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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1575: Blood Hell Trial Read Novel

Chapter 1575: Blood Hell Trial – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1575: Blood Hell Trial

Qian Tong smiled kindly: “Don’t be nervous, the old man stops you just to ask you a few questions, well, if you answer well, these things are yours.”

Speaking like this, Qian Tong took out a few high-grade sacred crystals and threw them on the table.

The eyes of Xiao Er in the shop straightened instantly. He served tea and handed water here, and he could only earn two or three pieces of low-grade sacred crystals in a month. The few top-grade sacred crystals on the table were a shocking wealth to him.

Save some flowers, and you will have no worries about eating and drinking for the rest of your life.

hurriedly nodded and bowed and said: ’Senior, even if you ask, the little one knows everything is endless. Although the little one is just an ordinary person who has not practiced, he is also a native of here. If the senior wants to know something, The little one will never let you down!”

“Very good.” Qian Tong nodded, satisfied that the shop’s second child was so on the road, and he was not verbose. He directly asked: “I want to ask you, here you are. Is there a strong Void King Realm?”

“Void King Realm?” Xiaoer Dian looked at Xia Yang Kai and the others in amazement, with a clear expression on his face, hehe smiled: ” Several seniors shouldn’t be my Cuiweixing martial artist, right?”

“You are smart!” Qian Tong didn’t mean otherwise, after all, if he came from this star, he shouldn’t be ignorant of that kind of thing.

A strong person in the Void King Realm is a top-heavy existence on any cultivation star. If it is really a martial artist of Cuiwei Star, he must have heard of it.

The shop Xiaoer chuckled: ’Senior is ridiculously praised, but the younger one just said casually. But since several seniors came to Cuiweixing at this time, why didn’t they even inquire about these things?”

“What should we inquire about?” Qian Tong snorted coldly.

The shop’s second child was not in a hurry, and said slowly: ’Since several seniors are here, they must have come to participate in the event. Although it is a bit earlier, it doesn’t matter. It will be two years later. There are also other seniors who have come earlier, um, as for whether there is a Void King Realm, when did Cui Msi have lacked a powerhouse of this level?”

He looked contented, as if in On this Cuiwei star, the powerful of the Void King Realm can be seen everywhere.

Qian Tong and others looked at each other, and they were all interested, and motioned to Xiao Er to continue talking.

“Don’t hide a few predecessors, now on our Cuiwei Star, there are two or three powerful virtual kings. At the peak, there were more than a dozen, of which two were the three virtual kings. The top powerhouse of the level.”

“The third level of the virtual king? Two?” Qian Tong and others trembled, their eyes were dull, and they were shocked by the words of Xiao Er.

“Is this true?” Mo Yu asked in a deep voice.

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“The little one dare not deceive. Everyone knows this kind of thing. If you don’t believe me, you can just ask about it.”

’So, you Cuiweixing Quite suitable for promotion and breakthrough?” Qian Tong’s eyes were clear, his face was full of excitement.

After coming here, he can’t feel the restraining laws like the gloomy star, but whether he wants to stay or break through here, he still needs to inquire carefully.

Now that he got such information from Xiaoer, he was naturally happy.

“That’s natural.” Xiao Er shook his head and looked triumphant. “Aren’t some seniors here just for this?”

“You can see this too?” Qian Tong was surprised.

’Senior joked, although the youngest person is an ordinary person, but this once-in-a-millennium event has spread throughout Cuiwei Star, and even three-year-old children have heard of it. How can the youngest be ignorant?” The shop Xiaoer answered.

“Wait, what’s a once-in-a-millennium event?” Yang Kai looked at him suspiciously. The second person in this shop had already mentioned it once, but Yang Kai didn’t care too much. Any cultivation star has it. One’s own style and customs, such as the Flowing Flame Sands of Gloom Star, are opened once in hundreds of years.

This Cuiwei star will also have this kind of thing.

But listening to the meaning of the Dian Xiao Erhua, this event seems to be related to the promotion and breakthrough of Qian Tong and others, and he immediately fell in love.

Hearing his question, Xiao Er immediately got up in shock, scratching his head and said: “What? How many seniors came here, not to participate in the trial of the blood prison?”

“The trial of the blood prison?”

“Qian Tong and others looked at each other with a dazed expression.

“Tell me carefully, what does this blood hell trial do?” Yang Kai threw a few high-grade sacred crystals on the table again, and lightly ordered.

The shop’s second child swallowed his saliva and was full of joy. Knowing that he ran into a nobleman today, where he dared to neglect, he quickly cleared his throat and said: “This trial in the blood hell is for the sake of a few seniors. Such an expert prepared it.”

“What do you say?” Qian Tong raised his brows.

“Because the people who participated in the trial of the blood prison are the top powerhouses in the third stage of returning to the Void, I heard that they can break through to the Void King Realm!” The shop Xiao said astonishing.

“Really?” Qian Tonghuo stood up, his expression extremely excited.

The shop Xiaoer was taken aback, and quickly nodded and said: “The little one dare not deceive, the blood hell trial is true, but the little one doesn’t know the specific situation, and the senior should be able to see it too. It was just an ordinary person, who had not even practiced before, and didn’t know the details of the blood hell trial.”

