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CULTIVATION CHAT GROUP – Chapter 2438: My bone giant is so old Read Novel

Chapter 2438: My bone giant is so old – CULTIVATION CHAT GROUP – Light Novel

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Chapter 2438: My bone giant is so old

Kang Dangdang~

In a burst of BGM-like secret sound effects, ribs emerged out of thin air, protecting Song Shuhang, spirit ghost fairy, and meritorious snake beauty. Human warm sense of guardianship——Different from the state when Song Mu-mutu cast the spell, when Song Shuhang cast the spell, the bone giant did not use the ironest head shell to protect him.

In addition, I don’t know if it’s because of Song Shuhang that only the “half-length” is left. When the bone giant appeared, it was incomplete.

The bone giant also only condenses the upper half of the body.

After protecting Song Shuhang with his ribs, he climbed up on the ground with his hands and climbed fast!

This forceful frame suddenly fell into the bottomless abyss.

The master of the Chu pavilion was dumbfounded:”

Why follow me to learn the “seal technique”, learn to learn, you suddenly learned the secret method of the White Bone Fairy?

What do you mean by this?

The surname Song is really big bones.

If it wasn’t for this dull hair that doesn’t have a trace of energy right now, Pavilion Master Chu must break Song Shuhang’s neck and then take out his big bones.

“Don’t climb, stop, don’t climb this picture again, you’re so old.” Song Shuhang called here.

The bone giant he condensed is only half-length, with his hands supporting the void, crawling around flexibly, with extremely high agility. But this scene looks very sad.

It is obviously a very handsome spell, why does it change in his hands?

Is my posture for learning secret techniques wrong?

While thinking, the meritorious snake beauty behind him suddenly shouted in Song Shuhang’s voice: “Song Mumu’s big bones~~”

Song Shuhang looked puzzled: “??”

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Did even the meritorious snake beauty also learn this trick?

Then can I summon two “Song Bone Dregs” in one breath?

Or I only learned half, and the meritorious snake beauty also learned half, and then we two become a complete “Song Muko’s big bones”?

Just as Song Shuhang was thinking about it, the meritorious snake beauty shook her body, her meritorious body was attached to this big bone scum – this bone with only the upper body is very suitable for her.

The upper body of the meritorious snake beauty perfectly envelops the “Bone Giant”, while her lower body is a snake tail, swimming flexibly.

Bone Giant Secret Art + Merit Snake Beauty, forming a new combination.

She didn’t learn this secret method. The reason she called out was just to copy this line and burn it in the line database to grab Song Shuhang’s line next time.

After completing the combination with the Bone Giant, the giant meritorious snake beauty reached out and held the flat crown on top of her head, and the gorgeous empress dragon robe appeared again, wrapping her whole body.

Pavilion Chu’s master dumbfounded: “It’s over?”

“I can evolve again.” Song Shuhang stretched out his hand, and the two sets of thirty-three beast combination magical weapons that appeared around him flew. Snake beauty to merit.

——The beast god armed!

Remember last time, two sets of Thirty-Three Beast Combination Magical Equipment armed Fairy Bone’s “Bone Giant” into mechas.

This time, what will happen to the thirty-three beast combination magical device + merit snake beauty + flat crown + white bone giant secret method?

Song Shuhang is looking forward to it.

An armed meritorious snake beauty?

The @#%×fairy in the Empress mode is very beautiful, and she should not be weak in the armed mode, right?

During thinking, two sets of thirty-three beast combination magical devices and meritorious snake beauty are combined to complete.

It was not armed into mecha like the “Beast God Skeleton”. This time the two sets of 33 beasts combined magical instruments, only formed on the neck, chest, arms, and waist of the snake beauty. Some decorative armors.

The remaining two sets of magical instruments formed a shield and a sword in the hands of the meritorious snake beauty.

The sword is the ultimate holy sword of predecessor white two; the shield is a round shield on which the “Holy City that never falls” is depicted.

The form of an armed empress fairy.

Powerful, very powerful!

Song Shuhang could sense that a steady flow of power emerged from the”armed female emperor fairy”.

This is no longer an eighth grade power at all.

