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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1549: There is a guest Read Novel

Chapter 1549: There is a guest – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1549: There is a guest

When Yang Kai walked into the hall, the three of them all cast their eyes together, with a sense of scrutiny.

Although they didn’t deliberately release any power, the aura that naturally radiated from the three of them is quite not weak. If a normal Void Returning Mirror comes here, I’m afraid it will be difficult.

Yang Kai’s steps also stopped slightly, but soon, he looked complacent and walked in, seeing the invisible pressure as a breeze.

There was a hint of surprise flashing in the depths of the eyes of the three of them, and they were amazed.

They followed Ye Xiyun over this time, just to see who it was. They actually had the ability to let Ye Xiyun do things for him. When they saw it at this moment, they immediately knew that Yang Kai was a little different.

The kid is considered a manufacturable material. The three of them thought to themselves, but this alone is not enough to convince them. There are more young people with aptitude and talents, and they can grow up.

Yang Kai glanced at Ye Xijun suspiciously, not knowing what the three of them were doing here.

Yang Kai could guess where they came from.

Since I can come with Ye Xiyun, things seem to be promising.

’Sit down!” Yang Kai smiled slightly, walked straight up to the first place, and sat down. This was a good time to hug the three of them, “Boy Yang Kai, I have seen three seniors, I don’t know. How do the three seniors be called?”

“Old man Yang Xiuzhu!”

“My concubine is Lin Yulao!”

“Under the cold clothes of Chu!”

Three people Self-reported.

“The three of them are the mainstays in the door, and they have a lot of communication in the door.” Ye Xiyun inserted a sentence aside.

Yang Kai’s eyes lit up, and his smile became brighter.

The communication is very wide, which means that as long as I can deal with the three of them, it is equivalent to deal with many of the powerhouses of Xingdi Mountain. Ye Xiyun’s words are very meaningful, Yang Kai is clear.

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“Senior Yang and the brat have the same surname. No wonder the brat, even though he met his senior for the first time, felt so kind, just like his own parents, and I would like to ask seniors to take care of him in the future.” Yang Kai said with a face. Smile.

Yang Xiuzhu didn’t even agree with him at all. Even the beautiful woman Lin Yuluo and the middle-aged Confucian scholar Chu Hanyi looked at him solemnly.

Yang Kai was extremely embarrassed.

Knowing that these three people probably can’t be attracted by just playing tricks, he immediately put away his thoughts, looked serious, and said: ’Since the three seniors came here with the elders, then I must also know what the Sect Master will do next, I don’t know what the three seniors think?”

“The old man and the three have heard about what Sect Master Yang wants to do next. But to put it bluntly, although Sect Master Yang has a tyrannical battleship, he may not be able to defeat him. And I don’t know how Chief Yang Zong guards against the blow of the Nirvana Thunderball?” Yang Xiuzhu asked in a deep voice.

“Probably I can’t help it!” Yang Kai slowly shook his head.

Although the old guy’s attitude is not friendly, his vision is very harsh, and what he says is sharp.

Yang Kai’s blow of the Nirvana Thunder Orb was exactly what Yang Kai was worried about. Although he was certain that he could dodge it, the battleship was not good enough. The size of the battleship was too large. Once hit by the Nirvana Thunder Orb, it was very likely. Will cause unimaginable losses.

It is possible to be destroyed directly.

This is the biggest support in the battle with the Zhantian League. When it comes to Xingdi Mountain, it is useless.

Unless the power of the Nirvana Thunder Orb is used up on the side of Xingdi Mountain, the warship will not be able to go to Xingdi Mountain at all.

“If you can’t help it, Sect Master Yang thinks that with the power of you people, you can capture this door? This door has stood the Gloom Star for tens of thousands of years, and it is not so good. Is Sect Master Yang too underestimated?” Yang Xiuzhu snorted, obviously not optimistic about Yang Kai’s ability.

“Hehe” Yang Kaisi didn’t think it was a pestle. Instead, he smiled and said with an affectionate expression: ’Senior is quick to talk, then let’s open the skylight to speak up! This Sect Master just heard the senior call the Grand Elder as the master of the door. But as far as I know, the current Star Emperor Mountain sect master has someone else. It seems that in the hearts of several seniors, the elder of this sect is what everyone expects!”

Yang Xiuzhu nodded happily: “Yes! Since the thief took over as the sect master a hundred years ago, he has been aggressively suppressing dissidents, but those who disobeyed have been targeted. The old man and the other three have not had a happy life over the past few years, and even their own training materials have to go out by themselves. Searching for this has delayed a lot of cultivation time. I used to think that the sect master has already fallen, so that’s all. Now that I know that the sect master is still alive, I naturally want to look forward to the sect master’s head.”

’Sincerely, the kid is deeply admired by the three seniors!” Yang Kai said solemnly.

“It goes without saying that the old man and the other three came here because of the sect master, and they have nothing to do with you. The ugly words are first. Even if you convince the old man and the three, I will not help directly. After all, the people over there are all the same regardless of their behavior. The old man and others have not moved for a long time, and they don’t want to get blood. Especially the blood of the same door.”

Lin Yuluo and Chu Hanyi nodded in agreement.

“Then what are you doing here? “Yang Kai was stunned, with an unhappy expression.

