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CULTIVATION CHAT GROUP – Chapter 2437: People don’t talk harshly Read Novel

Chapter 2437: People don’t talk harshly – CULTIVATION CHAT GROUP – Light Novel

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Chapter 2437: People don’t talk harshly

Since stepping into this chaotic world, Fairy Pantaoguo has been focusing on the core with her mind.

At this time, all the liquid metal in the chaotic world returns, the core is open but it is empty.

So much energy is concentrated in the core, it is impossible to disappear out of thin air. Fairy Pan Taoguo moved in her heart and raised her head to look towards the sky-these days, no one is taking the usual path. Maybe the target did not pop out of the cracked core, but directly leaked out of the core shell?

As she guessed!

The empty core is just a deceptive thing. The real “target” has appeared in the sky above the charred ground, high above, looking down below.

This kind of unconventional goal is the most annoying.

“Beep the sacred tree beast, above!” Fairy Pantaoguo stretched out a hand to condense a huge wooden bow and several arrows with new buds. This arrow may have been in the warehouse for too long, and it has sprouted.

Fairy Pan Taoguo skillfully draws arrows up the bow, and shoots three arrows into the sky in a row.

The Western Emperor raised his head slightly, and the fingers in his sleeves lightly picked-he launched two rounds of the sun into the sky at the beginning of the game.

Two rounds of the sun shines brightly, hitting the target with one step faster than Fairy Pan Taoguo’s arrow.


Two rounds of rising sun exploded one after another, reflecting the true face of the”target” that Song Mumu brought them over this time-it was a super-superior made of liquid metal. Giant humanoid object.

Super giant!

The area of ​​the scorched earth where Song Mumutou and others are standing is about half the size of China, but at this time the area of ​​the super giant liquid metal man in the sky is larger than the area of ​​scorched earth.

This volume, just being pressed down from the sky, can cause a world-destroying disaster.

The two rounds of the rising sun of the Western Emperor were blocked by the palm of the opponent. The huge palm of the liquid metal man was directly blown to pieces, and an unquenchable sun fire was attached to the broken palm, suppressing the recovery speed of the liquid metal giant’s injury.

Considering the nature of the giant’s ’liquid metal ball”, if the fire of the rising sun weakens, this injury can be recovered almost instantaneously. Therefore, the Western emperor cast the spell again, and the power of the law of flame in the void merged into the fire of the rising sun, enhancing its power.

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Immediately afterwards, Fairy Pan Taoguo’s three sharp arrows pierced the opponent’s body.

Sprouting arrows broke through the defenses of the liquid metal man-relative to the size of the giant, these three arrows are not even hairy.

But the arrow pierced the giant’s body, and the new shoots on it took root and grew. With the liquid metal giant’s body as nourishment, countless thick vine branches grew out of the giant’s wound, binding the liquid metal giant.

“Such a large volume must be very cool to play.” The Great Evil Spirit smiled honestly.

At their level of strength, huge size is not an advantage-unless the size is big enough to guard against the sky!

When the volume is large enough, it is justice!

But if it is not as big as justice, it is a sandbag of evil.

“Come on, don’t underestimate the other person. Even if it is still imperfect, it is still a creation of heaven. You and I know how difficult the creation of heaven is.” Song Mumu urged.

“Yeah.” The Northern Emperor responded coldly. With a touch of his hand, a cloud of cold mist enveloped the liquid metal giant, attached to several key parts of its body, freezing its body.

The chains of Evil Soul Great Emperor’s hands swayed slightly, plunged directly into the space, and disappeared. Don’t know how he wants to lay out secretly?

High in the sky, the liquid metal man is neither noisy nor disturbed. Its eyes rolled, staring at Song Mu-mutu. Then, its other intact arm snapped at Song Mu-mutou.

The liquid metal giant not only does not take the usual path, but also knows how to catch the enemy leader and beat him wildly when he is besieged.

The Western Great, Northern Great, and Fairy Pantaoguo hit it directly with its body. Then there was a wave of madness with his big hand facing Song Mu-mutou.

The injury is exchanged for injury. It looks like you will kill me first, or I will kill the golden villain first.

There is no doubt that this liquid metal man is a bit more ruthless than the ruthless man!

is the werewolf among the ruthless men.

Song Mumutou:”

He stretched out his hand, and a phantom of the”Thirty-Three Beast Combination Artifact” appeared in the void, turning into a defense in front of him, resisting the liquid metal The fist of the giant.

“Your Majesty, hold on.” The Northern Emperor said indifferently–don’t look at his indifference, but he really cares about Song Mu-mutu.

“Don’t worry about me, attack with all your strength.” Song Mu-mutou said tragically.

“Do not worry, fellow Daoists in the north, I am very confident in your majesty’s ability to resist attacks. He is a man who can endure all the pain in the world, even if he was beaten to tears by the ancestor of the golden dragon, he never shouted Pain.” The corner of the western emperor’s mouth rose.

After the previous two sunbursts were hit, he began to accumulate energy, and at the same time a mirror-like magical artifact appeared in front of him.The mirror surface of this mirror is pitch black, like a black hole, without bottom.

Song Mumutou:”

While speaking, the fist of the liquid metal giant smashed down again and again, smashing all the phantoms of the thirty-three beast combination magic weapon in front of Song Mumu.

Immediately after that, the liquid metal fist instantly turned into a palm, and a strange seal rune flashed in the palm of the palm, pressing it towards Song Mu-mutu.

This sealing rune has a targeted effect on Song Mumutou-this is a rune specifically for the “Way of the Emperor of Heaven”.

Song Mumu’s figure was affected, and he was slightly stiff.

After that, his body was pressed under the giant palm.

“No wonder you are going to catch me madly, really the goal is the way of the emperor on my body, hehe.” Song Mu-mutou smiled: “Come out, my big bones!”

In a burst of pale white light, a huge white bone was formed with Song Muwu’s body as the center.

The first wave of strong and iron skulls emerged, protecting Song Mu-mutu in the skull.

Followed by flank bones, arms, bony legs

This is the ultimate skill of White Bone Fairy-Song Muwu’s big bone scum.

When Sister Bailong and Pavilion Master Chu saw this secret method, they inferred that Song Muwu participated in the creation of this secret method.

Sure enough, Song Mu-mutou also mastered this secret method.

The Bone Giant appeared, and easily opened the palms of the Liquid Metal Giant.

“Armed! Beast God Skeleton!” Song Mumu continued to give orders.

The thirty-three beast combination magic weapon phantom in the void quickly fell on the bone giant, and in a blink of an eye, the bone giant was armed into a larger beast god skeleton.

“Come on, second round!” Song Mu-mutu held the projected giant”Cuttlefish Tyrant Double Knife” in his hand, and the knife pointed at the liquid metal giant.

At the same time, in the 8-Rank Xuanshengjie space.

Song Shuhang is performing the “seal technique” under the guidance of Pavilion Master Chu, trying to seal the Jieyun cut.

It’s just that the ordinary sealing method has little effect on Jieyun, Song Shuhang has been failing.

Suddenly, Song Shuhang, who was performing the sealing technique, became slightly stiff.

“Inspired?” Pavilion Master Chu asked.

“No, it’s not.” Song Shuhang shook his head. He stretched out his hand and held it up, casting a secret method: “Song Mumu’s big bones!”

Pavilion Master Chu: “!!!”

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Chapter 2437: People don’t talk harshly – CULTIVATION CHAT GROUP – Read Novel Free

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