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CULTIVATION CHAT GROUP – Chapter 2439: The iron fist of words, the power of knowledge! Read Novel

Chapter 2439: The iron fist of words, the power of knowledge! – CULTIVATION CHAT GROUP – Light Novel

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Chapter 2439: The iron fist of words, the power of knowledge!

“Ba Song, next, you must seize the opportunity!” Song Mu-mutou whispered.

Then he stretched out his hand and made a gentle move, and something was summoned from the “Mental Dantian” and fell into his hands—the secret treasure·Shadow Holy Land!

This is the only treasure in the heavens and all realms that can provoke the fire of obsession and manifest it to form combat power. It is a secret treasure that the Shadow Lord cherishes very much.

At this time, the body of this secret treasure “Shadow Holy Land” is still full of cracks.

In these days, the shadow of the Holy Land has been nourished by Song Shuhang’s Mingling Lake, and the cracks have slightly recovered. But if you want to heal it all, it’s not enough to rely on the life spirit lake to nourish it, and you need to use many precious heavenly materials to repair it.

“You have to hold on, too.” Song Mu-mutou called to the “Shadow Holy Land”.

At the beginning, after Song Shuhang’s “Knife Raising Technique” was activated, the “Shadow Holy Land” had evolved once, and its intensity was greatly improved.

“As long as you stick to it, after this incident is over, I will find a way to completely recover you. Now, please lend me your power.” Song Mu-mutou activated the “Shadow Holy Land”.

At the next moment, on the piece of land that was pulled over by the Ecstasy the Great, there was a blazing fire of obsession—the obsession left by the Confucian sage was once again activated by the power of the’liquid metal ball.”

The best person to deal with the liquid metal ball has been a non-Confucian sage since ancient times.


The flame of obsession of the flaming saints was drawn over and gathered on the “Shadow Holy Land”.

The sacred place of shadow became hot, and the cracks on it expanded further, and even a painful voice appeared.

Unfortunately, Song Mu-mutou did not master the “Sword Raising Technique” and could not relieve the pain of the Holy Land of Shadows.

“Hold on, you must hold on. As long as this wave is over, there will be countless “Knife Raising Techniques” waiting for you. The cracks on your body can be repaired in one fell swoop,” Song Mutou said. Tao.

The shadow shrine screamed very spiritually.

In the next moment, countless fires of obsession were transformed by the “Shadow Holy Land”, and the illusory flames wrapped Song Muko.

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The flames shrouded, and Song Mumu’s figure disappeared.

At the same time, a breath that is so powerful that it can’t be described was born in this flame.


The flame spreads

A man wearing a Confucian shirt appeared in the void.

He just stood there, he has a grand master style.

When people see him, they don’t know why, they will feel he is very hungry!

There is no need for others to introduce, nor even the horrible coercion or the like leaked out. It is just a simple stop to the master of a faction, inexplicably hanging.

“Successful.” The Great Evil Spirit smiled honestly, and it was worthwhile for him to dig up the entire continent and drag it into the fighting space.

The next step is to reproduce the battle between the Confucian sage and the liquid metal ball.

The battle between the saint and the liquid metal ball for the way of heaven, no one saw the final battle scene. Today they may have the opportunity to see the style of the first battle.

The sky above the obsessional body of the “Confucian Sage”.

The group of holy apes lined up quickly, all gathered behind the obsessional body of the saint, and they silently opened the saint’s scripture: “I was born very hungry!”

“When I was studying Very hanging!”

“When I enter the Tao, I am very hanging!”

“I am very hanging when I practice!”

“The Tao I founded is very hanging!”

“Diao Diao Diao ~ Diao Diao Diao”

With the continuous sound of chanting, the righteousness between heaven and earth converges to strengthen the state of Confucian saints.

In the void, the number of holy apes is also increasing.

One thousand, two thousand, three thousand

The true army of sacred apes chorus is here.

The holy apes don’t have to do anything. They just stand here and sing and drink in unison, which can bring tremendous pressure to the enemy.

In the void, the gaze of the giant liquid metal was attracted by the obsessional body of the Confucian sage.

At this time, the liquid metal giant is in a very embarrassed state.

The few who surrounded it, but were the top immortals of the ancient heaven.

The huge tree vines entangled its body, the thick layer of ice sealed its actions, and the eternal fire of the sun was wrapped around its wounds, preventing its regeneration.

The obsessional body of the Confucian sage raised his head, facing the liquid metal giant.

In the eyes of the liquid metal giant, emotions such as anger and hatred emerged.

There is no trace of emotion in the eyes of the Confucian sage.

“Howl~” The liquid metal giant roared. It gave up floating and prepared to land, crushing all the creatures on the ground below.

The sage obsessive body gently touched his own body-probably because Song Shuhang had already summoned a “sage obsessiveness” last time, and his body had an adaptive factor.

In addition to the fact that he has the blood of a sage in his body, and often puts his eyes on the eye of a Confucian sage, Song Shuhang’s body does not reject the power of the Confucian sage’s obsession. Can perfectly display the power of the saint.

The sage raised his hand in obsessive mind and threw out the scriptures in his hand.

The scriptures expanded instantly, and the book opened, revealing a dark “space door”.

The book has its own golden house, and the book has its own big world.

The space door is suspended in front of the obsessional body of the saint, but the other side of the door is projected on the side of the giant liquid metal.

The sage obsessively rolls up his sleeves, clenches his fists, and poses.

At the same time, countless “Confucianism” appeared, entwining the fist of the saint’s obsession.

This is the iron fist of words!

The power of knowledge!

Holding an iron fist of knowledge in his hand, the Confucian sage punched into the “space gate of the scriptures” in front of him.

At the next moment, from the projection of the space gate beside the liquid metal giant, a huge fist was projected out, and a punch hit the liquid metal giant’s face.

Holding an iron fist of knowledge power, he slapped his face heavily. The liquid metal giant’s face was splashed with water, and his face was smashed.

The Confucian sage’s far-reaching use of”spatial power” is amazing!

After the sage’s obsessional body made a single blow, there was no pause.

His double fists are like hitting a sandbag, madly blasting into the “Scripture Space Gate”!

The storm-like fists kept hitting the space door, and then enlarged from the other side of the space door, violently hitting the liquid metal giant’s head.

The liquid metal man wanted to avoid it, but the projection of the space door was like a shadow, and its huge volume couldn’t avoid this small space door at all.

Boom boom boom boom~

The iron fist of knowledge and the power of words, every blow teaches the liquid metal giant to be a human being.

Fist to the flesh, every hit contains the sound of Confucian students reciting scriptures-the iron fist of the saint is not only striking the body of the giant, but also educating the spirit of the giant.

Use your fists to hit the enemy’s body, use knowledge to change the enemy’s internal, internal and external double cultivation, this is the invincible Confucianism that the Confucian sage suppressed the first life.

The Great Northern Emperor, Western Great Emperor, Ecstasy Great and Fairy Pantaoguo couldn’t get in from start to finish.

The imaginary scene where the saint obsessed with the body vs. the liquid metal man did not appear at all.

From beginning to end, the Confucian sage obsessively slaps the liquid metal man.

The Confucian saints who lost in the battle of heaven?

This idea emerged in the minds of everyone present.

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Chapter 2439: The iron fist of words, the power of knowledge! – CULTIVATION CHAT GROUP – Read Novel Free

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