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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1562: Bibo City Read Novel

Chapter 1562: Bibo City – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1562: Bibo City

“Zhantian City is now High Heavenzong’s.” The girl in green clothes who had been standing behind Yang Kai suddenly interjected.

She seems to want to attract Yang Kai’s attention.

Which girl does not cherish the spring, Yang Kai just saved her life like a god descending, her age is the most sensitive to the drama of heroes saving the United States.

What’s more, when viewed from the side, Yang Kai’s face is stiff and hard, his back is strong, he is not old, and there is a breath that makes her very comfortable. Of course, she wants to highlight her sense of existence, so Get it yourself.

“Ling Xiaozong” Yang Kai laughed and looked back at her.

The girl’s face was reddened, but she happily explained: “Yes, you must have heard of it. It is a sect that has only emerged in recent years. I heard that their rudder is in Liuyansha. As for the land, even the Star Emperor Mountain, the Battle of Heaven Alliance, and Lei Tai Sect were all destroyed by them. Now, on the Gloom Star, the High Heaven Sect is the most powerful sect.”

She twittered, she seemed to say something. If not, the character is very lively.

“Mayfair.” The old man glared at the girl, and secretly blamed the little girl for not knowing the importance of it and being rude.

“It’s okay, I’ve heard of Ling Xiaozong.” Yang Kai chuckled, “But I didn’t expect it to be so famous. Well, you go ahead and I won’t bother.”

He came here to find out where the nearest city is. Now that the information is available, naturally there is no meaning to stay for a long time.

I don’t know that he just said that he is going to leave, the girl in green suddenly Jiao Jiao Called: “Wait.”

“How? “Yang Kai gave her a stunned look.

“Second Uncle, we have been out for a while, shouldn’t it be time to go back? After some injuries, it’s not suitable to stay here anymore. “The girl in green looks at the old man.

“Well, what you said makes sense. It’s time to go back. “The old man nodded lightly.

“Then come with him, so I can have a caregiver along the way. “The girl in green suggested.”

“This” the old man looked at Yang Kai in embarrassment. To be honest, of course he hopes to be with Yang Kai. After all, Yang Kai has just shown his strength. Although there is no major danger in returning, but if you are not afraid of everything, you are afraid of ten thousand in case. With Yang Kai’s help, the return journey should be very safe.

The girl’s proposal made him very agree, but he just didn’t know Yang Kai. What does it mean.

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“It’s okay, just because I don’t know the specific location of Bibo City, so I’ll have to help you lead the way. “Yang Kai smiled slightly and nodded in agreement.

It was also on the way anyway, Yang Kai was not in a hurry.

“The little old man would like to thank the little brother.” The old man was overjoyed.

“I’ll collect the materials.” The girl in green cheered and ran to the cracked copper-headed tiger that died on the ground.

The old man smiled bitterly, shook his head secretly, and said apologetically: “Don’t blame my little brother, Mayfair is like this by nature, but my little brother can rest assured that I will provide all those materials later.>

“No, you keep it, these things are of no use to me.” Yang Kai waved his hand.

The body material of a Tier 8 monster is really useless to him.

The wealth that Yang Kai possesses is hard for ordinary people to imagine.

Hearing this, the old man’s eyes lit up, and after reconfirming that Yang Kai did not need the materials, he couldn’t help but be grateful.

The inner alchemy and brain of the Bronze Head Tiger is a good income for them.

Soon, with the assistance of several other people, the girl in green finished processing the body materials of the monster beast. It can be seen that these young people are well versed in this way, and they are very familiar with it. Obviously they often do it. This kind of thing.

After a brief cleaning, Yang Kai went on the road with these people and hurried towards Bibo City.

The green-clothed girl is indeed lively and curiosity is very strong. When the chatterbox is opened, she talks endlessly about the irresistible trend.

What is Yang Kai’s name, where is it from, where is his birthplace, and other people’s taboos? She doesn’t seem to know how to avoid taboos, so it is natural to ask.

Anyway, it’s on the way, Yang Kai just chatted with her as to pass the time.

Speaking of which, she didn’t ask much about Yang Kai’s information, but she explained her old truth thoroughly.

The old man was very embarrassed to listen to him. Fortunately, he saw that Yang Kai was not an unsuspecting person, so he let it go, and secretly decided to wait until he returned to the family to teach the girl a lesson. Told her to know that the human heart is sinister and that she can no longer tell strangers this in the future.

Occasionally encounter monsters blocking the road along the road. The old man and others didn’t need to worry at all, they were all easily solved by Yang Kai.

It’s not a small gain for them.

Below the old man, several young people admire Yang Kai extremely. Everyone seems to be about the same age, but in terms of strength, Yang Kai surpasses them by a large margin.

The worship and respect for the strong are the innate versatility of warriors, and Yang Kai’s performance completely conquered these young people.

For a distance of tens of thousands of miles, if Yang Kai was allowed to drive alone, it would only take an hour or two, but walking with the old man and others took a day.

