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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1555: Thunder Fire 7 Bird Whip Read Novel

Chapter 1555: Thunder Fire 7 Bird Whip – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1555: Thunder Fire 7 Bird Whip

Ling Juefeng is extremely high, and there are many restrictions on the peak. As a forbidden place on Xingdi Mountain, it is naturally well-protected. If you want to come here, you can only walk on foot, and you can’t fly at all. Anyone who attempts to fly to this peak suffers a lot.

On the trail between the peaks, Yang Kai and Ye Xijun walked like flying, and quickly climbed to the top of the peak.

The Xuwang-class battleship is docked halfway up the mountain, ready to be picked up at any time.

The peak of Wanzhang is actually nothing to the two of them, and it has reached the top within half an hour.

The strong wind came, and the two robe robes hunted.

“Elder, someone is welcoming us.” Yang Kai’s eyes instantly focused on the old man and the middle-aged man in front of him, grinning.

Ye Xiyun narrowed her phoenix eyes, looking at the old man with a complicated expression, and shouted in a low voice: “Qi Tian Che!”

’Sister Ye!” There is no harm at all, “Junior Brother didn’t expect that with your temperament, there would be a day to return to Xingdi Mountain.”

“There are many things you didn’t expect, Junior Brother Qi, you can be prepared Now?”

“I don’t know what Junior Brother will prepare?” Qi Tian smiled slightly.

“Preparing for this fall, I hope you have arranged the funeral!” Ye Xiyun snorted coldly.

’Senior sister doesn’t mention this kind of thing, and the younger brother has already arranged it well. The young disciple is there. Today, whether you die or I die, he will be buried.” Qi Tianche gestured to the side. Over there, looking at this side coldly and indifferently, he lightly nodded when he heard the words.

“If this is the case, those who are seniors will send juniors on the road.” Ye Xiyun nodded lightly.

“Hehe, Junior Brother thinks that Senior Sister’s loss is relatively big.”

If you don’t have a lot of speculation, the two seniors and younger brothers meet each other at a leisurely pace, and they start fighting. Psychological offensive, after the verbal confrontation, the atmosphere suddenly became serious, and the expressions of the two became extremely serious. Looking at each other, they seemed to regard each other as enemies for life.

Suddenly, the two figures flickered, and they all disappeared from the same place.

By the time they reappear, the two have separated ten feet away from each other.

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An indescribable force burst out from the two of them, and enveloped each other.

In an instant, that piece of space became distorted. The invisible power was almost condensed into substance, which was observable by the naked eye. Within that area, there seemed to be a wonderful force surging. As I went, the spirits of the two brothers and sisters merged and collided with each other.

Yang Kai’s eyes twitched, Fang Peng’s mouth twitched, and the coldness who stood in the distance widened his eyes.

The three of them were all shocked.

The power of Dacheng has even touched the threshold of the domain, and both Ye Xiyun and Qi Tianche have reached this state.

The first encounter was evenly matched!

Either Ye Xiyun or Qi Tianche showed a look of surprise. Obviously, they didn’t expect the other party to have achieved this.

But soon, the two of them started to move again, and Ye Xiyun sacrificed the bone-cutting flames. With a bare hand, the flames of the flames contained the power of destroying the sky and the earth, blasting towards the sky. Go, sometimes mixed with a magic trick.

Qi Tianche naturally did not dare to show weakness. A golden wheel-like artifact hovered above his head, like a small sun, while spinning, lasing dazzling golden light from the artifact, it was not a match for the eroded bones. Comparable.

He still muttered words in his mouth, pinching his hands and the cumbersome knot marks, and also using his life learning, and Ye Xiyun you come and me, and the water is fierce.

Sun Moon Golden Wheel! Yang Kai looked at the secret treasure offered by Qi Tianche, his eyes lit up.

He can recognize this secret treasure, naturally because of Ye Xiyun’s previous explanation.

This is also one of the two Void King-level artifacts left in Xingdi Mountain. It is of extremely high grade. It seems to be refined by the emperor that year. It can absorb the essence of the sun and the moon, contain it, and oppose the enemy. When released, the power is endless.

There are two forms of the sun-moon golden wheel. Now it shows only the first one, and it releases only the power of the sun’s divine light, scorching masculinity.

When it transforms into the second type, it will become a meniscus, and the power released will be extremely cool, enough to freeze the soul of a person.

In terms of power alone, the sun and moon golden wheels are still on top of the burning flames, but the artifact, the stronger the power, the more Holy Yuan needs to be consumed when using it. This is indisputable of.

Ye Xiyun and Qi Tianche are both standing at the top of the Pyramid of Dark Star Martial Artist’s strength. Even if the artifacts used are slightly different in power, it is not a matter of a half-time to tell the winner.

Yang Kai was watching attentively, suddenly frowned, stretched his hand forward a little, and the purple shield appeared instantly, blocking it there.

With a boom, Yang Kai’s body shook slightly, his face gloomy.

I looked up and saw Fang Peng standing there sneering at himself.

’Sect Master Fang, it’s not good to attack this kind of thing? If you want to fight, just say, this Sect Master will stay with you to the end!” Yang Kai snorted.

’Stop talking nonsense, since you have climbed the Star Emperor Mountain, boy, don’t even think about returning safely. Today, this place is your burial place!” Fang Peng shouted.

