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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1569: 1 is as old as ever Read Novel

Chapter 1569: 1 is as old as ever – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1569: 1 is as old as ever

“Mayfair!” The old man was taken aback, and quickly glared at her.

The girl couldn’t help pouting.

Yang Kai smiled and nodded: “Yes, I am Sect Master High Heaven, is there nothing to pretend?”

“I’m just asking.” The girl stuck her tongue out. Suddenly seemed to have made a lot of determination, biting his red lips and said: “You are Sect Master High Heaven, then your words should be useful, right?”

’Should be useful!”

“Then can you take me into the High Heaven Sect?”

As soon as this statement came out, the old man was shocked, and he quickly convicted him.

He knows that Ling Xiaozong never accepts people.

A strong man like Liang Yong is just the city lord of the city of war, and he has not really become a member of the High Heavenzong. His own Fei’er can only enter the Holy Realm. How can He De be able to worship this Zongmen?

Although he is panicking and accusing him, the old man also has some expectations.

If Fei’er can really worship the High Heavenzong, she will have a bright future in the future! Now on Gloom Star, the High Heaven Sect is the dominant family, and no sect can compete with it. How can it be worse to enter such a sect?

Yang Kai stopped the old man’s noise, and looked at the girl in time: “Do you want to enter the High Heaven Sect?”

The girl nodded.

“Why?” Yang Kai asked.

“You can enjoy the cool under the big tree!” The girl replied without thinking about it.

The old man’s face twitched while listening. Yang Kai was also startled for a while before he burst into laughter.

“If I become a disciple of the High Heavenzong, no one will dare to bully our family’s disciples in the future.” The girl added blushing.

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Yang Kai smiled more happily: “Well, although it is a bit selfish, but it is also natural and straightforward. Since you want to enter the High Heaven Sect so much, the master of this book will accept you.”

“Huh?” The girl looked dazed, as if she didn’t expect happiness to come so suddenly, she thought she would definitely be rejected, and she was psychologically prepared.

’Stupid girl, don’t thank the suzerain for your kindness!” The old man winked at the side quickly.

Only then did the girl come back to her senses, and hurriedly knelt on the ground, bowing in salute.

The young people who came with her looked at her with envy.

“Okay, get up. Give you one day to deal with the next housework, and I will set off to return to the sect in one day. Then you will be with me.” Yang Kai waved his hand.

“Yes!” The girl bit her red lips, flushed, and replied excitedly.

There is no need for Yang Kai to worry about Bibo City, and War Tiancheng does not need him to deal with it. One day later, Yang Kai took the girl in green clothes through Bibo City’s spatial array, directly transmitted to War Tiancheng, and then from Fight the magic circle of Tiancheng, head to the Devil Blood City!

Today’s Devil Blood City has been renamed High Heaven City.

It is a bridge between the High Heavenzong who lives deep in Liuyan Sand and the outside world, and it is also a city directly under the jurisdiction of the High Heavenzong.

A few years ago in the Imperial Court and his entourage, the Great Elder of the Demon Blood Sect and that Meiyan Hierarch both died in the hands of Yang Kai. As a result, the Demon Blood Sect continued to fight inwardly, causing numerous deaths and injuries at the top. In a few years, this The sect almost collapsed.

Ye Xijun spotted the situation and took the Demon Blood City, which was the closest to the sect, and renamed it High Heaven City.

Not to mention that the Demon Blood Sect is now declining and dare not resist. Even in the heyday of the Demon Blood Sect, with the strength of the High Heaven Sect, if it wants to occupy the Demon Blood City, the Demon Blood Sect does not dare to resist.

The Devil Blood City was so easy to start, and it became the property of the Ling Xiaozong.

All materials and warriors are transited through High Heaven City. Although the High Heaven Sect is still in Liuyan Sand, it is much more convenient to communicate with the outside world.

As soon as You appeared on the Space Magic Array, a roaring sound came from Yang Kai’s ear.

“The subordinates wait for the master to return to the sect!”

The neat voice frightened Liu Feier, and the girl in green clothes hurriedly hid behind Yang Kai.

Yang Kai scanned his eyes, and suddenly found that almost all of the high-level members of the Ling Xiaozong were here, and the leader was the Great Elder Ye Xiyun.

They are obviously hearing the news and are waiting here.

Ye Xiyun couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief when he saw that Yang Kai had no arms or legs missing and was intact.

In the battle of Ling Juefeng, Yang Kai, Qi Tianche, and Fang Peng suddenly disappeared. This disappearance was three years. The entire Ling Xiaozong was worrying about Yang Kai and was also inquiring about news from all quarters. Unfortunately, there was no news. Obtained.

Yang Kai seemed to have disappeared from this cultivation star!

Now that he has finally returned safely, Ye Xiyun is of course happy.

Upon taking a look, Mei’s eyes couldn’t help shrinking. She suddenly discovered that Yang Kai’s cultivation had reached the second stage of Void Return! It was Ye Xiyun’s calm mind, who had seen countless big winds and waves, and couldn’t help being shocked by this discovery.

It’s only been a few years, and I actually took another step in the Mirror of Return. Is the Sect Master’s cultivation speed a bit too exaggerated?

“Great elders have worked hard!” Yang Kai nodded lightly at Ye Xijun, “You all have worked hard too.”

“The Sovereign is serious, we have nothing to do, but the Sovereign has been affected in the past few years. “Ye Xiyun pursed her lips, her beautiful eyes turned on Liu Feier’s body, and she glanced at Yang Kai curiously, wondering how he brought a girl from the Saint King realm over.

