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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1553: Do you have a seed? Read Novel

Chapter 1553: Do you have a seed? – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1553: Do you have a seed?

On Kaiyun Peak, Ye Xijun stands proudly in the void, and more than two hundred Star Emperor Mountain disciples are all looking up.

Yang Xiuzhu and the others glanced at each other, feeling that the time was about to darken, and hurried to kneel on the ground, shouting in a low voice: ’Subordinates welcome the master back to the mountain!”

“Subordinates Wait for the hostess to return to the mountain!” Yang Xiuzhu and others had said hello beforehand, and those who had been friends with them also shouted in unison, their voices loud and loud.

The rest of the people looked around, and they were all aware of the current affairs and prayed.

A large part of these people have no opinion on who is the master of the sect. They are not inclined to Ye Xiyun or the current sect master. They belong to the kind of existence that does not cause trouble and does not cause trouble. Nowadays, the general trend is natural. Go with the flow.

The three of Bai Xi and others who had arrived earlier were panicked, their expressions were all blue, and their faces were harder to look like than ever.

“Bai Xi!” Yang Xiuzhu whispered, “The master is here, don’t you kneel down!”

“She is not the master, and the master now has someone else. Why should the old man bow down to her!” Bai Xi snorted coldly, and he was also mature, knowing that the situation is over now. He didn’t expect that the current master has worked hard for hundreds of years and still doesn’t have much foundation. On the contrary, Ye Xiyun is only a hundred years away. After reappearing, he shattered the foundation of the current sect master.

The prestige of the current sect master looks ridiculous at this moment.

On the one hand, it is naturally because of Ye Xiyun’s high reputation, on the other hand, it is naturally because the current sect master’s position is a plot to usurp. It is an act of deceiving the teacher and destroying the ancestor, which is despised!

No matter in the righteousness or the ancestral motto, the current sect master can’t stand his heels.

He judged the time and situation, knowing that even if he surrendered now, it would not help. I was afraid that after Ye Xijun took care of the current sect master, he would be the next one to kill.

So he won’t give in!

’Stubbornly stubborn!” Yang Xiuzhu slowly got up, his eyes were as cold as a knife’s edge, staring coldly at Bai Xi, with a cold murderous intent in his eyes.

Lin Yuluo and Chu Hanyi also moved at this moment, and they did not see any movement, but people suddenly appeared on the left and right sides of Bai Xi, surrounded him in a pinching force, not letting him. He has a chance to escape.

“Bai Xi, you abolish your own cultivation base, there are ancestral instructions, Xingdishan disciples must not kill each other, I miss you and me for many years of sympathy, and give you a chance to sever!” Looking at Bai Xi indifferently.

“Want Bai to abolish his cultivation?” Bai Xi laughed, “Yang Xiuzhu, are you still awake? Since the ancestors say you can’t kill each other, I want to see if you can take it. How about Bai!”

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He actually looked confident and triumphant.

Yang Xiuzhu frowned, his expression turned cold.

A few days ago, the reason why he promised that even if he helped Yang Kai succeed, he would not participate in the fight and not be contaminated with the blood of his fellow sect, precisely because of the restraint of this ancestral precept. Now that Bai Xi looked like a rogue, it really made him a little embarrassed.

“The Xingdishan disciples really must not kill each other, but this palace is now the elder of the High Heavenzong, you still have no problem taking care of it.” Ye Xiyun snorted coldly, and stretched out a Qianqian jade palm, gently One press down, this palm is light and fluttering, it seems that there is no human fireworks.

However, Bai Xi was like a big enemy, her eyes widened in an instant, a holy yuan circling frantically, her own power swept out, and her hands were raised to the sky.


There was a silent noise bursting into the depths of the soul, Bai Xi was bitten by thunder, and her body shook. She staggered back a few steps, and opened her mouth to spit out a bloody mist. Looking at Ye Xiyun incredulously: “The power is over!”

As soon as this statement came out, everyone brightened and looked at Ye Xiyun in shock.

The warrior will only realize the power of the power when he is promoted to the virtual mirror, and only when he has cultivated his potential to the realm of Dacheng, he is qualified to be promoted to the virtual king.

This is a necessary condition, otherwise, even if a Void Returning Mirror is cultivated, it is impossible to touch the threshold of the Void King Realm.

Dark Star, there are many warriors in the Void Returning Mirror. It is this Kaiyun Peak that has gathered more than 150 warriors of this realm, but none of them has cultivated their own potential to the realm of Dacheng. Even the three of Yang Xiuzhu and others felt that their momentum was not so charming.

This is where they cannot reach.

But now, they have seen the real success!

When Ye Xiyun’s blow was out, it was silent, invisible and invisible, but it was mixed with the power of momentum. Everyone felt it clearly, and that power directly destroyed Bai Xi’s defenses. Hurt him!

The same three-tiered martial artist, the gap between Ye Xiyun and Bai Xi is clear.

However, Yang Xiuzhu and others always feel that Ye Xiyun’s momentum seems to be somewhat different from what they have learned.

“Idiot, do you think that your house is showing momentum?” Ye Xiyun snorted. After the blow, he didn’t do any more, but looked down below with cold eyes, with a mocking expression.

“It’s not the situation” Bai Xi’s mind turned sharply, and soon she lost her face, pointing to Ye Xijun and stunned: “Are you?”