“Then what do you know? “Yang Kai motioned to Qian Tong to be safe, and looked at the shop’s second person to ask.

“The little one knows, now those Void King Realm adults on Cuiweixing have participated in the blood prison trial. Not only them, there are also many Void King Realm powerhouses in this star field, all of whom have come out of the trial of the blood prison.”

“There are other martial artists from the Star of Cultivation here? “Qian Tong frowned.

“Yes, some people have arrived at Cuiwei Star a few years ago, but the number is small, but as time approaches, more and more people come. It’s here, so before I was young, I thought several seniors “Dian Xiaoer looked at Qian Tong and others anxiously.

“That’s it!” “Yang Kai nodded, “Well, let’s talk about the trial situation in the blood hell. You know what you know, and if you don’t know, we won’t blame you.”

Qian Tong and others echoed, and they all looked at Xiao Er in the shop with encouraging eyes.

Xiao Er settled his mind, and after some thoughts, he whispered.

Blood Hell Trial is the biggest event on Cuiwei Star. It will only start once in a thousand years. Each time it is opened, it will attract a large number of Void-Returning Third-layer Martial Artists to join it. The whole trial process seems bloody and will A large number of warriors have fallen.

But along with great danger, the harvest is also amazing.

Void King Realm powerhouses are often born from it!

Sometimes there is more than one!

So even if it is dangerous, those who are strong in the Void-Returning Three-layer Realm will flock to them.

This trial can be said to be a multitude of troops crossing the single-plank bridge. In the entire star field, there are countless experts in the Void Returning Three-level Realm, but the Void King Realm is extremely rare. Even if there are many opportunities in the Blood Prison Trial, it is extremely difficult to get promoted.

Those who are strong in the three-level realm rush into the trial of blood hell, and perhaps most of them will fall, and perhaps no one will be able to be promoted until the trial is over, but this is still indelible for those who are strong to pursue stronger Determination.

The reason why the Blood Hell Trial has such a magical effect is because of the existence of the domain.

There is full of incomplete domain power, and the Void Returning Three-layer Realm martial artist can feel and absorb in it. If they can understand the true meaning of the domain, then there is hope for breakthrough and promotion.

“Why is this place called Blood Hell filled with domain power, and it is still incomplete?” Qian Tong was very curious about this.

“This has to start with a great war.” Xiaoer Dian has some potential as a storyteller, and he is so organized when talking about things, so that people can understand as soon as they listen.

According to his description, the place of Blood Prison was once a battlefield, a battlefield where more than 20 virtual king realm powerhouses and a large number of disciples of their sects were fighting and fighting.

I don’t know how long ago, Cuiweixing had two top powerhouses at the three-level virtual king level. These two powerhouses looked at the entire star field and were among the best.

They each led a force and were enemies with each other, and their respective forces had many frictions and fights.

This grievance lasted for hundreds of thousands of years, and the result intensified, eventually leading to the two powerhouses themselves being involved.

Not only that, these two strong men also invited their friends for a long time to come and help out.

The friends of the strong in the Void King Realm are naturally of this level.

So a battle that could destroy the stars broke out somewhere in Cuiwei Star.

In that battle, not only more than 20 virtual kings participated in the battle, but also the disciples of the two powerful men.

The casualties are not counted!

No one knows the final result, except that after the First World War, there were bones and mountains, bloody and drifting sculls.

The twenty-odd Void Kings realm, it seems that none of them have survived, and all of them have fallen.

Since then, that place has been called the Blood Prison by the people of Cuiweixing. It is said that until now, the land is still red, as if poured by blood, and there are traces of the war after the war everywhere, regardless of the years. The passage still cannot be smoothed.

The blood hell was born.

And in this blood prison, the power of all kinds of domains is flooded. This power and its danger are unpredictable. People below the third stage of returning to the Void cannot bear it at all, only Only the martial artist of the three-tier return to the virtual realm can break into the interior at a specific time to understand the power of those incomplete domains and benefit from it.

If you are lucky, you may be promoted to the Void King Realm.

If this is the case, it may not be enough to attract those who are more than three-layered virtual return to come here.

It is rumored that there are still secret treasures used by those in the Void King Realm in the Blood Prison! Each of those secret treasures is of virtual king-level quality, which is hard to find outside.

There seems to be the heritage of the two top powerhouses hidden in it.

If someone can get their inheritance, they can undoubtedly be promoted to the Void King Realm in the future, and it is not impossible to even reach the height of the two people back then.

All kinds of temptations, all kinds of benefits, make the blood prison a piece of sweet pastry, which everyone covets.

Whenever the trial of the blood hell is on, the three-level return to the Void realm in the star field who heard the news will come here.

And this time is also the most lively time of Cuiweixing.

It’s only two or three years since the next trial of the blood hell begins. That’s why Xiaoer Dian would have such a misunderstanding after listening to Qian Tong’s question.

He thought that Qian Tong and others came to participate in the trial of the blood prison after hearing the news.

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