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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1578: Echoing Each Other Read Novel

Chapter 1578: Echoing Each Other – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1578: Echoing Each Other

This kind of alchemy technique makes Yang happy.

The pill he refined before was not high-grade, and the materials were easy to find. There was no problem in refining one pill from one part of the material.

With Ling Xiaozong as the backing, Yang Kai does not need to worry about the source of the materials.

But now he is already a virtual king-level alchemist. The materials for refining pills are not only very expensive and hard to find, but also need something like elixir. Even if there is High Heaven Sect, you can’t find too many. material.

If he can refine more than one spirit pill from a single material, it will be a huge profit for him.

This matter is not in a hurry. He has just been promoted to the Void King-level Alchemist, and he needs a lot of experience to accumulate. Only when the experience of refining Void King-level spirit pills is accumulated to a certain level, can he study more deeply. Level stuff.

Half a month later, Yang Kai returned to Green Water City.

Su Yan was not found on this trip, and he is not prepared to continue to delay on this cultivation star. He still needs to return to Tongxuan Continent as soon as possible and transfer his relatives and friends there to Gloom Star. Provide them with a better cultivation environment and resources.

When he arrived at the inn where Qian Tong and others lived before, Yang Kai opened his mind and swept away, he couldn’t help being stunned.

Qian Tong and others are not here anymore.

This unexpected discovery made him feel a sudden shock. I don’t know if Qian Tong and the others had an accident. After all, when he was leaving that day, he had made an appointment with them to meet here.

Where will they go?

Yang Kai frowned, took out the communication compass, and poured spiritual thoughts into it.

After a while, the compass lit up, and there was a wave of divine power from within, and Yang Kai quickly sank into his mind to investigate.

After snooping on the message Qian Tong had sent to him, Yang Kai was extremely surprised.

They did not have any accidents. On the contrary, they are living well now, and they have become the elders of Keqing in Green Water City.

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This result surprised Yang Kai.

Putting away the compass, Yang Kai rushed out of the inn and walked towards a building in the center of Green Water City.

When he walked over there, Qian Tong and others were greeted with smiles.

I haven’t seen each other for a few months, and they didn’t ask Yang Kai what he was doing. They greeted Yang Kai into the building with extreme enthusiasm and asked them to offer tea. Then they explained to Yang Kai.

Soon after Yang Kai left that day, the lord of Green Water City personally came to visit Qian Tong and others.

After all, the lineup of five Void Returning Third-Layer Realm powerhouses, even if placed on this Cuiwei Star, no one can ignore it, not to mention that Green Water City is still a small city, except for the city’s main and deputy city owners. After the warrior, there are no other masters in the third-level realm.

Qian Tong and others came here suddenly, and the city lord of Lushui City also murmured directly in his heart, not knowing what they wanted, and with fear in his heart, he came to find out what Qian Tong and others were coming from.

After learning that Qian Tong and others were not warriors from Cuiweixing, they only came to participate in the trial of the blood prison, the city lord of Lushui City was relieved.

Immediately draw in and invite Qian Tong and others to serve as the elders of Green Water City!

Qian Tong and others didn’t want to agree at the beginning. For them, Cuiweixing is just a place to break through, and they will return to Gloom Star in the future. There is no need to be the elder of a city here.

To rashly agree is also irresponsible.

You can wait for the lord of Green Water City to clarify the stakes, and inform Qian Tong and others that he will also participate in the Blood Prison Trial. When everyone can help each other, Qian Tong and others will think about it for a while. Then agreed.

However, they did not agree to the position of elders, but only agreed to be an idle guest.

And they have already greeted the lord of Green Water City, they will leave after the blood hell trial.

The lord of Green Water City readily agreed.

That’s why they didn’t live in the inn, but settled in the place arranged for them by the lord of Green Water City.

“After all, we are outsiders. This city lord is jealous of us, and it is only natural to win over us. However, since he is a native warrior of Cuiweixing, he knows more about the trials of blood hell than we should. Many, joining hands with him can also be regarded as mutual benefit.” Qian Tong leisurely said.

“En.” Yang Kai nodded, “It’s okay, there is a snake to take care of, at least you don’t need to bother to inquire about intelligence, a few seniors can do it by themselves, but a few still have to be careful Some, don’t let the lord of Green Water City calculate anything, after all, people’s hearts are separated from the belly.”

Qian Tong and others laughed loudly.

Mo Yu said: ’Sect Master Yang is relieved. Although the City Lord of Green Water City is smart, according to my contact with him, his temperament is not bad, he should not know the severity, let alone, even if He wants to calculate, and he is hard to sing with his palm alone. We are not afraid.”

“That’s because the kid is worried.” Yang Kai nodded, “Well, since the seniors are all well here, then I can do it. Don’t worry about leaving.”

“How long will it take you to come back?” Qian Tong looked at him solemnly.

“I don’t know, it can be as short as one or two years, and as long as three or four years. Maybe I can come back before the trial in the blood prison, and I will also go in to see the excitement inside.” Yang Kai grinned.

