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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1566: Who doesn’t give face Read Novel

Chapter 1566: Who doesn’t give face – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1566: Who doesn’t give face

“Dare to ask you who the hell is, why come to my Bibo City to cause trouble!” Shan Ying asked with a cold face and a deep voice.

“Is this important?” Yang Kai curled his lips.

Shan Ying frowned: “This city lord has never met with you, but you are very unreasonable. Is it too much to kill the two deacons in my city lord mansion?”

He has seen that Yang Kai’s strength is extraordinary, so some dare not tear his skin easily.

At such an age and with such strength, I am afraid that this young man has some backers behind him. Shan Ying did not dare to do anything before he figured it out.

“Is it too much?” Yang Kai grinned, “I don’t think it is too much. I am here today. Not only will I kill you two deacons, but I will also take your life. All I dare to do with you Anyone who is embarrassed will have to die too!”

The warriors in the City Lord’s Mansion are chilled physically and mentally.

Shan Ying’s expression was dazed, but soon he burst into laughter: “Interesting, interesting, this city lord hasn’t seen such an interesting young man for a long time. Since you don’t know how to praise, then Don’t blame the city lord for being rude to you and killing him!”

Shamelessly, Shan Ying has already been intolerable to Yang Kai.

The two deacons are dead. If you swallow this breath, I am afraid that I will no longer have the slightest majesty in the future.

No matter what backing this young man has behind him, it will never be bigger than the one behind him, so Shan Ying has no fear, and he doesn’t bother to grind anything with Yang Kai anymore. He waved his hand and started drinking.

Dozens of warriors in the city lord’s mansion got the order, their expressions were ferocious, and they turned into beams of light, rushing towards Yang Kai.

Although the tragic death of the big man just now made everyone very scared of Yang Kai, he is only one person after all, and the green-clothed girl and others behind him were not regarded by the warriors of the city lord mansion at all.

There are many people, and they have full confidence in taking Yang Kai down.

There are many figures, and the brilliance of the secret technique and secret treasure blooms, covering Yang Kai.

The green-clothed girl and others all had pale faces, feeling the huge chaotic energy fluctuations, and all of them showed hopelessness in their eyes.

They thought they were bound to die.

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Yang Kai stayed still, the smile on the corners of his mouth became colder and colder.

He didn’t stretch out his hand until the overwhelming attack came before him, and a purple shield appeared leisurely.

The shield was originally not the size of a washbasin, but after it appeared, it suddenly expanded, and it immediately covered a radius of more than ten meters.

All attacks are hit on the shield.

There was a series of ding-dang-dang-dong sounds, and the brilliance splashed everywhere, and Yang Kai was unscathed.

“Void-level high-grade defense secret treasure!” Shan Ying’s eyes shrank, and he recognized the grade of the shield at once, and his eyes showed a hot light.

The Secret Treasure of the Void-level High-Rank is already very rare on the Gloom Star, not to mention this is a defensive secret Treasure, which is more valuable than the general secret Treasure! With this secret treasure, anyone’s strength can be raised to a level in a straight line.

Shan Ying became more and more sure that Yang Kai had a backer, otherwise, where did he get such a good thing?

The golden light suddenly burst out from behind the shield, and golden silk threads blasted out. A rough count, at least a hundred or so. The ups and downs of the golden silk threads gave people the power of blood and blood, which made people scared. Uneasy energy fluctuations.

They seem to be alive.

Suddenly, the golden thread cuts through the crowd.

No martial artist’s body protector can withstand the cutting and piercing of the golden thread. The thick body protector light of those people is like paper, and it is not withstandable at all.

Even ordinary defensive treasures can’t stop the sharpness of these golden threads. They are broken in half from them, their spirituality is greatly lost, and they are completely scrapped.

The screams sounded continuously.

Blood splattered, broken limbs and pieces of meat were scattered all over the floor, big heads flew up in the air, and one corpse fell down.

The warriors in the City Lord’s Mansion screamed in horror, and the people who were still alive saw bad eyes and hurried back, trying to escape Yang Kai’s side.

“Did you run away? Since you are here, don’t leave.” Yang Kai slowly shook his head, with a faint sneer at the corner of his mouth, and under the control of his divine mind, those golden blood filaments were flying and cutting more and more. rapid.

Like a group of demons dancing!

Everyone only saw a golden light and heard the horrifying screams. As for what happened on the battlefield, only a few people could see clearly.

“Quickly, spread the word to fight the city, let City Lord Liang come to help!” Shan Ying’s face turned pale, and he hurriedly yelled at someone next to him. He faintly felt that even if he was himself, he might not belong to this young man. Opponents, so they were sent to rescue soldiers without hesitation.

Hearing the order, the man turned around and rushed into the city lord’s mansion without hesitation.

The tragic screams continued, but they were gradually weaker than they were at the beginning, and gradually, no one screamed anymore.

The golden light converged leisurely, revealing the area again.

Everyone looked around. After seeing the situation clearly, the soles of the feet were cramped.

With Yang Kai as the center, there was no more living person within ten meters of the radius, and all of them rushed forward. Attacking his enemies, they all fought and died on the spot.

The scene is extremely bloody and cruel, and the strong bloody gas soars into the sky, which makes people feel vomiting.

Baizhang away, the martial artists onlookers were dumbfounded. Some people kept rubbing their eyes, subconsciously rejecting everything they saw.

