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DUAL CULTIVATION – Chapter 645 – Poisonous Purple Bell Flower Read Novel

Chapter 645 – Poisonous Purple Bell Flower – DUAL CULTIVATION – Light Novel

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Chapter 645 – Poisonous Purple Bell Flower

– What?! This is a disaster! As soon as we get back, we must definitely find a way to protect the Heavenly Spiritual Roots!

“I don’t think you need to worry about that,” Su Yan told him.

– Why? Lord Xie looked at him, puzzled.

– Because the Heavenly Spiritual Roots are deep underground, and even if someone gets to the bottom of them, I doubt that they can damage them … Heavenly Spiritual Roots are not ordinary tree roots, as you probably thought. Only after reaching the Ancient Stages does it become possible to make even the slightest scratch to these roots …

– Really? It calms … – the man sighed.

He feared what might happen to the Eastern Continent if his Heavenly Spiritual Roots were destroyed.

– True … there are Spiritual Treasures that can destroy Spiritual Roots … No, forget, I doubt that someone will deliberately want to destroy Spiritual Roots in this small world … – Su Yan waved his hand , and then continued, – Even in my world, which is several thousand times larger than yours, no sane Cultivator will purposefully harm the Heavenly Spiritual Roots.And even if there is a good reason for that, and there is someone desperate for such an act, then they risk offending every Cultivator in the world, because deliberate sabotage of Spiritual Roots is considered taboo. In general, if you do not tell anyone about the existence of the Roots, I doubt that anyone else will be able to discover them, much less destroy them … Okay, I need to rest and recuperate, and then we will go to the Academy of the Four Seasons.

Then Su Yan landed the ship near the coast and, as soon as everyone got off, threw it into the Dimension Ring.

– Do you mind if will I take a little look around? – Asked Xie Wan.

– Go ahead. Just don’t go too far and come back in three hours, ”the young man replied in a tone as if he were talking to his child.

“ I’ll look around too, ”said Lord Xie, and flew away in a different direction. …

Yong ………

Su Yan and Xie Xingfang were left alone, and the girl started to get nervous, mainly because of that “confession.”

– If you want, you can also look around, – taking up a pose of meditation, said Su Yan.

– No, I’ll stay with you, – Xingfang shook her head as she sat down behind him.

“Yes, I’m interested in the Sacred Central Continent, but I’m not here because of him …” she said to herself with a bittersweet smile.

Three hours later, Xie Wan and Lord Xie returned.

– Su Yan, look what I found! I have never seen a treasure so rich in Spiritual Qi! – Holding out a strange-looking plant, the old man said excitedly.

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Su Yan looked at the plant.

– This is the Azure Tiger Flower, it is used for cooking some Pills.

– What can you say about this? – Lord Xie handed him a purple flower that looked like a bell.

– This is a Poisonous Purple Bell Flower, and yes, it is poisonous.

– Huh ?! Why didn’t you say right away ?! – The man got scared, and even threw the flower aside.

Su Yan sighed, got up and walked to where the Bell fell, surprising Lord Xie.

Throwing it into the Ring of Space, he opened his mouth:

– Although it is poisonous, in fact, it is very valuable and rare, and its poison has many uses.Compared to the Azure Tiger Flower, the Bell is at least ten times more valuable, and to think that you threw away such a treasure, as if it were some kind of weed … Okay, since you don’t need it, I’ll take it for myself.

He thought that the young man deliberately frightened him in order to take away the treasure!

And before the man had time to start complaining, Su Yan interrupted him:

– So, I regained my strength, we can go to the Academy of Four Seasons.

Taking a smaller boat out of the Ring, he added:

– It’s quite crowded here, so you’ll have to sit closer to each other.

Lord Xie and Xie Wan exchanged glances and then looked at Xie Xingfang together.

Without saying anything, they climbed into the Boat in an instant and sat next to each other, leaving an empty seat next to Su Yan.

“…” Xie Xingfang blushed at the obvious hint, but said nothing and sat down in an empty seat.

Su Yan felt something soft pressing against his side, and sweet and a subtle scent penetrates the nostrils.

“Sorry …” Shinfan muttered, still blushing.

– Nothing, – he replied with a smile.

A few moments later, the Flying Boat soared into the sky.

Their journey took a fairly short period of time, and as soon as they reached the grounds of the Four Seasons Academy, Su Yan landed a “transport” and said:

– Arrived.

Lord Xie and Xie Wan became more serious, and Xie Xingfang threw a veil over her face.

A minute later, they approached the gate.

The guards at the gate were puzzled and surprised by the guests who arrived.

– Three experts of the stage of Heavenly Enlightenment and even someone who has reached the Highest Enlightenment! Who are they ?!

– I don’t know! I will only say that I have never seen this old man of the Highest Enlightenment!

– Faster! We need to report this to the Sect Leader!

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