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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1550: Shocking again and again Read Novel

Chapter 1550: Shocking again and again – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1550: Shocking again and again

In the lobby, Yang Kai’s expression is calm, Yang Xiuzhu and the others are excited!

Since tens of thousands of years ago, Taixuanzong’s legacy had to move out of Liuyan Sand. Every generation dreamed of returning to their ancestral land, but the natural barrier of Liuyan Sand allowed them Fearful and powerless.

Now, Yang Kai’s proposal is scratching the itch of Yang Xiuzhu and others.

If you are from other forces, you may not be too interested in such a proposal. The ancestor’s foundation belongs to the ancestors. Tens of thousands of years have passed. The sect has developed well. Even the name has changed. Return to the ancestral land?

But for the people in Xingdi Mountain, the situation is a little different.

Because of their ideas, because of their beliefs, they are all respected by the emperor!

Taixuanzong, that was the sect that the Great Emperor single-handedly supported back then. It was the place where the Great Emperor stayed. The Xingdi Mountain created later is not comparable to Taixuanzong.

The ancestral land represents not only the respect for the ancestors, but also the worship of the emperor.

There is no Xingdishan warrior who does not want to return to the ancestral land and pay homage to the former residence of the emperor!

Yang Kai’s proposal is in the arms of Yang Xiuzhu and others. It can be said that this proposal is more attractive than the first one.

The first one is only for the three of them, but this one is for everyone.

The three of them looked at each other, and they all saw the emotion in each other’s eyes.

“Well, now Senior Ye is also the elder of my High Heavenzong. Since you are the legacy of Taixuanzong, it is completely fine to enter there and live there.” Yang Kai strikes while the iron is hot.

“Are you not afraid that the guest will force the host and lead the wolf into the room?” Yang Xiuzhu stared at Yang Kai with shining eyes, and asked sharply.

’Seniors are joking, not to mention that there are elders there. You wouldn’t do this. Just the character of a few seniors, the kid has believed in. You are not chasing fame and fortune, I’m nothing. I’m so worried.”

“The kid is refreshing!” Yang Xiuzhu yelled, “Okay, the old man and the others will help you if you agree to your terms! But let’s say in advance, if we are with Xingdishan. I really went to the ancestral land, and asked Sect Master Yang to divide a separate area for me to live in. We will not join the High Heaven Sect. Please understand this point.”

“Don’t join?” The corner of Yang Kai’s mouth twitched, and he scolded the old guy for being like a ghost. He tried so hard to draw in and take out the ancestral land to talk about the matter. I saw it through, and I said the request in advance.

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This makes him very unhappy.

A mountain cannot tolerate two tigers. Although Yang Kai does not worry that they are really bad for the High Heaven Sect, but the many Void Returning Mirror Powerhouses in the Star Emperor Mountain cannot be used for his own use, and it is not what Yang Kai wants to see.

If that is the case, it is difficult to guarantee that there will be no friction and conflict between each other for a long time.

As soon as I thought about this, Yang Kai showed a look of regret: “Well, since the predecessors said that, the kid naturally has no reason to disobey, but it is a pity!”

“What a pity “Yang Xiuzhu knew that Yang Kai might be playing some tricks, but he was still puffed up and looked at him suspiciously.

“Nothing.” Yang Kai chuckled, “I just thought, if you can join the High Heaven Sect, you may not have the chance to see the emperor’s face in time, but if you just divide a separate area for you, Here”

“What?” Yang Xiuzhu was shocked, and Lin Yuluo and Chu Hanyi also showed their eyes.

’Sect Master Yang, what do you mean by this?” Lin Yulao leaned slightly.

“Didn’t the great elder tell you?” Yang Kai turned his head and looked at Ye Xiyun, imagining something mysterious.

Ye Xijun slowly shook her head, understanding Yang Kai’s plan, but didn’t go to demolish his station, but smiled and said: “It’s a big deal, I didn’t dare to say it.”

“Well, yes, this kind of thing really can’t be said casually. Naturally, the fewer people who know, the better. “Yang Kai nodded slightly.

“Sect Master Yang, what did you mean by that? “Yang Xiuzhu asked eagerly, with an anxious expression on his face, “How do you listen to what you mean? It seems that the emperor is now in the High Heaven Sect?”

When he said this, even he himself was taken aback, and he shook his head quickly, with an unbelievable look.

“The predecessor is right, the emperor is indeed in the High Heaven Sect. ! “Yang Kai grinned and smiled.

“How is it possible?” “Yang Xiuzhu and the others suddenly got up, their bodies trembled, with a hell in the day.

“The kid doesn’t need to deceive the three. If you don’t believe it, you can ask the elder. “Yang Kai gestured.

The three cast their eyes on Ye Xijun, who nodded slightly.

Yang Xiuzhu was stunned. The shock of the news was like a sledgehammer, cruel. The hammer hit his forehead fiercely, making him dizzy and unable to return for a long time.

After all, the emperor is a powerful figure that exists in various legends, although Yang Xiuzhu and others have always believed that the emperor is still alive, only But sleeping somewhere in a hidden place, but this is just a belief after all.

When beliefs become reality, even those who believe in no doubt still have doubts, it is a kind of fear of gains and losses for fear of turning their hopes into disappointments.

“Can you have a certificate?” Lin Yulao chuckled, “Can you have any certificate to prove this? Even with the great elder as a guarantee, we can’t easily believe it. Please also ask Sect Master Yang to show me the certificate.”

