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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1560: Expanding the Little Profound Realm Read Novel

Chapter 1560: Expanding the Little Profound Realm – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1560: Expanding the Little Profound Realm

Make up his mind, Yang Kai got up, stretched out his hand and waved forward, the power of the space fluctuated, and a long and narrow space crack appeared in front of him immediately.

But compared to the usual tearing space, it seems to be smaller.

The laws of heaven and earth in this mysterious world pearl seem to be very powerful!

Yang Kai’s face showed a different color, but he didn’t go deep into it. He stretched out his hands and tore away the crack in the space fiercely. expand.

For a while, Yang Kai was surprised to find that the crack in this space was extremely stable.

Is that old fellow Qi Tianche really talking nonsense? Yang Kaixin was suspicious, and dived into the space crack.

When he reappeared and looked around, his face sank.

The small space with a radius of less than thirty feet is a mess, and there are traces left over from the war everywhere. There are two incomplete corpses on the ground, with blood and internal organs all over the floor.

It’s actually this weird little mysterious world!

Frowning, Yang Kai once again tore the space unbelief.

After repeating a dozen times, Yang Kai did not continue, but sat cross-legged on the ground, lost in thought.

Tearing space a dozen times, he couldn’t leave this little mysterious world. He could only move within a radius of thirty feet. This result surprised him a bit.

It seems that Qi Tianche is not slanderous, this Profound Realm Bead really has its mysterious side, and he can’t even escape from this place by tearing the space.

Although he did not successfully leave, Yang Kai was not without gain. A dozen movements made him vaguely feel that there was a vague barrier outside this small space, which isolated him from the outside world. Link.

This barrier is unclear, but it is precisely because of its existence that the Little Profound Realm can become a world of its own, trapping itself here.

That should be the law of heaven and earth in the Little Profound Realm!

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If this barrier can be torn through, Yang Kai will leave here with confidence.

But wanting to break the law of heaven and earth in the Little Profound Realm, how easy is it? Qi Tianche spent several decades, refining the Profound Realm Orb, only to grasp a little bit of power to control this world, and he was able to move in and out freely.

I don’t have that much time to spend here.

But now, there is no other way besides refining this mysterious world bead.

How to refine the mysterious world beads? Refining it is tantamount to refining this piece of heaven and earth. Yang Kai was confused and felt like a dog bites a hedgehog and has nowhere to go.

He sat on the spot, thinking hard.

I don’t know how long it took, Yang Kai’s confused eyes suddenly burst into a gleam. The gleam was like a spark of fire that could start a prairie fire, and soon his eyes became clear.

He seemed to understand something, he couldn’t help but was shocked, full of energy.

He had entered a misunderstanding of thinking before, thinking that if he wanted to leave, he had to refine the world, so he was at a loss.

In the final analysis, this piece of heaven and earth is sealed in the Profound Realm Orb. The Profound Realm Orb is an emperor, and that is a secret treasure!

He doesn’t know how to refine the world, but he knows how to refine the secret treasure.

Since Qi Tianche has spent decades practicing hard in retreat and refining the profound world beads, then this emperor must have been contaminated with his aura, as long as he traces the root to the source and finds his aura remains, Erase it, and then practice again.

Yang Kai suddenly understood it with one method and ten thousand methods.

Huo Di got up, popped out two magic flames, and burned the corpse not far away. Only then did Yang Kai release his spiritual thoughts and began to explore the thirty-square-meter space inch by inch, trying to find what he wanted. To the traces.

The result went well, he did find Qi Tianche’s breath remaining in this space.

It didn’t take much effort to erase it.

But when Yang Kai wanted to leave his breath in it, he was met with great resistance.

Qi Tianche is right in saying that it is extremely difficult to refine the Profound Realm Orb from the inside. It is far less easy than refining from the outside. The time and power gap required for this is hundreds of times. Thousand times calculation.

Even if Yang Kai is countless times more sophisticated than Qi Tianche in terms of space power, such refinement cannot be completed in a short time.

Yang Kai did some calculations, and the result was startled.

At least it will take more than ten or twenty years before he can barely refine the Profound Realm Bead and get out of it.

Yang Kai suddenly regretted that he had killed Fang Peng so quickly.

If he is alive, he can still let himself out of breath now.

After frowning and groaning for a long time, Yang Kai calmed down his irritability, did not immediately refine the Profound Realm Orb, instead poured out a lot of spar from his space ring and placed it in front of him with his hands. Holding one each, absorbing the energy frantically.

Kong Xuan Jing!

Yang Kai is able to penetrate the power of space so thoroughly, surpassing Mo Xiaosheng and Qi Tianche in this field, all thanks to Kong Xuanjing.

This kind of peculiar spar has always been used only as a material for refining the space ring, but Yang Kai has taken a different approach and used his body to absorb the energy in it to enhance his control of the power of space.

Empty mysterious crystals are extremely rare, and even if others have this idea, it is absolutely difficult to realize.

But Yang Kai is different. The empty profound crystal mine that Shi Puppet Xiaoxiao found at the foot of Longxue Mountain in the past gave him the capital to squander, and he had no worries.

