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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1552: You don’t need to know Read Novel

Chapter 1552: You don’t need to know – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1552: You don’t need to know

No force will have such a disparity in the number of people. Although the low-end warrior is not strong, it is the hope of every sect in the future, so no matter it is the Zhantian League Thunder Taizong is still the Liuli Gate of the Shadow Moon Palace.

But here in Xingdi Mountain, the situation is reversed.

The reason is still the strict income.

The threshold to visit Xingdi Mountain is so high that it is unimaginable. It must be the best qualification, and there are also restrictions on age. Most people are brought to Xingdi Mountain under the age of ten. This kind of age is most suitable for instilling some thoughts, so the people of Xingdishan will respect the Great Emperor.

Because they were taught this concept by the older generation when they were growing up.

Once you join Xingdi Mountain, you will enjoy the best practice environment and the most abundant training materials.

Xingdishan will use up the resources of the entire sect to pave the way for the cultivation of the disciples.

Be sure to let him break into the virtual mirror before he turns forty!

Once you can’t do it, you will be abolished and expelled from Xingdi Mountain.

The rules are cruel and the effect is remarkable.

As a result, the martial artist who entered the Xingdi Mountain practiced incredibly fast, so so many Void Returning Mirrors emerged.

The rising stars of famous dark stars like Qu Changfeng, Fang Tianzhong, and Wei Guchang, none of them broke through around this age, even Yang Kai.

It’s just that after the martial artist’s strength is advanced, the appearance of the aging will become extremely slow, so everyone looks young.

Yang Kai worshipped at the High Heaven Pavilion at the age of thirteen. Now looking back and looking again, it has been twenty or thirty years.

He now has only one level of return to the Void!

It can be said that the warrior in Xingdi Mountain, any one pulled out is an existence that can be compared with Qu Changfeng Fang Tianzhong and others.

Because Xingdishan has been passed down from ancient times and possesses countless top-notch techniques and secrets, the combat power of Xingdishan disciples is generally higher than that of warriors of the same level.

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Once the disciple breaks through the Mirror of Return before the age of forty, then this disciple can go down the mountain to experience his state of mind, of course, also incognito.

Thousands of years ago, the ancient Yangzong was destroyed by Xingdi Mountain overnight, because the disciples who went down the mountain were killed by the ancient Yangzong.

For various reasons, there are so many high-level warriors in Xingdi Mountain, but the low-level disciples are scarce.

Among these low-level disciples, the cultivation bases are uneven, but each one looks young and immature. The youngest one. He had just visited Xingdi Mountain the year before, and he was only eleven years old, but he already had one. The cultivation base of the Lihe Realm, one step further, is the True Origin Realm.

This is unimaginable in any sect. Perhaps the Zhantian League and Lei Taizong can be cultivated, but they are only rare, but in Xingdi Mountain, it is commonplace.

At this age, Yang Kai has not yet entered the martial arts.

Now, two hundred people have gathered in Kaiyunfeng. Although there are many people, there is no sound, everyone seems to be waiting quietly. What a solemn expression.

Yang Xiuzhu and the others are headed by

While waiting, the three people’s eyes met and their spiritual thoughts passed, as if they were discussing something.

For a long time, someone in the crowd asked, “Brother Yang, don’t you say that the master has something important to announce? How come I have waited here for a long time without seeing the master? The old man still wants Go back to retreat and practice my shocking waves, but I can’t delay it!”

“Yes, Brother Yang, but you said that the master has something important to tell me and wait, the old man walked out of the cave, the old man. A furnace of Bilong Pill is about to be released, if you delay it, can you compensate the old body for the loss?” Another old woman yelled impatiently.

With these two people taking the lead, everyone else shouted.

Most of these people are retreating in their own caves all year round, or practicing the secret techniques of exercises, or delving into the way of refining alchemy. They usually don’t go out, and there are rarely so many people. When gathered together.

Two days ago, Yang Xiuzhu, Lin Yulao, and Chu Hanyi sent a message together, saying that it was called by the master of the door, and there was something to discuss.

Although the three of them are not reused in the door, they still have their reputations in the past. Now that they work together to send a message, naturally not many people dare to ignore them and come here one after another.

After waiting for a long time, the sect master was nowhere to be seen. No wonder they complained a bit.

“Everyone, stay calm, wait a moment!” Yang Xiu Zhulang shouted, raising his eyes to the sky, but he still didn’t wait for what he was waiting for.

“When will I have to wait?” The old woman gave a displeased look, coldly snorted, and slammed a crutch in her hand to the ground. “The ugly thing is first, and the old man gives you face. Wait for the time for a stick of incense. After the stick of incense, if the owner does not show up, the old man may leave. Don’t blame the old man for not greeting you in advance.”

“Good!” Someone echoed, but soon, he became suspicious: “Brother Yang, when did your relationship with the sect master be so good? Why do you even want you to convey his instructions? This kind of thing has never been Elder Bai. Did you do it?”

He vaguely remembered that Yang Xiuzhu and the master of the door didn’t look too good.

“Yang Xiuzhu, you are so brave!” An angry shout suddenly came from a distance. Along with the shout, a red light shot from there. After a while, the rainbow light fell in front of everyone. Revealing three figures.

“Bai Xi!” Yang Xiuzhu narrowed his eyes, looking at the coming person, there was a faint look of fear in his eyes.