Yang Xiuzhu and Chu Hanyi also recovered and nodded straight to the side.

“What credentials do you want?” Yang Kai laughed.

“Anything is okay, as long as it can be proved, why shouldn’t the old man and the others agree to join the High Heaven Sect?” Yang Xiuzhu burst out with a ferocious expression, and Yang Kai didn’t need to show his proof. The appearance of letting go with him.

The emperor is all in the High Heavenzong, are they aggrieved?

If this is the case, let alone Yang Kai not wooing them, he is begging grandpa to tell grandma, and they also want to join!

“Not to mention whether I have any proof or not, even if I have it, if I take it out, you can recognize it again?” Yang Kai smiled contemptuously.

“Whether you can recognize it, the old man and others have their own judgments, but if Sect Master Yang is just slanderous, the old man will not be able to forgive!”

Yang Kai looked at him for a while, he didn’t expect things to develop. In this way, at this moment in time, asking him to show the voucher, he is somewhat powerless.

Early, there was a flash of light in his mind, and he laughed: “That’s it, you guys can be optimistic.”

When the voice fell, something suddenly appeared in the palm of his hand, holding it high. Up.

The power of emperor’s prestige, ups and downs.

The expressions of the people all changed, and they looked at it.

After a while, Yang Xiuzhu lost his voice and exclaimed: “The Star Emperor Order! It is the Star Emperor Order!”

It is not that he has never seen the Star Emperor Order. Xingdi Mountain had two stars before. The emperor order, one piece as a symbol of the great emperor, was enshrined on Ling Juefeng and was worshipped by the people of Xingdishan.

The other piece is used as a status symbol of the person at the helm of Xingdi Mountain, held by the master of the gate.

But now, there is only one piece of Xingdi Mountain left, and the second piece was taken away by Ye Xiyun back then, and fell into Yang Kai’s hands after being tossed around.

Yang Xiuzhu has visited Ling Juefeng many times to worship the Great, and he is no stranger to Star Emperor Ling.

But the Star Emperor Orders he had seen were all beings that had already released their might.

But this piece of Yang Kai’s hand is intact, that is to say, a kind of magical power of the great is still sealed inside, that is the magical power that can easily kill the powerful of the Void King realm in the legend!

Yang Xiuzhu’s eyes trembled violently.

Even Ye Xijun looked solemn.

Qian Tong and Fei Zhitu both had their eyes straight when looking at them.

No one thought that Yang Kai would actually have such a heaven-defying thing!

With this token, he can easily wipe out the entire Star Emperor Mountain, and even the Gloom Star will be no problem.

While shocked, Yang Xiuzhu and the others became extremely frightened. They were secretly afraid that if Yang Kai was pressed into anxiousness, he would really use this thing to deal with Xingdi Mountain, I was afraid that there would be no one in the mountain One can survive.

“This star emperor order was handed to me by the emperor. Believe it or not, I will take it out if you have to look at the voucher. By the way, besides this thing, there is another emperor. Tell me the secret, I don’t know if I can prove what I said before.”

“Sect Master Yang, please say!” Yang Xiuzhu no longer dared to look down on Yang Kai anymore, even showing respect.

“The emperor said that the current Liuyan Sand Land is nothing more than the Three Flame Rings of the Emperor Bao! You are all elderly people, and probably young people have been to Liuyan Sand. Earth, I know that there are three layers of hot areas inside, um, those three layers of hot areas are the three rings of fire of Emperor Bao. As for the disappearance of one layer a few days ago, it is because the emperor put it away.”

The boss with open mouths.

Have they ever heard of such sensational secrets?

Even Ye Xijun didn’t know that Liuyan Sand Land was actually transformed by the Emperor Treasure, and she couldn’t help but shine in some of her beautiful eyes.

But the Three Flame Rings, the sect classics do have records, and it is rumored that it was the secret treasure that the emperor relied on the most.

It is not unimaginable that a secret treasure has been turned into a forbidden place for the Dark Star for tens of thousands of years with the divine powers of the Great Emperor.

’Sect Master Yang said that the disappearance of the first layer of heat zone was because the emperor personally collected a ring of fire?” Yang Xiuzhu asked with a trembling voice.

“Yes, this suzerain saw it with his own eyes.” Yang Kai nodded.

There was a sound of cold breath.

Just how terrifying the heat zone is, everyone present knows that when the Flowing Flame Sand is not opened, anyone who dares to go deep into it will surely die without a corpse, even if it is in the third stage of returning to the Void. Nor does it work.

A layer of hot flames disappeared before, and the whole gloomy star was noisy, and no one knew what had happened, causing such a change in Liuyan Sand. Immediately afterwards, Ling Xiaozong entered the master.

Now, here in Yang Kai, they get the answer.

It’s hard to believe it or not!

Looking at the star field, besides the emperor, who else has this ability?

For a while, Yang Xiuzhu and others believed in Yang Kai’s words by 80%, and the remaining 20% ​​were skeptical, and they were also cautious.

“Dare to ask the relationship between Sect Master Yang and the Great Emperor” Lin Yulao asked with brilliance in her eyes and cautiously asked.

“I want to say that I am a confidante, believe it or not?” Yang Kai smiled.

“Haha” Yang Xiuzhu’s face twitched, and he smiled repeatedly.

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Chapter 1550: Shocking again and again – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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