Because of Yang Kai, he had to abandon Lei Taizong’s tens of thousands of years of foundation, and even moved his hands and feet on the ancestral foundation, trying to pull Yang Kai to bury him, but now, Yang Kai is intact. Appearing here, it means that my previous preparations were in vain, not only accompanied the great rudder of Leifeng Canyon, but also accompanied the lives of the four uncles.

If Yang Kai doesn’t die, there will never be Lei Taizong.

Only by killing him, Lei Taizong can reappear.

“The old thing has a big tone. I want my life, so I can get it by myself. I don’t know if you have this ability!” Yang Kai hummed, stretched out his hand, and the fire bird flew out.

The sound of the dragon’s chants also came out, and the dragon bone sword was dripping with emerald green light. The next moment, the emerald dragon also soared in the air.


A series of spatial blades appeared beside Yang Kai. Under the control of his spiritual thoughts, you took shape and shot towards Fang Peng.

Fang Peng’s expression changed drastically. Although he was frantic, he didn’t mean to underestimate Yang Kai. Seeing that Yang Kai displayed many methods, he naturally didn’t dare to be indifferent.

The light flashed wildly on his body, and a majestic, majestic-looking treasure appeared.

Before attacking and defending, Fang Peng’s actions showed his lack of confidence.

At the same time, his wrist shook, and a long whip suddenly appeared, and the breath that belonged to the secret treasure of the Void King class rose up and down from that long whip.

As one of the two giants of the Dark Star, Lei Taizong naturally has this level of secret treasure as the treasure of the town sect. This Thunder Fire Seven Bird Whip is the treasure of Lei Taizong for thousands of years.

In normal times, it was not used at all. Fang Peng took it away when he withdrew from Lei Taizong, and now confronted Yang Kai, he took it out without hesitation.

This long whip is an ancestor of Lei Taizong. It was obtained from an ancient relic during external experience. It is said that it was also quite famous in ancient times. Refining it consumes countless rare materials. And at the same time sealed the spirits of seven powerful monsters, which can be transformed into monsters.

Finally, it was tempered in the Ten Thousand Years Thunder Fire Pool and absorbed the thunder fire power.

Any secret treasure below the virtual king level can’t help it beating. Once it is contaminated by thunder and fire, the spirituality of the secret treasure will be greatly lost.

While the long whip flicked, there was the sound of wind and thunder exploding.

At this moment, the firebird rushed to the top of Fang Peng’s head, opened its mouth wide, and burst out fireballs larger than the washbasin, facing Fang Peng under the hood.

Fang Peng was holding a virtual king-class secret treasure, and he was not afraid of it. He swung the thunder and fire seven bird whip with a vicious expression, and whipped it towards the firebird.

A screaming cry came from the firebird’s mouth. It evaded it, and was whipped upright. The flame on its body was suddenly dimmed, as if it had been traumatized.

Yang Kai’s expression changed, but he soon calmed down.

In his induction, although the firebird was injured a little, it was not a major problem, but it aroused its ferocity even more.

At this time, the blade of space hit Fang Peng. Facing this kind of weird side-door force, Fang Peng didn’t dare to be light-hearted, and his figure flashed, avoiding from the spot. When he reappeared, he was only ten feet away from Yang Kai.

The thunder and fire seven bird whips made a beautiful and tricky arc and drew towards Yang Kai.

It is worthy of being a powerhouse of the Void Returning Three-layer Realm, worthy of being the master of a sect. Regardless of strength or experience, it is much stronger than ordinary warriors, especially the purity and strength of its holy yuan, which seems to be a bit already. The trend beyond the three-level realm.

Yang Kai can only defend with a purple shield when the opponent is attacking tricky.

But the thunder and fire seven bird whips actually changed direction in mid-air, as if they were spiritual, avoiding the position of the purple shield defense. Fang Peng shook his wrist, and the long whip was shaken straight, like a long spear, thrusting it straight into Yang Kai’s heart.

On the long whip, the figure of a demon bird appeared, and there was a faint call out.

Like an eagle but not an eagle, with sharp claws and a wingspan of more than ten feet, which obscures the sky and the light.


Yang Kai looked indifferently, as if he didn’t know the disaster was imminent, and he didn’t even mean to avoid it.

The loud dragon roar came from the side, the green dragon shook its head and wobbled its tail, and intercepted the Peng Xuying that day. The next moment, the two collided together. The dragon roars and the birds chirping are endless and violent. The energy fluctuations in that space ups and downs.

Tianpeng’s phantom dimmed at a speed visible to the naked eye. On the contrary, the green dragon became more and more fierce.

“Impossible!” Fang Peng was shocked, staring at the emerald dragon in a daze, how could he not believe it.

He knew that the green long sword in Yang Kai’s hand was definitely a good secret treasure, but he never thought that it was actually a virtual king-level secret treasure!

If it weren’t for this, it wouldn’t be the same as the Thunder Fire Seven Bird Whip, and the Thunder Fire, which can corrode the spirituality of the secret treasure, had no effect on the emerald dragon. On the contrary, its Thunder Fire Seven Bird Whip seemed to have some spirituality. Damaged look.

The opponent’s emerald dragon is actually extremely poisonous!

Fang Peng’s face changed drastically, desperately urging Shengyuan and Divine Mind.

The Tianpeng phantom immediately disappeared and turned into a long whip again, freed from the entanglement of the emerald dragon like a spirit snake, and returned to his hand.

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Chapter 1555: Thunder Fire 7 Bird Whip – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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