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I HAVE A MANSION IN THE POST-APOCALYPTIC WORLD – Chapter 1209 – Power Armor with Built-in Cheats Read Novel

Chapter 1209 – Power Armor with Built-in Cheats – I HAVE A MANSION IN THE POST-APOCALYPTIC WORLD – Light Novel

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Chapter 1209 – Power Armor with Built-in Cheats

[1731 meters ahead, vertical height 327 meters, wind speed 2 knots, target space vector calibrated and it is synchronizing …]

[Synchronization complete.]



At the moment the button was pressed, the six-meter electromagnetic pulse gun swung back slightly, and a five-kilogram projectile, fired in blinding light, traced a fleeting trajectory in the sky.The shell instantly covered a two-kilometer distance and hit the KV-9 chassis.

The KV-9 suddenly looked like a car with a flat tire. The caterpillars fell off and began to drift along the road before crashing into a store on the street. The two power suits from the back quickly left the car as they sought cover.

On the roof of the building, Jiang Chen gazed at the Russians in the chaos with eyes filled with excitement. He couldn’t help but admire.

“This is wonderful!”

After discovering the X-1’s power armor underground, Jiang Chen immediately summoned three of his guards and replaced them with T-3. This version of the power armor was not difficult to operate. Aside from a few additional features, the interface still used the classic T-series design.

It is because of this that Jiang Chen and his guards quickly became familiar with this powerful new equipment.

At this point, the shots and explosions practically stopped.The battle, which had lasted over an hour, finally came to an end, and it was obvious that the Second Group of militias had lost. The Russians should now head to the city center.

Leaving Yao Yao on the basement floor, Jiang Chen, Lu Fang and other guards left the Eden Technology building.

Without the password, it would have taken the Russians a long time to take the elevator down. Down there, Yao Yao was completely safe.

Moreover, Jiang Chen would not have allowed the Russians to get close.

Having formulated a simple battle plan, Jiang Chen, Lu Fang and the others dispersed. He came to this building alone, installed a brand new electromagnetic pulse cannon, and began hunting the thugs.


After he was hit by an unexpected shot, the tank at high speed, without any warning, crashed into a roadside building.The CCCP tank unit, advancing towards the city center, suddenly stopped its advance.

“BL * T!”

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Yegor swore and personally took control machine gun. He fired in the direction of an electromagnetic pulse cannon two kilometers away. At the same time, he shouted: “This is an electromagnetic pulse gun! Don’t stop, look for cover!”

At a distance of two kilometers, break a tank track with one shot.What luck it was!

Although the KV-9’s armor was bulky, its mobility was not low!

Egor instinctively thought that the shot was a matter of luck. Even the main cannon of a tank could not hit a high-speed object at such a distance in urban areas!

However, the NAC soon proved that the shot was not just luck.

Immediately after the previous shot, three shells flew from three different directions!

The shell hit a concrete wall and easily penetrated the building. The projectile hit the chest of the power armor hidden inside and sent the power armor flying like a kite. The armor remained stationary.

Two other shots destroyed the tracks of two tanks, and two tanks were unlucky as they both stopped in the middle of the road.

Yegor’s eyes widened in disbelief.

If the previous shot was accidental, then those two shots that hit the target made him no longer believe it was a coincidence.

Wasting no time to think, he immediately gave the order to his troops.

The remaining seven tanks scattered to the sides and entered the buildings, breaking through the walls. Power armor leaped off the tanks and followed. Hiding behind the building, they chased in the direction of the shots.

As for the two tanks that got stuck in the middle of the road, they could stay there for a while.

Anyway, the KV armor is 9 was quite thick, and a five-kilogram projectile could only pierce the continuous track of a tank. The NAC couldn’t do anything right now.

“What is this model? Isn’t the standard NAC power armor the T-3?””When Yegor watched the video playback, his eyes were fixed on the power armor with an electromagnetic pulse gun on the roof of the building, he could not identify the model.

Is this special paint? Or is it a modified version of T-3?

Or …

Suddenly it dawned on Egor.

Could it be …that just when they were fighting the Second Militia, these people had already entered the treasury of Pan-Asia and plucked out the fruits of victory that should have belonged to them ?!


He slammed his fist into the steel next to him and spat.

“Those shameless thieves!”


The Type 57 Electromagnetic Pulse Cannon, six meters long, looked like a spear in Jiang Chen’s hands.

The Electromagnetic Pulse Cannon, modified from a vehicle-mounted Type 50 Electromagnetic Cannon, increased the kinetic energy of each shot, and also added more stringent requirements for accuracy and firing stability. It was ideally designed for the X-1 type test!

The electromagnetic pulse cannon, connected by thick cables with power armor, calculated any data that could change the trajectory of the projectile.All data was listed in the center of the hologram screen. The built-in power armor processor performed a summary analysis to determine the best shot.

With the Type-57 in his hands, Jiang Chen looked at the predicted ballistic line, which was updated in real time on the screen, and exclaimed.

It’s like aimbot in shooters. Although the gun is in my hands, I don’t have to do anything.

Still struck by the technology, the cannon locked onto the power armor and Jiang Chen fired another shot. The cannon raised slightly, and the power armor, preparing the artillery for a counterattack, received a direct hit. It flew away as if it had been hit by a train.

The projectile speed was too high.Conventional projectiles still had to fly in the air, but weapons such as electromagnetic pulse cannons could cover a distance of several kilometers in the blink of an eye. The moment the white light flashes, the projectile will come.

Jiang Chen chuckles as he sees the remaining six tanks entering the building, as well as power armor moving in his direction behind the buildings.

“X71291, your turn.”


Almost as soon as he answered, all unnecessary colors in the power armor’s field of view disappeared. Straight or curved lines outlined the entire battlefield in the form of a three-dimensional map.

The architectural characteristics of all buildings and images of observation of all buildings were summarized by large quantum computers on the top floor of the Eden Technology building, and all blocks in buildings were marked by their spatial position with a difference of less than 1 mm!

The geometric world of lines was transparent. Even such data as, for example, whether it is possible to pierce a wall with shots or how much kinetic energy was left, was reflected on his dashboard.

This is no longer just an aimbot.

This is a real wollhack!

In Yegor’s frightened eyes, another shell pierced the concrete and the chest of another power armor.

In less than two minutes, three tanks and power armor were destroyed. For the CCCP tank formation that had just emerged from an intense battle, the losses were serious.

Yegor punched the armor of the tank with his fist and stared in the direction from which the shell had come. His eyes were full of raging anger, bloodlust and excitement?

Yes, excitement …

https://i.pinimg.com/originals / 86/95/65 / 869565e400990d71bececdd40f003724.jpg

What X-1 Power Armor might look like


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Chapter 1209 – Power Armor with Built-in Cheats – I HAVE A MANSION IN THE POST-APOCALYPTIC WORLD – Read Online Free

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