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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1579: Return to Tongxuan Continent Read Novel

Chapter 1579: Return to Tongxuan Continent – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1579: Return to Tongxuan Continent

The days when I stayed in the battleship were not waved in the ancient well, and it was extremely plain.

The time passed by Yang Kai’s many secret techniques and practice.

One day, a disciple came to knock on the door to report: ’Sect Master, we are here!”

“Are you there yet?” Yang Kai opened his eyes, his eyes filled with excitement. The figure shook, and the person had left the wing room and came into the hall.

At this time, the battleship was quietly suspended a million miles away from a cultivation star, and did not move forward.

When many disciples who were in charge of controlling the battleship saw Yang Kai appear, they all watched him all together, waiting for his orders.

They didn’t dare to act hastily without Yang Kai’s order.

But is this cultivation star the homeland of the lord? Why does it seem a little bit thinning?

When the disciples looked at Tongxuan Continent, they were all puzzled.

When Yang Kai’s eyes touched Tongxuan Continent, his expression also sank slightly.

Before his eyesight was not high enough, he had never seen other wonderful things in the star field, and he didn’t know what was wrong with Tongxuan Continent. On the contrary, he used to think Tongxuan Continent was extremely rich, at least it was there. It is simply incomparable with Tongxuan Continent.

But now he has returned from the Star Territory, and after decades of hard work and training, he can see the problem with Tongxuan Continent at a glance.

It’s old!

It is late and old, a desolate and sad breath lingers around this star, and its gray color is like old age spots, showing the weakness of this cultivation star.

Yang Kai is one draw.

He didn’t know that his homeland would be this scene before, or that he had never realized this problem before.

It seems that on the Tongxuan Continent, entering the Holy Realm is the top realm and it is not without its roots.

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It is different from Gloom Star. The universe of Gloom Star is full of aura, but it is suppressed by an invisible law of heaven and earth, which makes the warriors unable to realize the mystery of the Void King Realm.

Tongxuan Continent does not have this kind of suppression of the laws of heaven and earth, but the aura of heaven and earth is thin, and it cannot meet the needs of martial artists to advance to a higher level.

Entering the Holy Land is the limit.

At this moment, Yang Kai had an insight into the source of Tongxuan Continent’s problems.

The disciple beside ’Sovereign, we” looked sideways at him and asked for his opinion respectfully.

“Go down.” Yang Kai waved lightly.

The disciples got the order, controlled the battleship, and flew down.

The battleship more than ten feet long passed through the gray zone, through the atmosphere of the Tongxuan continent, and suddenly landed on the continent behind the martial arts.

Yang Kai’s spiritual thoughts expanded like a tide, and instantly enveloped the area of ​​a hundred li. He needed to determine his current position.

The spiritual energy is weak, but it is full of some magic energy.

This is the magic world? Yang Kai frowned.

On the Tongxuan Continent, it is divided into three major areas, Human Leader, Demon Territory, Demon Territory, and the power of the three clans. Among them, the human collar area is the largest, occupying almost 70% of the Tongxuan Continent, followed by Demon Territory, the smallest demon territory.

Unexpectedly, when he returned to Tongxuan Continent, he would come directly to the Demon Frontier. This result surprised Yang Kai.

Carefully, Yang Kai looked up and looked in a certain direction.

During his divine consciousness exploration, several life breaths suddenly broke into perception. One of them was the cultivation base of entering the two-level holy realm, which made Yang Kai vaguely feel a little familiar, but who it was? I can’t remember it for a while.

There are only a few people in the entire Demon Territory who can have the cultivation base of the two-tiered holy realm, which demon general should be.

The demons have four great demons in the future, all of them are the cultivation bases of entering the holy realm.

The opponent apparently found traces of the battleship sailing here, so they hurried to investigate.

Just in time to find him to find out the news, Yang Xinzhong thought so, and faintly ordered: “Wait, I will go to meet someone.”

With a flickering shape, he came to the outside of the battleship and waited quietly.

The distance of hundreds of miles, for today’s Yang Kai, can be reached in an instant. He who has cultivated the power of space can now let himself cruise in the cracks of space, ignoring the barrier of space.

But for a magic general who has entered the two-tier realm and has no suitable flying artifacts to travel, even if he tried his best to drive on, it took a full cup of tea.

After the cup of tea, a large black air appeared in Yang Kai’s vision. The black air was full of violence and blood, and several figures were hidden in it.

Black Qi rolled, and soon came to a place a hundred meters away from Yang Kai, and paused.

The figures finally appeared. The head of the figure was burly and sturdy, with a terrifying look, holding a spear-like secret treasure, looking very majestic and majestic.

At this moment, the man looked over here in amazement, a pair of scarlet eyes filled with shock.

He didn’t see Yang Kai, but the battleship behind Yang Kai was very familiar. As a demon commander, he naturally knew that there was a similar existence in the depths of the Demon Capital.

It was a flying artifact that people from the Bone Race came to the Tongxuan Continent many years ago, and it seemed to be called a battleship.

It is a pity that the battleship was finally destroyed by the stunning great demon, leaving only a pile of broken copper and iron, which has been kept as the top secret, and was sealed tens of thousands of meters below the magic capital.