“This girl thought To join the High Heaven Sect, this Sect Master decided to accept it. “Yang Kai casually explained.

“So that’s it. “Ye Xijun nodded.

“Come, don’t hide, I’ve met the elders first. “Yang Kai fished out Liu Feier from behind.

The green-clothed girl’s face flushed, and her expression swept across everyone’s faces with excitement, her beautiful eyes filled with worship and reverence.

These People are the strongest people in the most powerful sect on the Dark Star! Everyone here, stomping their feet casually, I am afraid that the Dark Star will shake three times.

Have she ever seen such a big one? Battle!

Finally, I have a good temperament. After I stabilize my mind, I hurried to pay my respects.

“Don’t be too polite, since it’s included by the Sect Master, you will be the disciple of my High Heaven Sect from now on. Cultivating well in the sect means that if you perform well enough, you may not be able to worship these people in front of you and become their disciples. “Ye Xiyun looked at her with a look of joy.

“Yes! Liu Feier nodded excitedly.

“Go back and talk about it.” “Yang Kai motioned.

Half a day later, the general rudder of Ling Xiaozong, the elders gathered in the chamber, and reported to Yang Kai the situation of Ling Xiaozong in the past three years.

It is best to describe it by leaps and bounds.

Don’t mention anything else, just the joining of more than two hundred warriors from Xingdi Mountain has made the overall strength of High Heavenzong become No. 1 in the Dark Star! This is undisputed, and no sect can match the High Heavenzong of today.

Besides, with Zhantian City as the leader, each city under its jurisdiction also generates a large amount of income every year. Today’s High Heavenzong does not need to worry about cultivation materials.

The number of people was originally small, but materials were continuously transported in from all directions. Now High Heavenzong has three large warehouses, each of which is full of piles, but it is still not enough, and Ye Xiyun is ready to open up more.

There are two more allies of Qiantianzong and Shadowmoon Palace.

These two forces have been making good relations with Yang Kai. In the three years since Yang Kai disappeared, both forces have provided great help to the development of the High Sect, so Ye Xiyun also took charge of these two sects. Form an alliance.

Under the strong cooperation, mutual benefit and exchange of needs can also be achieved.

There are countless forces that want to form an alliance with High Heavenzong, but they have no way to get in touch with each other. They can only look at the opportunity of Red Shadow Moon Palace and Qiantianzong.

Yang Kai listened for a while and nodded with satisfaction.

Today’s High Heavenzong is on the right track. When he founded the Zongmen, he didn’t expect that the Zongmen would have today’s scale and today’s lineup.

Back then, he was just taking his wife’s clothes and others, driving a battleship, and just came here to settle down.

It can be said that the destruction of the Battle of Heaven Alliance, Leitai Sect and Xingdi Mountain has provided unimaginable assistance to the rapid rise of the High Heaven Sect. Without the demise of these three forces, there would be absolutely no High Heaven Sect today.

They have all become the stepping stones to the fame of High Heaven City.

Half a day later, the elders dispersed, and Yang Kai left Ye Xiyun.

The elder also knew that Yang Kai must have other important questions, so before Yang Kai spoke, he took the initiative to say: “If the lord wants to ask the adults about the situation, the subordinates can only say that everything is the same!”

“Is everything as old?” Yang Kai murmured.

“Well, don’t worry about the suzerain. If you say that you can sleep for more than ten or twenty years, then we just have to wait patiently.”

“Yes.” Yang Kai nodded, no more what.

“In addition, the supreme master’s device spirit is now recuperating in the fifth floor of the earth lung fire vein, and the green long sword subordinate has also brought it back and placed it in the supreme palace.”

“I know.”

In fact, there is no need for Ye Xijun to say more. As soon as Yang Kai returned to Yansha, he sensed the position of his two great help. After all, whether it is the Firebird or the Dragonbone Sword, they are connected to his mind.

When Qi Tianche used the Profound Realm Orb to drag him into the Small Profound Realm, the Dragon Bone Sword Di Cui was still outside, and later in the battle, the Firebird Spirit was also exiled, causing Yang Kai to leave only stone puppets beside him.

Ye Xiyun will naturally bring them back.

“What happened back then, why did the suzerain suddenly disappear? Does it matter to that emperor treasure? “Ye Xijun groaned for a while, and asked solemnly.

She only knew that the Profound Realm Pearl was an emperor, but she didn’t know what power the beads had.

Xingdi Mountain through the ages Since then, no one has been able to refine it, and Ye Xiyun has no clue about the power of the bead.

“Well, I was brought into a small mysterious world by Qi Tianche. “Yang Kai replied.”

“Xiao Xuanjie” Ye Xijun’s eyes narrowed.

“Fortunately, it took three years to finally get out of trouble, and the elder didn’t need to worry too much.”

Seeing that he didn’t mean to talk more, Ye Xijun naturally wouldn’t ask any more.

After thinking about it, she suddenly took out something and handed it to Yang Kai: “My lord is sleeping. Send me a message and let me give you this thing, saying that it is for you to keep it safe.”

“Star Emperor Order! “Yang Kai looked at what Ye Xiyun had handed over and gave a low drink.

Reached out and took it, rubbing against Xingdi Mountain, Yang Kai’s face was dignified.

This kind of thing, your own hand. There are already four pieces in the above. The first piece was given to him by the ancestor of the ghost, with the emperor’s magical powers sealed inside, the second piece was found in the attic on the sixth floor of Liuyan Sand, and the third piece was the Geqi belt. Here, this fourth piece is the one in front of you.

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Chapter 1569: 1 is as old as ever – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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