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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1571: The Power of Overlord Body Read Novel

Chapter 1571: The Power of Overlord Body – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1571: The Power of Overlord Body

Turning around and looking around, everything is the same in Tianyi Palace.

Although Yang Kai has been missing for three years, no one will bother here as the sleeping quarters of Sect Master High Heaven. Ye Xiyun just allows people to clean the place every day to keep the dust away.

After watching around for a while, Yang Kai secretly nodded, and when he was about to take a rest, his face suddenly changed, and he shouted: “Who!” Burst, attacking somewhere in the void.

At this moment, he suddenly felt a sense of being spied on.

There was no mercy in the shot.

The void is twisted, containing Yang Kai’s huge divine power attack, and the third stage of returning to the Void cannot be hardened.

But the distorted space calmed down in the next moment, as if there was an invisible hand smoothing it.

Yang Kai’s attack did not have any effect.

This discovery made his complexion change, and his eyes exploded.

An unexplainable mass of energy visible to the naked eye came out from there leisurely, twisting and changing, appearing unpredictable.

“Divine Consciousness Transformation!” Yang said in a low voice, and was shocked, but also let go of the vigilance in his heart, because he perceives a familiar feeling from the visible power of the consciousness.

As soon as his voice fell, the power of divine consciousness suddenly turned into a figure.

Although it was a bit erratic, he was wearing a black robe, almost covering his head and face, only revealing a pair of star-like eyes, and his body was extremely graceful.

Yang Kai narrowed his eyes and stared straight at the figure, his mood rising and falling.

The other person is also looking at him, motionless, his expression is not waved, no happiness, anger, sorrow, and joy are visible.

After a long while, Yang Kai took a deep breath and asked in a deep voice, “Are you Yang Yan or the Great Emperor?”

The figure transformed with the power of divine consciousness, surprisingly followed Yang Yan is exactly the same. It was clearly transformed by the divine mind of the person sleeping on the sixth floor of Liuyan Sand, but Yang Kai was now not sure whether she was the Sun Yan who had been with herself day and night, or the Star Emperor who existed in the legend!

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If it is the former, everything is easy to say.

If it is the latter, Yang Kai will have to deal with it carefully.

Listening to Yang Kai’s question, the figure frowned, and said: “It’s both!”

“Really” Yang Kai responded lightly, “It looks like, You have already begun to merge.”

“Yes, but it will take some years to complete.”

“Then how should I call you?”

“Whether it is the person you know or the emperor in your mouth, it is called Yang Yan. “The figure replied.

Yang Kai nodded lightly: “Then you are not sleeping in the attic, so how come you put your divine mind here?”

“I feel that you brought back something interesting, so come and have a look. “Yang Yan smiled slightly.

“Something interesting? “Yang Kai frowned.”

“This” Yang Yan said, reaching out to make a move at Yang Kai. The movements seemed to be extremely random, but under her move, Yang Kai suddenly felt inside of him. Something seems to have been recruited.

The speed is so fast that he didn’t even have the thought of resisting.

Hua Guang flashed, Yang Yan’s hand was already extra. A bead.

“The Profound Realm Bead! Yang Kai narrowed his eyes, staring blankly at the seemingly inconspicuous bead.

“Yes, Profound Realm Bead! “Yang Yan nodded lightly and closed her beautiful eyes after speaking, as if she was sensing something. After a while, she opened her eyes and whispered, ’Sure enough, you can refine it.”

Yang Kai is proficient in the power of space, Yang Yan knows this.

The most basic requirement for refining Profound Realm Beads is to understand the power of space, so Xingdi Mountain has not been able to refining it until the generation of Qi Tianche. It was a coincidence to discover the mystery of the Profound Realm Pearl.

Finally, Yang Kai was cheaper.

“You have actually opened up a hundred li space. With your current cultivation base, this is really amazing.” Yang Yan seemed to have discovered something that surprised her, and repeatedly admired.

Yang Kai frowned, groaned for a while, and said: “I know this bead is yours. I was refining it to leave it. If you want to take it back, I too It won’t stop. But can you lend it to me for a while? I need it to pretend some people.”

“Lend you?” Yang Yan glanced at Yang Kai and pursed his lips, “Why do you want Borrow you? You branded the traces of your own life in the Profound Realm Orb. This is already yours, and I will not take it back.”

Saying this, Yang Yan stretched out his hand to hold the Profound Realm Orb. Threw it back.

Yang Kai took it and looked at her suspiciously.

Although he has not yet figured out what level of secret treasure the Profound Realm Orb is, since it is an emperor, it obviously has a huge effect on the existence of the Great Emperor, and he did not expect to be able to use the Profound Realm Orb. According to his own, I just wanted to use it to bring my relatives and friends over in Tongxuan Continent.

Without the Profound Realm Bead, he really couldn’t bring so many people over at once.

“You got something wrong.” Yang Yan said softly.


“I didn’t own this mysterious world pearl.”

“En?” Yang Kai was stunned.

’Strictly speaking, I have never refined this Profound Realm Orb, I just kept it.” Yang Yan’s soul floated down from the void, standing like a real person in Yang Kai In front of him, “It’s actually a friend of mine.”

