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Chapter 2441: The time has come! – CULTIVATION CHAT GROUP – Light Novel

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Chapter 2441: The time has come!

The emperor who had just been “resurrected” was like the emperor in the memory of Song Mu-mutou and Cheng Lin. After his resurrection, he wanted to rebuild the ancient heaven and retrieve her own way.

But in these recent times, the emperor’s mode of action has become more and more weird. She seems to have known a lot, and she no longer intended to be controlled by the “Way of Heaven”, and wanted to be free.

So, Song Mu-mutou was going to find the Emperor of Heaven with Fairy Cheng Lin, and chat with her head-on.

——The reason for bringing Fairy Cheng Lin with him is that Song Mu-mutu worries that he will be at a disadvantage during the “chat” and he may be at risk of being killed. After bringing Cheng Lin, even if physical persuasion was needed during the “chat”, Fairy Cheng Lin and he had four punches so that they could crush the Emperor.

Whether you will use physical persuasion, you are prepared for it anyway. At least beware of the other party’s physical persuasion.

On the other side, the eighth-rank Xuanshengjie space.

Song Shuhang wears a crown of thorns on his head and has many pendant intelligence bonuses on his body. He is trying to learn ancient languages.

The control of the bone giant has been given to the meritorious snake beauty.

@#%×Fairy is playing. She uses a sword to cut the clouds in the sky into different shapes, such as stars, triangles, squares, polygons, and of course love.

After these different shapes of Jieyun were cut, they were compressed and sealed by @#%×fairy, and transferred to Song Shuhang’s bracelet space magical device.

“@#%! Fairy!” Song Shuhang’s tongue twisted, calling out the name of the beauty of the meritorious snake.

“Wrong again” Pavilion Master Chu sighed, “Perhaps, your tongue needs to be remodeled.”

When Song Shuhang’s tongue faces several ancient language syllables , It just can’t be turned over.

Pavilion Master Chu thinks that perhaps Song Shuhang’s tongue needs to be operated on and his tongue is split. The effect will be better?

Song Shuhang:”

“Take a break, the crown of thorns can’t save you, and I’m very desperate.” Pavilion Master Chu was weakly curled into a ball.

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“Perhaps, I should find a senior from the ancient times and dream about it?” Song Shuhang secretly asked.

The talent of dreaming, although it is still in “passive mode” until now, after meeting certain conditions, the chance of activating “dreaming” can be much higher.

For example, blood fusion, resonance in the soul.

“Don’t hit my mind, or I will plunge my hair into your head.” Pavilion Master Chu threatened.

She knew Song Shuhang’s terrifying talent.

Pavilion Master Chu also believes that the “dream ability” is a good way to learn ancient languages.

But she didn’t want some of her little secrets to be discovered by Song Shuhang without reservation.

“Don’t worry, Senior Chu. You definitely don’t meet my requirements for”dreaming”.” Song Shuhang comforted, for the safety of his own life, at this time, he must give Pavilion Master Chu a positive answer and let her not worry.

While speaking, Song Shuhang suddenly stiffened.

“My half-length!” he said joyfully.

Pavilion Master Chu Dumbao: “Is that bust No. 2 that disappeared?”

“Yes, the senses between me and it are reconnected!” Song Shuhang nodded.

After he regained control of Bust No. 2, he immediately controlled it to enter the “core world”.

Bust No. 2 is exposed to the world, which is very dangerous.

If you can be forcibly taken away by others once, you can be taken away by other bigwigs a second time.

How can Song Shuhang dare to let Bust No. 2 go alone?

The core world•Live spring poolside.

The bust number 2 flashes.

At the edge of the spring, Lady Onion, who was learning spells from Senior Turtle, was taken aback.

“What monster!” Lady Onion screamed, showing her real body, and kicking Song Shuhang’s body halfway.


There was a sound of intersecting gold and iron.

Lady Onion hugged her right foot in pain and cried aggrievedly.

“This is Shuhang’s bust.” Pavilion Master Chu breathed out a series of bubbles and said.

Lady Onion said earnestly and earnestly: “Shuhang, why did your half-length run into this world? Just go through the catastrophe well, don’t do so many sorrows.”

Song Shuhang: “”

I was taught by Lady Onion, this feeling is so subtle.

I will transfer my half body back to the world of Heavenly Tribulation. Song Shuhang replied through the magic of “Transmitting Sound into the Secret”.

After the scene just now, he didn’t dare to keep Bust No. 2 outside, and was ready to send Bust No. 2 back.

However, before sending the bust No. 2 back, he needs to find Senior Turtle and Pavilion Master Chu to check it out-God knows what happened after his bust No. 2 was forcibly borrowed? Will it suffer any damage?

Senior Chu, Senior Turtle, please trouble you. Song Shuhang’s half-length way.

By the way, where are Su Clan’s Sixteenth, Yu Rouzi, and Black Skin Yurouzi?

The spiritual senses of Pavilion Master Chu and Senior Tortoise scanned Song Shuhang’s body at the same time, carefully testing him.

“There is no problem with the body, and there is no damage.” Pavilion Master Chu replied-besides, she vaguely sensed a breath. But that breath had been deliberately eliminated, and Pavilion Master Chu couldn’t be sure, so he didn’t make a statement.

“I didn’t see the problem either. Besides, I vaguely sensed the breath of my lord from Shuhang’s body.” Senior Turtle frowned.

“The breath of the Northern Emperor?” Song Shuhang was taken aback.

“Well, although it’s very weak. But Shuhang, your half of your body, may have been in contact with my lord.” Senior Turtle said affirmatively-about the aura of the Northern Emperor, it will never admit it.

Song Shuhang pinched his chin, thoughtfully.

The golden whirlpool, the breath of the Northern Emperor, can capture his half body and temporarily cut the connection between the half body and the body.

The answer is ready to come out.

At the same time, he also self-checked his bust No. 2, especially the location of the Mingling Lake.

Soon he noticed something strange.

There are more cracks in the shadow sanctuary? As a result, won’t the repair cost increase again? It’s killing him!

Hey, wait for this Qiankun bag and the treasures in it. It seems that it is used for repairing materials? Is it used to repair the “Shadow Holy Land”?

If this is the case, it’s not bad, at least it didn’t increase his debt.

And what is this thing? Song Shuhang’s consciousness noticed the last item and moved it out.

“It’s so rich in life breath, is this the means of the immortal who has mastered the ’life” system?” Senior Turtle guessed.

Ms. Onion looked at this treasure and said: “There are the words Song family ancestor chromosomes on it. The number is not many, and you can do it and cherish it.”

Chu Pavilion Master:”

Senior Turtle:”

Song Shuhang:”

After a while.

Pavilion Master Chu: “It’s a good thing, Shuhang, you keep it safe for yourself. Maybe it will come in handy in the future.”

Song Shuhang’s half-length thoughts moved, and this’life type treasure” “Transfer to the depths of the core world, suppress and keep.

Now I will transfer my bust back to the world of Heavenly Tribulation! Don’t worry about me, just wait for my sage! Song Shuhang said in embarrassment.

Then he sacrificed a “One-time Flying Sword•Broken Black House Version” and escaped back to the world of Heavenly Tribulation.

He has an intuition that when Bust No. 2 returns to the world of Heavenly Tribulation, it will be the time when the Heaven Tribulation BUG has been eliminated!

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Chapter 2441: The time has come! – CULTIVATION CHAT GROUP – Read Novel Free

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