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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1558: Intimate combat Read Novel

Chapter 1558: Intimate combat – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1558: Intimate combat

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Just now, he was like that against the Firebird.

In order to capture Yang Kai alive, Qi Tianche worked hard and inquired about the news, let him know that Yang Kai had a lot of terrible help.

But he has full confidence in Xuanjiezhu.

The profound world bead is one of the two imperial gems. He refines it and can control some of the laws of the mysterious world. As long as Yang Kai’s help is discharged, he will return to the first level of the Void. I didn’t put it very much in my eyes, once Yang Kai was captured alive, not only would he be able to learn the mystery of the power of space from him, but he would also be able to drive Ye Xiyun into a desperate situation, and even return to the ancestral land of the Supreme Profound Sect.

From the very beginning, he never thought about splitting up with Ye Xijun. His goal has always been Yang Kai.

The whirlpool that appeared once before appears again, and the terrifying suction is spreading, and I want to swallow the stone puppet!

“Wishful thinking!” Yang Kai shouted angrily, reached out his hand and grabbed the vortex suddenly. The rich spatial power went ups and downs, and the vortex was shattered by his grasp, and his movements were affected. The stone puppets also regained their freedom.

Yang Kai laughed loudly: “Old man, you seem to be a little bit inadequate in grasping the laws of the world.”

Qi Tian’s complexion sank, and some unpleasant feelings could not help but flow out.

He didn’t expect that Yang Kai could even get rid of this method of his own, fighting against the power of space. In his grasp, even if he refines the Profound Realm Orb, he is not his opponent.

The stone puppet moves like wind, and the moment it leaves the suction, it steps out and swings a stick fiercely.

How can Qi Tianche dare to hold on and dodge in a hurry.

Shaking Tianzhu brushed his body and swept across, there was another numbness at his waist.

No one is there yet. Stand steady, a strong wind can easily come from above your head, and Yang Kai’s explosive drink also reaches his ears: “The old thing also takes my punch and try!”

“Good coming! “Qi Tian looked surprised, but there were more surprises.

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He didn’t offer any secret treasures, didn’t use secret techniques, he just wanted to fight Yang Kai with his body, first because the venue didn’t allow him, second I came because I was full of confidence in his physical fitness. Now when he saw Yang Kai’s reckless concocting of himself, he was naturally overjoyed.

He thought Yang Kai was a little overwhelmed.

He I am deeply afraid of the power of the stone giant, but it does not mean that he is also afraid of Yang Kai.

Without even thinking about it, he greeted him with a fist.

There was a loud noise from the ground.

Yang Kai’s figure was like an arrow from the string, flying upside down, Qi Tianche couldn’t help but snorted, and the whole person was sank three feet underground by a huge force.

He couldn’t help changing his color.

Although it was just a head-to-head fight, it is not difficult to see from his experience and knowledge that Yang Kai’s physical fitness seems to be no worse than his own. In the previous blow, both sides suffered a bit. Both sides Did not take advantage of it.

How is this possible?

I have lived for hundreds of thousands of years. Since entering the martial arts, I have been focusing on tempering the strength of the physical body and practicing the secret technique of body tempering. Now my body is more than several times stronger than a warrior of the same level. There is no problem even if you hard-wire the general virtual high-grade artifacts.

But how old is this kid and how does he practice? How come you have such a strong physical fitness?

The amazing power of qi and blood radiated from his body, which made Qi Tianche couldn’t believe it.

The thought did not turn, the stone puppet’s Shaking Pillar swept over again.

Qi Tian is inevitable this time, most of his body is sunken in the earth, seeing the pitch-black stick hit him head-on, Qi Tian takes a deep breath, the light that blooms within Yuan himself The light was so generous, and in an instant, his body seemed to be covered by a layer of inexplicable metal, glowing with an indescribable hard color.

Clenched fists with both hands and raised both arms, blocking his face.

The next moment, Shaking Tianzhu attacked.


Qi Tianche was knocked out by a huge force, until he hit the edge of this small mysterious world, he landed heavily, his face turned pale, he vomited a mouthful of blood, and staggered. Looked dignifiedly to the front.

He suffered a big loss this time. The Shaking Pillar was forged from Celestial Profound Iron, passed down from the ancient times, and brought out by Yang Kai from the Imperial Garden.

The Sky Crystal Profound Iron is the top material of the Void King level. A large palm weighs ten thousand kilograms. If it is incorporated into the secret treasure when refining it, it will make the secret treasure extremely strong and extremely difficult to destroy.

The Shaking Pillar is completely forged from this peculiar material and is extremely heavy.

Yang Kai could barely hold it, but it was impossible to wave it.

There are only strange creatures like stone puppets that can use this strange secret treasure.

With a single force of ten guilds, even if Qi Tianchi practiced the body tempering secret technique for hundreds of thousands of years, he could not resolve the violent blow that shook the Tianzhu.

“How does it taste?” Yang Kai shook his wrist and stood not far away. He fisted Qi Tianche just now, and his hand was also a little painful.

