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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1582: Meeting Old Friends Read Novel

Chapter 1582: Meeting Old Friends – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1582: Meeting Old Friends

“Okay, okay, nothing has changed.” Yang Kailing stood in the air, his divine consciousness swept across the holy land, nodding in satisfaction.

Shi Kun was in a daze, and he didn’t know how he came to the inner peak, but he also quickly reacted, it should be Yang Kai’s hands and feet.

What the hell is this? It was so bizarre that Shi Kun was both in awe and awe.

Suddenly, he seemed to think of something again, took a step forward, took a deep breath, and shouted at Jiufeng: “Holy Lord! Return to the Sect!”

The voice echoed. In Jiufeng, there is no end.

The entire Jiufeng movement seemed to be overwhelmed by this echo, and there was a strange atmosphere in the holy ground, without any sound.

But after a while, Jiufeng suddenly rioted, and every peak was fluttering, and a large number of light escaped from each peak and rushed toward this side.

In the alchemy room, Saint-level alchemist Du Wan is refining a furnace of clear snow pill. This furnace is a saint-level low-grade pill. Those who come to seek alchemy are waiting outside Jiufeng at this moment. Low, so Du Wan shot himself.

It took more than a day and Du Wancai was about to be done. The pill room was already filled with that special fragrance and cold air. At this moment, he was carefully controlling the heat, looking forward to the pill furnace. Prepare the final reaping matters.

On the side, Chang Bao sat there with a big belly, with fat on his face, squinted and staring at the front, as if he wanted to learn some experience from Du Wan’s refining techniques.

The expressions of the two holy alchemists were solemn and excited.

These two are the principals of the Boulder City Alchemy Association, and the other is the principal of the Flash City Alchemy Association. Their status is respected, but because they have learned a lot of alchemy knowledge in the Nine Heavens Holy Land, they have been promoted to the holy level of alchemy. The level of the teacher, so they resigned from the Alchemist Association and joined the Nine Heavens Holy Land.

In addition to the two of them, there are Hong Fang, He Feng, and Kong Ruoyu, all of whom are now holy alchemists.

The level of alchemy in Tongxuan Continent has experienced a blowout development since Yang Kai left. All the credit for this is due to the teachings of Li Rui, an old man from Tianzang, and the inspiration from Xia Ningshang.

On the former Tongxuan continent, only Li Rui was a holy alchemist.

At the critical juncture of alchemy, Chang Bao’s small eyes were narrowed, and the eyes were full of energy, as if he was squeezing a sweat for Du Wan.

Even they can’t guarantee a 100% success rate in refining the holy grade pill. Du Wan’s pill can be so smooth, it is his own skill that it is about to be released. A combination of luck.

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The more critical the moment, the less sloppy it is. Now is the most important moment.

But at this moment, an angry shout suddenly came in from the outside, and the sound of the shout, even the restriction of the alchemy room, could not be prevented, and it reached the ears of the two holy alchemists. in.

Du Wancang’s old hand shook, and his true essence was also disordered.

Immediately afterwards, there was a chuckle from the pill furnace in front of him.

The burnt smell permeated from the pill furnace.

Du Wan was stunned there, his face was hard to see the extreme.

Chang Bao also frowned.

It fell short!

Shi Kun, this idiot is finished! Du Wan must blame him for the failure of the refining of this pill.

Chang Bao was gloating in his heart.

“Old Chang, what did that kid Shi Kun just yell at?” To Chang Bao’s expectation, Du Wan didn’t get angry right away, but instead looked at himself with a weird look and asked.

“Didn’t hear clearly.” Chang Bao shook his head.

Although they heard Shi Kun shouting just now, because their minds were all on alchemy, Chang Bao didn’t care about the content.

“Why did I hear him call the Holy Lord?” Du Wan frowned.

“Holy Lord?” Chang Bao was stunned, but soon he seemed to think of something, like a cat with its tail trampled on, his plump body showed unimaginable lightness, and he jumped from the ground. : “You mean the Holy Lord?”

There has always been only one Holy Lord in the Nine Heavens Holy Land, and that is Yang Kai.

Since Yang Kai left, the position of the Holy Master has been hanging in the air. In the minds of the warriors in the entire Nine Heavens Holy Land, Yang Kai is the Holy Master.

“I seemed to have heard Shi Kun calling the Holy Master to return to the Sect.” Du Wan scratched his head.

“Are you sure?” Chang Bao yelled.

“Uh, I’m not sure.”

The two looked at each other for a while, and suddenly they all rushed towards the outside before opening the door of the alchemy room and they saw He Feng. Hong Fang and Kong Ruoyu also burned their ass, ran out of their alchemy rooms and rushed out, fast, not inferior to the young and strong boy.

“Old guys, wait for the old man.” Chang Bao moved his fat body and shouted from behind.

No one pays attention to him, all are rushing out.

At the other peak of Jiufeng, in the secret room on the mountainside, the magic energy is strong.

In the secret room, two beautiful women are closing their eyes and adjusting their breath, one is dignified and elegant, the other is lonely and arrogant, with completely different temperaments.

The former is the top cultivation level of the three-tiered holy stage, and the latter is the two-tiered holy stage.

Both of them are wrapped in a thick black magic energy, and they look shocking. At this moment, the two women seem to be practicing some secret technique.

