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MARTIAL PEAK – Chapter 1587: Witness Read Novel

Chapter 1587: Witness – MARTIAL PEAK – Light Novel

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Chapter 1587: Witness

Xia Ning Chang looked at Yang Kai with a look of shock.

She never thought that Xingchen would also be born, old, sick, and die. Yang Kai’s words undoubtedly gave her a big impact.

But since she said it from her younger brother, then she was convinced.

When I think of the entire Tongxuan Continent that is dying of vitality and silence, Xia Ningshang’s delicate body can’t help shuddering. She can’t imagine how many souls will be full if Tongxuan Continent is really like this. After suffering, how many lives should have disappeared.

She suddenly felt very distressed.

“Junior Brother, can I rekindle its lights?” Xia Ning Chang suddenly asked.

Yang Kai turned to look at her, nodding lightly.

“How to do it? Junior brother teach me!” Xia Ning Chang bit her red lips and said eagerly.

“The key lies in you.” Yang Kai took a deep breath, “Although the origin of the stars has its own life, it does not have consciousness. It is a magical combination. It chooses you, although the original purpose I want to absorb your life energy, replenish yourself, and delay the speed of destruction. But if you handle it well, it will not only revitalize the Tongxuan continent, but also give you huge benefits.”

Xia Ning Chang’s expression was shocked.

Yang Kai turned his head, tusk, and looked at the huge gray fire below with interest.

The origin of the stars! Since he entered the star field, he would often hear this, but he had never witnessed the origin power of a star with his own eyes.

Whether the energy in the floating continent is the source or not remains to be verified.

It can be said that the huge grey fire in front of him was the first source he saw!

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

The power of the origin is terrifying. Anyone who wants to approach it has to take a huge risk. It is the power of the Void King Realm, and he does not dare to approach the origin of any cultivation star.

And wanting to refine it, there are also many difficulties. If one is not careful, it will be backlashed by the power of the source and fall on the spot.

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Throughout the ages, many Void King Realm powerhouses have been born in the Star Territory, and many powerhouses of this level have fallen in the process of refining the origin of the stars.

In today’s star field, there are countless cultivation stars, but there are only a handful of people who can refine the origin of a certain cultivation star and become a star master.

There is no strong Void King Realm who dares to joke about his life at will. They would rather practice hard than they dare to rush to refine the origin of the stars.

But now, there is such an opportunity in front of Xia Ningshang.

Compared with the origins of other cultivation stars, the origin power of Tongxuan Continent is undoubtedly old and fading.

Because of this, Xia Ningshang, who was possessed by a source of power, occasionally felt tired, even too lazy to think, and felt aging.

It’s not that she is aging, but that the origin is aging, and is dying step by step!

This source of power chose Xia Ning Chang and gave her the qualifications to refine.

Although Xia Ningshang has only two levels of Saint King, and lack of cultivation base, if he has enough perseverance and determined courage, he may not have the opportunity to refine such a group of origin.

Even Yang Kai is a little envious of her chance!

Although it is a bit dangerous, but now the arrow has to be sent on the string.

The power of the original source is closely connected with Xia Ningshang. If it is destroyed, it will be lost, and it will be prosperous. If it perishes, Xia Ningshang will inevitably be buried with it. Only by refining it can it gain that gleam of life.

As Xia Ningshang grows and becomes stronger in the future, this huge ash fire will have the opportunity to re-emerge and rejuvenate the Tongxuan continent.

Of course, the premise is that Xia Ning Chang is strong enough!

Explaining the truth and the stakes, Xia Ningshang nodded without hesitation: “I am willing to refine it!”

Yang Kai was taken aback, smiling and nodding: ” Well, in fact, you don’t have to worry, little sister. Since it has chosen you, there must be some truth. You just need to work hard, let it accept you, and let yourself merge with it. Once it succeeds, you and it again Indivisible, you will become the star master of Tongxuan Continent, you will be the master here, and the rise and fall of honor and disgrace here are only between your thoughts!”

“En.” Xia Ning Chang heavy Nodded, instead of being dazzled by the bright prospects described by Yang Kai, he asked seriously, “But what should I do to refine it?”

“Come on, let me pass you on. A set of exercises, this exercise is dedicated to refining the origin of the stars.” Yang Kai smiled slightly and pulled Xia Ning Chang to sit down.

Let her let go of the sea of ​​consciousness defense, Yang Kai evacuated the spirit body into her sea of ​​consciousness, and began to teach a mysterious and unusual technique.

Refining the stars!

What Yang Kai got from the Imperial Garden.

He thought he would use it only when he refining the origin of the stars one day, but he didn’t want to benefit Xia Ning Chang in advance.

This set of exercises is hidden in a stone tablet.

In the imperial garden that day, Yang Kai and Shan Qingluo encountered Xueyue. After a battle, the stone tablet was destroyed. A stone tablet popped out of the debris of the stone tablet. There were three ancient ones on it. Text.

