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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1570: Freak Read Novel

Chapter 1570: Freak – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1570: Freak

Yang Yan also said before that the emperor made a total of ten Star Emperor Orders, each of which was sealed with a magical power belonging to the emperor.

Now that she wants to take good care of herself, is there any mystery hidden in this Star Emperor Order?

But no matter what is hidden, I’m afraid it will take ten dollars to reveal it.

But it’s not easy to get together. Since entering the Star Territory, so many years have passed, all kinds of coincidence, I only have four yuan, and the remaining six yuan knows where to live.

The only thing Yang Kai knows is that the Hengluo Chamber of Commerce has a piece on the main star Mercury, which was accidentally learned when he was chatting with Xueyue back then.

He didn’t think too much, after carefully collecting the fourth Star Emperor order, he asked Ye Xijun to send the money toll map and Qian Tianzong’s side, tell them that the time had come, and then left the hall.

Three years ago, Yang Kai was planning a voyage.

If nothing happened before, I am afraid that I am already in the star field.

Because of the provocation on Xingdi Mountain, I had to delay it. Now I am out of trouble. It is time to sail away, find the way home, and look for the beautiful woman who doesn’t know where in the star field.

On the way to Tianyi Palace, Yang Kai passed Su Yan’s face before his eyes, his eyes softened.

At the time when Tongxuan Continent was separated, it has been more than 20 years since I looked back on it.

In the past 20 years, through ups and downs, my own cultivation level has also risen from the holy state to the mirror of return. It is more than a hundred times stronger than when Yi Wu He Gu broke into the Star Territory.

But martial arts has no peak. The higher the level of cultivation, the more Yang Kai discovers his own shortcomings.

He desperately wants to be stronger, to climb the top of the martial arts, stand on the top of the peak, and look down on all the people!

Cheers and shouts came from my ears, pulling Yang Kai out of his nostalgia, and turning his head to look around. I saw a group of people gathered together over there, and I didn’t know what they were doing. What, it seems to be very lively.

These people were all disciples of the Heike family back then. They left the family with Wu Yi and followed Yang Kai all the time.

Although their cultivation bases were not at the same level back then, with the assistance of various cultivation materials and a good cultivation environment, their strengths have advanced by leaps and bounds, and most of them have reached the Holy King Realm!

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Yu Feng and Wu Yi were only one step short of breaking through to the mirror of returning to the virtual reality.

Cultivating in the High Heavenzong, as long as the aptitude is not too bad, there is no need to worry about breakthroughs. Various miraculous medicines are provided. There is also the Wannianxiang incense of the Shenglong Temple to expel the mind and devil. Comprehend the way of heaven and martial arts.

Every warrior doesn’t feel any difficulty when breaking through, everything will come naturally.

At this moment, more than 20 people gathered together, watching and shouting in the center of the battlefield.

It seems that two people are fighting each other, and the sound of fists and feet clashing constantly.

The disciples are improving their strength during the competition and examining their own shortcomings. This is a good thing. Yang Kai smiled indifferently. He didn’t mean to join in the fun at first, but when his gaze accidentally caught sight of the competition. Behind the figure, he couldn’t help but snorted and walked over there quickly.

The minds of everyone were attracted by the battle in the field, and Yang Kai’s arrival did not disturb anyone.

In the center of that game, there were indeed two people competing, but unlike Yang Kai’s imagination, they did not compete with the secret technique, nor did they compete with the Saint Yuan. They were simply competing for strength and reaction, personally fighting. !

One of them, Yang Kai looked familiar, but could not name him. He was a burly man with a sturdy body and muscular muscles. At first sight, he was the kind of man with brute strength, and his cultivation level Bad, the Holy King is a realm!

What Yang Kai cares about is this big man’s opponent.

That’s a little girl!

It seems that he is only ten years old, but his petite body is as agile as an ape. It flutters around the side of the big man, his movements are extremely fast.

The little girl’s hair is still a little yellow. She takes two straps and hangs them on her shoulders at random. She has delicate features and looks very cute. In the tumbling, a strand of hair is just like hers. elegant.

Although he is young, he already has a beauty.

When avoiding the attack of the big man, you can often find the opportunity accurately, swing a small fist, and hit all parts of the big man’s body.

A fist that looks light and fluttering, but it contains amazing power. With a body like a big man, a punch is also a huge shock to the body, which is a burst of grinning grin.

Yang Kai found that both eyes of the big man were black and blue, which was obviously because of being hit by the little girl.

The big man didn’t seem to show any mercy when he made his move. He slammed his fist out, and the roaring sound made Yang Kai a little worried, for fear that the little girl could not bear it and would be directly beaten to pieces.

But his worries are superfluous. No one onlookers reported worrying about this little girl. Everyone yelled and shouted. Some made fun of the weak man, and some cheered the little girl. Crowded.

“Lin Yun’er?” Yang Kai suddenly recognized the identity of the little girl.

She was the little girl Yang Kai brought back from Linhai City.

is the one adopted by Huang Juan.

When I brought her back, the little girl was only seven or eight years old. Now three years later, she is almost this age.

Yang Kai has long known that Lin Yun’er’s small body can explode extremely powerful, but when I saw it today, I realized that he had underestimated her potential.