Under the influence of such a terrifying force, Song Shuhang was confident that the entire “Eight-Rank Heavenly Tribulation Space” would be cut open and lifted the table of Heavenly Tribulation.

——If Song Shuhang had not experienced more powerful power several times, maybe he would have to expand his confidence at this time.

“If I can maintain this form forever, let alone the eighth-rank Heavenly Tribulation, even the ninth-rank Heavenly Tribulation, I can cut it off and cut it into strips.” Song Shuhang said.

Pavilion Chu’s master dumbfounded: “Don’t swell.”

“Don’t worry, Senior Chu, this level of power will not let me get lost. I have self-knowledge, and this form does not It can’t last too long. First of all, the power of merit in the Pingtian Crown is very limited and cannot last. If you lose the blessing of the Pingtian Crown, the power of this model will be greatly reduced.Song Shuhang said, “However, this form is just right!””

Under the control of Song Shuhang’s will, the Armed Empress Fairy waved the Sword of Final Yan and slashed into the void.

When the sword fell, a large cloud of tribulation was cut. Separate out.

If it is a normal eighth-rank Xuansheng Jie, if it is cut with one sword, Jieyun will directly explode and will not give the monk a chance to cut it.

But now Song Shuhang card At the BUG of Heavenly Tribulation, Jieyun is frozen and not fried, it is cut into pieces like tofu.

After cutting off the Jieyun, the”armed female emperor fairy” collects the sword and presses it on Jieyun with one hand to seal it The technique unfolded.

“I was thinking before, I can’t seal Jieyun, there are two factors. Firstly, my sealing technique is not good, and my talent in sealing technique is not strong. Secondly, my essential realm is too low, and it’s only the realm of the Seventh-Rank Venerable. In this way, it is very difficult to seal the Jieyun of the eighth-rank Xuansheng Jie. But now, I can perform the sealing technique by arming the female emperor fairy! “Song Shuhang said.

The sealing technique taught from Pavilion Master Chu will soon be completed.

The sealing technique is not good, then use the realm to make it together!

In the”Armed Empress Fairy” “Compared with a powerful realm comparable to the 9th rank, the 8th rank Profound Sage Jieyun was unwillingly sealed into small pieces to fill Song Shuhang’s food material library.

“Look, it succeeded. “Song Shuhang said proudly.

Pavilion Master Chu was dumbfounded:”

She recalled how she was weak, and worked hard to practice sealing art—why did I practice sealing art so hard back then?

Song Shuhang loaded the sealed small pieces of Jieyun into the”Cosmic Bracelet Talisman”-in the future, whether he can pay back the huge debt of the”Shadow Lord”, he can study when he sees One hundred ways to eat out of the robbery cloud.

“By the way, talking about the shadow lord’s huge debt, the prop”Shadow Holy Land” bracelet from the shadow elders that can realize the”obsession” is still with me.” Song Shuhang suddenly remembered this inverse The magical artifact of the sky.

Now this artifact is still being kept in Song Shuhang’s “Linghu” for warmth-since the last time it was used, it was full of cracks and was about to collapse at any time.


on the other side.

The battle between Song Muwu and others and the liquid metal giant is still going on.

“Friends of Ecstasy, are you ready?” Song Mu-mutou cried.

“It’s coming.” The Great Gouhun let out a simple and honest laugh.

He stretched out his hand and pulled a whole piece of land, which he pulled out of the void.

This land is full of ancient auras, and there are remnants of the imprints of peerless bosses after the battle. Even after tens of thousands of years, the sword intent, momentum, and magical lingering power of the confrontation still lasts for a long time.

Even if the host of the war has already left, the two different top road rules are still entangled with each other!

According to legend, this is the place where the Confucian saints fought for the last time.

There is the last obsession of the Confucian sage on it.

“It’s good, the next round will completely end the goal.” Song Mu-mutou said solemnly.

This is his last chance to free his precious companions.

It is also the last help he can pass on the Eighth Stage of the Tyrant Song.

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Chapter 2438: My bone giant is so old – CULTIVATION CHAT GROUP – Read Novel Free

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