There were a lot of Kongxuanjing mined in the past, but after so many years, Yang Kai will absorb the power of Kongxuanjing when he is free, and the consumption is huge. Now only a small half of the original mining is left. Up.

Workers must first sharpen their tools if they want to do well.

Yang Kai wanted to shorten the time to refine the Profound Realm Orb, only to make himself more thorough in the understanding of space power and to use it more handily.

So he plans to cultivate a burst of space power first.

Blocks of empty profound crystals were turned into powder in Yang Kai’s hands. The sun and the moon rose in the outside world, but the passage of time was not noticed in the small profound realm.

I don’t know how long it took, Yang Kai’s side has accumulated a thick layer of empty profound crystal powder, almost submerging him.

The long-term absorption of the power of the Kong Xuan Jing, coupled with his own insight, made Yang Kai vaguely feel that he has a deeper level of attainments in the power of space, but he also found that as his own understanding of the space The power of the master, absorbing the energy of the empty profound crystal seems to have less and less effect on his growth.

Perhaps one day, no matter how much I absorb the energy of the Kong Profound Crystal, I won’t make any progress.

Yang Kai paused for a while, and once again released his spiritual thoughts to refine this small world.

After a moment, he raised his brows and his face showed a touch of joy.

The process of refining was much easier than it was at the beginning, and he could clearly feel the barriers and constraints between this world and the outside world.

As long as he breaks it, he can walk out of here.

The power of space merges into the divine mind, centering on Yang Kai, spreading around like a tide.

Yang Kai tried to imprint his own life in this world, carve his soul mark, and make it his own.

A scene that made him stunned suddenly appeared. When his spiritual thoughts spread out, this small world, which originally covered an area of ​​only about thirty meters in radius, suddenly became a little bigger, which was not visible before. The scenery is also in sight.

This result surprised Yang Kai.

But after thinking about it carefully, I figured it out.

Although Qi Tianche has refined the Profound Realm Orbs a bit, he can freely enter and exit, but his grasp of the power of space is still very shallow, so he can only open the space of about thirty meters in radius.

I am different. I am much more advanced in space power than the old ones, so I can open up more space.

Yang Kai suddenly became interested.

He really wants to know what it will look like when this small mysterious world is fully opened, and how big it will be.

The original intention of refining the Profound Realm Bead and getting rid of it quietly changed. Yang Kai was full of enthusiasm and enjoyed it and began the process of exploration.

Furiously urging one’s own spiritual thoughts, mobilizing one’s mastery of the power of space, the world of the Little Profound Realm is like the beginning of chaos, expanding a little bit, revealing the scenery and charming scenery that has not been shown before.

In this process, Yang Kai discovered that all kinds of magical insights and mysterious powers poured into his heart and merged into the depths of his soul, making his insight into the power of space clearer and clearer, which was more clear than his absorption of the void. The energy of the crystal is countless times more effective.

Expanding the world of the Little Profound Realm, and the power of the cultivation space, have actually formed a virtuous circle in this unintentional move.

Yang Kai was overjoyed and became more and more tireless.

In the Little Profound Realm, that piece of heaven and earth is expanding every day, and Yang Kai is also growing every day.

With his cultivation, the shackles of the peak of the Void Returning Stage reached a complete breakthrough, and Yang Kai was promoted to the Void Returning Stage within the Little Profound Realm.

After all, in Luodi Mountain, he had already reached the peak of the Void Returning Stage. If he hadn’t deliberately suppressed it, he could break through at that time.

He still hasn’t stopped the pace of exploration, repeating the same thing all the time.

The strength increases, the holy yuan becomes pure, the power of divine consciousness skyrocketed, and Yang Kai gained an overall improvement!

Even with that strand of distraction, it has been strengthened and nourished.

Tired, rest for a while, no one relieves the boredom, so he released the stone puppet and talked with it for a while.

Stone puppet Xiaoxiao is still very interested in the second golden stone puppet. Even if this golden stone puppet is mentally disabled, he can only rely on Yang Kai’s distraction to control his actions, but it is Xiaoxiao after all. The only family member.

It takes the gold and stone puppets very seriously, but if there are any good things, you can share them with them.

The time passed by little by little.

Yang Kai didn’t know how long he had stayed in this little profound realm, but he had consumed all the empty profound crystals, and he also took this little heaven and earth around thirty feet from the beginning. It has expanded to a radius of a hundred miles, and there are new developments every day.

Within that hundred miles, there are mountains and waters, and the scenery is wonderful.

But it is far from the end of the Little Profound Realm. In that unknown place, there are even more tickling secrets hidden.

One day, Yang Kai stood up, his spiritual thoughts expanded, and in an instant, all the plants and trees within a hundred li were printed into the investigation.

He grinned and stretched out his hand in front of him a little bit. A whirlpool suddenly appeared, spinning, and a huge suction came from it.

Yang Kai didn’t resist, letting the whirlpool draw himself into it, and the person disappeared in the next moment.

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Chapter 1560: Expanding the Little Profound Realm – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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