A mere ten years old, now she has surpassed the big man at the first level of the Holy King in the pure power competition, and even surpassed it a little, otherwise the opponent would not fall into the disadvantage.

What kind of freak is this? Yang Kai was amazed.

While he was looking at Lin Yun’er with interest, the little girl shook her figure, suddenly got under the big man’s crotch, and then jumped high, making a beautiful uppercut, hitting the big man’s chin. And flew him out.


The big man fell to the ground, his face flushed, and he struggled for a while before he got up in embarrassment.

The onlookers laughed, and Yu Feng laughed the most.

Defeating her opponent, Lin Yun’er seemed very happy, jumped up excitedly, and yelled.

Yang Kai looked at her with a pensive expression in his eyes.

If you really struggle with life and death, the little girl is definitely not the opponent of the big man. After all, there is too much difference in the level of cultivation, but she only competes for the flexibility and strength of the body, but the little girl wins by an absolute advantage.

She is only ten years old and has great potential. If she can teach students in accordance with her aptitude, her achievements in the future will be limitless!

Interesting, really interesting! Yang Kai suddenly came into interest.

“Hey, you are the uncle!” Lin Yun’er suddenly spotted Yang Kai and pointed at him and started shouting.

Yang Kai’s face went dark.

“Ah, it’s the Sect Master!” Yu Feng turned his head, exclaimed, and quickly covered his eyes with his hand, as if he was hiding something, his eyes were erratic.

Yang Kai glanced over and found that most of the people gathered here had dark circles under their eyes, and their faces were ashamed.

“Are they all brought down?” Yang Kai was surprised.

“Haha” Yu Feng died of embarrassment and wanted to find a hole in the ground.

He is now the cultivation base of the Saint King’s third-level realm, and he can be promoted to the mirror of returning to the virtual in just one step, but in the competition with Lin Yun’er, he still accidentally hit the opponent with a punch. The result is what it is now.

This matter is his life’s shame.

“It’s really shameful.” Yang Kai curled his lips and waved at Lin Yun’er, “Yun’er, come here.”

The little girl was very obedient, she hurriedly walked to Yang Kai, thought for a moment, and said crisply: “Disciple Lin Yun’er, I have seen the uncle of the lord!”

“Well.”Yang Kai nodded, showing a harmless smile, “I won’t need to say the last two words next time.”

“Yes! The little girl nodded.

Ye Xijun taught well. Yang Kai looked at the little girl with great satisfaction. After bringing her back, Yang Kai asked Ye Xijun to teach her. Now she can be so sensible. Obviously It’s Ye Xiyun’s credit.

“Do you like this place? “Yang Kai asked happily.

“I like it! Lin Yun’er replied immediately, “There is food here, no one bullies Yun’er. Aunt Ye and other uncles and uncles are very good to Yun’er.”

“Just like it. “Yang Kai grinned and said, “Did your Aunt Ye find a master for you?”

Lin Yuner slowly shook her head.

“Why? “Yang Kai was stunned.

Although Lin Yun’er was young, she was obviously a rare genius. With such a person, Yang Kai could hardly imagine that the guys at Xingdishan would not break their heads.

Although they are strict in accepting disciples, Lin Yun’er absolutely meets the requirements. It is strange that no one accepts her as a disciple.

“Aunt Ye said, no one of them can teach I. “Lin Yun’er replied crisply, tilting her little head, and happily said: “Yun’er is now practicing with Aunt Ye, without worshipping other masters.”

“Yes, your Aunt Ye is so strong, follow her to practice hard, and you are good!”


“Well, go ahead! “Yang Kai waved his hand, turned and left.

There was a voice of congratulations, but Yang Kai was lost in thought.

Ye Xiyun actually said that no one can teach Lin Yun’er, which is a bit strange.

Although there are only two hundred warriors in Xingdishan, they all have their own areas of proficiency. It is not a problem to find someone from these elites to teach the little girl Lin Yuner.

Since Ye Xijun said so, there is only one possibility.

She is optimistic about Lin Yun’er and she doesn’t want her to act carelessly. She probably wants to teach Lin Yun’er the best.

You have to ask Ye Xiyun about this. Yang Kai is really curious about why the little girl is so young, why she has such amazing power.

Presumably Ye Xiyun has been with her for three years. Understood.

The mind was erratic, and Yang Kai returned to Tianyi Palace.

Just stepping into the palace, a deep dragon chant came from the depths of the palace, and then a green light came from there. The lasing came.

Yang Kai grinned and stretched out his hand to hold the green light in the palm of his hand.

The light dissipated, and it was an emerald long sword with no edge and no edge.

Dragonbone sword, Di Cui!

A feeling of heart and soul connected and blood soluble, the remnant soul of the green dragon swimming in the sword seemed to be more happy.

After three years of absence, the breath of the Dragon Bone Sword seems to have become stronger. After all, in the battle three years ago, Yang Kai killed many people, and the Dragon Bone Sword also swallowed a lot of flesh and blood essence.

Three years of precipitation can indeed make some changes.

Looking at it carefully, confirming that he didn’t feel wrong, Yang Kai happily put away the dragon bone sword.

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Chapter 1570: Freak – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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