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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1574: Green Water City Read Novel

Chapter 1574: Green Water City – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1574: Green Water City

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He wants to see if he can find Su Yan there!

Thinking like this in his heart, Yang Kai withdrew his spirit from the sea of ​​consciousness, poured it into the astrolabe in front of him, and engraved the navigation route of the battleship.

For a long time to come, he doesn’t need to worry about it anymore. The warship will follow the route he has drawn until it reaches the destination. Of course, provided that there is no danger along the way.

Time flies.

The battleship has been moving forward steadily and safely following the route drawn by Yang Kai, and has not encountered any twists and turns.

Occasionally, a few strange-shaped star beasts sprang from the nearby Death Star, and they were all killed by the crystal artillery controlled by the disciples.

In the wing room, Yang Kai sat cross-legged, and in front of him he obtained the Zixu Ding from the Imperial Garden, surrounded by various boxes and bottles, full of dazzling arrays.

He skillfully put a strain of herbal medicine into the Purple Void Cauldron, the fire of God’s Consciousness poured into the Cauldron, condensed the essence of the medicinal materials, carved the spiritual formation, and merged the essence of the medicinal materials to make them wonderful change.

Precisely control the heat, and control the timing of the injection of each plant.

Yang Kai is meticulous and enjoys it.

With a frown, he quickly increased the power of the fire of divine consciousness.

At the next moment, a popping sound came out of the Zixu Cauldron, followed by an unpleasant burnt smell.

Yang Kai’s face was stunned, frowning.

Fail again!

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With a flat expression, he lifted the lid of the Zixu Cauldron, poured out the dark objects inside, and piled them aside.

There are a lot of these things piled up over there, all of them are the products of Yang Kai’s failure in alchemy!

He didn’t continue, but fell into deep thought.

It has been two years since leaving the Dark Star. In two years, Yang Kai has not been wasted. He has been practicing various magical powers and understanding various secret techniques. In addition, he is improving himself. His skill in alchemy, he had a very fulfilling experience.

Since he learned the way of alchemy, it is rare for him to fail in refining. He refining pills has a much higher success rate than ordinary alchemists, and the quality is also very high. Condense the effects of medicinal materials to the greatest extent.

This achievement can be attributed to his great talent in alchemy, and secondly, he possesses the alchemy gods like the fire of divine consciousness.

In the past two years on the battleship, he has experienced failure again and again.

Void-level high-grade pill, now he can refine it at will, what he wants to refine now is Void King-level spirit pill!

Until now, a lot of virtual king-level medicinal materials have been consumed, but none of the virtual king-level medicinal materials have been released, and all of them have been scrapped.

This result made him a little frustrated.

In any profession, it is extremely difficult to reach the pinnacle. In the star field, the Void King is the pinnacle.

There are not many experts in the Void King Realm. Numerous Void Returning Three-level Realm martial artists are stuck on the bottleneck.

For the same reason, the virtual king-level alchemist and the refining master are also rare, much less than the number of powerful people in the virtual king realm.

Yang Kai’s alchemy skills are now stuck at this bottleneck, and there is no way to improve.

He had comprehended the true solution of the alchemy brought out from the Imperial Garden, but he could not get the answer he wanted.

He feels that his technique and heat are well mastered, but he just can’t make a virtual king-level pill.

The pill can be called a pill! There was such a sentence in the Alchemy True Explanation, which made Yang Kai extremely concerned.

How to make the pill be effective, but he was helpless.

Although he has collected a lot of virtual king-level medicinal materials, he can’t help but consume it like this. Yang Kai thought for a while and collected the remaining medicinal materials. Before he could understand this sentence, he I feel that no matter how hard I try, I am afraid it will be in vain.

He needs to think about it.

Take out the Five Elements Supreme Treasure, such as the Sun Zhenjing, Yang Kai practiced the Indestructible Five Elements Sword while comprehending this sentence in the true explanation of the alchemy.

Six months later, Yang Kai who was sitting in the wing suddenly opened his eyes.

He felt the battleship stop.

The sound of footsteps came from outside the door, very quickly, as if something had happened.

Yang Kai got up, stretched out his hand, and the door opened. The next moment, Qianyue’s figure appeared in front of Yang Kai.

“Here is the place!” Qianyue said excitedly!

“Are you here?” Yang Kai raised his brows and shook his figure before appearing beside Qianyue.

Reached out and held her waist, her figure swayed again, the fluctuation of space power was so obvious, Qianyue only felt a flower in front of her, when she reacted again, she and Yang Kai had already appeared on the battleship. outside.

There are icy and vast star fields all around, and many large and small dead stars are in sight.

The scene I saw made Qian Yue feel very familiar.

She recalled this place in her mind countless times, and countless times when she was separated from the ice master Qingya and the others, she would definitely not remember it wrong.

“It’s here!” Qianyue drank low, looking excited, “It’s here, there is a void tunnel near here, we will separate after we enter the void tunnel!”

The void corridor didn’t know what was wrong, and Qianyue was directly teleported to the Dark Star after entering it, but the ice master Qingya and Su Yan were nowhere to be seen.

