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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1580: Don’t know me? Read Novel

Chapter 1580: Don’t know me? – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1580: Don’t know me?

Although the bone tribes recovered and the three tribes joined forces to fight the enemy, the relationship between the three tribes became much more harmonious, but it does not mean that there are no disputes, especially the competition for cultivation resources. spare no effort.

It’s just that there is no such thing as the atmosphere of seeing each other as enemies of life and death.

The people of the human race don’t dare to trespass into the Demon Frontier at will.

Now a humanoid youth suddenly appeared here. Not only did he not put Master Mongo in his eyes at all, but even more boldly called the demon’s name and taboo, which made several demon people very dissatisfied.

If it weren’t for Mongo here, I’m afraid they would rush up immediately and make the human youth pay the price.

“Shut up!” Mongo yelled, “You can’t provoke the person, he could not provoke him, I’m afraid I can’t provoke the honorable person, don’t talk about him behind his back!”

“What? You can’t provoke you?” Several demons were shocked, and their eyes trembled. “What is his background?”

“His name, you may have heard of it. “Meng Ge frowned, “He is the Lord of the Nine Heavens Holy Land, Yang Kai!”

The expressions of several demons immediately became wonderful, and they were silent.

Today, on the Tongxuan Continent, the Nine Heavens Holy Land dominates the family, above the three tribes, and there are countless holy realm masters in the Holy Land, and no power can compare with it.

However, although the Nine Heavens Holy Land has been strong in recent years, there has been no news from their Holy Lord.

I didn’t expect that the young man just now was the owner of the Nine Heavens Holy Land.

“The sky is going to change.” Mongo murmured as he looked at the gray sky, then turned around and hurried towards the direction of the magic capital.

He must transmit the news of Yang Kai’s return to Demon Sovereign Changyuan as soon as possible.

Nine Heavens Holy Land, nine strange peaks gather to form a natural array. On Tongxuan Continent, the Nine Heavens Holy Land enjoys the highest reputation, and there are endless powerhouses in the Holy Land. Although they have not recruited any more in these years Disciple, but the population is prosperous, and there is no shortage of wealth.

The reason is not only because of the power of the Nine Heavens Holy Land and its close relationship with the major powers of the human race, but also because of the famous alchemy technique here.

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There are several top alchemy masters here all year round.

The warriors come here to make alchemy with materials. Basically, there is no possibility of failure. As long as the remuneration and materials are paid in full, after a few days, there will be a satisfying spirit pill.

Relying on this income alone, the Nine Heavens Holy Land has no worries about the source of cultivation materials.

Outside Jiufeng, the holy land, a long dragon lined up for a few miles. At least thousands of warriors with different cultivation bases are waiting here for the alchemists of the Jiutian holy land to make alchemy. From time to time, there are newcomers Of warriors joined them.

Despite the large number of people, there was no riot. Everyone kept their duty. The latecomers were consciously at the bottom of the team, and they didn’t dare to jump in because they were stronger than others.

Anyone who dares to do this has already been taught a lesson.

The earliest warrior waiting in line has been waiting here for a month, but no one showed impatience, standing there expectantly, waiting for the people from Nine Heavens Holy Land to greet themselves and hand in materials.

In the boredom, these warriors are also whispering, whispering, or exchanging some information, or chatting about anecdotes, time flies quickly.

On this day, a young man suddenly wandered from outside Jiufeng. His figure was majestic, his eyes were clear, he looked like a hillbilly, his eyes turned around, he looked around, he was amazed, and his eyes were erratic. Seems to be remembering something.

After seeing the long queue, this kind of nostalgia became more obvious.

“This is still the case here.” Yang Kai grinned, and while walking forward, he looked at the warriors who came to seek pill with interest.

When he was still in the Nine Heavens Holy Land, it was such a scene outside the Holy Land.

Unexpectedly, decades have passed. There hasn’t been much change here. The only change is that more people come to seek pill.

“Hey, boy, what do you want to do?” There was a sudden anger from the crowd.

Yang Kai turned his head and looked around and found a big man glaring at him.

“Where did this kid come from? He didn’t want to jump in the line, right?”

“Young man, if you want to survive, just wait obediently at the back, don’t think you are so amazing, Everyone who comes here must follow the rules.”

“Huh, if he dares to jump in, I will screw his head!”

“Young man, go to the back in line, don’t you If you follow the rules and are discovered by the people of Nine Heavens Holy Land, you will only be taught a lesson, but if you provoke these people, you will end up ugly.”

Yang Kai hasn’t had time to say anything, the crowd There was a rush of shouts from the middle, one after another to discourage his behavior, and many people looked at him with contempt and pity.

It seems that the end of Yang Kai’s waiting meeting is really ugly.

“I didn’t come to ask for pill.” Yang Kai touched his nose.

“Everyone who wants to jump in the queue says so. Boy, it looks like you won’t cry after seeing the coffin, do you want to teach you something? “The big man who had yelled at Yang Kai before gave a cold snort, clenched his fists, and bumped against his chest, looking at Yang Kai with an unkind expression.

“I really didn’t come to ask for pill. “Yang Kai looked helpless.

“Then what are you here for? “The big man was reluctant, his eyes were aggressive, it seemed that Yang Kai wouldn’t let it go without giving an explanation.

