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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1568: Just look at you Read Novel

Chapter 1568: Just look at you – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1568: Just look at you

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“Liang Yong, Liang Yong, don’t you tell me Sect Master, you don’t know anything about this here.” Yang Kai sneered and looked towards Liang Yong.

The latter trembled, his expression frightened, and he said in a panic: ’Sect Master Mingjian, his subordinates really don’t know about this matter. It’s the first time that his subordinates have heard of the situation in Bibo City today.”

How dare he admit that Yang Kai’s methods he has seen before, if he really admits, this place today is his burial place.

I couldn’t admit it anyway, so Liang Yong rejected it all at once.

“If you don’t see the coffin, you won’t cry. You have to find evidence before you can give up? In that case, this suzerain will fulfill you, and then give me your space ring.” Yang Kai looked cold and said. Shouted low.

Liang Yong was in a cold sweat, so he couldn’t agree, so he could only speak: ’Sect Master, please think twice. Subordinates are loyal to the Sect Master and will never disobey the Sect Master’s wishes and do that to tarnish the Sect’s reputation The matter. Space ring is the secret of the subordinates. Even if it is the request of the suzerain, the subordinates will never agree to it. Please forgive me.”

“Stop talking nonsense.” Yang Kai snorted and stretched out his hand. Chao Liang Yong grabbed the ring in his hand.

A trace of struggle flashed across Liang Yong’s face, and his eyes became determined. Seeing Yang Kai stretched out his hand to reach out, the Saint Yuan in his body was tumbling, and he had to resist.

Where did I know that just such a move, the surrounding space suddenly became extremely frozen, and there were waves of violent pressure from all directions, making him difficult.

The sound of chuckle is loud, and there are a series of small space cracks visible to the naked eye, swimming around him like a fish.

Liang Yong’s liver and guts are split, so he dare to make any moves, for fear that he will be swallowed by these spatial cracks when he moves.

There was a flower in front of him, and his space ring had fallen into Yang Kai’s hands, and Liang Yong’s face suddenly turned pale.

Holding his space ring, Yang Kai sneered lightly, his divine spirit swept across the ring, his face gradually becoming gloomy.

Immediately, he waved his hand and a series of noises came.

In front of the city lord’s mansion, there was immediately a hill of high-grade holy crystal.

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The people all around looked at the huge number of holy crystals and couldn’t help swallowing droolingly, and there were bursts of shocked calls.

Have they ever seen such a large fortune?

Although no one counts them, but so many sacred crystals, it is almost calculated in 100 million. If you get it, I am afraid that you will not worry about practicing for a few lifetimes.

In addition to the holy crystals, there are also various boxes. I don’t know what is in the boxes, but the boxes themselves are carved from valuable materials. It is conceivable that the contents must be poor. Nowhere.

’So many good things, where did you come from?” Yang Kai looked at Liang Yong with a calm face, “Give me a reasonable explanation, I can’t kill you!”

Liang Yong His face was ashamed and there was no way to explain it clearly.

The evidence is already in sight. If he hadn’t searched the wealth of the nine cities under the jurisdiction of Zhantian City, how could he be sitting on such a huge family property alone?

No one can have this ability!

’Sect Master is forgiving, and Sect Master is forgiving. The subordinates know that they are wrong, and ask the Sect Master to give his subordinates a chance to perform meritorious service. The subordinates will definitely live up to their trust.” Liang Yong shouted.

Yang Kai slowly shook his head: “Everything can be one, two, two, no three, Liang Yong, this suzerain won’t die in Luodi Mountain, and didn’t take your life in the battle of Tiancheng, because you are still useful. People, but now you look down!”

The words fell, Yang Kai stretched out his hand to cover Liang Yong.

Liang Yong seemed to want to hide, but didn’t know why, he couldn’t avoid it. Yang Kai grabbed his head directly, Sheng Yuan burst out, Liang Yong screamed, and there was a burst of violent cracking in his body.

With the thought of the voice, his breath of life suddenly disappeared.

After Yang Kai took his hand, Liang Yong was completely dead and collapsed on the ground, with dark red blood flowing out of Qiqiao.

Everyone was silent, looking at Yang Kai with complicated eyes.

What is Liang Yong’s strength, many of them are well aware that it is the top cultivation base of the Void Return Third Stage, even if it is not as good as the dead Zhantian League leader, it will not be too bad.

But such a strong man was pinched to death by Yang Kai with one hand.

It’s harder than pinching an ant.

Although most people have long heard that Yang Kai is superb and extraordinary, it is only a rumor after all. When I see it with my own eyes, I know that the rumor is true and that his strength is even more than the rumor. More terrifying.

Shan Ying was already stupid, and fell soft to the ground, her eyes dull.

He pinned all his hopes on Liang Yong, thinking that City Lord Liang could stand up for himself and teach Yang Kai a good lesson.

But the development of the situation made him frightened.

First Liang Yong called this young man the suzerain, so Shan Ying vaguely guessed his true identity, and then Liang Yong, whom he regarded as a supporter, was actually pinched to death.

He has always regarded Ling Xiaozong as his backer. How could he know that he had inadvertently offended the helm of this backer!

Where is there a way to survive?

