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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1583: Xia Ningshang’s Holy King Realm Read Novel

Chapter 1583: Xia Ningshang’s Holy King Realm – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1583: Xia Ningshang’s Holy King Realm

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Yang Kai looked around, Meng Wuya seemed to know what he was looking for, he smiled, and proactively said: “Ning Chang is retreating at a critical juncture. It’s not convenient to see you, just wait for her to leave the customs. Well, as for your master, he doesn’t live in the Jiutian Holy Land. He lives with you from the Yang Family and Zhongdu in the Battle Soul Palace thousands of miles away.”

“Understood, I will visit them myself later.” Yang Kai took a deep breath and calmed his mood a little.

Back when I brought my relatives and friends from Zhongdu to Tongxuan Continent, the Nine Heavens Holy Land did not have so many places to house them, so Yang Kai placed them in the Battle Soul Hall and Po Xuan thousands of miles away. The ruins of the palace are now. These two forces used to be enemies with Yang Kai, but in the end they were both wiped out by Yang Kai, and their Zongmen foundation stayed, just in time for the people from Zhongdu to pick up the ready-made ones.

For decades, people from Zhongdu have also developed steadily there. There are nine days of holy land sheltered, and there has been safe and worry-free, as if it has become a paradise.

The old acquaintances meet each other, and the atmosphere is lively.

The holy lord returns to the sect. This is the great happy event of the Nine Heavens Holy Land. Everyone welcomes Yang Kai back to the main peak. The elder Xu Hui ordered a big banquet to receive Yang Kai.

All the figures with heads and faces in the holy land were present.

No one asked Yang Kai where he was and what he had done in the past few decades. Everyone only knew that Yang Kai returned safely and sat in front of them with ease, which was enough.

The atmosphere of the banquet is noisy. Everyone pushes their cups and exchanges their cups. They are staggered. It is women like Li Rong and Han Fei who are also drunk.

Doomed to sleep tonight.

The banquet started at sunset and continued until early morning.

Most of those present have already climbed down, but Xu Hui is the only one who remains awake.

Yang Kai called him out.

“What is the command of the Holy Lord?” Xu Hui asked in a respectful voice.

“How are the Hu’s sisters these years?” Yang Kai asked casually as he watched the long-lost sunrise on Tongxuan Continent.

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“Returning to the Holy Lord, the Hu sisters have been safe and sound in these years. They have been practicing hard in the Twin Pavilion. They have been carefully taught by Wu Fa and Wu Tian. They have grown extremely fast. In recent years, the two sisters have been even more involved. Both enter the sage and become the new star of the previous generation in Tongxuan Continent!”

“En.” Yang Kai nodded lightly.

The relatives and friends brought from Zhongdu are basically all placed in the ruins of the Battle Soul Hall and Poxuan Mansion, except for the Hu family sisters, who have inherited the twins because they have practiced the magical skill of the same energy. The mantle of the creator of the pavilion, so it was taken to the twin pavilions by the two patrons of today.

With the aptitudes of these two sisters and the magical powers of the same aura, it is only natural for them to cultivate into the Holy Land over the past few decades.

This is still due to the thin aura of the Tongxuan Continent. If you put them on the Gloom Star, I am afraid that the achievements are far more than that.

They are definitely people who can stand shoulder to shoulder with Qu Changfeng and Fang Tianzhong.

’Send Hu Jiaoer and Hu Meier to tell them to come to the Nine Heavens Holy Land.” Yang Kai ordered.

“Yes!” Xu Hui responded quickly, and then said with a weird expression: “If they learn that the Holy Master returns to the sect, they will rush to it even if they don’t need an invitation.”

Yang Kai glanced at him, and Xu Hui smiled dryly.

“Send a message to the great lords of the monster race and ask them to come to the Nine Heavens Holy Land as well, and say that I have something to look for them.”

“Yes, you can do it with your subordinates.” , Can the Holy Lord have something to order?”

“Nothing, go on.”

Xu Hui bowed and resigned, he didn’t ask much, just tried his best to do his own thing.

Looking back at the messy palace, Yang Kai grinned and shook his figure before he came to somewhere in the nine peaks.

This is a secret room, and the little senior sister Xia Ningshang retreats inside. Standing outside the secret room, Yang Kai seems to be able to smell Xia Ningchang’s body scent and feel relaxed and happy for a while.

He didn’t know what Xia Ning Chang was practicing in retreat, but he didn’t bother to bother him. He just released his spiritual thoughts to investigate a little.

With his current tyrannical cultivation base, Xia Ningchang could not detect this kind of silent investigation.

His intention was only to see if everything went well for Little Senior Sister, but when his spiritual thoughts swept over where Xia Ning Chang was, he couldn’t help frowning, revealing a look of surprise and shock.

Xia Ningshang’s cultivation realm is actually the two-level realm of the Saint King!

How is this possible? Yang Kai almost thought that his spirit was wrong.

He started to investigate quickly and carefully, but no matter how hard he tried, he found that his previous investigation was not at all wrong.

Little senior sister Xia Ningshang, really is a two-tiered holy king!

Yang Kai looked shocked.

Although he is now in the two-level state of returning to the void, which is a big level higher than the little sister, he has been in the star field for decades, under the nourishment of the abundant spiritual energy of heaven and earth. In order to have today’s cultivation base.

Even if the little elder sister has the talent of Tianzong, in Tongxuan Continent, a place where heaven and earth aura is thin, it is absolutely impossible to be promoted to the level of the two-layer Saint King. The aura here cannot meet her promotion needs.

