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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1572: Set Sail Read Novel

Chapter 1572: Set Sail – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1572: Set Sail

Drink and peck everything, the Creator has always been fair.

Although people with special constitutions have advantages in certain fields, most of them have shortcomings that cannot be ignored.

Xia Ningshang’s medicinal sacred body allows her to easily refine her alchemy and increase her strength in the process of alchemy. But she can only use this method to improve her strength. It is too inefficient for her to meditate and practice like ordinary people.

Shan Qingluo’s line of poisonous widows often makes them lose their loved ones and live a life of loneliness, and this kind of regret will be created by their own hands. On the wedding night, they will brutally kill their loved ones. man of.

This is an unimaginable torture for anyone.

Although Xueyue’s dragon marrow phoenix body is tyrannical, it is nothing more than a wedding dress for others.

Lin Yun’er’s power is the same.

The powerful and sturdy power will eventually make Lin Yun’er unable to bear it herself. Once the power used exceeds the load of the physical body, the final result will be self-destruction!

“There is no solution?” Yang Kai asked worriedly.

“Yes!” Ye Xiyun nodded lightly.

“Oh? Let’s listen, since there is a solution, just follow it.”Yang Kai’s eyes lit up. Lin Yun’er was still young and had unlimited potential. He didn’t want such a little girl to be annoyed by her huge power in the future, or even die because of it.

“Simply speaking, “Ye Xiyun laughed bitterly.” The disadvantages of Yun’er’s physique are obvious. As long as the physical body is tempered against this disadvantage, in other words, as long as her physical strength can support her strength, it won’t What is the danger. But if you want to temper your physical body, you have to have a corresponding exercise method, which is not enough for a low-level exercise method.”

“The technique of tempering the physical body! “Yang Kai looked weird.

“Yes, although Xingdishan also has a method for tempering the body, but that kind of thing can’t meet Yun’er’s requirements at all. I have been exploring this place for several years. This kind of exercises exists, but there is no gain. The collected exercises are not even as good as the original ones on Star Emperor Mountain. “Ye Xiyun was a little sad, “Yun’er has only been in the sect for three years, and her strength growth has been so terrifying. I am afraid that she will continue to grow, not ten years.”

“If you need to temper your body I do have the skill.”

“Sovereign has such a thing? Ye Xiyun looked at him in amazement.

“Well. “Yang Kai said as he took out a classic book from his space ring and handed it to Ye Xiyun, “Look at this.”

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Ye Xijun took it, and looked at Yang Kai suspiciously, before immersing his mind in the technique, and read it carefully.

Yang Kai didn’t say anything to interrupt him either. Amused with Lin Yun’er, the little girl was still young, and she had been living with Huang Juan in Linhai City before, living in a house without seeing the sun, and then she came to the High Heavenzong.

She has not been in contact with the outside world. So the innocence and innocence, and the innocence and innocence made Yang Kai’s mood peaceful.

Two hours later, Ye Xiyun let out a long breath, put down the classics, and his eyes showed surprise.

“How does the Great Elder feel? “Yang Kai raised his head and asked.

“Good! “Ye Xiyun said excitedly, “It should be possible for Yun’er to practice. This exercise is very peculiar. It is not too high in terms of grade alone, but the achievement of practicing it does not depend on the grade of the exercise, but the materials.”

“Well, I think so too. I have also practiced this immortal five-element sword myself. The higher the grade of materials I find, the better the body tempering effect, which is not much related to the practice itself. relationship. “Yang Kai grinned, “The most rare thing is that the materials needed to cultivate it can be replaced.”

If you want to cultivate the Indestructible Five Elements Sword, you must look for the Five Elements Supreme Treasure.

The worst, it can’t be lower than the tenth-order monster’s inner alchemy.

Yang Kai spent a lot of energy at that time to collect all the items.

Now that the High Heavenzong is growing in popularity, it should not be difficult to collect such five-element treasures. Even if the collected items are not as good as Yang Kai’s Sun Zhenjing and Dayan Shensha two treasures, at least they should be able to collect such as Xuanjin kind of things.

Once the collection is complete, let Lin Yun’er practice first, and only need to find a better material in the future and replace it. This has no effect on the cultivator.

Ye Xiyun saw this too, so he seemed very excited.

’Sect Master, don’t worry, I will only let Yun’er practice this exercise alone, and I won’t spread it out.” Ye Xiyun said solemnly.

“It’s okay, even if you spread out, there are probably few people who can practice.” Yang Kai laughed.

The inner alchemy of the tenth-order monster beast, that is equivalent to the powerhouse of the virtual king realm, can hunt down this kind of existence, how many people? So it doesn’t matter if the exercises are spread out.

“However, it requires a strong sense of consciousness to cultivate it, or else it will not be able to withstand the heart-wrenching pain.” Ye Xiyun glanced at Lin Yun’er pityingly.

The little girl doesn’t know anything about the world, she doesn’t know what happened to her, she only knows her strength is great, but she doesn’t understand that this strength is like a rope that kills her life, slowly binding her vitality.

“It’s time for Elder Lao to train her.” Yang Kai laughed.

“Well, I will arrange Yun’er to practice the power of divine consciousness with me as soon as possible.” Ye Xijun nodded.

“The matter of Yun’er will be put aside for the time being. Elder, I have other things to ask you.” Yang Kai looked straight and looked at her solemnly.