Behind Yang Kai, the old man, the green-clothed girl and others were also staying, staring at Yang Kai’s back stupidly, with their mouths wide open and unable to close.

The green-clothed girl’s body is trembling, half of it is fear and nausea, and half is excitement and inexplicable.

Just now Yang Kai said that she would make trouble with the City Lord’s Mansion and let her scavenge. She agreed, but now she knows that Yang Kai doesn’t need someone to scavenge, he can do it alone. Destroy the entire City Lord’s Mansion!

The scene quietly quieted down treacherously, and the breeze rushed to every corner of Bibo City.

Such a large-scale slaughter has hardly been seen before. The stumps and pieces of meat fly around, and the internal organs are full of blood, which can no longer be described as bloody and cruel.

Shan Ying and the members of the Presbyterian Church almost collapsed.

“Kill him!”

“Kill them!”

“You guys did a good job, don’t let these people go and kill them all. Clean!”

Suddenly, an angry voice came from the crowd of onlookers a hundred meters away.

With one response, the whole city echoed this cry from the bottom of my heart.

The warriors of Bibo City, the past few years have been very unsatisfactory, being exploited by the City Lord’s Mansion, and wantonly insulted by those people, even if they want to leave this city, they can’t find another way out.

Many people were killed, many small families were destroyed, and some young and beautiful women were taken into captivity and dared not resist.

They have had enough.

It’s a mere Bibo City Lord’s Mansion, maybe they still don’t take it seriously.

But Ling Xiaozong and they dare not disobey!

Three years ago, the three top forces of the Underworld, the Heavenly Alliance, Leitai Sect, and Xingdi Mountain were crushed into powder under the iron hoof of the Highest Sect. The Highest Sect has become the most powerful A powerful force.

This is a daunting sect.

Behind Bibo City is the shadow of Ling Xiaozong, so even if the warriors here are unsatisfactory, they dare not blatantly resist.

Anger and hatred are like good wine, the longer it is sealed, the stronger it will become.

Today’s scene caused the dissatisfaction in everyone’s hearts to explode. They began to support Yang Kai’s approach, and began to vent their anger, wanting to see Shan Ying and others’ good and evil eventually pay off.

Someone bravely stepped forward, walked towards this side, and stood behind Yang Kai, and Chong Shan Ying and the others glared at each other.

More people came over.

Within a radius of one hundred meters from the city lord’s mansion, the rule that idlers are not allowed to set foot was suddenly broken.

The black crowd was screaming killing words in their mouths, and the murderous aura that gathered went straight into the sky. The shaking Shan Ying and others retreated again and again with amazement.

Even if the Void King Realm powerhouse is standing here, I am afraid it will not be able to face such a momentum.

Shan Ying never thought that these people who were obedient to him would dare to yell at him like this, his calves were swaying.

“My lord, right? Are you committing suicide, or do you want me to do it? Let me talk about it first, if I do it, maybe you will be tortured a little bit, and you won’t die so easily!” Yang Kai sneered. To the front.

Shan Ying’s eyes twitched, and he roared inwardly, “Boy, do you know who you offended today? I’m from the city lord of the city of Zhantian, Liangyong. My Bibo City is under the jurisdiction of the High Heaven Sect. No matter where you are from, you dare to offend Bibo City today. You will not end well. If you are acquainted, leave quickly. The owner of the city can leave the blame for the past. If not, you will look good with you!”

“Ling Xiaozong?” Yang Kai chuckled lightly, “Don’t tarnish. The reputation of Ling Xiaozong will be tarnished, and Ling Xiaozong won’t let you do those things.”

“You don’t believe it? ’Shan Ying gritted her teeth.

“You said I believe it or not? “Yang Kai sneered.

“Who would dare not put Ling Xiaozong in his eyes? “An angry shout suddenly came from the city lord’s mansion, “I want to see it, there is a lesson from the battle of the Heavenly League Lei Taizong, who wants to be an enemy of Ling Xiaozong!”

Hearing this voice, Shan Ying, who was originally gray-faced, was suddenly overjoyed, and quickly turned to look inside the city lord’s mansion, like a drowning man grabbing a straw, and the panic before it was swept away.

Yang Kai’s eyes flashed with a faint bird of prey, and he turned his gaze there.

After a while, someone in the city lord’s mansion walked out in a hurry, without anger.

Behind him, one after another, the strongest person in the Void Mirror followed, with a haughty expression.

“Shan Ying has seen City Lord Liang! ’Shan Ying hurriedly clasped her fists and saluted.

He had just sent a message to Liang Yong, but he didn’t expect the other party to rush over through the space circle so soon.

Here is a rescue.

The powerhouse in Zhantian City is more than a little bit more powerful than Bibo City. Even if that kid is no matter how good he is, he might have to fight against City Lord Liang.

“En!” Liang Yong nodded lightly, glanced at Shan Ying, and snorted coldly: “You, the city lord, are getting more and more worthless. I heard that someone is making trouble here, but you can’t solve it.”

“City Lord Liang, forgive me!” Shan Ying said in a cold sweat, “It’s really that the troublesome kid has extraordinary strength. He was brutally killed by dozens of his subordinates, and asked Liang The city lord upholds justice for Shan.”

“Since the city lord is here, he naturally won’t sit back and watch. Who is making trouble and won’t give me the face of Ling Xiaozong?” Liang Yong asked with a cold snort.

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Chapter 1566: Who doesn’t give face – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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