One day later, a city standing on the edge of the plain came into view. Everyone walked to the city gate, turned in some spars, and entered the city smoothly.

“Thank you for your guidance along the way, let’s separate here, and a few take care!” Yang Kai clasped his fists, shaking his figure, and got into the crowd and disappeared.

The girl in green called out a few times, but did not see Yang Kai turning her head, she couldn’t help but pursed her mouth unhappily.

“Let’s go, sell this harvest first, I don’t know what price I can sell.” The old man sighed, and after speaking, he should lead the way first.

Yang Kai walked on the spacious streets of Bibo City, watching from side to side, full of interest.

He was not in a hurry to find the space circle in Bibo City.

Since this is the attachment of Zhantian City, it is the attachment of the High Heaven Sect. As the lord of a sect, there is nothing wrong with using the space magic circle. I believe the city lord of Bibo City will not even have this vision. nothing.

It’s just that after several years of retreat in the Xiaoxuan Realm, now that he is out of trouble, he really wants to relax.

Along the road to appreciate the local customs of this place, and to stroll around the shops at will, Yang Kai is physically and mentally happy, and his mood is unconsciously settled and stabilized.

In the Little Profound Realm, his cultivation level broke through to the two levels of Void Return, and what followed was the important thing to stabilize his state of mind, so he would naturally not neglect.

Half a day later, he entered a restaurant.

On the third floor, he ordered Xiao Er to bring up a good wine and vegetable market. Yang Kai sat by the window and looked at the scenery below.

Not long after, the table was full of precious food. Yang Kai enjoyed drinking while tasting the spirits and eating delicious food.

Leisurely, he turned his head and glanced lightly at the two warriors on a nearby table, showing an expression of interest.

On the third floor, there were not many guests. The two were talking about it. Yang Kai seemed to have heard the two talk about High Heavenzong.

The rise of the High Heavenzong is very rapid. Although I have inquired about the recent situation of the High Heavenzong from the girl in green before, I know that the sect is becoming more and more famous now, but Yang Kai is not clear about how it is. Now I heard someone talk about it. Of his own sect, he certainly wanted to hear more.

What disappointed him was that the two of them didn’t mean to continue talking, instead they pulled the topic into irrelevant things.

Yang Kai secretly shook his head and stopped.

After a while, the two of them finished eating, and one of the big men with a big face screamed: “The shopkeeper!”

The loudness of the voice made everyone look at him. However, after seeing this person’s face clearly, everyone turned aside their gazes one after another, as if they didn’t dare to provoke him.

Ping Ping Ping

The sound of footsteps from downstairs, an old man and a half quickly ran up from below and came to the table of two people, smiling, nodding and bowing. Said: “Two adults, are you satisfied with the food?”

“Just so-so.” The big man replied casually while picking his teeth.

“The two adults, forgive me.” The shopkeeper said while hesitating: “Next time, next time, the little old man will serve more delicious food, which will satisfy both of you.”

“Well, even if you still have some eyesight, forget it today, but what about things?” The big man squinted at the shopkeeper.

“The little old man has brought me, two adults, do you want to count?” The shopkeeper said as he put a package he was holding on the table.

The big man is also welcome, and opens it directly.

A large bag of high-grade sacred crystals was immediately imprinted in everyone’s eyes. The man swept through his divine consciousness and immediately knew the number of sacred crystals. He couldn’t help but sink in his face and shouted: “How come you are so little, old stuff, you Didn’t you put this seat in your eyes? You should hand in this month, only that?”

The shopkeeper was panicked immediately, rubbing the cold sweat on his forehead and yelling injustice: “My lord Mingjian, it is true that the business of this restaurant is not very good recently, so this number is somewhat lacking. Please forgive me for a few days, and I will make up for it by then.”

“How many days to forgive?” The big man snorted coldly, “I forgive you, who will forgive me? This errand is not completed, but I will be punished by that time!”

said like this, suddenly When the table was slapped, the table immediately turned into a powder.

The shopkeeper’s face was pale with fright, and he knelt down with a puff, and shouted: “My sire is relieved, it only takes a few days for the young man, and it only takes a few days for the young man. I also ask the adults for permission.” p78>

“Huh, don’t you say that this seat is bullying you, I will give you three days, and I will come here again in three days. If you still dare to mother-in-law then, be careful that this seat demolished your restaurant and screwed you up. Head!”

“Yes, yes, you must not let the adults down by then!” The shopkeeper said repeatedly.

“Let’s go!” The big man looked impatient, stood up, stuffed the parcel of holy crystal into the space ring, and walked away.

It wasn’t until after they left that the treasurer exhaled fiercely, with a sorrowful expression on his face, and started to clean up the mess on the ground.

Dian Er also walked over to help.

After a while, after finishing the cleaning, the shopkeeper made another round and confessed to the guests around. Then he sighed deeply and looked even more old-fashioned.

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