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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1586: The Origin of Stars Read Novel

Chapter 1586: The Origin of Stars – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1586: The Origin of Stars

After inquiring carefully with Xia Ningshang, Yang Kai realized that it was a coincidence that she got the gray air.

Yang Kai immediately went to Tongxuan Continent, and Xia Ningchang was very lonely. In order to pass the time, he could only sit in the Nine Heavens Holy Land and refine pills for others every day.

She was originally the Holy Body of Medicine Spirit, and alchemy was cultivation.

While a large number of pills are being refined, Xia Ningchang’s own cultivation base and its terrifying speed are increasing, and there is no bottleneck at all.

In just a few years before and after, she has become a holy, catching up with the state of Yang Kai when she left.

Then one day, she was so bored that she secretly ran out to travel alone, only to get the dust in a hidden underground cave.

From then on, her cultivation was even more uncontrollable. Ten years ago, she crossed the level of entering the holy realm and was promoted to the holy king realm. It took another ten years to reach the two holy kings. The realm of the realm.

Yang Kai was dumbfounded.

Such a terrifying speed of cultivation is that even on the Gloom Star, the disciples of the big sects and powers may not be able to achieve it.

But in this barren Tongxuan Continent, Little Sister has accomplished such a feat.

The reason why Xia Ningshang can achieve today’s achievements is really inseparable from the gray air.

“After you got it, did you feel any discomfort?” Yang Kai asked seriously.

“There is not much discomfort.” Xia Ningshang thought carefully, “It’s just that sometimes I suddenly feel tired, and sometimes I become lazy, and I don’t even want to think. Ha ha, it’s like getting old.”

Yang Kai nodded lightly.

“Brother, is there any problem with it?” Xia Ningshang asked.

“I dare not determine whether it is a blessing or a curse.” Yang Kai slowly shook his head, a little worried.

“Then what exactly is it?”

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“I don’t know, but I have a guess. If this guess is true, then this is your chance, Little Sister!” Looking at Xia Ning Chang scorchingly, her expression was slightly excited.

That vague guess made his blood boil!

“By the way, where did you get it, do you remember?”

“En.” Xia Ningshang nodded.

“Take me to see!” Yang Kai said, reaching out to embrace Xia Ning Chang’s slender waist, sacrificed the star shuttle, and disappeared into a long rainbow in the Nine Heavens Holy Land.

Following the route guided by the little elder sister, Yang Kai and her galloped in the air, very fast.

Only a day’s work before and after, the two came to the sky over a mountain range stretching thousands of miles.

Xia Ningshang’s memory is very good. Even after more than two decades, she still clearly remembers the place where she found the dust that day.

Soon, the two came to a valley, Yang Kai escaped from Xing Shuo, and Xia Ning Chang walked towards a certain place.

Not long after, a deep and dark hole was printed in the eyes of the two of them. Xia Ningchang pointed to the hole and said: “Junior, I went in from there at the time, and then went to the lowest level to get I lost the thing.”

“Go in and take a look.” Yang Kai grinned, the art master was bold and not afraid at all. He took Xia Ning Chang’s hand and went into the cave.

The cave is extremely dark and the air is quiet, not damp, but extremely dry.

As soon as you entered the cave, Yang Kai frowned.

He felt the rich aura of heaven and earth from this cave!

Of course, this kind of richness is only relative to other parts of Tongxuan Continent, and cannot be compared with Gloom Star or other famous cultivation stars in the star field.

However, this is also very rare.

Furthermore, the deeper you go down, the more aura appears.

Yang Kai’s expression was cheered up, and he suddenly realized that his guesses should be inseparable from each other. This kind of abnormal spiritual energy is a profile portrait.

This is really a chance for the little sister! If the gray air is handled well enough, it can definitely bring unimaginable benefits to Xia Ning Chang, allowing her to change from now on, turning her cocoon into a butterfly.

The two of them held hands and went down step by step.

Suddenly, Yang Kai seemed to feel something, and quickly stopped.

At the same time, the little elder sister cheered and cheered: “It’s here, I feel it! It’s coming!”

A group of mysterious energy is coming from the front with great speed. The speed is approaching. Yang Kai’s spiritual thoughts investigated and found that the fluctuation of this energy was exactly the same as the one he had pulled out of the little senior sister a few days ago.

The gray gas escaped into the ground, and it really returned to where it was originally. Now that he feels the breath of Xia Ningchang, he can’t wait to see each other.

After a short time, the grayness is near.

It didn’t dare to pounce on Xia Ning Chang directly, but stopped ten feet in front of Yang Kai.

It felt the threat from Yang Kai!

“Junior Brother” Xia Ning Chang looked at him and asked for his opinion.

“Come on, I didn’t want to start it off that day, I just wanted to see what it was.” Yang Kai turned his body sideways and gave way.

Xia Ningchang immediately called out, and the gray gas felt Xia Ningchang’s call. After a slight sway, he galloped past Yang Kai, rushed directly to Xia Ningchang, and disappeared inside her body.