“It’s the best. If you are with you, this trial will be much safer.” Qian Tong’s spirit was shocked, and he was obviously very confident in Yang Kai’s strength.

The other people also looked at Yang Kai with vigor, as if wishing him to go and return early.

Yang Kai smiled and looked at Qianyue again and said, “Do you go back to Tongxuan Continent with me, or stay here?”

“Me?” Qianyue’s face showed hesitation. color.

She really doesn’t know what choice to make.

Tongxuan Continent is the homeland of her and Yang Kai. It is fake to say that she doesn’t miss it. She was forced to leave in the past, and now she has the opportunity to return. Naturally, she wants to go back and see the land where she grew up.


The scenery remains the same, but that piece of land has long since become a human being.

Everything related to the Ice Sect should no longer exist. Perhaps the people there did not know from the beginning to the end that there was a vast ice field where the Ice Sect once stood.

“I will stay.”Qianyue’s confused beautiful eyes gradually became firm and made a decision. “The people related to me should all be in the star field. It only makes me sad when I go back. I can continue to inquire about the news if I stay here, maybe I can use it. Some news came out during this time.”

Yang Kai nodded slowly, and did not try to persuade.

She made such a choice in a reasonable way.

“Then Qianyue will entrust you to the seniors. Take care of it carefully. “Yang Kai looked at Qian Tong and others.

“Don’t worry, there are a few people around, no one dares to do anything to her, hehe, there are not many experts in the Void King Realm. “Qian Tong chuckled. Under the Void King Realm, they are the strongest. Five of them join forces. It is estimated that few people will dare to make trouble.

“Don’t say more about other Mo Mou, Sect Master Yang has a good journey. Go early and return early! “Mo Yu said solemnly.

“The lord is careful all the way. “Yang Xiuzhu also looked at Yang Kai.

Yang Kai nodded.

He didn’t stay in Lushui City any more. Knowing that Qian Tong and others were safe, he set off on the next day. Embarked on the journey back to the homeland.

The royal service star shuttle flew out of Cuiwei Star and released the battleship from the Profound Realm Orb. After the disciples were ready, the battleship quickly sailed into the starry sky.

At that time, Yang Kai broke into the star field with a passion for entering the holy realm. It took decades to separate from those deceased people. I don’t know what they have lived in these decades. How, has there been any change?

Yang Kai’s mood fluctuated, and he suddenly felt a sense of cowardice near hometown.

This mood becomes more obvious as time goes by.

He asked the battleship to return along the path he had walked back then, feeling the changes in his mood, letting the sweets and bitters deep inside his heart condense and settle.

Unconsciously, the mood becomes solidified.

Suddenly looking back, he is no longer the hairy boy back then.

Today, he has a powerful cultivation base of the Void Returning realm, an invincible existence under the Void King Realm, dominating the High Heaven Sect, on the Dark Star, under one person, and over ten thousand!

His waist is straight, like a javelin, and his expression is proud and resolute.

Leisurely, as if he had some sense, he turned his head and looked in one direction, and at the same time, his spiritual thoughts appeared.

A beautiful scene was printed into his observation.

One after another, huge and unmatched, stars with different attributes of energy surround a certain part of the starry sky.

At the center of them, there was something faintly calling Yang Kai in the void.

It made him feel even if he was thousands of miles away.

The abyss of chaos!

Actually already here, Yang Kai suddenly came back to his senses, only to find that he was flowing silently in the long river of time, and he had forgotten the passage of time.

This is the first stop when Yang Kai first entered the star field.

This is the most dangerous and unpredictable zone in the entire star field. In that seemingly calm and beautiful location, there is a danger that humans cannot resist.

The chaotic storm, which is countless times more terrifying than the star storm, can swallow battleships.

Yang Kai was swallowed by the chaotic storm here, and fell into the floating continent, where he met the strong like the ancestor of the ghost, and knew the excitement in the star field.

At the time, he didn’t know the mystery. Now that his strength has improved and his vision has been broadened, he has some understanding of the mystery after careful consideration.

The palpitating energy concentration can compress a space, making it impossible for people to find it, and the outbreak of the chaotic storm is the key to opening the door of this space.

In the very center of the chaotic abyss, a small interface is hidden!

That is the floating continent.

When Yang Kai left the Hanging Continent with Guizu and the others, he once left a thread of Divine Sense, which was placed in the center of the underground of the Hanging Continent.

There was an unusually huge mass of energy there, and Yang Kai doubted that it was the origin of the floating continent.

At that time, his strength was low and he didn’t dare to act rashly.

Now passing by here, there is a connection between the thread of divine consciousness and him immediately, as if calling him to enter it.

Yang Kai did not respond.

Although his current strength is completely different from that at the beginning, he is not arrogant enough to refine that energy. If the origin of the stars were so easily refined, the ghost ancestor would not be trapped in it for two thousand years.

He still needs to wait until his strength becomes stronger before he will try this.

The speed of the battleship did not decrease, and soon the chaotic abyss was left behind, and it went straight to the location of Tongxuan Continent.

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