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Chapter 2440: 1 Must seize the opportunity, Ba Song! – CULTIVATION CHAT GROUP – Light Novel

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Chapter 2440: 1 Must seize the opportunity, Ba Song!

People who have not seen the Confucian sage personally have no idea how strong the Confucian sage is!

Even the “Tiandi”, recognized by the heavens and the cosmopolitan realms at the same level as the Confucian sage, is not as powerful as a sage in terms of fighting performance.

This is the saint who has stepped out of the unique road and created the flourishing age of Confucianism!

In the subsequent battle, there were no twists and turns, no Jedi counterattack, and no wonderful review.

After the Confucian sage obsession body appeared, the prologue was the beginning of the hammer of the liquid metal giant, until the iron fist of knowledge continued to fall on the liquid metal giant, and it was hammered to the end.

The whole process only has a feeling of “sweet burst”.

Even in the entire battle, the Confucian sage obsessive body did not use the second spell or attack method.

Just like this.

The huge body of the liquid metal giant was hammered into slag by the iron fist of Confucianism, and nothing was left.

“It’s over.” Northern Emperor said softly.

The Confucian sage’s obsessional body was recovered with the last punch, and the scripture suspended in the void was simultaneously rolled back and fell into the hands of the sage.

The blazing fire of obsession dissipated.

The obsessional body of the Confucian sage disappeared, revealing the weak Song Mu-mutou inside.

“Ha~” Song Mu-mutou let out a deep breath and lay on his back on the ground.

It was also with the help of the obsessional power of the Confucian sage that he and Song Shuhang had a completely different state.

When Song Shuhang borrowed the power of Confucian sage obsession, it was Song Shuhang’s will.

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And when Song Mu-mutu activated the power of the sage’s obsession this time, the battle process was all dominated by the Confucian sage obsessional body.

It feels like the body is hollowed out.

Without Song Shuhang’s “Half 2” support this time, Song Mutsu really couldn’t be sure whether he could make it to the end.

“Ka~ka~” A few more cracks were added to the “Shadow Holy Land” on Song Mu-mut’s wrist.

Fortunately, the Shadow Sacred Land survived to the end after all, without being broken.

“Thank you.” Song Mu-mutou gently stroked the shadow holy place, but didn’t dare to use too much force, for fear of touching it and crushing it.

Then, he carefully removed the “Shadow Holy Land” and put it into the natal Dantian Linghu of “Song Shuhang Bust 2” for warmth.

“Is it over?” Fairy Pan Taoguo swept across the chaotic world, and never found the breath of the liquid metal giant.

“It’s over, the”Way of the Emperor of Heaven” on my body no longer resonates with us–the last retreat of the”Heaven” today has been cut off by us.” Song Mumutou sat up and stretched out his hand to take out a Qiankun bag.

This Qiankun bag contains materials for repairing the “Shadow Holy Land”. He stretched out his hand and incorporated this”universe bag” into Song Shuhang Bust 2’s life spirit lake.

The Holy Land of Shadows is very special. Although it cannot be used in “Heaven’s Tribulation”, it can be used for “spur learning” when crossing the Heaven’s Tribulation.

For example, if you find a knowledgeable boss with obsessive power, you will have the opportunity to acquire a master’s possession, learn ancient languages ​​or cultivate knowledge.

As long as there are repair materials, there is no need to worry that Song Shuhang will not repair the “Shadow Holy Land”. After all, the pendants on his body are so rich and all are big.

The only thing to worry about is that I hope that this bag of precious materials can be used to restore the Holy Land of Shadows.

After handling properly, Song Mu-mutou climbed up from the ground with great pains: “Go, let’s evacuate this chaotic artificial world before the fixed program of the current”heaven” is activated.”

Today’s “Tian Dao” has entered a programmed action mode. They have now cut off the back hand left by the “Tian Dao”, and it is very likely that certain interception procedures of the “Tian Dao” will be activated.

So, if you are done, you must run quickly to avoid getting caught.

“How to deal with this chaotic world?” Fairy Pan Taoguo asked. This is a complete man-made small world, just keep it like this, will it be a bit wasteful?

At this time, the Northern Emperor said in a cold voice: “We can’t take over it, it’s too hot. We destroyed the liquid metal giant in this world, and it is very likely that we have left an invisible mark on our body.”

“But it’s a pity to leave it alone like this.” The Western emperor put his hands in his sleeves and said, “Perhaps Tyrant Song will like this chaotic world?”

“To Tyrant Song Said, this small world is also a hot thing. He is still crossing the 8th-Rank and 9th-Rank Heavenly Tribulation. If you let him take over this little world, it might harm him. But one of them might use it.” Song The wood spoke out.

He reached out and took out a”disposable flying sword”-this is a very primitive version of Senior White’s “disposable flying sword”. It was when Senior White launched some accidentally broken treasures into space. The model used.

Song Mu-mutou left this”disposable flying sword” at the entrance of the Chaos World.

If Bai Shengjun needs to use this”Chaotic World” in the future, his powerful luck will naturally guide him to the edge of this Chaos World, and let Bai Shengjun pick up this”Chaotic World.”

If Bai Shengjun does not need this world, or if this “chaotic world” is very hot for Bai Shengjun, then his own atmospheric fortune will naturally lead him to avoid this small chaotic world.

“In addition, you can leave a coordinate mark in a farther location. If Bai Shengjun is not interested in this chaotic world and the time is right, we can come back and accept this chaotic world.” Song Mumu added Tao.

The coordinate imprint should not be kept too close, so as not to cause a fixed degree of counterattack from the “Tian Dao”.

After finishing all this, Song Muwu reopened the golden maelstrom.

Several immortals from the ancient heavenly court return to the golden vortex space-before the way of heaven leaves their post, they should not stay in this world for too long.

Although they have successfully escaped from the path of the “Emperor of Heaven”, no one can guarantee that the Dao of “Heaven” will forcibly take them away at the last moment and supplement their own deficiencies?

After the emperors of the longevity left, Song Mumutou closed the golden vortex.

The last “retreat” has been lost, and the “day” of today is dead.

If they are correct in their calculations, after losing this “retreat”, the next “downtime” of Tiandao will not be able to “restart” again!

The core of this chaotic world and the heavenly way of the emperor are both ways for the heavenly ball to restart itself.

And if Tiandao Ball fails to restart and falls into a downtime, that is the best time for Song Shuhang to be promoted!

Take advantage of the downtime of the Heavenly Dao and quickly advance to the Manifestation of the Sage, so as to avoid being involved in the Ninth-Rank Heavenly Tribulation.

“Seize the opportunity, Tyrant Song. The rest, it’s up to you.” Song Mutou’s figure broke away from Song Shuhang’s bust No. 2.

“Are you ready? We are going to set off.” At this moment, a figure appeared in the void.

is the fairy Cheng Lin who has no life aura.

At this time, she used Ye Si’s body to show up briefly using secret methods.

“Let’s go, it’s time to meet”Tiandi” again. To be honest, her changes are beyond our expectations.” Song Mu-mutou nodded.

The body of the emperor is also part of the original spirit ghost—the ghost god Cheng Lin.

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Chapter 2440: 1 Must seize the opportunity, Ba Song! – CULTIVATION CHAT GROUP – Read Novel Free

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