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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1551: Star Emperor Mountain Read Novel

Chapter 1551: Star Emperor Mountain – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1551: Star Emperor Mountain

Yang Kai observed his words and thoughts, and knew that the news he had thrown out was almost enough. Going on, I was afraid that these people would have to go crazy on the spot. After receiving the order from the Star Emperor, he slowly said: ’Several seniors, I I think I have proven myself, and several seniors should also make a choice.”

Yang Xiuzhu and the others looked at each other, their eyes met for a moment, as if they had reached a consensus, they clasped their fists together: ” The subordinates have seen the Sect Master!”

Yang Kai has indeed proved himself, whether it is the Star Emperor’s decree that sealed the Great Emperor’s supernatural powers, or the secrets of the Three Flame Rings and Flowing Flame Sands, they are not ordinary people. What can be obtained, can be known, especially the secrets, except the emperor’s own words, who can know?

That is something that even Ye Xijun doesn’t know!

Furthermore, Yang Xiuzhu and others are also convinced that Ye Xiyun’s character will not deceive themselves and others. When Ye Xiyun took the security, they already believed a little, but it was a matter of great importance and had to be cautious. For the sake of it.

Now that they know that the emperor is in the High Heaven Sect, how can they refuse to join?

To be able to stay in the same sect with the great emperor, to survive in the same world, that is their honor, they can’t ask for it!

“Okay!” Yang Kai laughed happily, waved his hand suddenly, and shouted arrogantly: “Who brought good wine? Bring out a few jars, and the main sect has a drink with the three seniors!”

Yang Xiuzhu showed a different color and waved his hand slightly: ’Sect Master’s kindness, I am waiting to receive it, but I am not good at drinking, and please forgive me. Moreover, now that the big event has not happened, if you really want to drink, you may wish to wait. I’ll talk about it the day when you’re done.”

“Sect Master, the three of them are all cultivators, and they are really not good at this.” Ye Xiyun also said from the side.

Yang Kai nodded, expressing his understanding, and said freely: “That’s it, then forget it. The three seniors are not only indifferent to fame and fortune, but even this appetite is not greedy. The kid admires it!”

“Sovereign overwhelmed.” Yang Xiuzhu smiled modestly.

“But the kid is puzzled by one thing, please let the three of you tell me.” Yang Kai said with a grimace.

“Sovereign, please say, the three of me must know that we can speak without saying anything.” Yang Xiuzhu stretched out his hand and motioned.

“I want to know why Xingdi Mountain suddenly attacked me, is it because of this warship of this sect?” Yang Kai squinted at them, ’Since the three are in Xingdi Mountain, I must have heard some wind. If I can help the kid, I will be grateful!”

To say that the Zhan Tianmeng and Lei Taizong acted on him, Yang Kai can understand it, after all, whether it is the previous one. In the Battle of Longxue Mountain, when the Emperor’s Garden was opened, High Heavenzong and these two sects were a little unhappy.

Furthermore, the rapid rise of Ling Xiaozong did threaten their status.

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If they really want to start, there are some reasons, why is Xingdishan? There was no intersection between himself and Xingdi Mountain. Yang Kai thought about it, but he could only think of the innocence of each other and the guilt of the two.

“The Sovereign said that it is true. It is indeed a battleship. This Xuwang-class battleship carries great hope. No power does not want to own it, and the same is true of Xingdi Mountain!” said At this point, Yang Xiuzhu glanced at Ye Xijun and continued: “If there is a sect master who continues to control the door, I am afraid that this will not happen, but the thief will be different. It’s just”

“. What?” Yang Kai raised his brows.

“Battleships are just one of them!”

“What about the other?”

“According to the news that the old man occasionally heard, the two are the emperor and the ancestral land.”Yang Xiuzhu said solemnly.

“The Great Emperor and Ancestral Land? “Yang Kai frowned.

“Good. The site of the Taixuanzong that the High Heavenzong now occupies is the place where the emperor stayed. As the Sect Master said before, maybe there is a mysterious idea there! The thief who is now in charge of the portal naturally wants to take a look, but he doesn’t know how to enter the Flowing Flame Sand, but since the High Heaven Sect can enter, then you must have a way. The thief is plotting this method!”

“That’s it! “Yang Kai’s expression was clear.

It seems that he just said that in order to win them there is another mysterious idea. It is really the right medicine. No wonder Yang Xiuzhu and others agreed so easily. It seems that it is not only that. People suspect that there is a mystery in the ancestral land, even Yang Xiuzhu and others think so.

It’s just a pity.

There is a mystery, but that’s where the emperor sleeps, except for Ye Xiyun and himself. I am afraid that no one can approach it.

Whether it is because of the warship or the unnecessary mystery, in the final analysis, it is because of the Void King Realm!

The restraint of the laws of heaven and earth makes people more resistant. The realm of the first level produces infinite desires and reveries, but the battleship and the inexorable mystery can provide hope, and the Xingdi Mountain will naturally covet it.

“Now that the old man and others help the suzerain, the culprit must be powerless, but the suzerain, you have to be careful to kill the Thunder Orb. I wait for these conservatives in the door to not be reusable. We can’t touch the Nirvana Thunder Bead, otherwise, it will be taken by the Sect Master, and it will save the Sect Master’s worries.” Yang Xiuzhu looked ashamed.

’Senior has a heart, it’s just a secret treasure. This suzerain has its own countermeasures.” Yang Kai smiled brilliantly.