When the voice came, the two women opened their eyes involuntarily. The more dignified beautiful woman looked at the other person, her eyebrows frowned and said: “Han Fei, did Shi Kun just be here? Speaking of the Holy Master returning to the sect?”

The beautiful woman with a cold temperament trembles when she hears the words. She thinks about it carefully, and nods gently.

Four eyes are facing each other, both pairs of beautiful eyes suddenly burst out with amazing brilliance, no longer have the mind to practice any secret techniques, two delicate bodies, wrapped in a cloud of black energy, directly rushed out of the secret room, Galloping outwards.

The same thing is happening everywhere in Jiufeng.

For decades, the entire Jiufeng has never been so lively as today. These existences that have been worshipped and worshipped by countless people in Tongxuan Continent seem to have lost their sense at this moment. As a shaggy young man.

When Xu Hui, the elder of the Holy Land, was rushing out, he crashed and directly smashed the palace where he lived. The wall fell a few sides and the palace almost collapsed.

The elder Yuying overturned several of her favorite vases while rushing out.

The saint An Ling’er rushed out of the bathroom while bathing, hurriedly put on her clothes, her hair was not dry.

Everything is because of a sentence echoing in Jiufeng.

Holy Lord, return to the sect!

Everyone wants to know whether this news is true or not. Everyone wants to see the faces they have not seen in decades. They rushed out of the place where they were staying at the first time, all facing each other. Go to the place where the sound comes from.

Streams of light rushed forward and gathered in front of Yang Kai.

They showed their figures, and after seeing Yang Kai’s face clearly, they all showed a look of surprise, and even more people wept with joy and couldn’t help themselves.

The elders of the Holy Land, Du Wan Changbao and other alchemy masters, and the leaders of the ancient demons gathered together.

There are nearly ten people entering the Holy Land alone.

This is a force capable of sweeping the entire Tongxuan Continent. This is an existence that no one dares to underestimate. It is precisely because of their existence that created the supreme reputation of the Nine Heavens Holy Land on the Tongxuan Continent.

Yang Kai’s gaze swept across the familiar faces, his heart warm, his face blooming with a brilliant smile.

If you don’t have it for decades, the old people are the same. There is nothing better than this news.

“It’s really the Holy Lord!”

“The Holy Lord is back, really is back.”

There was a shout of surprise from the crowd, everyone was overjoyed, Excited light appeared in the eyes.

“Subordinate Xuhui, bring the elders of the Holy Land, see the Holy Lord, and welcome the Holy Lord back to the sect!” Xuhui people are always prudent, although they are very excited, but at last they did not mess with the etiquette, and quickly converged their minds and shouted. stand up.

Several elders of the Holy Land hurriedly saluted.

“You don’t need to be so polite, I just went home.” Yang Kai waved his hand, an invisible force lifted everyone up.

On the other side of “Master”, there was a choking call from Li Rong, the leader of the ancient demons.

The other commander, Han Fei, stood beside her, also with reddish eye circles.

Yang Kai inherited the mantle of the Great Demon God. For the ancient demons who have served the Great Demon God for generations, Yang Kai is their lord, which is incomparable to the current Demon Lord Changyuan.

So even if Yang Kai is not in the Nine Heavens Holy Land, they have been waiting here.

In fact, for the people of the ancient demons, the Mojiang is a suitable place for them to live, but for the sake of Yang Kai, Li Rong decided to let the ancient demons settle in the Nine Heavens Holy Land.

Looking at Yang Kai’s face, Li Rong’s heart trembled.

When Yang Kai left, she asked to follow and protect her to the death, but Yang Kai didn’t know her future, so she didn’t dare to bring Li Rong, so she let her stay.

In the past few decades, Li Rong has been concerned day and night. She always thinks of Yang Kai who doesn’t know what’s going on outside, sleeps and eats troubles, and hates herself for not insisting on her own opinions at the time, leaving the Lord alone to wander outside.

She is full of self-blame deep in her heart, and she has been tortured over the years.

Now seeing Yang Kai return safely, she weeps with joy.

“Don’t cry, be happy, am I back?” Yang Kai laughed and comforted.

“Yes!” Li Rong pursed her red lips and nodded in response.

She will meet Yang Kai’s requirements unconditionally.

“Boy, really are you back?” At this moment, a cry of surprise suddenly came from the side.

Yang Kai turned his head and looked around, and suddenly realized that it was Meng Wuya.

I haven’t seen him for decades, Meng Wuya is still the same, a very plain dress. If you get into the crowd, people who don’t know him will think that he is a dead old man, and will never think of it. He is a top master who has entered the Holy Three-level Realm.

“Don’t come to Meng Owner without any problems!” Yang Kai smiled blankly.

“Okay, okay, the kid looks very moisturized too, the old man is relieved.” Meng Wuya nodded heavily, and smiled with great relief on his face.

Meng Wuya can be said to have watched Yang Kai grow up all the way. Back then, he hid his identity, stayed in the High Heaven Pavilion, served as the treasurer of the Hall of Contribution, and first met Yang Kai, and because of Xia Ningshang, Close relationship with each other.

So after seeing Yang Kai returning here after a few decades, a big rock in Meng Wuya’s heart also fell to the ground.

He is no less concerned about Yang Kai than anyone else.

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