It can be said that this kind of cultivation is already ahead of the entire Tongxuan continent by a large margin. If she is willing, she can sweep the entire continent alone.

It was the Great Demon God back then, and it was only the first level of the Holy King. The little Senior Sister was actually a small level higher than the Great Demon God.

How did she do it?

Yang Kai was surprised. Sometimes, such an accident is not a good thing.

He began to investigate Xia Ningshang’s state more carefully.

But at this moment, the Saint Yuan in Xia Ning Chang’s body seemed to be disordered. There was a sign of uncontrollable. Saint Yuan rushed across her meridians, and the little senior sister heard it unconsciously. There was pain on Qiao’s face, and she was obviously suffering from great pain.

“Going crazy!” Yang Kai’s face sank, his figure shook, and people had come to Xia Ning Chang’s side.

Extending a hand to cover her, the huge and surging Saint Yuan burst out.

It’s a very dangerous situation to get into trouble. If you change to a warrior of the same level, Yang Kai can’t help at all. With external interference, it will only make the situation more and more serious.

Those who get into trouble can only rely on their perseverance to defeat the demons.

But he is now a whole level higher than Xia Ning Chang, so it’s not a problem to help him.

Under the guidance of his conditioning, the Saint Yuan in Xia Ning Chang’s body gradually stabilized, and the pain on Qiao’s face gradually subsided.

Yang Kai breathed a sigh of relief.

The disordered Saint Yuan in the body was smoothed, and Xia Ning Chang seemed to feel that someone was helping herself, her long eyelashes flickered a few times, and a gap opened in her beautiful eyes.

The next moment, joy and dazed expression burst into those beautiful eyes.

She showed a sweet smile, stretched out a Qianqianyu hand, and touched Yang Kai’s cheek, and a murmur came from Tan’s mouth: “I can only see you in a dream, I hope Long dreams don’t wake up, but they are always around.”

She obviously thought she was dreaming.

Yang Kaixin felt a pain inexplicably, if he was caught by an invisible big hand, he could barely breathe.

Opening his mouth, Yang Kai was speechless.

Back then, he left Tongxuan Continent with a passion, although it was because he was looking for Su Yan, but it was a pain for Xia Ning Chang.

She did not stop or stay, but instead supported Yang Kai’s approach.

She acted so grandly that she asked Yang Kai to retrieve Su Yan.

For more than 30 years, Su Yan still has no whereabouts, but Yang Kai has let the little sister spend more than 30 years of loneliness.

He is ashamed of this reasonable, gentle and innocent woman, and his heart is full of self-blame.

“Go to sleep, get up for a while, and it will be fine.” Yang Kai embraced Xia Ningshang, and Sheng Yuan gently poured into her body, urging her sleepiness.

Xia Ningchang’s eyes closed, her beautiful eyes filled with nostalgia, as if she didn’t want to fall asleep, she wanted to open her eyes again and take a closer look at the man in front of him.

After all, he couldn’t resist Yang Kai’s methods, closed his eyes heavily, and breathed smoothly.

Yang Kai looked at her, the gentleness in his eyes almost melted the rock, and gently flattened her, his spiritual thoughts came out, locking a certain position in Xia Ning Chang’s body.

At the next moment, his face suddenly turned ugly, and he sternly shouted: “Get out of here!”

The words fell, and his big hand suddenly pressed against Xia Ning Chang’s abdomen. The majestic Saint Yuan sputters the void.

One grabbing, one closing, a gray breath was suddenly pulled out of Xia Ningshang’s body by Yang Kai.

As soon as the greyish breath left Xia Ningchang, he screamed, seeming to possess his own intelligence, rushing from left to right in Yang Kai’s hand, wanting to get out of control.

Yang Kai’s face sank, and he quickly increased the output of Saint Yuan. At the same time, dozens of golden bloodshots shot out, merged into a ball, and burst out dazzling golden light. After the golden light dissipated, then Dozens of golden blood threads have been intertwined with each other, weaving into a big net, enveloping that cloud of gray air in the middle.

Yang Kai looked at it with a cold expression on his face. Divine Sense kept scanning inside it. He wanted to know what it was.

When he was sorting out the meridians and Shengyuan for Xia Ningshang just now, he accidentally discovered the gray air hidden in Xia Ningshang’s body.

He didn’t take action immediately, but after letting the little senior sister sleep peacefully, he suddenly got into trouble.

He doesn’t know if Xia Ningchang’s devilishness is related to this gray energy, but this is definitely not Xia Ningchang’s own cultivation, but a foreign body, I don’t know why it is attached to the young sister’s body.

It doesn’t look like a soul, because Xia Ning Chang has no trace of being seized.

Then what is this? Yang Kai frowned, and based on his knowledge and experience, he didn’t know what this gray air was.

The sound of sneer is loud, and the gray gas lingers back and forth in the golden net, like a beast trapped in a cage, and can’t get out of it.

Suddenly, Yang Kai raised his brows, revealing an unexpected look.

He felt the traces of Xia Ningchang’s life and the imprint of his soul from this gray air.

This means that Xia Ning Chang knew of its existence and refined it.

But Yang Kai still feels that it is not a good thing. It seems to have an inexplicable connection with the little sister. This connection makes the little sister also look like it, vigorous!

This discovery made Yang Xinxin sink in.

If my judgment is not wrong, then the relationship between this group of ash and the little sister should be both ruined and prosperous. If you rush to eliminate it, the little sister is very likely to be wiped out. Jade perish.

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Chapter 1583: Xia Ningshang’s Holy King Realm – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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