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DUAL CULTIVATION – Chapter 644 – Heavenly Spiritual Roots Read Novel

Chapter 644 – Heavenly Spiritual Roots – DUAL CULTIVATION – Light Novel

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Chapter 644 – Heavenly Spiritual Roots

Somewhere in the Sacred Central Continent, a man in black armor knelt in front of a cultivator dressed in royal robes.

– Your Majesty, a Ship was seen over the sea approaching our Continent. This is the treasure that the Immortal Fairy Su Yue used, ”the man in black armor reported.

—The Immortal Fairy Su Yue? More than a year has passed since she was last identified … – The cultivator spoke.

– What should we do?- asked the man in armor, – Arrange a meeting?

– No, it is not necessary. Immortal Fairy Su Yue doesn’t like being disturbed … If she needs anything, she will find us herself. Let’s just sit still and watch … Maybe she’s here for a little while and will disappear again, like last time.

– As you command, Your Majesty!

– What about Patriarch Gold? Any news where he disappeared?

– We interrogated people from the Golden Lion Academy, they said that Patriarch Gold left the continent. But we do not know for what purpose he did it … He also took several experts of the stage of Heavenly Enlightenment with him. There is an assumption that he went on a very long voyage …

– Why should Patriarch Gold leave the continent? A year has already passed since he disappeared … How long can this voyage be? Is he alive?The jade sea is dangerous even for such a powerful person like him, ” the man in royal robes sighed.

The Golden Lion Academy fell into decay, and continues to fall since that time. an incident in which almost all the buildings of the sect were destroyed.

– We are not yet completely sure, but everything suggests that Patriarch Gold went to one of four other continents – all of a sudden said the man in armor.

– Is that correct?He should know perfectly well that without my permission it is forbidden to visit other continents …

– Yes, Your Majesty.

– Let me know if this tyrant reappears. I need to talk to him. – Frowning, concluded the cultivator.


Meanwhile on the Ship. Su Yan turned to his companions and said:

– In six hours we will arrive at the Sacred Central Continent.

– Six hours … In six hours I will finally see the “Cultivator’s Paradise” with my own eyes … – Lord Xie muttered under his breath, and his body even slightly trembled with excitement.

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Xie Wang stared into empty space, not daring to disturb the atmosphere.

– I don’t want to upset you, but to call the Sacred Central Continent “Cultivators’ Paradise” – you turned it down … The only thing that distinguishes the Eastern continent from the Central is the general level of the Cultivators, and even then this is only because the quality of Spiritual Qi is slightly better here. Okay, since we’re here for the Root of the Four Elements, I guess where we can get it … at the Four Seasons Academy – the continent’s best medicine-based sect.

– Best sect?.. – Lord Xie immediately frowned and after a moment asked, – How valuable is this Root of the Four Elements? I took some resources with me in case we have to trade …

– How to say … in my opinion – there is nothing special about this root, but since this world, where many resources are rare, I can imagine that the price of Root will be exorbitant … – said Su Yan.

Seeing that Lord Xie was upset at what he heard, the young man added:

– Don’t worry like that, even if they don’t have the Root of Four Elements, it can be replaced with other ingredients, just the quality of the Pill will decrease slightly …

Six hours later, they finally saw the land in the distance.

– Sacred Central Continent! – Shouted Lord Xie, staring at the land, as if trying to capture this view inside his soul.

“It exists …” Xie Wan whispered when he saw the land of legends.

“Spiritual Qi is amazing here …” Xie Xingfang said in surprise, – I feel like my cultivation is increasing by itself.

– Now it is clear where there are so many experts of the Heavenly Enlightenment stage in this place. If I cultivated on this continent, I would have reached the Highest Enlightenment many hundreds of years ago … – the old man sighed.

– Su Yan, could you explain to me?If the Sacred Central and Eastern continents exist in the same world, then why is there such a difference between them in the quality of Spiritual Qi? Xie Xingfang asked him.

Lord Xie and Se Wan also turned their gaze on the young man, waiting for an answer.

– Good question … Look , for example, if a poor man and a rich man live in the same house – will their rooms be the same? With the same atmosphere, furniture, decorations? Not. In this example, the furniture and decorations are natural resources.Simply put, the reason Spiritual Qi is better in the Sacred Central Continent is because they have more natural treasures than the Eastern Continent. Among other things, the Heavenly Spiritual Roots pass through the entire Central Continent, which strengthen the Spiritual Qi. Yes, on the Eastern continent these Roots also exist, but they are weaker.

– Heavenly Spiritual Roots …? This is the first time I’ve heard of this! – exclaimed Lord Xie.

– If so, then what happens if the Heavenly Spiritual Roots are damaged? – For some reason, Xie Wang asked.

– Then the quality and quantity of Spiritual Qi will decrease …

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