”heaven”.” Song Mu-mutou said solemnly.

However, at the beginning, he and Cheng Lin secretly joined forces for the sake of Pavilion Master Chu, and twisted the plan of the ancient heavenly court. He even occupied the magpie’s nest for a time, replacing the “Emperor of Heaven” as the acting ruler of the Heavenly Court-unfortunately, he did not dominate the magpie’s nest thoroughly enough, and he almost gambled into it.

In the end, it was Cheng Lin’s plan for the collapse of the ancient heaven to directly lift the table.

“Is the goal here?” Dongfang Great said in a deep voice, there was a biting chill around him, and even the space was frozen.

“This space is a creation of heaven and the opponent’s home field. If we fight directly in this space, it will be detrimental to us.” The Western Emperor said.

“But we have no chance to choose the battlefield.” Song Muwu took the lead and stepped into this chaotic world: “If we don’t go in, we won’t be able to seduce the target.”

He has now taken over most of the”Ancient Heavenly Court”, and even inherited the”Tao of Time” of the Emperor of Heaven and the”Tao of Life” of Cheng Lin. His existence is in line with the conditions for the change of this chaotic world.

Only when he enters this chaotic world can he cause the core changes in this “scorched earth”.

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“Don’t worry, except we have back-ups this time.” Song Mu-mutou stepped into this “artificial small world” and said.

Besides the “Ancient Heaven”, Fairy Cheng Lin has secretly assembled a group of top immortals.

The first disciple of the Confucian sage, Daozi, the immortal surviving in the King Kong Temple, the only sober person among the cursed extraterrestrial demon clan, and the fairy Cheng Lin who can make a brief appearance with the help of Ye Si, The alliance formed by them is a huge combat power.

These people will come at a critical time and join forces with them to encircle the target!

Song Mumutou stepped into this small man-made world in one step.

The way of heaven and the way of time inherited from the “Emperor of Heaven” resonates with this small man-made world!

The core of the man-made small world tried to absorb the “Tao” from Song Muwu.

But Song Mumutou is not the Emperor of Heaven, and he doesn’t have the brand of the “Dao of Heaven” prepared for the Emperor of Heaven. The core of the man-made small world simply cannot take away the “Tao” from him.

Not only that, but as if sensing the breath of a liquid metal ball in the “artificial small world”, there was a latent power in Song Mumu’s body that suddenly exploded.

A part of the “blood of a Confucian saint” hidden in the colorful waist voluntarily exploded, leading out a vast force.

There are many important organs in Song Shuhang’s body that are unique and cannot be copied. Even if it is reborn using the general outline of “Holy Ape Dragon Power Magic Technique”, these organs cannot be restored one by one.

So, since Fairy Fortune gave this drop of “blood of Confucian sage” to Song Shuhang, this drop of blood of Confucian sage has served as an “insurance”.

If Song Shuhang encounters an irresistible catastrophe like”Heaven’s Punishment”, the blood of the Confucian sage can pack away the important organs in Song Shuhang’s body at the final critical moment.

The colorful big waist is a relatively important organ, guarded by the blood of a Confucian sage.

The power of the saint enveloped Song Mu-mutual.

The “Confucian King Kong Body” was automatically activated. Thousands of projections of the “Confucian Scriptures” appeared on Song Mu-woo’s head, and the sound of chanting and reading was transmitted.

It is the first time that Song Mu-mutou looks like a Confucian practitioner!

At the same time, “Holy Ape Dragon Power Magic Technique” and “Mutated Steel Hand” were also activated-Song Shuhang’s three body techniques have become a combination. Activating one will activate the other two exercises by the way.

The power of the Confucian sage pushed it tyrannically and flatly.

The sucking power of that core in this “man-made small world” was all pushed away.

The Great Northern Emperor, the Western Great Emperor, Fairy Pan Taoguo, and the Great Evil Spirit then stepped into this world.

“The power of the Confucian sage?” The Northern Emperor was surprised: “Unexpectedly, Profound Sage Tyrant Song Dynasty still hides such a large power in his body.”

“There is a lot of power hidden in his body, said To be honest, if all the pendants on his body can be activated together, he alone can explode the core of this man-made small world.” Song Muwu said proudly.

Unfortunately, it is too difficult to activate all the pendant power in Song Shuhang’s body and condense them to one point.

“The core has been stimulated by both the Taoism of the Heavenly Emperor and the sage breath of Confucianism, and is about to come out.” Fairy Pan Taoguo said.

“Let’s do it.” The Western Emperor said.

The Northern Emperor nodded, and he stretched out his hand to press on the charred ground.

The laws and power of the ice system are spurred by the fact that within a few breaths, this charred ground with half an area of ​​China was completely frozen by ice.

Since it’s the enemy’s battlefield, then find a way to transform it to make it suitable for fighting on your side.

The Western Emperor stretched out his hand and threw it into the sky. Two rounds of rising sun were thrown in the cuff, floating in the air.

All the heat and flame power of the two rounds of the sun are restrained, condensed and not dispersed-just waiting for the target to appear, these two rounds of sun can give the enemy a head-on blow.

The Ecstasy Chain in the hands of Ecstasy the Great spread out, forming a complex formation.


The core deep underground began to vibrate.

The ’liquid metal” of the entire world has begun to return and merge into the core.


A violent explosion sounded.

The core is cracked.

“It’s coming out!” Song Mu-mutou said solemnly.

“Waiting for the next time!” Fairy Pan Taoguo opened her eyes suddenly, and she was in charge of monitoring.

The core is empty, nothing!

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Chapter 2436: Encircle and Suppress the Son of Heaven – CULTIVATION CHAT GROUP – Read Novel Free

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