“I’m going home, I’m from the Nine Heavens Holy Land. “Yang Kai sniffed.

“Just you? “The big man looked at Yang Kai up and down, with a look of disbelief, he suddenly waved to the side and shouted: “Brother, please come over.”

There is a warrior over there, who seems to be patrolling. Hearing the shout, he immediately rushed over, glanced at his eyes, frowned and said, “What are you doing?” Is anyone breaking the rules again?”

“Hey, brother, look at this guy, he said he is from your holy place, I think he is going to jump in the line, brother, take a look, see if he is your holy place People. “The big man pointed to Yang Kai, and said to the disciple of the Nine Heavens Holy Land.

The disciple heard this, looked at Yang Kai, looked at Yang Kai carefully, shook his head and said: “I haven’t seen this person, and, The clothes of our disciples in the Holy Land will have the logo of the Holy Land.”

Speaking like this, he gestured to his chest.

’Sure enough, this kid is talking nonsense.” The big man looked at Yang Kai gleefully, “Pretending to be a holy land disciple, you are dead.”

“You don’t know me?” Yang Kai looked at the disciple and asked.

’Should I know you?” The other party did not answer the question.

Yang Kai nodded gently: “Looks at your age, probably not long after you joined the Holy Land. Well, who is the elder on duty here today?”

Listen to his question, then The disciple’s expression immediately became suspicious, and he didn’t know whether Yang Kai was just talking about it or whether it really had anything to do with the Holy Land.

Although he grew up in the Holy Land since he was a child, he is now only twenty-five or sixteen. When Yang Kai was in the Holy Land, he hadn’t been born yet, so naturally he had never seen Yang Kai’s face.

Suspicious in his heart, this disciple did not dare to neglect, and quickly said: “It is Elder Shi who is in charge.”

“Elder Shi?” Yang Kai frowned, and a figure appeared from the depths of his memory. Come, he smiled slightly and said: “It’s Shi Kun?”

“Exactly.” The disciple was shocked, really didn’t understand what Yang Kai came from, so he dared to call Elder Shi’s name directly, and listened. His tone seemed to be quite familiar with the elders.

“Take me to see him, he recognizes me.” Yang Kai said casually, but soon changed his mind: “Forget it, I will go by myself.”

The words fall, and the person suddenly disappears in the same place.

A group of people have their eyes widened and their faces are horrified.

“Where are people?” Where did that guy go? “The old man looked around, but he couldn’t see Yang Kai’s figure, he couldn’t help but was in a cold sweat.

He thought he was hell.

Everyone else is like that. The expression, for a while, the coolness struck from the head to the feet.

There is a pavilion not far away. At this moment, Shi Kun is sitting cross-legged in the pavilion, as if he is comprehending something.

Suddenly, Shi Kun opened his eyes quickly, as if feeling sensitive, and sternly shouted, “Bold!”

At this moment, he noticed someone breaking into the pavilion.

As the elder of the Holy Land, he sits here to maintain order. The disciples must not come to disturb him without telling him. I thought of someone who didn’t have eyesight, and actually came here when he was studying the secret arts.

Shi Kun was naturally furious.

Fortunately, the critical moment was not reached, otherwise it is very likely. He will be disturbed.

He screamed in his mouth and looked up in the direction where the movement was coming.

As soon as I looked at it, Shi Kun opened his mouth wide and froze there.

Yang Kai smiled and looked at him: “I haven’t seen him for many years, and Elder Shi’s temper has risen!”

“Holy Lord?” Shi Kun exclaimed, unexpectedly, before It was Yang Kai who had come to disturb him, the Lord of the Holy Land, who had disappeared for decades.

At first sight, Shi Kun could hardly believe it. He rubbed his eyes vigorously, and then looked around and found that the man standing in front of him was indeed the Holy Lord.

Although I haven’t seen him for decades, the Holy Lord is as young as he was when he left, and the years seem to leave no trace on him.

Shi Kun’s body suddenly trembling with excitement.

“Yes, not bad, you have also reached the cultivation base of the two-tiered holy stage. It seems that you haven’t wasted these years.” Yang Kai nodded lightly and saw Shi Kun’s realm at a glance.

“Subordinate Shi Kun, see the Holy Master, and welcome the Holy Master to return to the Sect!” Shi Kun hurriedly half-kneeled on the ground, drinking in a low voice, excited.

“Get up.” Yang Kai waved his hand.

Shi Kun got up and looked at Yang Kai in disbelief, as if he was in a dream, pursing his lips, hesitating: “Holy Lord, are you really back?”

“I’m back, how is the Holy Land now?”

“Everything is fine, the Holy Lord don’t worry.” Shi Kun quickly replied, his face flushed because of the ups and downs of his mood, blood surged.

“That’s good!”

“Holy Lord, hurry back to the Holy Land. Since you left, the elders have been worrying about it day and night. Now if they learn that you return safely, they will definitely Very happy.” Shi Kun rubbed his hands and said.

“En.” Yang Kai nodded, “You follow me.”

As he said this, he stretched out his hand and swept Shi Kun over.

The next moment, both of them disappeared in the pavilion. When Shi Kun recovered his vision, he suddenly found that he and Yang Kai had already reached the inner peaks, and the nine strange peaks of the Holy Land were in sight.

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Chapter 1580: Don’t know me? – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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