“Domain!” Yang Xiuzhu yelled in a low voice, with eyes in her eyes. Suddenly there was a shocking glow, and his body trembled with excitement.

He finally understood why he felt that Ye Xiyun’s momentum was a little different from what he knew.

He remembered some secrets recorded in ancient books.

It is rumored that when the power of momentum is cultivated to the highest level, you will understand the mystery of the domain, which is the power that can be mastered by the Void King Realm, which is far more powerful than the momentum.

The realm!

This is a height that the warriors of the Dark Star will never be able to reach.

Could it be said that the master has reached this state? But looking around, Ye Xiyun clearly only had the cultivation level of the third stage of returning to the virtual state. This situation can only explain one problem.

That is, Ye Xiyun’s cultivation has reached its limit, and he has the qualifications to be promoted to the Void King Realm, but he is suppressed by the laws of the Dark Star Heaven and Earth, unable to break through.

What a sad thing this is! Yang Xiuzhu sighed.

Although he lives in a place like Gloom Star, Yang Xiuzhu also knows that even among the other cultivation stars in the Star Territory, there are very few Void King Realm powerhouses, and each one is a prestigious existence. The sect master originally had such an opportunity and such talents, but he was not born, and the dark star became a cage that restrained her from spreading her wings and soaring!

“The Qianmen Master is worthy of a genius that will last for ten thousand years. Bai admires it!” Bai Xi held her chest with her hand and gritted her teeth. Kill me, you have to pay a price!”

The voice fell, Bai Xi’s wrist was turned, and a longan-sized bead suddenly appeared in her hand.

The power of the emperor is spreading!

Everyone changed color violently.

“None of the Thunderball!” Ye Xiyun also narrowed his eyes. “This is your support?”

’So what?” Bai Xi laughed, “Bai knows The front door master has done a good job, but can you block a blow from the Emperor? If Bai is dead, you will have to be buried with you. It’s better if everyone sits down and talks about it and discusses the best of both worlds to resolve this conflict. How?”

“I don’t think so!”

An indifferent voice came from not far away.

This voice is so unfamiliar that everyone present has hardly heard of it. Turning to look at the voice, there is a young man in strong clothes with a sarcasm smile on his face. Came over without a hassle.

“Yang Kai!” Bai Xi narrowed her eyes and shouted.

Many warriors in Xingdishan have strange expressions.

Who Yang Kai is, most of them don’t know. After all, they hadn’t even heard of Ye Xijun’s comeback before, and they didn’t know Yang Kai’s existence.

Seeing that this young man has only one level of return to the Void, but rushing to Xingdi Mountain, naturally, he is a little puzzled.

However, the situation is tense right now, these people are not confused, knowing that Yang Kaiding was following Ye Xijun, he didn’t say much, but just looked at him curiously, wondering why he was even Emperor Bao. Don’t be afraid.

Know that it is a secret treasure that even Ye Xiyun may not be able to stop.

“Take this thing out to scare people again.” Yang Kai pouted, with a disdainful expression on his face, “Old guy, if you really have a kind, you can release the power of thunderball, fight for the death of the fish, and you may be able to kill. I or the elder, it won’t be a loss at that time, but do you have a seed?”

Bai Xi’s face sank, looking at Yang Kai incomparably ferociously, and growled: “Don’t bully the kid. Too many people.”

“I deceived people too much! “Yang Kai smiled, touched his nose and said: “It’s the old guy, you don’t know the current affairs, right? The Sect Master is standing there now, you have a kind of release the power of Thunder Orb, see if I can escape. If you can’t hide, I die, you die too, can hide, I live, you still die, what choice do you make?”

Bai Xi’s face was blue and white, with Di Bao in her hand, she didn’t dare to make any rash moves.

No matter how he chooses, he must have no good end, which makes him It’s very difficult.

“Of course, there is a third option. “Yang Kai grinned, his smile was extremely brilliant, showing white fangs.

“What? “Bai Xi became curious.

“Give me Dibao, I won’t die around you!”

“Wishful thinking! “Bai Xi yelled.

On the Gloom Star, there are very few secret treasures of the Void King level, and each of them is the treasure of the various sects, not to mention such things as the emperor. Now, I have experienced the power of Dibao, and now I call Bai Xi to give up, how can he be willing?

What’s more, he won’t believe Yang Kai’s rhetoric, I am afraid that he will hand over Dibao. It was the time of his own dead body.

“In that case, don’t blame this suzerain for being cruel!” Yang Kai looked impatient and let out a cold voice: “Come out!”

With his bursting drink, the sky was in the air Suddenly, the clouds were surging, and the clouds rolled up. After a while, a dark battleship with a length of more than ten meters appeared there strangely.

It seems that the battleship has been parked there, but no one notices it.

There was an uproar among the many warriors on Kaiyun Peak, all revealing an unbelievable look.

There are so many warriors here, and most of them are virtual mirrors. No one has noticed the hiding place of the battleship, which is shocking enough. If it weren’t for it to show up on its own initiative, I’m afraid everyone would still be kept in the dark.

Furthermore, this battleship seems to be very unusual, far from being comparable to ordinary battleships, it seems to be a virtual king-class battleship!

The audience was shocked!

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Chapter 1553: Do you have a seed? – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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