“It’s okay!” Qi Tian cheered strong and nodded lightly: ’Sect Master Yang is sure. In time, you will be the most dazzling new star of the Gloom Star, and there will be no problem even with the Gloom Star. It’s a pity that you have met an old man, you don’t have this chance again.”

He was shining with metal light, Qi Tianche rushed towards Yang Kai solemnly.

A round of full sun suddenly appeared above his head, bursting with dazzling light.

Void King-class secret treasure, sun and moon golden wheel!

From the golden wheel of the sun and moon overflowed with ray of brilliance, that masculine radiance was hot enough to burn all things in the world, and shot Yang Kai swiftly.

At the same time, Qi Tianche also vented his great power, covering the entire Xiaoxuan realm.

The originally small space suddenly became solidified and thick, giving people the illusion of being deeply trapped in the mud. It seems that the more struggling, the deeper the sinking.

Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed, knowing that the old guy was going to fight him desperately.

He can’t beat the stone puppet in power, so he can only choose himself as the target.

Not dare to neglect, Yang Kai also let go of his own momentum.

The space suddenly becomes distorted. In places that are visible and invisible to the naked eye, pieces of space begin to collapse. Small cracks in the space, like being cut by a sharp weapon, appear strangely, wandering, and immediately It was restored by the law of heaven and earth in the Little Profound Realm, and then reappeared again and again.

Yang Kai’s power was condensed in the power of the emperor. It was integrated with the power of space that he was proficient in. It was much stronger than the general warrior’s power. Once released, it could affect nearby space.

Those collapsed places and small cracks are the best evidence.

But this alone is not enough to compete with Qi Tianche’s momentum that has already touched the threshold of the domain.

The sound of chick is a masterpiece.

Hundreds of golden bloodshots ejected, lingering around Yang Kai’s body, continuously cutting Qi Tian’s forceful suppression.

The Golden Blood Secret Art has the effect of breaking the power, and now there are hundreds of ways, and the natural effect is remarkable.

With two prongs, Yang Kai’s pressure suddenly disappeared, and he instantly lifted the restraint of the great power.

Under the control of his thoughts, the golden bloodshot flew around and lingered around him. All the great sun light that lased over was intercepted and did not cause any harm to Yang Kai.

Qi Tianche is deeply shocked!

He never thought that the situation would develop to this point. The capital and many methods he was proud of did not play a big role in front of Yang Kai, and he was dismantled and resolved one by one. invisible.

At this moment, he was a little nervous.

But now that the arrow is on the string, I have to send it. There is also Ye Xijun waiting for him outside. If he can’t take Yang Kai from the Little Profound Realm, even if he goes out, he won’t get any benefits.

Only by capturing Yang Kai here, he can regain control of the overall situation.

He made up his mind, Qi Tianche has already flew in front of Yang Kai, fists out, carrying the indestructible power, and blasted towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai didn’t evade at all. He also waved his fists, Sheng Yuan’s muscles trembling, and Qi Tianche entangled with him.

All conspiracy and plotting are in vain at this moment. Only by using power to overwhelm the other can the final victory be won. The two are like reckless men from the deep mountains and forests.

That is the collision of force and force, simple, direct, savage, and bloody!

The sound of bangs is endless, and the deafening sound of gold and iron intersects continuously from the two of them, sometimes mixed with muffled hums.

In this battle of physical strength, the two sides are actually on par.

Fang Peng looked silly from the sidelines.

He was brought into this small mysterious world by Qi Tianche. He thought he could join forces with Qi Tianche, and it would be no problem to easily win a Yang Kai. I believe Qi Tianche planned to do the same, but now, he To my frustration, he found that he couldn’t get involved in this kind of battle. He could only stand in place and watch, secretly anxious.

Even the stone puppet Xiaoxiao waited for the opportunity and did not attack rashly.

It can’t intervene either!

Bang Bang Bang

Qi Tianche’s proud body was bombarded by Yang Kai’s fists during the battle. The punches were loud and loud, and the intensity was comparable to the virtual high-grade artifact Actually, his body could not withstand the tremendous strength of the other party, the violent bombardment shook his flesh and blood, stimulating his meridians and bones, giving him a faint illusion that he could not bear it.

He didn’t suffer much damage, but Qi Tianche was bleeding from his mouth and nose, looking extremely hideous.

Yang Kai is the same, but the blood he shed is golden, full of powerful self-healing and recovery capabilities, and the power of qi and blood contained in those golden blood is shocking.

The wild battle seemed to arouse the ferocity deep in Yang Kaixin’s bottom. His eyes became cruel and bloody, his eyes were red, and his expression was ruthless, like a beast that came out of the cage. Want to choose people and eat.

The time passed.

The two of them were covered in blood and their skin was cracked, but Yang Kai’s punches remained undiminished. Instead, they became heavier and heavier. Each blow made Qi Tianche’s figure a huge shock.

Qi Tianche’s aura is gradually weakening.

The strength is divided!

Perhaps, the two are on the same level in terms of physical tempering and strength. But Yang Kai has an advantage that Qi Tianche doesn’t have, that’s golden blood!

The injuries suffered by Yang Kai can be recovered in a very short time, but Qi Tianche will not be able to do so. As one grows and one grows, one naturally falls into a disadvantage.

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