“Sovereign, please say.”

“Soon, I will set off for a long voyage. I will take some of the disciples in the sect, otherwise the battleship will not be able to operate. Yang Xiuzhu, Chu Hanyi and Lin Yulaosan The elder had also said before that he would leave with me. What about you, the elder? Will you follow me?”

“Me?” Ye Xiyun flashed a wing of expectation on her face, but she shook it soon He shook his head: ’Sect Master’s kindness, I won’t follow.”

’Sure enough,” Yang Kai sighed, as if he had expected it.

Ye Xijun is superb. It can be said that she is the first person on the Dark Star. Her potential is already great, she has already reached the threshold of the domain, and has long been qualified for promotion to the Void King Realm.

Only in this respect, no one can compare with her.

It can be said that as long as you break away from the constraints of the laws of the dark star heaven and earth, with Ye Xiyun’s cultivation base, there is at least a 80% chance that you will be able to break through to the Void King Realm!

This chance is terrifying!


The emperor is still asleep in the attic, and she can’t leave without worry.

Yang Kai had already guessed about this, but he still had to ask the last question. Now that he got her answer, Yang Kai didn’t want to persuade him.

“In this case, Elder Lao will take care of everything in that sect.” Yang Kai said leisurely.

“With the main palace, the sect must be safe.”

“Well, you do things, I don’t worry.” Yang Kai nodded, “If you have time, remember to find someone for me.”

“Who are you looking for?” Ye Xijun looked at Yang Kai in a puzzled manner, wondering who else kept him from letting go.

“Flowing Cloud Valley, Lu Ye!” Yang Kai sneered, “If you find it, don’t talk nonsense with him, just kill it.”

“Good!” Ye Xiyun nodded.

Although she didn’t understand why Yang Kai was looking for this person, since it was the request of the suzerain, she naturally wouldn’t ask more.

Yang Kai got up to leave, to make the final preparations before leaving.

He wants Ye Xiyun to pay attention to Lu Ye, which is also a warning sign in his heart.

He vaguely felt that this Lu Ye had some problems, let alone his repeated enemy-to-self, Yang Kai did not let go of his reasoning, but said that this person’s actions were also extremely secretive. Every time Yang Kai sees him, he will have a strange feeling.

That kind of feeling made him very jealous, as if this Lu Ye looked extraordinary.

Using warships for long voyages, although the success rate is very high, it must be fully prepared.

All kinds of materials are bound to be available, and the staffing needs to be exquisite.

The entire High Heaven Sect was mobilized.

In just a few days, everything is ready.

Five days later, Qian Tong, who received the news, rushed to Ling Xiaozong.

Fei Zhitu didn’t come over. The Lord Philadelphia survived his death in Luodi Mountain last time, and his cultivation level fell to the second stage of returning to the Void. Even if he followed Yang Kai to leave the Underdark Star, he didn’t hope to break through, and he simply didn’t see it. Not upset, staying in Tianyun City retreat.

He missed this opportunity, and Qian Tong sighed.

Mo Yu came from Qian Tianzong.

More than three years ago, Yang Kai and Qian Tianzong had already negotiated. Qian Tianzong only needed one quota. I don’t know how they negotiated internally. Sovereign Gu Zhen did not come. Mo Yu, whom Yang Kai is more familiar with, arrived.

They are all old acquaintances, and naturally they will inevitably exchange greetings after meeting.

The High Heavenzong dispatched three Void Returning Three Stages, naturally Yang Xiuzhu, Chu Hanyi and Lin Yulao.

These five people will carry the hopes and expectations of countless warriors over the past tens of thousands of years. Whether they can be promoted to the Void King Realm depends on their own efforts and opportunities.

Yang Kai just provided them with an opportunity.

Since ancient times, it has been extremely difficult for the Void Returning Mirror to break through to the Void King Realm. Looking at the entire star field, there are not many Void King Realms. Any of these people is a well-known existence, and each of them is their practice. Masters worshipped by the warriors on the star.

So even if these five people are qualified to break through, they may not be able to go well.

Maybe they will all fail!

Half a month later, in Tianyi Palace, Yang Kaiyou, who closed his eyes and meditated, opened his eyes, got up, and walked out.

Open the gate of the palace, and in front of the gate stood a woman dressed as a young woman, waiting quietly.

Seeing Yang Kai coming out, she took a deep breath, her chest undulating, her fists clenched because of excitement and tension.

Thousand Moon!

This long voyage, of course Yang Kai will not leave her behind.

As a person from the same continent as Yang Kai, she is also looking forward to finding Ice Master Qingya, Su Yan, and several other people in the Ice Sect.

She is eager to see those faces that make her dream of her more than anyone else.

“Are you all ready?” Yang Kai looked at her.

Qianyue nodded: “Everything is in order, just waiting for you.”

“Let’s go.” Yang Kai grinned and strode forward.

In the clenched fist, there is a crystal clear bead that exudes a faint chill.

Su Yan’s Ice Soul Orb! The beads are there, and the beads are broken and people die.

As long as there is it, Yang Kai is sure that Su Yan is living safely in a certain corner of the star field. As long as there is it, Yang Kai believes that they can meet again one day.

Half an hour later, the pitch-black battleship slowly lifted into the sky, and the disciples of the High Heavenzong cheered and sent off from below until the battleship disappeared.

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Chapter 1572: Set Sail – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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