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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1576: Epiphany Read Novel

Chapter 1576: Epiphany – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1576: Epiphany

In the teahouse, a group of seven people sat in a quiet atmosphere.

Qian Tong and others are excited, unable to calm down for a long time.

The news they heard from Xiaoer Dian made them inexplicably excited.

Originally, as long as they could get rid of the constraints of the laws of the dark star heaven and earth, they would have been satisfied, and how did they know that this Cuiwei star had encountered such a good thing for the first time.

To them who have been struggling with the Dark Star all their lives and struggling to pursue higher martial arts, nothing is more beautiful than this news.

There is no need to discuss, everyone can see the emotion in each other’s eyes.

They obviously want to participate!

“Don’t worry a few of you. If what the shopkeeper said is true, there is still some time before the trial of the blood hell starts. If you want to participate, you can stay here and find out. It’s not too late.” Yang Kai glanced at them.

“Yes, that shop Xiaoer is just an ordinary person. Although the blood hell trial is a rare event in a thousand years, he probably doesn’t know much about it. This kind of thing should really be inquired and confirmed to be correct. “Yang Xiuzhu nodded lightly, agreeing with Yang Kai’s point of view.

’Since that’s the case, let’s stay, anyway, it’s still early. If it’s really that good here, then we won’t leave for the time being.” Qian Tong suggested.

“No comment.”Mo Yu nodded.

The negotiation was done, everyone hurriedly found a good inn in this green water city, and opened a few wing rooms to live in.

Yang Kai did not stay. After he entrusted Qianyue to Qian Tong and others to take care of him, he left Green Water City alone by the imperial envoy Xingsuo.

He needed to find Su Yan’s trace on this Cuiwei star.

Based on the connection between him and Su Yan, if Su Yan really falls on this cultivation star, it will not be difficult to find her. As long as the two of them get close to a certain range, they will naturally feel in touch.

What’s more, Su Yan’s Ice Soul Orb is still in Yang Kai’s hands, and this thing will have some reactions to Su Yan.

Yang Kai acts like the wind, standing above the stars. Above the shuttle, full of anticipation, began to toss and turn on Cuiwei Star.

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Crossed over the mountains, across the rivers, lakes, and seas, large tracts of land were left behind by Yang Kai.

As time passed. He gradually became disappointed.

Cuiweixing is the nearest cultivation star that separated Qianyue and Su Yan and others that year, and she has a great possibility of staying here.

The cultivation star that is farther away is at least a few months away from here.

Yang Kai feels that Su Yan should not go further.

But after searching for it this time, there was no trace of Su Yan, and the Ice Soul Orb did not react at all. This result surprised him.

Su Yan is not here.

In six months, Yang Kai ran almost all over Cuiwei Star without stopping for a moment, but the final result disappointed him.

Above a peak, Yang Kai stood on the top of the peak, looking at the distant scenery with a lonely expression.

Su Yan was not found, he was not in a good mood.

In the jungle, a pair of wild eyes is watching him, and with the help of the forest, they are quietly approaching him.

This is the territory of a powerful monster beast. Without the permission of the owner, no creatures can set foot on it.

The creatures who dare to violate this rule have become the womb of this monster beast.

The monster beast has its own intuition. It quietly looked at Yang Kai, and realized that this person’s strength was not too strong. It was ready to kill and let Yang Kai know the consequences of infringing on his territory.

With the help of the wind, it completely eliminated its own odor, and approached Yang Kai step by step, looking for the best place and time to attack.

Carefully, it saw Yang Kai turned his head and glanced at where he was hiding.

“Unlucky for you!” Yang Kai murmured, grinning grinningly. The smile chilled the approaching monster beast to the bone, and an extremely uneasy feeling suddenly spread from the bottom of his heart.

Before it could move, Yang Kai waved his hand and the three major assists appeared on the stage.

The little stone puppet, carrying the pillar shaking the sky, suddenly turned into a stone giant, screaming and transforming into a fiery red firebird. The dragon bone sword released amazing pressure, accompanied by a high dragon chant, With a head of more than ten feet long, a green dragon appeared swaying its head and tail.

The eye of the monster beast showed a anthropomorphic color of horror, turned around, and ran away quickly.

At this moment it knew that it had chosen the wrong target.

“Fuck it!” Yang Kai grinned.

The earth trembled immediately, and the stone puppet stepped forward and chased it forward, leaving deep footprints on the earth every time it stepped out.

The firebird turned into a red light, hurriedly approaching the beast, and as it passed by, the trees were burned and turned into ashes in the blink of an eye.

The emerald dragon followed closely behind.

Yang Kai breathed out lightly, as if he was about to spit out the frustration in his heart, and then he followed without hurries.

Now he is in a low mood, the monster daring to covet it, it is simply seeking his own death.

He needs to vent.

The roar of monsters and dull roars of stone puppets came from the front, sometimes mixed with the chirping of firebirds and the dragon chants of keel swords.

The spiritual energy of heaven and earth is entangled over there, and there is a massacre in the jungle.

Although the monster beast is not low in level, it has the pinnacle of Tier Nine, and it only takes one step to break through to Tier Ten, but where is it the opponent of the stone puppet Firebird and Dragonbone Sword?

Even if you want to escape, there is no chance.