This is a gray-haired old man in a brown robe. His expression is not anger and prestige. The powerful aura and the fluctuations of the Saint Yuan show his top cultivation level in the third stage of returning to the Void.

If Yang Kai was here, he would definitely recognize this person.

The old guy was the one who attacked him with the Nirvana Thunder Orb in the Falling Emperor Mountain that day.

“Elder Bai!” Seeing this old man appeared, many people in the crowd bowed and saluted.

Bai Xi holds the position of the great elder in Xingdi Mountain. Although many people have the same cultivation level as him, after all, they are more respected in their status, and they are the confidants of the sect master, so naturally they have to take the initiative to show off.

However, seeing Bai Xi’s aggressive appearance, everyone was puzzled, not knowing why Bai Xi was angry.

“Yang Xiuzhu, I haven’t seen you for a few months. You are getting bolder and dare to give false instructions to the master. What should you do?” Bai Xi looked at Yang Xiuzhu and shouted sharply.

“What? Fake the doormaster’s order?” There was an exclamation voice from the crowd. For a while, countless eyes looked at Yang Xiuzhu and the other three with a strange expression.

This kind of thing has never happened in Xingdi Mountain. The same family of Xingdi Mountain is brothers and sisters. They are close brothers and sisters, so there are few fights and grievances.

But now, why is Yang Xiuzhu willing to risk the world’s unfavorable circumstances and give false orders to the master?

What does he want to do?

Bai Xi is a close confidant of the sect master. Since he said it was a false biography, he couldn’t be wrong.

“The old man gave the sect master’s order?” Yang Xiuzhu sneered at the imposing Bai Xi, “The old man is not so daring to ignore his ancestors’ admonitions. Up and down the Star Emperor Mountain, respect the sect master. The old man still knows this, but there are offenders, and the disciples will punish them together!”

“You know it!” Bai Xi also sneered, “Bai has only seen the master of a cup of tea before. It was also from him. If he had this instruction, how could Bai not know?”

“Because you don’t need to know!” Yang Xiuzhu hadn’t answered yet, and suddenly came from mid-air. With a sweet cry.

Immediately there was a flash of the figure there, and a glamorous woman in a palace costume suddenly appeared strangely, standing proudly in the air, a pair of phoenix eyes like icy blades, looking down.

Bai Xi turned her head abruptly. Upon seeing it, she was shocked and lost her voice: “Yemen Master!”

“Senior Sister Ye!”

“Sister Ye, it’s impossible. Didn’t it mean that Sister Ye was already dead? Could it be that the old man is getting too old and dazzled?”

“It’s Sister Ye? Are you right?” The old woman who spoke to Yang Xiuzhu before Suddenly, more and more people came out, her body trembled lightly, and she stared at Ye Xiyun in mid-air with a look of surprise and confusion.

Ye Xiyun looked at her and smiled: “I haven’t seen you in a hundred years, Junior Sister Xinlan is much older!”

Xu Xinlan was shocked, tears filled her eyes, but she was laughing joyfully. ’Senior Sister Ye’s demeanor is more of the past. The younger sister did not expect that in her lifetime, she would be lucky enough to see her grace!”

“Because of others, she had to live in seclusion for a hundred years. Senior Sister Lao is concerned.” soft.

“Is harmed by others? Who dares to harm you!” Xu Xinlan suddenly hissed and growled. It looked like a poisonous snake, viciously swallowing the core of a snake. Suddenly, she seemed to be thinking of something, gloomy. Face said: “Could it be?”

“En.” Ye Xiyun nodded lightly, “This time I come back to the palace, one is to clear the old accounts in the past, and the other is to clear the door.”

“Good! “Xu Xinlan gritted her teeth and drank, ’Senior sister, even if the junior sister is dead, she will eat a piece of blood!”

As the two of them spoke, more than two hundred warriors on Kaiyun Peak have already had a sudden change in their minds.

Although most of these people retreat in Xingdi Mountain all the year round, even Ye Xiyun came back and even participated in the dragon. I have never heard of the news of joining the High Heaven Sect in the Battle of Xuanshan, but now the situation is clear at a glance. They are not idiots, just after a little thought, they somewhat understand the cause and effect of the matter.

Even if you can’t know all of it, guess. It’s okay to be seven or eight.

Accounting for the former sect master, forcing him to stay away from Xingdi Mountain, seeking power to usurp the throne, and rebellious! This is an unforgivable thing in Xingdi Mountain.

What’s more, among the two hundred people, many of them were greeted by Yang Xiuzhu in advance, knowing that there will be such a big show today, and now that Ye Xiyun has returned, he is naturally overjoyed.

They all agreed that year. I have received the favor of Ye Xiyun more or less.

When Ye Xiyun was in charge of Xingdi Mountain, their living and cultivating environment was much better than it is now, but since Ye Xiyun’s disappearance, the treatment received has been reduced.

Compared between the two sides, everyone naturally hopes that Ye Xijun will be in power again.

Moreover, this is justified!

A hundred years ago, Ye Xiyun was already the number one powerhouse in the Dark Star. Now that a hundred years have passed, her strength is only going to be stronger. Who will be in power if she is not in power?

It means that Yang Xiuzhu and others are going to be short in front of Ye Xijun.

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