Has someone from outside the stars come to Tongxuan Continent again? This thought surged, and the demon general was taken aback.

The last time this happened, the Great Demon God sacrificed himself and saved the Tongxuan Continent. This incident has always been the pride of the demons.

But now, who has the ability to turn the tide and save Tongxuan Continent from fire and water?

Perhaps the human race back then had this ability. After all, when the Bone Race was making trouble again, the three clans of the Tongxuan Continent were under his leadership and jointly defeated the Bone Race.

But I heard that the man had left Tongxuan Continent more than 30 years ago. There has been no news yet, and I don’t know whether it is alive or dead.

A lot of distracting thoughts flashed across his heart, and this demon commander was also in danger, well versed in the radical and warlike nature of the demons, his eyes shifted, and he looked at Yang Kai solemnly.

The next moment, he showed a surprised expression, as if he had seen a ghost in the day, opened his mouth wide, and pointed to Yang Kai: “You, you”

He seemed to be unable to believe his eyes.

“Magic general Mengge, haha, haven’t seen him for many years, brother Meng is well?” Yang Kai grinned at him.

“Are you Saint Master Yang?” Meng Ge’s eyes were about to bulge out. He never expected that the person who came on the battleship was actually the Lord of the Nine Heavens Holy Land.

The human youth who had disappeared more than thirty years ago.

Back then, the Bone Race was revived and the three races joined forces. Meng Ge and Yang Kai also fought side by side. He naturally remembered his face, and now he heard Yang Kai’s voice and immediately determined it.

This person is actually that guy.

This is incredible. This guy hasn’t heard from him for more than 30 years. As soon as Yu appeared, he owned a warship like this. Where did he go these years? I heard that he left Tongxuan Continent and went to the Star Territory. Did he succeed?

As soon as he thought of this, Mongo couldn’t help being shocked, some of his body trembled and his eyes were dull.

“Yes, it’s Yang. Brother Meng won’t recognize me, right?” Yang Kai laughed.

“How come.” Meng Ge shook his head, “Although he hasn’t seen him for many years, the majestic posture of Saint Lord Yang will never be forgotten.”

“Well, Changyuan has been able to do so in recent years. Good?” Yang Kai asked again.

“You ask Master Demon?” Meng Ge frowned, and a trace of dissatisfaction appeared on his face. Changyuan is the Demon Venerable of the Demon Race and the top powerhouse in the Tongxuan Continent. Even though Yang Kai is strong Not bad, and as the master of the Nine Heavens Holy Land, after all, he is at the same level as Lord Demon Lord. No matter it is due to etiquette or whatever, he should not be called by his name directly.

The boy’s tone is very rampant. When an elder asked about the younger generation’s posture, Meng Ge was naturally a little confused.

said coldly and warmly: ’Sect Master Lao Yang cares about him, and he has been in good health. In recent years, he has been retreating in the Devil’s Capital to visit the Dao of Enlightenment.” Sweeping through him, he wanted to know how much the cultivation of this human youth had grown after decades.

If I remember correctly, when he left that year, he should have entered the first level of the holy realm. After decades, with his qualifications, I am afraid that he should have the cultivation of the third level of the holy realm.

With a sweep, Mongo’s face changed drastically.

He suddenly discovered that he could not detect Yang Kai’s depth at all, and his divine mind swept across him like a stone sinking into the sea, without the slightest wave of waves.

How is it possible? Mongo’s expression immediately became wonderful, his eyes bulging.

He is the cultivation base of the two-tiered holy stage, even if Yang Kai really has reached the three-tiered holy stage, he can’t hide from his spiritual exploration.

Even the holy king state that the legendary great demon god once reached is not good.

Could it be said that this kid has reached this level, or even higher?

This thought surged, and the soles of Mongo’s feet were a little cramped, and his eyes were filled with horror. He pursed his mouth, and said dryly: “What realm is Saint Lord Yang now?”

“What level?” Yang Kai raised his brows. He was naturally aware of Meng Ge’s small movements, but he didn’t blame it. The demons were like this. They were rebellious and natural, and he groaned for a while: ” What realm is not clear at the moment, you will know if you have a chance. By the way, you go to the magic city and let Changyuan to Jiutian Sacred Land come to see me. I have just returned, but I will go to Jiutian Sacred Land soon.” p85>

Meng Ge swallowed his saliva, the confusion and jealousy on his face gradually abated, like a surrendered beast, he became surrendered.

This time, he knowingly did not pay attention to Yang Kai’s arrogance. He faintly guessed that Yang Kai might have reached a field and height beyond his reach. This speculation made him frightened and frightened, and there were also some Excited inexplicably.

’Sacred Master Yang, don’t worry, he would go to the magic city immediately and notify the master of this news.” Meng Ge said solemnly.

“Well, there’s one more thing.” Yang Kai touched his nose, “Which direction is the Nine Heavens Holy Land?”

Meng Ge was stunned and pointed his hand.

“Thanks.” Yang Kai smiled indifferently, and disappeared while his figure was shaking. After a while, the pitch-black battleship trembled slightly, and suddenly disappeared in Mongo’s vision, bizarre and strange.

“My lord, who is that human kid, dare to be so arrogant, and don’t put you in his eyes at all.” A demons who followed Mongo yelled in dissatisfaction.

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