There was no suspense about the battle. When Yang Kai rushed over there, the monster beast that had just coveted him was already lying on the ground, and it had no breath.

Its waist was broken, and Bai Sensen’s bone stubble was poked out. It seemed that it had been smashed by a stone puppet with a pillar shaking the sky. The fur all over it was scorched black, obviously because it was burned by the spirit.

The emerald dragon hovered over its corpse, seeming to want to devour its flesh and blood essence.

Yang Kai stopped it, hurried to the corpse of the monster beast, unhurriedly ejected a golden blood thread, and shot it aggressively into its body.

Under the control of Yang Kai’s spiritual mind, the golden blood thread is like a living fish, swimming through the body of the monster beast.

A bizarre scene appeared, the monster’s body shrivelled at a speed visible to the naked eye, and the energy contained in the body seemed to have been swallowed by something!

Yang Kai looked at this scene with a plain expression, as if he had expected it.

After a while, the corpse of the monster beast completely became a corpse, and even its inner alchemy disappeared.

Yang Kai raised his hand, and a thread of gold and red intersecting flew out of its corpse, like a living thing moving back and forth between Yang Kai’s fingers.

Looking at it quietly, Yang Kai looked surprised and joyful, and his previous loss was slightly slowed down.

With a movement of mind, the golden bloodshot on his hand suddenly twisted and squirmed, and then turned into the appearance of a monster.

It looks no different from the monster beast that died on the ground, and even the size is almost the same, except that this monster beast transformed from golden blood threads has two colors of gold and red, and its eyes turn. It seems extremely spiritual.

The way of golden bloodshot change!

Yang Kai has long understood the mystery recorded in the lower half of the Demon Blood Silk Secret Technique, but he has never had the opportunity to practice.

The change of the golden bloodshot is not only manifested in the fusion and intersection between different numbers of golden bloodshots, but also various killer moves.

You can also make the golden bloodshot swallow the flesh and soul of the monster, giving the golden bloodshot a new transformation.

This is the rebirth of the golden blood thread, and the crystallization of the wisdom of the senior man who created this secret technique.

In the imperial court and his entourage, Yang Kai fought against the glamorous leader of the Demon Blood Sect, and saw her two demon blood threads, transformed into two blood snakes. He was very curious at the time, and didn’t know how the Meiyan leader did it.

Later, after comprehending the lower half of the Secret Art of Demon Blood Thread, I understood the mystery.

Golden Blood Silk is originally made from Yang Kai’s golden blood. It can swallow the flesh and blood essence of the fused monster beast, absorb the energy of the inner alchemy, and then it can produce this kind of change called the blood beast.

The two blood snakes of the demon blood leader are the blood beasts transformed by her demon blood thread!

The blood beast can inherit the ability of the monster beast before it is alive, and because it is transformed by Yang Kai’s golden blood, it is connected with his mind, like an arm.

Before in the Dark Star, Yang Kai had no time to find suitable monsters, so he didn’t practice the blood beast technique.

I chanced upon a suitable one here now, so I won’t let it go.

With the help of stone puppets, it is easy to succeed.

Released the spirit of mind and felt it on the blood beast. Yang Kai nodded lightly, greatly satisfied.

In terms of aura alone, this blood beast transformed from golden blood threads should be no less powerful than a Void-Returning two-layer martial artist. Perhaps this strength is somewhat different from that before it was alive, but it’s not very strong. Big.

The most important thing is that Yang Kai has more than one golden thread!

As long as there are enough monsters, all of Yang Kai’s golden blood can be transformed into blood beasts, when hundreds of blood beasts will be released together, even in the face of the Void King Realm, Yang Kai will not There must be no fighting strength.

But it is not easy to find the right monster, so this matter has to be taken slowly.

Thinking about this in his heart, Yang Xinming moved and reached out to the blood beast.

The blood beast immediately became smaller, and in the blink of an eye, it became only the size of a pigeon egg, and it fell into Yang Kai’s palm when it was vertical.

Yang Kai smiled slightly. When he was about to put it away, he suddenly seemed to think of something. He carefully stared at the spiritual blood beast in his heart, showing a pensive color in his eyes.

He was lost in thought and seemed to feel comprehension.

After a long while, Yang Kai’s body shook, and his eyes exploded, and he muttered: “The pill has an aura, so it can be called a spirit pill! That’s how it is!”

In an instant, he somewhat understood the meaning contained in the words that kept him confused in the Alchemy True Understanding.

Although it is just a guess, it is worth a try. If it succeeds, then he can successfully refine the virtual king-level spirit pill and be promoted to the virtual king-level alchemist!

“Disperse all of them, go to the neighborhood to protect the law for me, don’t let anything disturb me.” Yang opened his mouth and commanded.

The three major boosters dissipated immediately and were strictly guarded nearby.

Yang Kai sat cross-legged, waving his hands, and took out the Zixuding and some boxes containing medicinal materials from the space ring.

Finger punched a few sacred yuans into the Zixu Cauldron, Yang Kai picked up a jade box and opened the lid, took out an Xuwang-level medicinal material from it, and put it directly into the Zixu Cauldron.

The fire of divine consciousness burst out, and Yang Kai began to control the fire of the condensed liquid.

He is very familiar with the road.

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