Xia Ning Chang’s body shook her body, and there was a hum.

A little golden light suddenly appeared in Yang Kai’s left eye, and the narrow and majestic golden pupil appeared, and Chao Xia Ningshang was forced to look past.

The Demon Eye of Destroying the World!

Under his prying eyes, after the little elder sister received the gray air, a layer of gray aura that was invisible to the naked eye was filled out of her body.

This kind of aura is generally only possessed by the elderly who can’t live long. Once this kind of aura appears, it means that the person will not live much longer.

The young elder sister is magnificent and magnificent. There is only one reason for being shrouded in this kind of aura, and that is that dusty air is at work!

Yang Kai was not surprised. It seemed that he had expected it, and he was not anxious. He just waved to the little sister: “Come with me!”

Xia Ning Chang nodded gently, step by step. The ground followed Yang Kai.

The two continued to go deeper, and they didn’t know how long it had passed or how far they had traveled. Yang Kai only felt that the aura around the world was getting stronger and stronger. But this rich spiritual energy did not give Yang Kai any sense of comfort, on the contrary, it was a little sad and reminiscent.

When the aura on that day was almost comparable to that of a place like a dark star, Yang Kai and Xia Ning Chang came to a huge underground cave.

A faint light gleaming further down the ground ahead, seems to be conveying some message, impacting the sea of ​​consciousness between the two and summoning them to move forward.

By this call, Xia Ning Chang’s beautiful eyes became dazed, and his body moved forward uncontrollably, like a moth fighting a fire, without turning back.

Yang Kai’s face sank, and a low drink came from his mouth, and the tide of divine thoughts generally poured into Xia Ningchang’s sea of ​​consciousness.

The little senior sister shook her body, her face turned pale, and after she recovered, the blankness in her eyes disappeared, and she was replaced by infinite horror.

“Junior Brother, I” Xia Ning Chang was a little at a loss. She didn’t know what was wrong just now. She was dominated by a power in the dark, and she couldn’t think on her own.

“En. Look over there!” Yang Kai pointed in a direction.

Xia Ning Chang looked at her, her beautiful eyes trembled involuntarily.

There are densely packed bones sitting there. Everyone’s flesh is extremely dry, and some have even turned into ashes. But from the traces in some of the bones, it is not difficult to see that they seem to be affected by what power. Drained the essence of his own life in an instant, and fell here.

“Who are these people, why are they all dying here?” Xia Ning Chang leaned against Yang Kai, seemingly trying to find some sense of security.

“If I didn’t guess wrong, these people exist just like you.”

“Like me?” Xia Ning Chang frowned, and she was also from Huizhilanxin. The woman, after just thinking about it, came to understand: “You mean, they have all got the dusty gas?”

“Probably.” Yang Kai laughed.

“Then what are they?” Xia Ning Chang only felt cold all over, and the thrilling scene just appeared in his mind again. If Yang Kai hadn’t awakened him in time, his fate would have been worrying, I am afraid that he would follow these people in the end same.

“Because of the gray energy, I chose you, nurturing you, and making you stronger. The stronger you are, the better it will be for it.”

“Why does it do this?” Xia Ning Chang looked puzzled.

“It’s dying!” Yang Kai replied, and suddenly shrugged, “These are all my guesses. If they are, you can see if they are.”

Speaking like this, Yang Kai took Xia Ningshang’s hand and walked forward step by step.

The Bai Sensen bones were stepped on under his feet, and there was a click. The sound made people horrified and shuddering.

Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed, looking at the faint light ahead.

In a short while, the two came to the light coming from it. Location.

This is the edge of the underground abyss. I don’t know how much it is below, but when I look at it, I can see that there is a gray light below the abyss, like a huge light. Usually burning.

The light is extremely dim, and the color is exactly the same as the gray air Xia Ningchang gets.

’Sure enough! “Yang Kai took a deep breath. After seeing the huge gloomy light like a lamp, he immediately affirmed his previous guesses.

“Junior, what is this? “Xia Ning Chang looked at the gray fire suspiciously, and faintly felt that the gray gas in her body had a close relationship with it. It seemed to be separated from the gray fire. The two existed as one body.

“The origin of the stars! Yang opened his mouth and drank, his expression suddenly became very excited.

“The origin of the stars?” “Xia Ning Chang was at a loss.

“The original power that any cultivation star will have, it is the life manifestation of a star, and it is the key to the survival of this star, just like our heart!” Yang Kai patted himself Explaining his chest, “It is precisely because of the origin of the star that this star will have vitality. Without it, this star will become a death star. There are countless such stars in the star field. Perhaps they have all been conceived. Life, but with the passage of time, the origin of the stars is extinguished, and the vitality no longer exists. Human death is like a lamp extinguished, so is the stars. If the original light in front of you is extinguished, Tongxuan Continent will be gone and will change. Become a Death Star.”

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Chapter 1586: The Origin of Stars – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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