He saw Yang Kai’s gaze swept over him, but he didn’t stop attentively. It was a gaze that completely ignored his existence. It seemed that he was not at all threatening to him.

“Hey, I don’t know how many of you people are related to this matter, but don’t be too nervous. Liang Yong is dead, and this suzerain doesn’t want to kill anymore. This is the end of the matter. If you are If you want to survive, you should know how to do it.” Yang Kai looked at the warriors who followed Liang Yong.

Most of these people were warriors of the original Zhantian League, and some were later recruited by Liang Yong, all of them were returning to the virtual mirror.

“Subordinates and others, thank the suzerain for not killing!” Everyone agreed in unison, and then turned around, staring at Shan Ying.

“Don’t!” Shan Ying yelled in horror.

It was too late, and those people rushed forward and directly drowned Shan Ying, bombarding him with various secret techniques and treasures, leaving his bones dead and tragic death on the spot.

“Xiao Qi, take care of the matter here and tell me the result as quickly as possible.” Yang Kai looked at Ge Qi and ordered.


“Where is the vice-lord of Bibo City?” “Yang Kai looked forward again.

“His subordinates are. “An awkward-looking old man hurriedly walked out, with his calf still swinging, and nodded and bowed to Yang Kai.

“Well, take me to see the warehouse in Bibo City.”

“Sovereign, please! “How can the old man dare to neglect, and quickly lead the way.

After a while, Yang Kai stood in the warehouse of Bibo City, looking at the dazzling array of materials and a large number of holy crystals, tusk and tusk.

The so-called Minzhiminbao probably refers to these things.

“People should empty the warehouse and hand all the things to Ge Qi. He should know how to deal with it. “Yang Kai gave a command, turned and left.

The old man said in his back.

Three days later, in the city lord’s mansion, Yang Kaiduan sat on a chair and listened to Ge Qi’s report.

“Sovereign, Liang Yong, Shan Ying’s space ring and Bibo City’s warehouses have all been scattered. Subordinates asked Bibo City’s warriors to report the sacred crystals they had paid, and after verifying the things They all returned and told them that what happened here was not instructed by my Ling Xiaozong, but Shan Ying was good at advocating. Everyone who heard the news clapped their hands and praised the great kindness of the lord.”

“I don’t want to be flattered.”Yang Kai glanced at him, don’t know why, the more he looked at Ge Qi this guy, the more wretched he felt, and I don’t know how Ye Xijun adopted this guy back then.

Ge Qi smiled. p85>

“Liang Yong is dead, and now there is no leader in Zhantian City, you have to work hard for a while and stay there. If you can train a capable and reliable manpower, you can let him take over the seat of the city lord. Then you can return to the sect and ignore these trivial matters.”

“Yes, I planned to do the same. Ge Qi nodded.

“Where are the other cities under the jurisdiction of Celestial City? Is the situation the same as here? “Yang Kai asked again.

“It’s not the same, the situation is different, some are more serious, some are intact, and the most serious is Bibo City.”

“Well, that’s good. What to do anyway, you can figure it out.”

“The lord can rest assured that Xiao Qi will not do anything that hurts the world. By the way, Sect Master, I have sent the news of your return back to the sect. The Grand Elder and her elderly want to know how you are now.”

“Me? I’m fine, tell her that I will return soon, so she doesn’t have to worry.”

“Yes. “Ge Qi nodded,” there is one more thing to tell the sovereign.”

“Go ahead.”

“Outside the city lord’s mansion, several people have been asking to see you, saying that they know you. Ge Qi looked at Yang Kai with a weird expression.

Yang Kai thought for a moment, and immediately knew who was going to see him, and nodded: “Let them come in.”

Ge Qi took the lead and left. After a while, an old man led several young people in fearfully walking in.

Yang Kai got up and welcomed him with a smile.

“The old man has seen Sect Master Yang! “The old man hurriedly saluted.

“Lao Zhang, don’t need to be polite. “Yang Kai laughed, his gaze swept behind him, and he looked at the girl in green, who was staring at him with big eyes, staring at him without blinking, with curiosity on his face.

“What are you doing in a daze, don’t hurry up to salute, it’s not big or small. “The old man screamed.

Yang Kai waved his hand: “No need, it’s good.”

The old man smiled bitterly: “Don’t blame Sect Master Yang, a few young people haven’t seen the world very much. If there is any offense, please forgive me. Well, the old man came here, just to thank Sect Master Yang, to uphold justice for all the residents of Bibo City, to avenge the dead fourth child of my family, and to ask Sect Master Yang to be worshipped by the old man.”

“You’re welcome, Lao Zhang. I really want to talk about things here. I, Ling Xiaozong, also have some responsibilities. If it weren’t for Ling Xiaozong’s oversight, you wouldn’t have done this. I blame it for this. Fortunately, it is not too late to find out. I hope I can make up for it in the future.”

“It is an honor for me to live in Bibo City and rule the High Heavenzong.”

“”The old man said solemnly.

Yang Kai nodded lightly, grinning at the girl in green clothes: “What do you always see me doing, don’t you know?”

The green-clothed girl blushed and whispered: “Are you really Sect Master High Heaven?” You don’t lie?”

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Chapter 1568: Just look at you – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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