“Your friend?” Yang Kai was shocked.

Yangyan’s body is Emperor Xingkong, don’t the friends of the Emperor say that he is also like the Emperor?

“Well, a friend of mine!” Yang Yan nodded, “My friend has a commonality with you. Guess what?”

Yang Kai was lost in thought. You Di, his eyes lit up, and he whispered: “You have cultivated the power of space?”

“Yes!” Yang Yan looked at Yang Kai approvingly, “He has cultivated the power of space just like you. But his power of space has reached its peak. This mysterious world pearl is formed by refining an interface by using the laws of space he has mastered. Although my strength is not inferior to him, I don’t have much knowledge in space power. So the Profound Realm Orb does not have much effect to me, and I can’t expand the space in the Profound Realm Orb. You are different. You have a lot of research on the power of space. Perhaps in time, you will have the opportunity to reach his height.”

Yang Kai’s face twitched.

It was not because of Yang Yan’s high evaluation of him, but because of the origin of this mysterious world pearl.

is actually one A warrior of the same level as the great emperor, refining an interface to form!

This is too sensational.

Yang Kai has never seen a powerful player in the Void King Realm take action, but according to his estimation, the Void King Realm is strong There is absolutely no such ability.

The emperor really transcends the existence of the Void King Realm!

Above the Void King Realm, there really is a higher level, martial arts, really has no end.

“The previous Yang Yan knew you, and we are also considered to be predestined. Since the Profound Realm Pearl has been burned by you, then it is your thing. Expand it well, maybe one day you will find something in it. “Yang Yan pursed his mouth and smiled, appearing unpredictable.

Yang happily moved his head, his eyes lighted.

There is something in Yang Yan’s words, can it be said that there is any mystery hidden in the Profound Realm Bead?

Yang Kai didn’t ask much. He knew he was asking now. I’m afraid he couldn’t ask anything. He pondered for a moment and said: “Your friend”

“I don’t know he is here. I haven’t seen it for hundreds of thousands of years. Maybe he’s wandering around, turning into a member of the masses of beings, maybe he’s fallen, who’s right.”

“Understood.” Yang Kai nodded.

Expanding the space in the Profound Realm Bead is of great benefit to the power of his cultivation space. Even if there is no such thing as Yang Yan today, he will not slack off.

Now that I vaguely know that there is another mystery in the Profound Realm Bead, Yang Xiu has spared no effort.

“Well, by the way, I am going to sail some days later. You are sleeping in that attic. It should be safe. I will let someone take care of it.” Yang Kai suddenly remembered something.

Yang Yan opened his mouth, as if he wanted to say something, but didn’t say anything, but said indifferently: “There are many dangers in the star field, you have to go down the road.”

After speaking, the figure suddenly disappeared.

Just as she suddenly came, she just left.

Yang Kai frowned and stood on the spot. It took a while to calm down, and sat cross-legged on the bed, meditating and adjusting his breath.

On the second day, Baihua was in the middle.

Yang Kai found Ye Xijun and asked her about Lin Yun’er.

After three years of getting along with each other, Ye Xijun did research on Lin Yun’er’s body and knew something vaguely.

“Yun’er has a special physique.”

’Sure enough!” Yang Kai looked like she had expected.

There are always some special people in this world who have advantages that others can hardly match at birth. This advantage is manifested in their bodies.

For example, the elder sister Xia Ningshang’s medicinal body is naturally proficient in alchemy, and there is no need to learn it. Alchemy is practice. The more pills you refine, the higher her strength.

Shan Qingluo’s poisonous widow’s physique is extremely poisonous. Once she gets emotional, anyone will die if she touches it.

Xueyue’s dragon marrow and phoenix body will greatly increase her vitality and strength without any hidden dangers.

The effects of special physiques have their own merits, but they are all rare and rare for ordinary people.

Yang Kai thought about what kind of incredible power Lin Yuner could possess at a young age, but there was only one explanation.

She has a special physique.

The answer now obtained from Ye Xiyun coincides with his guess.

“Then what kind of physique is she?” Yang Kai turned his head and glanced at the little girl who was sitting aside, gnawing melons, and hurriedly asked.

“My palace has read a lot of classics for this, if my palace is not mistaken, she should have the power of hegemony!” Ye Xiyun said solemnly.

“The Overlord Body of Power!” Yang Kai raised his brows.

“People with this physique are born with supernatural powers, and as their age and cultivation level increase, their strength will only become stronger and stronger. They are the proud children of heaven. They grow to a certain extent and rely solely on physical strength. You can fight with warriors of the same level and have the absolute upper hand!”

Yang Kai showed a look of shock in his eyes.

“But” Ye Xijun frowned again, looking at Lin Yun’er worriedly.

“But what?” Yang Kai looked up at her.

“But because people with this physique have too strong powers that they can’t even bear, they often can’t exert their full strength when fighting. Yun’er is still young and has a cultivation level. It’s not too high, this kind of disadvantage is not obvious yet, but when she really grows up, this kind of power will become her constraint.”

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