“That’s good.” Yang Xiuzhu nodded lightly, suddenly as if thinking of something, and said: “Yes, there is one more thing to keep in mind.”

’Senior Please tell!”

“The thief seems to have been practicing some kind of secret technique for decades. The subordinates are incompetent. I don’t know what he is practicing for the time being, but it takes so long, presumably that secret. The technique is not trivial, if you really run into him, the main goal is to protect yourself.” Yang Xiuzhu solemnly exhorted.

“I wrote it down.” Yang Kai looked solemn.

“Okay, that’s the case, then I will wait for the three of you to leave. First go back to the door to plan for the suzerain. The suzerain can wait here for me to wait for news, and then it will not be too late.”

“Work!” Yang Kai held his fists solemnly.

After Yang Xiuzhu and the others responded with a bow, they left quickly.

In the hall, Yang Kai raised his eyebrows, and secretly felt that Yang Xiuzhu and the others should meet inside and outside on this trip to Xingdi Mountain. He was afraid that success was in sight, but he did not dare to take it lightly. After all, a thin camel is bigger than a horse. It is hard to guarantee that there will be no tricks on Xingdi Mountain at a time of crisis!

’Sect Master, the palace has retired first.” Ye Xiyun said goodbye and left.

Only Yang Kai and Qian Tongfei Zhitu were left in the hall immediately.

Elder Qian and the Lord of Philadelphia looked at Yang Kai blankly, with weird expressions.

“What do you two want to say?” Yang Kai glanced at them.

“Cough” Qian Tong gave a light cough, and asked earnestly: “Yang Kai, just now you said that the emperor’s old man is in the High Heaven Sect. Is this news true or false?”

Qian Tong couldn’t believe this breaking news until now.

It’s not that he doesn’t trust Yang Kai, it’s really shocking.

“What do you think of Elder Qian?” Yang Kai didn’t answer the question, his face was mysterious.

“I don’t know, I don’t know, I asked you!” Qian Tong was speechless.

“Haha.” Yang Kai laughed.

Fei Zhitu said: “If this is the case, then the old man will join the High Heaven Sect.”

“Old Fei You” Qian Tong looked at him in amazement.

“What’s wrong with me? Anyway, the old man is an idle city lord. There is not much more Shadow Moon Hall than me, and a lot less than me. If I can really enter the emperor’s sect, it will be my honor! “Fei Zhitu hummed.

“The Lord of Philadelphia has raised it, don’t mention it again, otherwise the kid is afraid that the old hall master will fight the kid hard if he knows it!” Yang Kai waved his hand quickly.

When he saw Qian Tong’s expression of emotion, he couldn’t help being taken aback.

He likes to win over Yang Xiuzhu and others, but he doesn’t want to dig the corner of Shadow Moon Palace.

The High Heavenzong now not only has few disciples, but high-end combat power is extremely scarce!

There are only a few people in the Void Returning Mirror, and ninety-nine percent of them are in the first level, even Yang Kai himself is in this level.

There is only one Ye Xijun, supporting the beam!

If the people from Xingdishan are drawn in, the situation will be different. I’m afraid that High Heavenzong will become the top power of the Underdark Star by the time!

Lei Taizong, the Battle of Heaven Alliance is now gone. There is only one Star Emperor Mountain standing in front of the High Heaven Sect. After it is wiped out, the top position of the High Heaven Sect will be undisputed.

This is of great benefit to future development.

That’s why Yang Kai didn’t hesitate to throw out the Star Emperor Order, he didn’t hesitate to expose the existence of the Great Emperor.

He is very enthusiastic about Yang Xiuzhu and others. These people are ascetic monks. They don’t pursue fame or fortune, they are pure in character, and they don’t have too many intrigues. Once they join the High Heaven Sect, they belong to the entire sect. Hope and mainstay.

The movements of Yang Xiuzhu and others are extremely fast and extremely efficient.

In just two days, Ye Xijun had received their call. After receiving the news, Yang Kai immediately ordered the warship to go to Xingdi Mountain.

Xingdi Mountain Range, lofty mountains, majestic and majestic, the mountains are full of aura, surrounded by mist all the year round, looking at it from a distance, it seems that it is not in the world, and it is beautiful.

The legacy of Taixuanzong chose to rest and rejuvenate here, and he has a good vision.

The people of Xingdishan don’t often move outside, don’t interfere with external grievances, just maintain self-development, but no one dares to underestimate it.

Among the bottom martial artists, perhaps not many people know its existence. Those who are familiar with it are all frontline sect forces such as the Battle of Heaven Alliance, Lei Tai Sect, Liuli Gate, and Shadow Moon Palace.

But among these first-line sect forces, there is still a Star Emperor Mountain that they need to look up to!

For tens of thousands of years, Xingdi Mountain has been a symbol of the highest force of the Dark Star, and no outsider has ever dared to set foot within a radius of 100,000 miles.

But today, the battleship of the High Heavenzong drove in arrogantly, without any pause, and went straight into the belly of the mountain.

At the same time, on Kaiyun Peak, heads of people were crowded, and all the warriors of Xingdi Mountain gathered here.

Except for some retreats, or those who practice certain secret techniques that should not be disturbed, all the other warriors are here.

Not many, just two hundred.

But if you look closely, the lineup of these two hundred people is enough to surprise anyone.

Of the two hundred people, more than one hundred and fifty people are strong in the Void Returning Mirror, and 40 of them are in the third stage of the Void Returning Realm! Below the virtual mirror, there are only a few dozen.

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Chapter 1551: Star Emperor Mountain – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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