Xueyue seems to value this stone very seriously, and prays for Yang Kai to give it to her.

Yang Kai almost complied.

In the end, Xueyue and Shipai missed their hands because of the closure of the Imperial Garden.

After returning to High Heavenzong, Yang Kai carefully studied and realized that the stone tablet contained a practice called Lianxingjue. The three ancient words on the stone tablet were the practice method. name.

This technique has no other use. It is used to refine the origin of the stars. It was handed down by Emperor Xingkong. It is profound and mysterious.

Xia Ning Chang uses it to refine the origin of the stars, which will definitely get twice the result with half the effort.

The teaching process was very fast. In less than half a cup of tea before and after, Yang Kai had carved the whole Star Refining Decision in Xia Ningchang’s mind, which also contained his own experience of enlightenment.

Withdrawing the spirit body from her sea of ​​consciousness, Yang Kai waited quietly.

Xia Ning Chang needs to comprehend this star refining decision, she needs time.

The sun rises and the moon hides outside, and the cave is quiet and silent.

A full month later, Xia Ning Chang suddenly opened her beautiful eyes and exhaled softly, her pretty face seemed a little tired, but her beautiful eyes were full of excitement.

“Junior Brother, I’m ready.”

“Then let’s start.” Yang Kai looked at her with scorching eyes.

Xia Ning Chang nodded gently, got up, and walked towards the abyss.

Coming to the edge of the abyss, she stared at the huge gray fire jumping below, her mouth lightly opened, seeming to be talking to herself, and she seemed to be communicating with Origin: “If I give my life, Can make you bright again, so that the whole continent will not be dead, then I am willing to do this. But if you can’t, please accept me, merge with me, and let you and me fight side by side. I will work hard and become stronger as soon as possible. Let you rejuvenate!”

The huge gray fire below

remained motionless and did not react at all.

But soon the sneer made a loud noise, and the gray fire flickered from side to side. With the swing, the huge gray fire was like a flower bud, slowly blooming all around, as if opening to Xia Ningshang embrace.

A smile appeared on Xia Ning Chang’s face, and he whispered: “Thank you!”

The words fell, and he suddenly jumped down.

Yang Kai’s face changed drastically.

This result was completely beyond his expectation. He didn’t expect Little Senior Sister to be so determined.

When he reacted and wanted to stop it, it was too late.

Rushing to the edge of the abyss, looking around, the huge gray fire has closed, completely submerging the little senior sister’s figure.

An unimaginable force gushes out from below, flying Yang Kai’s whole body out and hitting the rock wall.

Even if it is the power of the origin of the dwindling Xishan, it is not something Yang Kai can approach.

It obviously didn’t want Yang Kai to interfere with the whole process.

Yang Kai climbed up from the ground, his face was uncertain, but fortunately he could feel the breath of the little senior sister rising and sinking deep below.

He waited fearfully.

Now he can’t interfere with anything, he can only wait for the results to appear.

Carefully, a trace of magic suddenly diffused from the underground abyss, so that Yang Kai’s irritable mood suddenly calmed down.

He frowned, feeling the magic silently.

He seemed to see something.

I quickly closed my eyes and started to investigate carefully.

The vast star field, the darkness is boundless, and there is no light. This seems to be an age without light and life. This is an extremely old age that cannot be traced back.

Yang Kai raised his eyes and looked around, unable to see anything, even his own existence.

Time is spent little by little in this desolation and loneliness.

I don’t know how many tens of thousands of years have passed. In the dark and boundless star field, a little light suddenly burst out. The light was small at first, but soon it spread out like a spark of fire. Come.

The entire star field is turbulent, shocked by that huge energy.

Blocks of large or small meteorites are impacted in all directions, and they come together to form a single body under the fusion of a magical force.

Gathering sand into a tower, gradually, a star appeared in the star field.

This is a newly born star, without energy fluctuations, and the surroundings are still dark. It drifts with the waves, like a helpless child wandering in the vast star field, without an end, and forgets that he is Where did it come from.

Millions of years have passed, and it suddenly came to a bright world, this world has huge sun stars, all the time exudes gentle light full of heat.

It stopped, and began to spin around the sun star.

Gradually, everything began to recover, and some green plants and flowers grew on its ground.

It is another millions of years of evolution. Finally, some intelligent creatures began to appear on this star. They are the oldest group of creatures and the oldest race.

They eagerly learn, grow, and become stronger in daily life.

They branched out, and different races were born.

Humans, monsters, demons, and even many strange races.

They were no longer satisfied with a simple life and began to fight for various resources. They figured out a way to make themselves stronger, and they began to practice.

Some races have perished, and some races have become stronger.

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Chapter 1587: Witness – MARTIAL PEAK – Read Novel Free
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