If it weren’t for Yang Kai by chance, Qianyue would not dare to imagine what her fate would be like now.

After entering the star field, she knew how small her power was.

“Void tunnel?” Yang Kai murmured, closing his eyes, his divine consciousness frantically expanded outwards, and he began to investigate carefully.

After a while, he opened his eyes leisurely, and led Qianyue to fly in a certain direction quickly.

The Ling Xiaozong disciple who received his call also hurriedly drove the warship over.

After a while, Yang Kai stopped somewhere in the void, staring solemnly forward.

In front of that, there is indeed an extremely obvious spatial force going up and down, and the divine mind will be swallowed immediately when it penetrates into it.

This empty tunnel has completely collapsed, and it can’t be used anymore, I’m afraid it will disappear in this world soon. If it hadn’t been for Yang Kai to cultivate space power, it would be really not easy to find it.

Yang Kai searched carefully, Qian Yue waited nervously, not daring to interrupt.

After a long while, Yang Kai sighed.

“How is it?” Qian Yue asked hurriedly.

Yang Kai shook his head: “It is impossible to predict where Su Yan and the others are going by relying on this void tunnel alone.”

Qianyue’s beautiful eyes full of expectation faded in an instant.

“But this void tunnel is not too powerful, even if it can connect two places in space, it should not be too far apart. You can appear on the Dark Star, I am afraid it is luck, as for Su Yan, they should be nearby. Wait. I’ll see where the closest cultivation star is. Let’s go there and look for it.”

Saying like this, Yang Kai closed his eyes, his consciousness immersed in the sea of ​​knowledge. Check it out in the star chart.

After a while, Yang Kai opened his eyes and returned to the battleship with Qian Yue, and ordered his disciples to adjust the direction of the battleship and drive towards a certain cultivation star.

A few days later, a light blue star was printed in everyone’s eyes. Looking down from the starry sky, this star was far less huge than the gloom star, and seemed to be only one-fourth the size of the gloom star.

But it is very beautiful, and the aura of heaven and earth seems to be extremely abundant.

There is no doubt that this is a rich cultivation star.

The battleship slowly drove there until it was out of the atmosphere before Yang Kai collected the battleship into the Profound Realm Orb.

Although he doesn’t know much about the situation in the star field, at least he knows that the Xuwang-class battleship is too conspicuous.

I am afraid that there are not a few of this kind of thing even the Hengluo Chamber of Commerce with strong financial resources.

If the warship were to be sent to this star, it would surely arouse other people’s ideas immediately.

He came here to find someone, and didn’t want to cause any trouble.

All the disciples of low power have also entered the Profound Realm Orb. With such an emperor treasure, Yang Kai is indeed much easier to act.

Qian Tong and other five Void Returning Third Stage Realm and Qianyue, along with Yang Kai’s imperial envoy Star Shuttle, went up and down towards the star.

Half a day later, a group of seven people set foot on this beautiful star.

The aura of heaven and earth here is similar to that of Gloom Star. It is not clear which is better or worse, but Qian Tong and others are breathing the air exaggeratedly, standing in place with changing expressions, seeming to be silent To perceive something.

Suddenly, Qian Tong burst into laughter, his smile extremely cheerful.

“Without suppression, without restraint, I feel as if the shackles that have been locked to me have suddenly disappeared!” Mo Yu also had an exhilarated expression and his expression was flying.

Yang Xiuzhu and the others did the same. They looked at each other, and they all saw the joy in each other’s eyes.

“Congratulations to a few of you.” Yang Kai naturally knew what they were talking about, grinned and congratulated.

This cultivation star is not suppressed by the powerful laws of heaven and earth as the Gloom Star, which means that the shackles that have been restricting them to perceive a deeper level of heaven and martial art have disappeared.

They have the opportunity and hope to be promoted to the Void King Realm!

The excitement of the crowd was beyond addictive.

“Yang Kai, don’t talk about other old men, take note of your kindness, old man!” Qian Tong looked at Yang Kai seriously.

Mo Yu reacted and hurriedly opened his mouth to thank him.

If Yang Kai hadn’t taken them away from the Dark Star, they would have been like the countless ancestors, and they would not be able to touch the threshold of the Void King Realm until they died of old age.

This opportunity was given to them by Yang Kai.

“Elder Qian is serious. Well, let’s find a place to stay first, maybe we have to stay here for a while.” Yang Kai looked at a city in the distance and said.

“Yes, although there is no rule of heaven and earth suppression here, but whether it is suitable for promotion or not, you have to find out first.” Qian Tong nodded in agreement.

Everyone reached a consensus, and immediately set off for the distant city.

In a teahouse in Lushui City, Yang Kai sits around a table with several people.

The young shopkeeper offered a pot of Lingcha and was about to withdraw, but Qian Tong stopped him.

“I don’t know what the seniors have ordered?” The shopkeeper nodded and bowed at Qian Tong, with a smile on his face.

There are people coming and going in the store. Xiaoer had already practiced a pair of golden eyes. Although he could not feel the cultivation level of the people of Qian Tong, he also knew that these people must be strong, so naturally he didn’t dare. What’s the snub.

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