“If Sect Master Yang can persuade the old man and the other three, it is for the sake of the master’s face, I can help you with this matter within my power. A handful.”

“What can you do? “Yang Kai frowned.

“For example, persuade some fellow students not to be your enemy!”

“How much? “Yang Kai raised his brows.

“Half of it!”

“It’s so-so” Yang Kai pondered. If half of the people are not against him, the situation will be much optimistic. Moreover, with this half of them as a check, the remaining people will dare not dare. Easy to do it.

“Your fellow students grew up in Xingdi Mountain since childhood. They are as close as brothers to each other. Most people adhere to the same philosophy as the master of the sect. Those who really have different intentions are only a few, so With the help of the old man and others, supplemented by the prestige of the sect master in the past, Sect Master Yang may not hope for success in this matter. “Yang Xiuzhu said again.

“Well, there is some truth in what I said, so what should I do to convince you?” Yang Kai looked at the three of them.

“You have to ask Sect Master Yang himself.” The beautiful woman Lin Yulao chuckled.

“Understood.” Yang Kai nodded lightly, frowning and groaning.

Judging from Ye Xiyun’s previous descriptions and this time of contact, many people in Xingdi Mountain are incompetent. They have lived in Xingdi Mountain since they were young, and they rarely come into contact with the outside world. Because of the infused ideas and the influence of the growth environment, such people have little greed.

So if you want to impress them, wealth is probably useless, you have to do what you like.

Furthermore, his own proposal must not harm other talents in Xingdishan, otherwise it will definitely arouse their resentment.

Thinking for a moment, a smile appeared on Yang Kai’s face, his eyes full of confidence.

Perceiving the change in his expression, Yang Xiuzhu and the others couldn’t help but frown. They didn’t know what Yang Kai had thought of, and immediately looked at him intently.

’Since the three are already strong at the peak of the Mirror of Return, don’t you think about going further in the martial arts?” Yang Kai looked at the three with a smile.

“Go further!” Yang Xiuzhu and others all lifted their expressions, looked at Yang Kai in amazement, and eagerly asked: “Do you have a way?”

No martial artist does not want to be in the martial arts. Rising steadily, since I have chosen this path, I will continue to move forward to appreciate the better scenery, and no one is willing to stay where they are.

“Hehe, the kid naturally doesn’t have the ability to break the shackles of this dark star heaven and earth law, but the three seniors have also seen it. The kid has a virtual king-class battleship. Let’s not hide it from the three. Wait for this matter. After it’s over, the kid is going to go on a long voyage.” Yang Kai said without hesitation.

“Voyage?” Yang Xiuzhu and the others brightened their eyes and understood immediately, and said with a look of expression: “You mean”

“Yes. Since the laws of the dark stars are bounded by the laws of heaven and earth, Then it’s fine to leave here. It’s not a kid arrogant. I think it’s okay to go on a long voyage based on the quality of the Void King-class battleship. Well, I also invited the elder Qian and the Lord of Philadelphia from the Shadowmoon Temple before, as well as Qiantian. People of Zong, if the three seniors are interested, they can go together!”

Yang Xiuzhu and the others are all excited and seem to agree to it soon.

It’s done! Yang Kai grinned.

But soon, he discovered something was wrong. The emotions of the three Yang Xiuzhu calmed down at an extremely fast speed, frowned secretly, and looked a little guilty.

“Are the three of you dissatisfied with this proposal?” Yang Kai asked in a deep voice.

Yang Xiuzhu glanced at him, shook his head and smiled bitterly: ’Sect Master Yang said and laughed, this kind of good thing, presumably no warrior of the three-level return to Void will refuse, and it will naturally attract the old man and others. If the old man and the others really agreed to Sect Master Yang’s request because of this condition, then I will become a sinner selling the clan for glory. Please forgive me, Sect Master Yang, I cannot promise you to help you with this proposal.”

Fuck, you’re so stubborn! Yang Kaixin yelled at him.

It’s this time, the old guy is still thinking about other fellow students. To some extent, Yang Kai admires his personality very much, but from the perspective of his own interests and goals, the old guy is Somewhat unreasonable.

Fortunately, I prepared more than one proposal.

Taking a deep breath, Yang Kai said solemnly: “I heard the Great Elder say that Xingdi Mountain is a legacy of Taixuanzong! I don’t lie to the three of them. Now where I am, the place where I am. It is the site of Emperor Taixuanzong!”

Hearing this, Yang Xiuzhu opened his mouth, but in the end he didn’t say anything and sighed heavily.

I don’t have the ability to take back the inheritance of his ancestors. Now that he is occupied by others, he naturally has nothing to say, and he has no position to criticize Yang Kai.

“What does Sect Master Yang mean by this?” Chu Hanyi frowned.

“If I said, after the event is over, can all the people in Xingdishan return to Taixuanzong?” Yang Kai smiled treacherously, ’Since you have adhered to the precepts of your ancestors for tens of thousands of years, you must also I really want to go back to the ancestral land to take a look? I can satisfy your desire, not only that, you can all live there in the future, stay where your ancestors have been tens of thousands of years ago, and breathe the breath of your ancestors. The air, looking at the scenery that our ancestors have seen before, there is a place where even the emperor has stayed, maybe there is another mystery.”

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Chapter 1549: There is a guest – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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